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Predator GTO Lead-Free .25 Cal, 16.54 gr - 150 ct

Available in .22, .25, .177
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  • .177
  • .22
  • .25
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  • Code: AGD-P1364 · $27.99 · .25 · 16.54 grains · 150 ct
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  • .25 caliber
  • 16.54 grains
  • Domed
  • Lead-free
  • 150 pellets
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  • ManufacturerPredator International
  • Caliber .25
  • Ammo Type Lead-free pellets
  • Ammo Weight 16.54 grains
  • Pellet Shape Domed/Round nose
  • Pellet Quantity 150 ct
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By Robert misuraca April 22, 2024 Verified Purchase

Seem to shoot well and they keep barrel clean


By MarkJune 2, 2023 Verified Purchase

Excellent service.* These are the perfect Lead-Free .25 cal pellet.**).


By SteveUSAMay 26, 2021 Verified Purchase

These a very hard tin pellets! Be careful where you shoot, as these go through everything!

Most accurate pellet in my break-barrel rifle! Also, the fastest pellet (855fps). I added a pic at 70 feet, 5 shots.

A tin of 500? Tired of buying 3 tins at a time!!

By SpencerMarch 17, 2020

If you are shooting a low velocity trying to be quiet, or be backyard friendly, these can give back some speed without increasing air consumption or noise.

These are stupid accurate from my TalonP. They are shooting 1 hole groups at 30 yards. The catch is that I have my gun tuned way down, so I assume they are flying at a reasonable speed. But seriously, the most accurate pellet hands down. Also, they came in a screw top tin!

Pricey for the number of pellets in the tin. can be hard to load because of the hardness.

By JamesUSAMarch 9, 2019

I recommend theses for long distance hunting. My "self turned" .25 cal. Hatsan 135 spits these 16.54 gr. pellets consitantly over 1100+ fps! .. on an airgun calculator..That's 44+ lb. Of muzzle energy! I've proven they're very accurate & have effective power out to 100 yards..

No lead.. Harder material.. Light weight.. .25 caliber

Quantity for the price.

By DanUSAJanuary 2, 2019

Very happy with these pellets. They shoot at 680fps from a .25 BSA Lightning XL GRT and are plenty accurate for whacking two inch spinners every time at 45 yards. In comparison, FTT shoot at 595 and Benji domes at 485 from that gun.

Much flatter shooting than lead in lower powered guns. As accurate or more so than lead in my gun. Eco friendly.


By DominicUSADecember 27, 2018

Because, that seems to be what they're made for. They fly everywhere from my pcp rifles once you go past 20 yards. I have one with a power adjuster, and I can get them to stay accurate when I turn it down. But only to 50, although I'm not sure how far you should expect them to stay straight considering their weight. Any wind past 20yds will blow you into the next town.

Impress your friends with the speed of your projectile.

Just don't show Just the target.

By JeffreyUSANovember 26, 2018

I got these just to see what a super light pellet would do in my AirForce Condor SS. They are extremely fast. Like ridiculously fast. Beyond 60 yards they begin to wander...the accuracy deteriorates as the distance grows. But for back yard plinking and a WOW factor through the Chronograph these things are awesome.

Fast. Supersonic for sure out of an AirForce Condor SS.

Not so accurate beyond 60 yards.

By Francisco L.October 17, 2018

These pellets shoot pretty consistently and since they are aluminum you get that FPS bump. And when you are shooting these pellets you do notice the higher FPS because there is less delay from trigger pull to hitting the target when switching from lead, it is pretty obvious. The only bad thing about these pellets is that penetration is horrible. I thought with higher FPS there would be more penetration, these pellets dent, bounce off, or slightly poke through thin or average steel targets and wood that other lead pellets melt through, even round nose lead pellets. I do not like to hunt or do pest control I just like shooting targets, but these pellets seem like they would bounce off skin or animal hide. If you have small pests or coyotes or pigs/boars, these pellets will probably scare them off when hit but not hurt them. They should redesign these as pointed pellets or a different style, not round nose. These pellet would probably be a good choice to break in a new pellet gun if you don't like lead.

Faster FPS Less delay in hitting/reaching target You Get Alot of Pellets Consistent Groupings No Damaged Pellets Environmentally Friendly

Less Than Average Penetration Even With Aluminum As A Harder Material And Increased FPS Redesign This Pellet To Be Pointed Or Different Style May Improve The Penetration Sacrifice

By ANTHONYUSANovember 20, 2017

These are very accurate and hard hitting due to the material they are made of. I have 3 .25 cal PCP's all Hatsan's. They shoot too hot out of all 3. Had to use a regulator on my Galatian to slow them down and get any kind of consistent accuracy out of them. Once I did that, they were great. Some states require the use of non-lead ammo. If this is your case, these would be great for you.

accurate hard hitting lead free

Expensive; the average is about .12 cent a pellet.

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