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You've seen them in popular movies and video games, now you can own them yourself. Replica airguns are just that, faithful reproductions of modern sporting and tactical arms that are as realistic in function as they are in look and feel. Here you'll find names like Colt, Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer and Walther. These fully licensed replica guns are great for practicing your marksmanship without breaking the bank or having to go to the range. Make sure that you stock up on bbs and pellets because with all the fun you'll be having with these fast shooting modern guns you'll need a lot of them!

Stock up on all the targets, co2, and ammo you can get, and prepare for hours of fun with these replica guns. Just as the term "replica" implies these are just like the originals in as many ways as possible.

What are replica guns? Replica guns are manufactured to look and feel like firearms and can come in different forms. Some are dummy guns that don't shoot, others are functional guns that shoot blanks. We have gas-powered replica guns that shoot bbs and pellets. Airgun replicas of firearms are often used in place of their live-fire counterparts for ease of training and extra target practice. Since airguns often don't require a range and the cost of pellets and bbs is much less than live rounds, gun owners can get in more "range time" without the cost and inconvenience of going to the range. It is often hard to tell the difference between the live-fire version and the replica gun. The markings, weight, and action are often identical.

Can you buy gun replicas? Yes! Many replica guns are available for sale. Our selection of replica guns is sure to please. Pick your favorite manufacturer, and we are sure to have an airgun version. All the most popular guns on the market today are produced as replicas. Browse our selection of airgun replicas to find your favorites.

Do replica guns have firing pins? It depends on the replica gun, but they are specifically designed not to shoot live rounds. Airgun replica guns shoot bbs or pellets with the use of compressed gas. Though they don't shoot bullets, these replica guns are not toys and can cause harm when used improperly. It is important to supervise young shooters when introducing them to the sport. Proper gun handling should be employed with all guns, including replica guns.

Here at Airgun Depot, we have gun replicas from different eras. Choose from movie gun replicas, historical gun replicas, and even cowboy guns, to add to your gun collection.

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