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Ruger Air Hawk Scope Combo

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Ruger Air Hawk Scope Combo

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The Ruger Air Hawk is a 1000 feet per second pellet rifle with a single-shot cocking mechanism. This spring pistol break barrel airgun has a rifled blued barrel and receiver and is crafted with dark hard wood that is sleekly formed into an ambidextrous stock suitable for both right- and left-hand shooters.

The Air Hawk rifle is equipped with fiber optic sights, an adjustable trigger, and a muzzle brake. When you shoulder this Ruger Air Rifle, you'll notice a comfortable grip, a conveniently placed automatic safety and a rubber recoil pad. The Ruger Air Hawk also comes with a 4x32 airgun scope that is made to withstand the double recoil action produced by air rifles.

Ruger Air Hawk Combo Features
  • Elegant Hardwood Stock
  • Automatic Safety
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • 4X32 Airgun scope with two piece mounts
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Single stroke break barrel mechanism
  • Monte Carlo cheek rest
  • Package includes Ruger Air Hawk and 4X32 Scope with two piece mounts
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Ruger Air Hawk Scope Combo
86 Reviews
71% (61)
20% (17)
6% (5)
2% (2)
1% (1)
34% Recommend this product (29 of 86 responses)
By Barry F.
scope rings
May 27, 2018
i love the rifleBUT i cannot find any scope rings that will span the groves. help!
Consscope groves
good gun
December 20, 2017
a very good gun for all ranges I hit a rat at 65yards away but I had to get a new scope because it broke in the first 2 months but a good gun I can kill squirrels like nothing
By Tom
Fraser, Michigan
A good deal.
September 20, 2016
A nice rifle for the money. Has a particularity good trigger. Cocking seems a bit stiff, but if you want the output you have to give the input. Rifle is heavy, but this makes a good hold a bit easier.
By ben
great air rifle
August 22, 2016
the Ruger air hawk is a reliable and is easy to sight in for long rang and short rang shots
Prosgood wight and eary little recoil
By Tony
Des Plaines, IL
Very nice power break rifle!
May 4, 2016
Even as a refurb, this rifle looks and feels brand new! I changed the original 4x scope that came with to a 3-9x40 AO scope and after some break in, this gun does what everybody else claims! Hits the target very well! Groups are reasonably tight, with good accuracy. I have tried several different pellets, and it maintains accuracy! Not too fussy! It does seems to perform best with hollow points branded "Ruger" from Umarex, which I suspect are generic Chinese made pellets. Nice looking rifle, little hard to cock, and feels a little heavy, but balances well, and has a very good trigger out of the box. Amazing punch even with cheap pellets.
ProsGood feel, solid, accurate.
ConsA little "squeaky" when cocking the spring.
By Ken G.
Tallahassee, FL
This is a great air gun!
February 27, 2016
I got this (22 cal) gun shortly after the new year and I just got to where I can use it. OMG! It is nothing like my Red Rider I had as a kid. It shoots straight and it is accurate. I am 65 and it is not so much fun to have to go somewhere to shoot targets with my real guns any more. With this gun I can stand out on the deck and choose my targets and "thwap!" it hits it hard and there is a bit of a kick. It is just good cheap fun and not so loud it disturbs the neighbors although the beagles next door do bark for a couple of minutes; but beyond that, no issues. Oh, it is heavy too and it feels solid....this is not a toy but a serious single shot rifle. I highly recommend this weapon. From an unsophisticated plinker.
ProsAccurate, Solid, not too loud, inexpensive to shoot.
By Jerry
Chipley, FL
Ruger Air Hawk .177 W/4x32 scope
August 24, 2015
Rifle arrived in good shape. Very nice looking rifle. Mounted the scope and got ready to have fun.
Very powerful and accurate once you get the scope zeroed in. Great Rifle to have fun with.

ProsA lot of punch for the buck. Accurate.
ConsTook a long time to zero the scope.
By Dennis
Temecula, CA
Needed Air Rifle for pests while visiting a friend
August 3, 2015
Not an out-of-the-box ready air rifle. I wasnt planning on buying the Ruger Air Hawk or a .177 can break barrel. But I was visiting friends over a long weekend and they were overrun by ground squirrels. I mean we saw six at a time overrunning the vegetable garden. So bought the Air Hawk at a retail store. Then had the hardest time getting any accuracy. First off the scope was a waste of time and we went to open sights. And yes it did smoke heavy blue-white the first few shots; the dieseling smelled just like a .22 rim fire. That was entertaining. After hours of chin scratching and shots braking in the hard recoiling Air Hawk, I got two of the pests before the weekend was over and promised to return with my .22 Marauder pistol.
I really tried to get my $119 out of this good looking rifle. Once home I put on a UTG 3-9X32 AO Mil-dot from You will need an offset mount to accommodate the shortness of the Bug Buster scope and get comfortable eye relief. I used the Accushot One-PieceOffset. I tried a number of pellets and arrived at the JSB Exact Monster Diablo as the best for my needs. Crosman pointed were the most accurate, but I prefer to shoot the heavier JSB out of this 1,000 FPS air rifle.
