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Refurbished, Ruger Air Hawk Combo with 4X32 scope

Refurbished, Ruger Air Hawk Combo with 4X32 scope

Only $69.99
  • List Price $119.99
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  • Code: 224-4001-rm · 0.177 cal · 1000 fps ·
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Buy remanufactued and save!
This remanfactured rifle comes with a 30 day warranty.

The Ruger Air Hawk is a 1000 feet per second pellet rifle with a single-shot cocking mechanism. This spring pistol break barrel airgun has a rifled blued barrel and receiver and is crafted with dark hard wood that is sleekly formed into an ambidextrous stock suitable for both right- and left-hand shooters. The Air Hawk rifle is equipped with fiber optic sights, an adjustable trigger, and a muzzle brake. When you shoulder this Ruger Air Rifle, you'll notice a comfortable grip, a conveniently placed automatic safety and a rubber recoil pad. The Ruger Air Hawk also comes with a 4x32 airgun scope that is made to withstand the double recoil action produced by air rifles.

This remanufactured unit of the Ruger Air Hawk holds a 30 Day warranty.

Features :
Elegant Hardwood Stock
Automatic Safety
Rubber recoil pad
4X32 Airgun scope with two piece mounts
Adjustable rear sight
Single stroke break barrel mechanism
Monte Carlo cheek rest

Caliber: .177
Ammo Type: Pellets and Lead Ball
Stock: Dark Hardwood
Barrel: Metal
Receiver: Metal
Cocking Mechanism: Break Barrel
Power Supply: Spring Pneumatic
Overall Length: 44.8"
Barrel Length: 18.7"
Fire Mode: Single Stroke Break Barrel
Gun Weight: 8.16lbs
Muzzle Velocity: 1000fps with Standard Lead Pellets
Front Sight: Fixed
Rear Sight: Adjustable
Optic: 4x32 Scope with two piece mounts

Package includes:
Ruger Air Hawk and 4X32 Scope with two piece mounts

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  • ManufacturerRuger
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity1000 fps
  • ConditionRefurbished
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleBreak Barrel
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • OpticsScope
  • UsePest Control / Plinking /Target Shooting
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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Refurbished, Ruger Air Hawk Combo with 4X32 scope Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 31 Review(s)
Fraser, Michigan
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

A good deal.
September 20, 2016
A nice rifle for the money. Has a particularity good trigger. Cocking seems a bit stiff, but if you want the output you have to give the input. Rifle is heavy, but this makes a good hold a bit easier.

Chipley, FL
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Ruger Air Hawk .177 W/4x32 scope
August 24, 2015
Rifle arrived in good shape. Very nice looking rifle. Mounted the scope and got ready to have fun. Very powerful and accurate once you get the scope zeroed in. Great Rifle to have fun with.
A lot of punch for the buck. Accurate.
Took a long time to zero the scope.

Worcester, Massachusetts
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Quality product
July 27, 2015
Have been hunting for over 30yrs. And this is a well built ,quality pellet gun.very pleased and have recommended this product and company to everyone.
shoots accurate, quality product,inexpensive and great starter for my grandson

Virgil D. Tongish
Columbus, Ohio
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Refurbished Bargin by Air Depot
July 3, 2015
Out of the box looks and wood to metal excellent, Shoots good, Very good first Pellet gun at a great price a lot of bang for the buck
Shoots good, and a great bargin, along with good shipping from Air Depot. Plenty of power to eliminate garden pests and plinking, target shooting, and training for first gunners.
Not recommended for shooters under l6 years of age.

Rick Godwin
Altoona, AL
3 Stars

(Refurbished) Ruger Airhawk Combo with 4X32 scope
February 11, 2013
My Airhawk Combo came without the scope mounts in the box. I got outside and tried for several hours to get the gun sighted in with just the sights on the gun. I was only shooting 30 feet and was never able to consistently get 4" with the target. I called Airgun Depot and they gave me a number to call about the scope mounts because they said the gun was shipped from somewhere else. I've called this number several times and have had to leave messages each time with my name and phone number, but I have yet to get a call and I'm tired of trying. I'm going to call and request an RMA and send the gun back before my free trial runs out. I have a ruger 380 pistol and I love it. Naturally, I thought their air gun would be great also. I think it would be if it had fixed sights with maybe an adjustable rear sight, but the ones it has truly sucks. I thought it might be much better with the scope.
The power.
The sights, the scope mounts weren't in the box and the company that shipped it does not contact you when repeatedly asked to do so.

