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Predator Polymag .22 Cal, 15.89 gr - 200 ct

Available in .22, .177, .25, .30, .357, Hunting Pellet
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    • 200 count
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    • Code: 000028 · $16.79 · .22 · 16 grains · 200 ct
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    Predator Premium Hunting Pellets. Innovative head design combines sharp polymer tip with hollow head - Delivers penetration and shock to vital organs. Cuts and shatters bone on contact. Aerodynamic shape- Excellent flight characteristics. High ballistic coefficient allows for higher retained velocity and flat trajectory. Allows hunter to take game efficiently.
    • Caliber: .22
    • Weight: 15.89 grain
    • Nose: Hollow Point Polymer Tip
    • Quantity: 200 Count
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    • ManufacturerPredator International
    • Caliber.22
    • Ammo TypePellets
    • Ammo Weight16 grains
    • Pellet ShapePointed
    • Pellet Quantity200 ct
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    By DavidJuly 9, 2020 Verified Purchase

    Excellent accuracy. Taken 1 squirrel at 84yds another at 79. With several inside 20. Killed 2 coyotes inside 20. My umarex loves them.

    Not a thing.

    By RussApril 22, 2020

    My Stoger Suppressor loves these. We take a ton of squirrels with them, and regularly plink milk jugs as far out as 60 yards. Expensive on other sites, but affordable here.

    Accurate, great damage to small game

    By AustinUSAJanuary 24, 2020 Verified Purchase

    Performs well and is a good hunting pellet. Shot it at 10lb clay block at 20yds.

    Opens up nicely.

    Not my airguns favorite.

    By JamesUSADecember 29, 2019

    For target and small game this is a very good pellet at fairly close range. No problem holding 3/8" group at 25-yards. The most accurate I have found, yet, for my Hatsan Mod. 135QE in .22 cal.

    Accuracy, penetration.


    By AnthonyUSANovember 30, 2019

    Shoots as they should. Very small group at 50 yards.

    By TomUSAOctober 31, 2019

    These things are great they are accurate and deadly. I recently shot a woodchuck with one of these one shot right in the head at about 7 yards one and done.Great pellets

    Very accurate and deadly if you can do your part.


    By GeraldCanadaJuly 2, 2019

    The Predator reacts like a soft nose projectile where there is penetration & expansion.

    It produces penetration & expansion as it enters soft tissue & expands on hard surfaces.

    At close range it goes right through!

    By RadamesUSAMay 1, 2019

    Pretty decent accuracy. I'm getting quarters at 25yds. I can get a dime here and there. They fit in my Marauder magazine, which was nice. Not bad.

    They fit in Marauder pistol magazine

    By DubreUSAMarch 11, 2019

    Bought these beauties for my .22 Gauntlet, as plain and clear as I can tell you; these are an absolute perfect match for this gun. Still my absolute favorite pellet. Running 2nd will be the JSBs which in their own rite are phenomenal...

    30yrd hole in hole

    Bigger tins so I don?t run out...

    By TomFebruary 10, 2019

    The illustration of the tin says they are 16 gr. But most of your narrative says they are 15.89 gr. Including the chart with the Sig ASP 20 test. The tin for the Polymag shorts says they are 15.89 gr.

    Yes, they work well.

    Weight question is a bit confusing. What is the real FPE at 786 ft/sec.

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    Will the regular length Predator Polymag .22 fit into the Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X Gen 2 magazine?

    asked Chuck from USA

    Will these cycle in the Blitz?

    asked Dallas from USA

    Will these be effective when fired at 540 fps or do they require a higher velocity?

    asked Douglas from USA

    move up from 540 fps.

    Robert from USA

    i have the crossman pump 22 cal pistol will these work well in this pistol also have the shoulder stock bought the kit i have taken out about 11 armodidillows?

    asked lawrence

    I am wanting to know if these Poly Mags will shoot good in a Hatsan 125 Vortex TH CAMO

    asked Timothy from USA

    I have the hatsan 125 vortex camo .25 caliber. These polymags shoot the best groups. Most every airgun I own polymags shoot the tightest groups.

    Gary from USA

    Its hard to say because not every gun is the same. Someone else can have the same Hatsan like you and shoot these great, but it doesn't mean yours will too. The only real way to know is to but them and try em yourself.

    Edgar Lombera

    Is the Predator Polymag made out of lead?

    asked Tom from USA

    The pellet body and skirt is lead and the red pointed tip is a polymer similar to a hard plastic. The tip is seated into the lead pellet. Of note, be aware the pellet is longer than most pellets and if you plan using in a magazine, they may not fit. In that case, you will have to manually load a pellet at a time. This applies at least to the DayState MK4.

    Scott from USA

    Will these pellets fit the clip for my benjamin marauder .22? Or are they too long.

    asked Terry from USA

    They will not fit the .22 mrod rifle magazine. You can shoot with a single shot tray. They do fit the .22 pistol magazine. I measured with a pair of calipers to determine that the pistol mag is .626 in. Long and the rifle is .590. I 3d printed a single shot tray just for this pellet but did see an improvement over jsb's

    John Coder

    Yes, they fit pistol as well as rifle clip.

    Lawrence from USA

    unfortunately they are to long for the clip but they should work with the single loading bar

    Vincent from USA

    I live in Canada and I can't order this pellet, why is that ?

    asked Rodney

    Unfortunately, we no longer ship to Canada anymore. However, you can check out D&L Airguns at:

    Scott from USA

    what is the heavyiest pellet i can shoot from crosman titan without damage to nitro

    asked [email protected]

    The only big concern with a Nitro, or any springer, is damaging from dry-firing which slams the piston too hard against the breach. The heavier the pellet, the further away from this condition you go. NEVER dry-fire, and NEVER fire those cleaner pellets either.

    David from USA

    Hi You can shoot as heavy a pellet as you want. It won't damage the nitro. The FPS will just go down with a heavier pellet. Thanks AGD Staff

    Scott from USA

    can you shoot these in a crosman titan or are they too heavy

    asked [email protected]

    These are probably going to be the best pellets you can put through your Titan...I've used them and they are great!


    16 gr. is not particularly heavy in the whole family of .22 pellets. So, it should work fine for a 0.22 cal gun. I found that these pellets were OK in accuracy. They came out 3rd or 4th in my list, behind the H&N FTT, Crosman Premier (in box) and the JBS Exact Jumbo Express. But I have a Gamo Whisper IGT 0.22 gun, so you may get different results. I'm not doing much hunting, so the Polymag doesn't give me much advantage, for now, over the more accurate pellets, at least for small game like Squirrels and Chipmunks.

    David from USA
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