Oh yeah, clean the barrel the very first thing that you do. I use about a dozen patches before it showed clean. There was a lot of grease in there. After cleaning pellets hit +14 inches higher than where I was zeroed before. No wonder out of the box accuracy was nonexistent and it was looking like a waste of $. After cleaning the barrel, putting on a new worthy scope and cinching all bolts, including the barrel pivot bolts, I get 3/8 groups with Crosman pointed at 20 yards, and 1/2 with JSB Monster.
ProsGood price.
ConsThe scope is a sales gimmick and a waste of time for the consumer. Needed lots of TLC before I got any accuracy.
By ozzie63
Worcester, Massachusetts
Quality product
July 27, 2015
Have been hunting for over 30yrs. And this is a well built ,quality pellet gun.very pleased and have recommended this product and company to everyone.
Prosshoots accurate, quality product,inexpensive and great starter for my grandson
By Virgil T.
Columbus, Ohio
Refurbished Bargin by Air Depot
July 3, 2015
Out of the box looks and wood to metal excellent, Shoots good, Very good first Pellet gun at a great price a lot of bang for the buck
ProsShoots good, and a great bargin, along with good shipping from Air Depot. Plenty of power to eliminate garden pests and plinking, target shooting, and training for first gunners.
ConsNot recommended for shooters under l6 years of age.
By Dan B.
Mars Hill , NC
February 1, 2014
I actually bought this rifle for my wife as a beginner gun. She is very weary of any firearm and it took some talking just to get the gun for her. Now that she has tried this gun she really likes it. I think i have created a monster, in a good way, LOL
The ease in which this rifle shoots and loads sold me and her but it was the accuracy that caught my attention. I have never had a gun easier to sight in with a scope. Using dome head pellets seem to suit this gun perfectly and will be the ammo my Wife will use in it from no on. I would like to add that the breakdown of this gun is very simple making it easy to service and keep clean. I am an Army Vet. and anyone who is, knows that a clean gun is a trustworthy gun. I can field strip this gun in less than five minutes. This is a great rifle for the price and I would recommend it to anyone who hunts small game or as I use it to run the Bears from the yard.
Ordering was easy and delivery could not have been more efficient. I recommend both Rifle and Company for your Air Rifle desires.
ProsVery accurate,easy to use. Great buy!
By Devon
bureau IL
better gun then this
September 24, 2013
I bough this gun for small game such as squirrels, rabbit, and dove. The thing I don't like about this gun is the scope would not sight in, every time you brake the barrel it messed up the scope, its just all over the place . All though I did have some luck with iron sights .I got 5 squirrels with iron sights.
Prosiron sights are good
Consscope is not good
By Michael
Salem, IL
Excellent rifle but not without it's flaws.
August 14, 2013
First and foremost, this rifle is NOT for a child! It is sized for adults and should only be used by persons 16 or older!!!

I purchased mine from a local farm supply store. The hardwood stock and mechanism have an excellent feel. The weight of the rifle is remarkable and, with a solid stance and firm grip, it tends to stay where you point it. The scope is of decent quality and appears to be made for small caliber rifles. The scope -rings- on the other hand need some fiddling to get them set solid. Be forewarned, this rifle shoots _HARD_ and I do mean hard! In fact, it shoots hard enough to make the scope slide around in the rings which tanks your sighting job every time you shoot. The same holds true for the mounting screws which keep the rifle mechanism in the stock. I highly recommend tightening the entire gun before, during and after breaking it in. During sight-in, take a moment to tighten the stock mounting screws and the scope rings every third shot or so. Believe me, I would have used less ammo to sight mine in if I had! Some may say this rifle is hard to cock and I would agree ONLY if this were a lower power rifle. This is a powerhouse of a gun and it needs strength to ready it to fire.

To recap:
1) Tighten everything up before you sight it in,
2) Tighten scope rings on rifle and scope every few shots during break-in and sighting-in to keep it accurate,
3) Tighten rifle mechanism to stock mounts after shooting during break-in period or first 250 rounds.

Overall, I'm happy with the rifle's performance, fit and feel and has enough power to hunt game such as squirrel, rabbit, and raccoon
ProsCombo package with scope Price Hardwood stock Shoots HARD! (See review) Sights can be removed.
ConsShoots HARD! (See review) Could have better sights (Unnecessary with scope)
By Bill
Chicago, Illinois
Ruger Air Hawk Combo
August 8, 2013
Superb firearm. I recommend the rws superdome pellet for this gun. The most accurate air rifle I ever owned for the money. Sighted scope for 80 yards and hit a 3 inch diameter circle consistantly. Sighted it in at 50 yards and stacked up pellets with it. The pellet makes the difference. Well worth the money. Great gun. Iron sights accurate also. A+ from me.
ProsRight price. Accurate. Well built.