Cottage Grove, MN
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very Fun!
November 10, 2012
I purchased this airgun a few months ago. I am extremely impressed. By the way, If anyone is wondering whether to buy refurbished, I highly recommend it. Other than a few very minor scratches on the stock, this gun is in top notch condition. Save some money and buy refurbished. Anyhow, I have been using Crosman pointed pellets and the Wadcutters. With these pellets, it is pretty darn accurate, but I am going to try using heavier pellets, I think they will be even better. I really like the open sights, they are made of plastic, but so far I have not had any problems. I mounted the scope, and it worked great, no problems with focusing or anything. However, the scope is hard to keep sighted in. Because of the recoil effect, the scope moves slightly with every shot. Different scope mounts might help, but I like the open sights so much that I haven't bothered with the scope much. The safety feels a bit cheap, but I have had no problems with it yet. When you receive the gun, tighten up all the screws, they are very loose from the factory. Overall, I highly recommend this gun, It is bit heavy, but I happen to like a heavy gun. If you like a lighter gun, you may want to check out the Ruger Blackhawk, it is the same thing as this except it has a lighter plastic stock. Don't hesitate to jump on this great deal.
Heavy Open sights Solid construction Price
plastic safety

Lorne Rafe Jordan
stanly co. nc
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

bang for the buck
June 7, 2012
I bought this rifle for racoons & critters eating my horse food. Shot 3 kinds of ammo so far. Crosman SSP, sounded like a 22 but couldn't hit anything with it at 50 yards, tried Gamo Red Fire, changed everything, hitting what ever I aim for. I tried the Gamo Rocket Superior, can't miss, tight shot groups, and it hits very hard down range. The stock is beautiful, the breeching joint and mechanism are well crafted and sturdy. The sights are great, I'm dead on just one click away on elevation from stock setting. The fiber optic sights makes shooting with out scope (I haven't even tried it yet, probably never will) very easy, you can raise this rifle from your side to your shoulder and shoot very quickly. It aims fast. What i like the best about it is the amount of time it takes to get a well aimed shot off, it's very smooth, I'm hitting old 7" frying pans at 50 yards in an average of 2 sec's after loaded. Again I'll say its a quick gun. I'm sure ill be experimenting w/more ammo soon. I have had several Rugers I have the Mark 5 22 Bull Barrel pistol, this air rifle is of the same workmanship as they are. I'm proud to own it.
quick, powerful, accurate and only a 108 bucks. no bells and whistles.

AL Gulf coast
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Ruger Air Hawk (refurb)
January 8, 2012
This rifle is the third refurb we have received from AGD in the last 90 days are so and all three looked and performed like "NIB". Very nice stock, dark wood which I like. I tru-oiled the stock and installed a whiteline spacer between the stock and pad and it looks even better. For a bargain priced rifle, the open sights are acceptable, work well and the trigger is better than most. We shot the rifle with open sights only, so far and it is very accurate. It's favorite pellet was the RWS 8.3 superdome, AA Field Heavy 10.3 grs and the 7.9gr Crosman Comp (in that order). It definitely "cracks" when shooting a PBA Raptor. One thing that was a surprise, is that holding this rifle like a center fire rifle, off hand does not seem to affect accuracy. If you want a springer in the 800 to 1000 fps power category, this gun is a great buy.
Looks, especially the stock. Like where the safety is located (if you are familiar with the Ruger Air Mag, its location is the same). Comes with scope stop. Very accurate with open sights(have not installed scope yet) Easy sight in.
At this price, there is nothing not to like!!

westbrookville New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Amazing Gun
January 2, 2012
I bought this gun at walmart for under $100 and I was a little sceptical about if this gun can perform and sure enough i brought it home and this gun is amazing it looks and feels like a real gun and this gun is louder than a .22lr it is simply amazing GET THIS GUN!!!
Nice Wood Stock Strong Loud Accurate

dave cole
5 Stars

30 meter rifle
June 22, 2011
Had the opportunity to test this rifle at a 30 meter shoot. Used Crosman Premier with OK accuracy. H&H Baracuda Match is a much better pellet for this rifle. Got 1-1/2"groups. Crony tested at an average of 820FPS. Doubt the reviewer that states he got a bulls-eye at 200 yards.

5 Stars

10 for 10
May 31, 2011
Very pleased plenty of power. 10 out of 10 on squirrels, all recovered. Use the lead pellets, the lead free are to hot for this gun. Throw the scope in the trash go open sights.

John E Wood
4 Stars

Ruger Airhawk Combo (Refurbished)
March 9, 2011
Out of the box, great gun. The scope is a little weak, replaced with 3-9x40 much better. John

5 Stars

Ruger Airhawk .177
February 2, 2011
Nice wood stock and nice metal barrel. Shoots well accurately and the safety functions like the RWS 34 .177. A very nice rifle indeed. The 4x scope is nice but I think this rifle deserves a 3-9x scope.

5 Stars

January 26, 2011
Nice work. helps to reduce the crow and squirrel marauders.

5 Stars

November 16, 2010
i shot this gun at 200 yards and nailed it has great accuracy and power,,this gun is sick

5 Stars

I love this gun!
November 1, 2010
This is a great rifle. It seems a little heavy but maybe someday I'll find an aftermarket stock to get the weight down a little. The scope is great and the action works perfectly. I'd buy this gun again in a heartbeat.

