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An Overview Of Our Best Pellet Guns

Airgun Depot is proud to feature a wide assortment of pellet guns. Pellet guns are specifically designed to fire pellets, as opposed to BBs. Pellets are cylindrical (whereas BBs are spherical) and, when fired, command excellent accuracy for target practice and outstanding penetration and stopping power for hunting. If you are debating between getting a pellet gun or a bb gun ask yourself this question: "Am I going to be doing any pest control or small game hunting with my airgun?" If the answer is yes then a pellet gun is the way to go. If the answer is no then a bb gun should be sufficient for your plinking needs.

In addition to plinking and backyard can shooting, pellet guns are great for pest control. If you have a rowdy collection of unwanted backyard guests, our pellet guns are a safe and humane way to keep them away from your home. In terms of accuracy and "take down power," velocity is the key determinant. High-velocity pellet guns fire at speeds of at least 750 feet per second.

Excellent Examples of Pellet Power

Two of our most popular pellet guns include the Tech Force 99 Magnum Pellet Rifle and the Winchester 1000xs Pellet Rifle. Both are designed for maximum firepower, and are not recommended for beginner shooters. These two guns, although both very popular, are quite different in terms of the caliber of pellet they shoot and the maximum velocities they are capable of achieving. Let's start with the Tech Force 99. This gun achieves a velocity of 900 feet per second with a .22 caliber pellet, which is truly impressive for an air gun using a pellet of that size and weight. As with many of our top sellers, you can order an attachable scope for added accuracy.

The Winchester 1000xs gets a slightly higher velocity (1,000 feet per second); however, it uses a lighter weight pellet to go the distance (.177 caliber). It comes equipped with a 3-9x32 scope and a beautiful walnut stock. It would make a perfect addition to any serious airgunner's collection. Even more impressive than its 305 foot range is its break-barrel design. This makes for faster reloading and automatic cocking, which speeds up time between rounds and decreases the effort it takes to pump the rifle.

When selecting an pellet gun for hunting/pest control, stick with a pellet rifle and look for high velocity (at least 750 FPS in a .22 cal, or 900 FPS in a .177 cal). This will provide maximum take down power with the minimum number of shots needed to kill quickly and humanely. For target shooting, choose a .177 cal pellet gun (pellet rifle or pellet pistol) with a somewhat high velocity (at least 500 fps) for shooting up to 10 meters. Spend the exta money on good pellets- it will greatly increase accuracy and consistency! There are adequate hunting pellet rifles and target pellet guns in just about every price range. If you do not see the right air rifle for you on this page, please browse our site or email us for more recommendations.