ConsScope a little blurry but for an air rifle and the price of the combo it does the job perfectly.
By David G.
Huntsville, Texas
Very nice gun!
July 6, 2013
Well I've had my new Ruger Air Hawk for a few days now and it's a good gun! I've read all the reviews on it and I can't find any flaws. Yes, the scope is a cheapie, but it does work pretty good when you have it sighted in. The first couple of shots sounded like a .22 Ruger instead of a pellet gun, but after the oil clears out of the barrel she'll get quiet. This is my first pellet gun of this generation and technology. It sure has come a long way since the old pump-up air rifles I used to have. I purchased this rifle to get rid of the squirrels in my back yard and she does it well! I've got it sighted in at 60 yards and can hit a pack of cigarettes all day long at that range, so squirrels don't have a chance. I still can't find anything bad to say about this gun. The scope stays on, all the bolts stay tight. What else could you ask for?
ProsGood long range punch. Well built. Feels like a good deer rifle. Perfect recoil. Easy to cock.
ConsNone what so ever!!!
By Vince M.
Marietta OH
There are better choices
May 20, 2013
I was not happy with the performance of my Air Hawk so I returned it and tried a second one. I wound up taking the second one back after about 150 shots. The gun is too heavy and not especially accurate. Also, the scope mounts are not very secure. I bought a Crosman Fury and I am very happy with it. It is lighter, more accurate and the scope and mounts are much better. I commented when I returned the second air hawk "not very accurate but sure is pretty". The clerk's response was "pretty don't make the bullet go straight". nuff said.
By Jake
Big loud and packs a punch!
April 2, 2013
I bought this gun at a Walmart a while back and was happy with it for a time. Really solid gun, heavy, and tremendous recoil. It was really accurate with open sights after about 50-100 shots. Your first couple shots are going to crack like a .22 and recoil like the fist of god into your shoulder. This definitely isn't a child's gun, this is meant to hit hard, and boy does it. I punched straight through quarter inch wood and half inch with Red Fire ammo. That's not necessarily a good thing when your hunting birds or small game though. Use heavier pellets. Sadly, I didn't get a chance to enjoy it that long. I sold it and upgraded to a Hatsan, but this gun was a lot of fun.
ProsBeautiful stock Nice and heavy like a real gun Open sights are great! Incredible power
ConsDAT RECOIL Scope wont stay on, so break it in and upgrade your mountings. NOT FOR A CHILD!! This thing kicks like nobody's business Cocking effort Light rounds will go supersonic
By Matt
Not great
March 4, 2013
I shot about 50 shots in about a week and the next week end. I went over to my friends to do some target practice, and shot about 10 myself. I let him try and he shot like 3 and it jams. I couldn't break it down. I've had it for 2 weeks and it's jammed and my dad knows guns but he didn't under stand an air gun. I did some research and I'm good with my hands and I tried to fix it myself and I found that even when it's all taken apart I still couldn't break it. Before it was broken, I loved it and it was so easy to sight in and the accuracy was amazing. Now it's still in pieces so someday I might figure it out. I am sure disappointed!
ProsGood accuracy
ConsBroke after about 63 shots through it and now it's junk.
By David S.
Deep River. Ct
February 20, 2013
This is the first purchase I have made, and I am extremely happy. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!! THANK YOU.
By Rick G.
Altoona, AL
(Refurbished) Ruger Airhawk Combo with 4X32 scope
February 11, 2013
My Airhawk Combo came without the scope mounts in the box. I got outside and tried for several hours to get the gun sighted in with just the sights on the gun. I was only shooting 30 feet and was never able to consistently get 4" with the target. I called Airgun Depot and they gave me a number to call about the scope mounts because they said the gun was shipped from somewhere else. I've called this number several times and have had to leave messages each time with my name and phone number, but I have yet to get a call and I'm tired of trying. I'm going to call and request an RMA and send the gun back before my free trial runs out. I have a ruger 380 pistol and I love it. Naturally, I thought their air gun would be great also. I think it would be if it had fixed sights with maybe an adjustable rear sight, but the ones it has truly sucks. I thought it might be much better with the scope.
ProsThe power.
ConsThe sights, the scope mounts weren't in the box and the company that shipped it does not contact you when repeatedly asked to do so.
By Dennis
Ruger Air Hawk Combo
January 21, 2013
This rifle is amazing. Beautiful, powerful, and accurate. It also has an incredible price. I like it better than my Benjamin NP.
By tracer p.
great rifle
December 26, 2012
This air gun is awesome. I shot a robin from 50 yards and squirrels from 40 yards. The scope isn't that good. When you get the gun, I would just get ride of the scope and get another one. Another problem is the weight. It's really heavy for an air gun. Overall, it's a good gun for pest, small game, and even sometimes animals such as raccoons. A great gun overall.
ProsI like the range and power.
ConsThe weight.
By Sam
Charlotte, North Carolina
Small Game Boss
December 9, 2012
I was hitting targets at 30yds with out a problem. Kills squirrels great and got a giant squirrel with it and cooked it thanks to my Ruger Air Hawk.