5 Stars

October 6, 2010
nice worth the money

william shockey
5 Stars

airhawk air rifle
September 15, 2010
seems to shoot alright, plenty of power.

4 Stars

Ruger re-furbished AirHawk
July 22, 2010
I was very peased with my purchase. I am experiencing some difficulty sighting in with scope but using regular rifle sights, shoots very good and hard. Ihave not really given it a fair evaluation due to time constaints and my location, but will very soon

bird hunter
5 Stars

bird hunting
May 31, 2010
my friend and i got in trouble for shooting these so we had to stop our little tournament on seeing who could get the most kills. if you dont remember i have the ruger airhawk and he had the crosman storm xt. he ended up with 29 kills. my amazing ruger ended the short time we had with 47 kills. i ended up with 2 squirrels and he ended up with 1. ruger is the best

keith robertson
5 Stars

red bad to bone
May 17, 2010
i have'nt had a air rifles in years as matter of fact i have'nt hunted in years. i moved in side city limits a few years a go. i have deer, coons and squirrels in my backyard, well they are taking over my bird feeders. but not anymore .got my ruger airhawk two week ago 15 dead squirrels so for kill from 12ft to 25 yards im old now eyes not that good anymore and handshake some now.the kills were thru and thru .i was using beeman silver sting pellets i've these pellets for yrs i dont you buythis kind anymore, this a great rifle i love it

bird hunter
5 Stars

storm xt or ruger?
May 14, 2010
my friend and i both have 1000 fps guns. he has a crosman storm xt and i have a ruger airhawk. lots of ppl wonder what to buy well i have the answer to that. we have tested their strength against 1/2 wood and the ruger came out on top. the storm was better weight wise but the ruger seemed to be more steady.the stock on the storm is better and not as fat so it wins for looks. the iron sights on the storm are retarded and seem to be crooked or something so the sights on the ruger are better. the storm comes with a better scope but his seems to be less accurate and tends to move. he bought a one piece scope so it doesnt move anymore. it is still not dead on though making the ruger better for a stock scope for accuracy. so the storm is only better than the ruger when it comes to looks and weight but not performance. good job ruger on another perfect gun!

5 Stars

sick gun
February 5, 2010
this gun is great for back yard hunting. it is good at back yard hunting as long as you dont get caught like i did hahaha it sucked and this is a beautiful gun when you get to see it in real life. it will amaze you with its power and amazing acuracy.

5 Stars

January 23, 2010
This gun is GREAT. I got one for christmas and andwas very pleased exsept for the scope which dosn`t stay zeroed in very long . the wood is easy to mark up, but other than that it`s a great gun.

4 Stars

September 22, 2009
wowow wow gggeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt iiiiiiitttttttt get it

5 Stars

nice rifle
September 11, 2009
I was leery about buying a refurb but I have been very happy with my purchase. The gun was flawless out of the package and I could hardly believe the accuracy out of the box. I attatched the scope and was shooting 1 inch groups at 25 yards , I have yet to adjust , first 5 shots right on the money, I could hardly believe it!The only neg is it is a little noisy, but I am trying to find some flaw. Overall a great gun and a great price.

4 Stars

Great , August 2009
August 13, 2009
Great gun ,use open sites, the scope is not very good ,nice wood stock for a refurbised gun ,used RWS 7.0gr wadcutters and RWS 8.3 gr superdome ,licked the wadcutters better for this gun .Had fun with gun ,highly recommed it.

5 Stars

o ya
June 17, 2009
this a great great gun, it shoots very well, get it get it get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill T.
4 Stars

ruger Air Hawk
November 30, -0001
My only complaint is the trigger. It has a lot of creep and is very spongy. All-in-all, though, a good value for the money.

james E.
4 Stars

ruger air rifle
November 30, -0001
The only issue I had with this rifle is the scope was highly flawed, and impossible to use. Using the rifles built in sights its quite accurate and a wonderful small game gun

5 Stars

Refurb. Ruger Airhawk
November 30, -0001
Great gun for the price. Had my son sight in the scope, squirrel population is way down!!

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By Tristan Prathap from chicago, illinois on December 15, 2011
how heavy is the cocking effort.
By gabe from AL Gulf coast on January 8, 2012

Received one of these from AGD about a week ago. Cocking effort is about 36lbs, measured with a pull scale. Not bad for a powerful springer. Very nice rifle, btw.

By zach from austin, texas on November 21, 2011
How is the quality of this refurbished air rifle?
By Gabe from AL Gulf coast on December 24, 2011

I can't say for this particular air rifle, but I have purchased 2 springer rifles from AGD in the last 90 days and both were in "show room" condition. One was a Ruger Magnum and the other was a Hammerli X2. These refurbs are a wonderful bargain and I will purchase complaints whatsoever.
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 10, 2012

Typically, they are like brand new.

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