ProsAccurate consistant Powerful wood finishing
ConsNone so far
By Donald
Beaufort, South Carolinia
Donald - Ruger - air Hawk Combo (4X32 Scope)
November 11, 2012
I have had this rifle about a week or two. I have fired about 100 pellets through it (well that is my grandson and I). I find it to be very accurate. The scope had to be sighted in and took many pellets to do so. I got it close then my son tried it and adjusted it some more. I didn't try the Iron sights at all. Since I only have a small yard, I have only fired it at short distances. I have been shooting airguns for a long time. I started squirrel hunting with my dad when I was 10 years old. I still have an old Crosman airgun .22 cal. that was used when I got it. The rear sight was broke off when I got it. I used the rear sight leveling screw as a rear sight. I could knock a squirrel out out of a tree with it. This Crosman model 101 is the second model Crosman came out with. The date on it is Oct. 28, 1923 which was the patent date. I fired expert with the M - 1 rifle, M-14 rifle, M - 16 rifle, M - 60 machine gun, 50 Cal. machine gun, and the 38 Cal. pistol. My friends and myself target practiced by the creek shooting horseflies.
ProsI like the looks of the rifle and scope. The price was the only reason I could consider this purchase. Ruger is a good name brand.
ConsNot really a dislike, but I find the weight of the rifle a little heavy. Being a 68 year old with two back surgeries makes holding this rifle in the standing stance a little hard to do.
By Dan
Cottage Grove, MN
Very Fun!
November 10, 2012
I purchased this airgun a few months ago. I am extremely impressed. By the way, If anyone is wondering whether to buy refurbished, I highly recommend it. Other than a few very minor scratches on the stock, this gun is in top notch condition. Save some money and buy refurbished. Anyhow, I have been using Crosman pointed pellets and the Wadcutters. With these pellets, it is pretty darn accurate, but I am going to try using heavier pellets, I think they will be even better. I really like the open sights, they are made of plastic, but so far I have not had any problems. I mounted the scope, and it worked great, no problems with focusing or anything. However, the scope is hard to keep sighted in. Because of the recoil effect, the scope moves slightly with every shot. Different scope mounts might help, but I like the open sights so much that I haven't bothered with the scope much. The safety feels a bit cheap, but I have had no problems with it yet. When you receive the gun, tighten up all the screws, they are very loose from the factory. Overall, I highly recommend this gun, It is bit heavy, but I happen to like a heavy gun. If you like a lighter gun, you may want to check out the Ruger Blackhawk, it is the same thing as this except it has a lighter plastic stock. Don't hesitate to jump on this great deal.
ProsHeavy Open sights Solid construction Price
Consplastic safety
By Lorne J.
stanly co. nc
bang for the buck
June 7, 2012
I bought this rifle for racoons & critters eating my horse food. Shot 3 kinds of ammo so far. Crosman SSP, sounded like a 22 but couldn't hit anything with it at 50 yards, tried Gamo Red Fire, changed everything, hitting what ever I aim for. I tried the Gamo Rocket Superior, can't miss, tight shot groups, and it hits very hard down range. The stock is beautiful, the breeching joint and mechanism are well crafted and sturdy. The sights are great, I'm dead on just one click away on elevation from stock setting. The fiber optic sights makes shooting with out scope (I haven't even tried it yet, probably never will) very easy, you can raise this rifle from your side to your shoulder and shoot very quickly. It aims fast. What i like the best about it is the amount of time it takes to get a well aimed shot off, it's very smooth, I'm hitting old 7" frying pans at 50 yards in an average of 2 sec's after loaded. Again I'll say its a quick gun. I'm sure ill be experimenting w/more ammo soon. I have had several Rugers I have the Mark 5 22 Bull Barrel pistol, this air rifle is of the same workmanship as they are. I'm proud to own it.
Prosquick, powerful, accurate and only a 108 bucks. no bells and whistles.
By john
fairly good gun
February 17, 2012
It is a good quality gun. I have run it through my field target range and found it is good to around 45 to 50 yards. It also seems to have enough takedown power for squirrels at this range but I would advise to use a scope past 25 yards for a target the size of a fat squirrel. Tere is some heavy recoil so loctite the scope rings or your scope will be shifting and your target escaping. Also keep your muzzle velocity at 1000 fps or below. Going supersonic will tear your accuracy down and you might as well be shooting a daisy model 25 bb gun for all you will be hitting. Also hold the gun lightly in what is called the artillary hold. It needs to be able to jump and recoil to be accurate.

I have 6 years of military experience and beyond that have won my local field target club championship 6 straight years and have hand built a custom air gun specifically designed to find the absolute limit of airgun ranges. So I am well qualified to give advice.
ProsGood power. Accurate in the right hands.
ConsIf you are a beginning airgunner stay away from these high power airguns at first. You need experience air gunning with lower powered guns first. Buy a gun like this for your first gun you will be disappointed. Take it from someone that grew up airgunning.
By joe
very nice rifle
February 11, 2012
i bought this rifle yesterday.i have read all the reviews on this site and agree with them all.the problems with the mounts i did incure.i had shot it about 2 dozen times and notice my group was not hit a few times in the 10 ring then have one "flier"i was about to put it up for the evening when i giggled the scope the front mount was loose.i then reached in the tool box for the blue loctite.i have used this for every scope mounting ive done in the past but didnt think i would need it for an air rifle i now know different.the mounts are alluminum weaver style mounts and seem solid thought i prefer bolt on mounts but have never seen them on air guns.i did make the mistake of getting the cheap variety pack of pellets.i will now go and get some premium ones the cheaper ones have alot of defects in the base skirts.the first shot did sound like a 22 LR and i was very surprised even after reading that it would do this.but it has quited down a few shots.ive only been able to zero at about 30 yards so ive got some more fie tuning to do but it seems to be a nice small complaint is mine seems very hard to open at the breach the retaining ball is very strong.
Prosnice heavy well built gun.feels like a centerfire.
Conshard to open breach.base rings need to be seated well and checked often. if not loctited with "blue"type
By John
Holland, MI
excellent gun
January 14, 2012
I have been using this gun for several years now and it is still one of my favorite squirrl guns. It is accurate as long as you are keeping your shots at around 1000fps.
ProsTru glo sights, accurate
By gabe
AL Gulf coast
Ruger Air Hawk (refurb)
January 8, 2012
This rifle is the third refurb we have received from AGD in the last 90 days are so and all three looked and performed like "NIB". Very nice stock, dark wood which I like. I tru-oiled the stock and installed a whiteline spacer between the stock and pad and it looks even better. For a bargain priced rifle, the open sights are acceptable, work well and the trigger is better than most. We shot the rifle with open sights only, so far and it is very accurate. It's favorite pellet was the RWS 8.3 superdome, AA Field Heavy 10.3 grs and the 7.9gr Crosman Comp (in that order). It definitely "cracks" when shooting a PBA Raptor. One thing that was a surprise, is that holding this rifle like a center fire rifle, off hand does not seem to affect accuracy. If you want a springer in the 800 to 1000 fps power category, this gun is a great buy.
ProsLooks, especially the stock. Like where the safety is located (if you are familiar with the Ruger Air Mag, its location is the same). Comes with scope stop. Very accurate with open sights(have not installed scope yet) Easy sight in.
ConsAt this price, there is nothing not to like!!
By andrew
westbrookville New York
Amazing Gun
January 2, 2012
This is an amazing gun pinpoint accuracy and deadly force
ProsNice Stock Loud Good Balanced Strong Accurate
By andrew
westbrookville New York
Amazing Gun
January 2, 2012
I bought this gun at walmart for under $100 and I was a little sceptical about if this gun can perform and sure enough i brought it home and this gun is amazing it looks and feels like a real gun and this gun is louder than a .22lr it is simply amazing GET THIS GUN!!!
ProsNice Wood Stock Strong Loud Accurate
By Tyler
Springfield, IL
November 30, 2011
This gun is a great pellet rifle. Good accuracy and not a bad price, hey it is a Ruger. I have had this gun for 2 years now, no problem what so ever. The optics could be better, but hey, at least it comes with a scope. After purchasing this gun, I suggest to go and get a 3-9x40 scope and some medium rings. This thing will shoot accurate at 50 yards.
ConsNeeds better optics.
opossum master
November 11, 2011
I was coon hunting last night but when I went to dump I killed a opossum with this gun.It is the gun to buy if you do a lot of coon hunting or trapping.
Prosstrong and quite
Conshard to break and loud the frist two shots
By Dustin
Grat gun
August 5, 2011
I bought this gun and this gun is bad ass I love this gun if u like iron sight it's good. If u like scopes than even better I love this gun and it grate to hunt with I brought it out of the box and shot a bird with the first shot
By dave c.
30 meter rifle
June 22, 2011
Had the opportunity to test this rifle at a 30 meter shoot. Used Crosman Premier with OK accuracy. H&H Baracuda Match is a much better pellet for this rifle. Got 1-1/2"groups. Crony tested at an average of 820FPS. Doubt the reviewer that states he got a bulls-eye at 200 yards.
By Darren
10 for 10
May 31, 2011
Very pleased plenty of power. 10 out of 10 on squirrels, all recovered. Use the lead pellets, the lead free are to hot for this gun. Throw the scope in the trash go open sights.
By C-Ro29
March 22, 2011
bought this gun two weeks ago took 45 mins to sight in the scope since then killing birds n small game since using superdome pellets cant complain
By John W.
Ruger Airhawk Combo (Refurbished)
March 9, 2011
Out of the box, great gun. The scope is a little weak, replaced with 3-9x40 much better. John
By william
Ruger Airhawk .177
February 2, 2011
Nice wood stock and nice metal barrel. Shoots well accurately and the safety functions like the RWS 34 .177. A very nice rifle indeed. The 4x scope is nice but I think this rifle deserves a 3-9x scope.
By Frank
January 26, 2011
Nice work. helps to reduce the crow and squirrel marauders.
By Happy D.
Ruger Air Hawk Combo
December 27, 2010
The order was processed and delivered as advertised! I bought the Ruger as a "Trainer" for my 11yr old son and it is a perfect fit for training as well as having a great time plinking or squirrel hunting. I have never seen, much less held, such a finely crafted Air Rifle. This product has all the features and feel of a rimfire rifle. There is even a bit of felt recoil which is great for training. Don't think this is a toy..this is a high end,very capable Air Rifle. Be sure to tighten the scope mounts very well and you should not experience any problems with the mounts.The scope is great quality for an Air Rifle. The one CON I have for the rifle is the plastic "iron" sights. I don't like plastic on rifles. The actual functionality of the "iron" sights are very good..I just don't like plastic on rifles. Overall I cannot beleive the quality for the money trade it you'll love it! BTW...the first few shots are VERY loud, much like a 22LR..but then it quiets down to a whisper which works great for practice shooting in a neighborhood.
By Happy D.
Ruger Air Hawk
December 27, 2010
Bought the Rugar Air Hawk for my son to teach him gun safety as well as basic marksmanship techniques. I am very pleased with the overal quality of the Ruger. The cocking mechanism is a bit hard for an 11 yr old (mfg recommends minimum age of 16yrs) so I get to enjoy plinking and squirrel hunting with my son for a few more years! the gun is very quite after the first couple shots. we live in a neighborhood with fenced lots, less than half acre in size, and we should be able to practice with no nuisance problems to the neigbors. This gun is just like a real rifle in quality and feel. Wish we had airguns like these when I was growing up!
By Paul
Ruger Air Hawk Combo
December 11, 2010
I was shopping for My son. I was not going to get anything, but this Ruger caught my eye. I then researched, but stuck with the Air Hawk Combo. Buy This Gun! The price is way more than fair, it is a steal. I did very little adjusting and got one inch groups at 30 feet right away. I have not even put the scope on yet. It seems like a nice scope, should help long range for sure. Again, buy it. This is a great deal and a beautiful gun.
By John
best I have
November 22, 2010
I reach for this gun more than any of my other guns when I have a pest problem to deal with. It out performs even my more exotic ones. It's a relatively heavy beast but a gamo gun buddy works great with this gun. I like Gamo raptors in this gun. They tend to break the sound barrier in this gun making a satisfying "crack". It might alert a groundhog he was just shot at but the pellet hit and killed him before he heard it. The gun is also quite sturdy and puts up with my worst field conditions, but needs care after being in a wet environment so it doesn't rust. If you hunt, you need this gun.
By hunter
November 16, 2010
i shot this gun at 200 yards and nailed it has great accuracy and power,,this gun is sick
By hrshaw
I love this gun!
November 1, 2010
This is a great rifle. It seems a little heavy but maybe someday I'll find an aftermarket stock to get the weight down a little. The scope is great and the action works perfectly. I'd buy this gun again in a heartbeat.
By sean
October 6, 2010
nice worth the money
By william s.
airhawk air rifle
September 15, 2010
seems to shoot alright, plenty of power.
By Cindy S.
Ruger AirHawk Combo Review
September 2, 2010
This air rifle has a wood stock that is well balanced. It is easy to load ammunition, it comes with fiber optic sights which work well, when not using the scope that comes with this package. I found it hard to keep the scope on the gun with the scope rings provided by ruger. after i changed to a better set of rings the scope works great. Both the fibre optic sights and the scope are very easy to adjust, and this rifle is exceptional accurate. I did some studying in reference to this air rifle and one of the German made Diana air rifles, pretty much made the same as the German made Diana. So for what it's worth, the gun has execellent parts that have proven themselves over the years in the Diana ?model? (google it) and i am very satified with my Ruger Air Rifle.
By THe H.
July 24, 2010
Anyone who wants to do some hunting or just taget shoot this is the gun very very accurate and deadly to anything with the Crosman destroyer pellets i put a hole the size of a nickel in a sparrow i shot unfortunately most guns of any kind have at least one problem and this one has a scope ring problem if your planing on getting this air rifle get new scope rings as soon as you take it out of the box TRUST ME.... I dont know why but they are junk
By BParker
Ruger re-furbished AirHawk
July 22, 2010
I was very peased with my purchase. I am experiencing some difficulty sighting in with scope but using regular rifle sights, shoots very good and hard. Ihave not really given it a fair evaluation due to time constaints and my location, but will very soon
By Don S.
Ruger Air Hawk Combo
July 11, 2010
First of all I received the shipment exactly when I was told it would arrive. Second this is not a toy! It is the most powerful accurate rifle I ever handled. Within five shots I had it zeroed in at 100yards with the scope and again with the open sites. The reason we ordered this is an over abundunce of squirels. They were trippimg the transformers in our rural neighborhood on a monthly basis. With the Ruger I could eliminate five squirels with five shots without worrying about the neighbors a half mile down the road. I don't like to kill things anymore as I have matured, but while feeding the birds the squirels have over taken the area. The weight of this makes it feel as though it were a high powered rifle. If you want a serious tool buy this weapon and the Crossman Destroyer pellets are the ultimate projectiles. Do not buy this for your 10 year old to play with.
By bird h.
bird hunting
May 31, 2010
my friend and i got in trouble for shooting these so we had to stop our little tournament on seeing who could get the most kills. if you dont remember i have the ruger airhawk and he had the crosman storm xt. he ended up with 29 kills. my amazing ruger ended the short time we had with 47 kills. i ended up with 2 squirrels and he ended up with 1. ruger is the best
By Steve
Great gun
May 30, 2010
Like all things I really did my homework before deciding to buy this particular air gun. I actually had my sights on a Sheridan but the knowledge and service of Airgun Depot was educational and suggested this airgun. I was fortunate that I spoke with an associate that actually shot this as a test. I specifically bought this rifle for squirrel control with ranges of 20-35yds. I love challenges I chose open sights (for now). It sighted in at 20yds with 20 shots. I then tried 30yds and left the sights ALONE. Again, accurate. **TIP** Make sure, after every 10 shots (when sighting in) all the screws are tightened. I lost about an hour time when I discovered my sights were loose! I interchange Crosman Premier HP and Crosman Destroyer XT with no prob! I actually think it prefers the Destroyer pellets. Its true, this rifle is accurate and consistent. **TIP** Get to know/learn your gun. Don't get frustrated after a few shots and no avail. It took me 3hrs overall to feel comfortable and gain confidence in sighting in this rifle. PRACTICE builds confidence, which builds proficiency, which gives accuracy. Also, break open is much more convenient than pumping a rifle 8 times!

The rifle is somewhat heavy but has great feel/balance.

CONS: I agree, the sights and safety on this rifle are made of plastic and give that "cheap" image. HOWEVER, if you are like me and take care of your weapons I don't see why this would be a problem. I have yet to try the scope but I'm very pleased with this purchase. As I said earlier, I did my homework and this rifle truly is a good product with a great value. This store was the cheapest I found it once I decided on the Ruger. You can't beat the customer service and knowledge I experienced, thanks! Lastly, the first 10-20 shots are LOUD! As in .22LR loud. Forewarn your neighbors if you have any!
By Ian
ruger air hawk rifle
May 19, 2010
this is an amazing gun if your looking for a good hunting rifle at a good price then this is it. it is verey powerful its great for experienced hunters. it comes with a pretty good scope and mounts. i shot my fence about 30+yards away and it went through it on both sides. this is a very powerful rifel and great for hunting.
By keith r.
red bad to bone
May 17, 2010
i have'nt had a air rifles in years as matter of fact i have'nt hunted in years. i moved in side city limits a few years a go. i have deer, coons and squirrels in my backyard, well they are taking over my bird feeders. but not anymore .got my ruger airhawk two week ago 15 dead squirrels so for kill from 12ft to 25 yards im old now eyes not that good anymore and handshake some now.the kills were thru and thru .i was using beeman silver sting pellets i've these pellets for yrs i dont you buythis kind anymore, this a great rifle i love it
By bird h.
storm xt or ruger?
May 14, 2010
my friend and i both have 1000 fps guns. he has a crosman storm xt and i have a ruger airhawk. lots of ppl wonder what to buy well i have the answer to that. we have tested their strength against 1/2 wood and the ruger came out on top. the storm was better weight wise but the ruger seemed to be more steady.the stock on the storm is better and not as fat so it wins for looks. the iron sights on the storm are retarded and seem to be crooked or something so the sights on the ruger are better. the storm comes with a better scope but his seems to be less accurate and tends to move. he bought a one piece scope so it doesnt move anymore. it is still not dead on though making the ruger better for a stock scope for accuracy. so the storm is only better than the ruger when it comes to looks and weight but not performance. good job ruger on another perfect gun!
By Matt
May 1, 2010
This is the first pellet gun I've ever bought. I can't believe how powerful and accurate it is. It took about 20-30 shots to adjust the scope, and about 15 to adjust the mounted sight. But after that it shot on point. The first shot I took after taking it out of the box, I hit a street light dead on about 30 yards away using the mounted sight. I would recommend this to anyone. All my buddies want on now. And for the price you can't beat it. I notice people commenting about the gun's heavy weight and how hard it is to cock, but I love the fact it makes it feel real and powerful.
By dk
February 16, 2010
just buy it and you will see that this is thee best gun i ever had
By cole
sick gun
February 5, 2010
this gun is great for back yard hunting. it is good at back yard hunting as long as you dont get caught like i did hahaha it sucked and this is a beautiful gun when you get to see it in real life. it will amaze you with its power and amazing acuracy.
By matt
January 23, 2010
This gun is GREAT. I got one for christmas and andwas very pleased exsept for the scope which dosn`t stay zeroed in very long . the wood is easy to mark up, but other than that it`s a great gun.
By james
holly cow
October 10, 2009
I got this gun and it works great!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only thing bad is that its kind of hard to cock, its 35lbs. of preaure. when i got home i shot it a a old used up camera that didnt work any more from about 20 yds. back and it works amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I rate this gun 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Chad
Top notch
October 5, 2009
Tried to site in the scope but it was worthless. Tried the gun sites and it shot straight and true on the first shot. Shooting squirrels at 30-50 yards with no problem. Powerful gun.
By bob
September 22, 2009
wowow wow gggeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt iiiiiiitttttttt get it
By chris
nice rifle
September 11, 2009
I was leery about buying a refurb but I have been very happy with my purchase. The gun was flawless out of the package and I could hardly believe the accuracy out of the box. I attatched the scope and was shooting 1 inch groups at 25 yards , I have yet to adjust , first 5 shots right on the money, I could hardly believe it!The only neg is it is a little noisy, but I am trying to find some flaw.
Overall a great gun and a great price.
By Asa
September 7, 2009
second review on gun i got some new mounts for the gun and sighted it in now i shoot 1/2 in. groups soon it will be time for the squirrels to run from me but till then they can hide in the trees
By Asa
good gun
September 1, 2009
its a great gun first air rifle with rear sights that i ever fired. great grouping, i wish i had not sheared my scope mounts but oh well i got this and it serves me well
By Dave
Great , August 2009
August 13, 2009
Great gun ,use open sites, the scope is not very good ,nice wood stock for a refurbised gun ,used RWS 7.0gr wadcutters and RWS 8.3 gr superdome ,licked the wadcutters better for this gun .Had fun with gun ,highly recommed it.
By Mark 6.
best deal for the money
July 28, 2009
I 've ha the gun for two weeks now and have put 1200rnds thur it and it has turned into an exelent rifle, shoots 1/2in groups at 30yds. crossman premier h.p.s. and RWS super domes shoot best out of my rifle ,it started out stiff and didn't want to group at all and at 800rnds a reclean and lube she started to shoot like the RWS rifle she was cloned after
By Mark 6.
My second A.G. Review on Airgun Depot
July 23, 2009
I'd like to begin saying this is my second review, my first was on the RWS m48 22cal /w shooters pack.Now back to the Ruger! I got the gun on 7-15-09, opened the box and the gun looked very good it had a few dings in the stock no biggie so I proceeded to tear the gun down for a good cleaning and lube job. I put ten strokes thru the bbl each way to get all the grime from milling and bluing out of the bore. lubed it up put it all back together mounted the scope that came w/gun on it and began shooting it to see what it will do. I started off with Savage wadcutters, and they didn't shoot to bad at 10 yds but I didn't buy the gun to shoot 10yds w/ wadcutters I bought it to hunt with so on with the next pellet,next up was the crossman premier hp's the gun wouldn't shoot them at all ok so on to the next pellet, beeman silver aces no the gun didn't like them at all either mmm strange so on to the next pellet crossman copperhead pointed pellets, and they started to shoot but still very inconsistant some lose some tight fitting the grouping not good enough for me.So just for kix I shoot some daisy pointed pellets and as usual their not good in anything so I proceeded to shoot the rifle to just break Itried RWS super point extras it in and after 800rnds the cocking was still so stiff I was still having to slap the bbl to get to open I decided to reclean the bore this time I put 20 strokes w/breakfree and regreased the ball detent and began shooting again,started off with the RWS super points still no luck wont group so I went back to the cphp's and they started to group very tightly at 10yds so now I have fired around 900rnds thru the gun to get it to shoot like this, now I'm shooting a quarter inch bull eye at 30yds and hiting it at 3 out of 6 times standing up proping the gun on a ladder for a rest. You cannot beat this gun for the money you might have to work with it alittle to getit to shoot but well worth it thanks Airgun Depot.
By Alec
o ya
June 17, 2009
this a great great gun, it shoots very well, get it get it get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By mark
June 6, 2009
This is a powerful pellet rifle. I didnt like the scope so i use the sights. The sights are not the best and take some getting used to. After sighting it in(40 shots or so) i can hit beer cans from about 100 feet away no problem. Overall a good value for the money. I recommend this rifle.
5 stars
April 30, 2009
this gun is a bad dude ! you cant go wrong for the price. i took mine out to the hills,A/V-so cal. plenty of small game. power & accuracy are there ! as for the scope had to replace it for one with more power 3x9x32. open sights have something to be dsired,however they will do the job. its a good gun ! ! F,T,P,....
By zachery
February 15, 2009
this air gun is awesome! i dropped a dove off a power line at 45 yards! this gun has lots of power and shoots half inch groups with crossman hollow points and gamo match pellets. the scope is huge and lets you see way down there.
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