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Ruger Blackhawk Elite

Includes 4X32 Scope and Mounts
  • Code: 2109171R · .177 · 1200 fps
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Ruger air rifles have been such a great hit that they've added this skeleton-stocked Blackhawk Elite model to the family. The muzzlebrake gives you extra leverage when cocking the gun. Because of the power, most shooters will put a scope on such a gun, so Ruger included one with this package. Not much to do but load it, aim and start shooting. Sometimes it's the simple things in life that give us the greatest pleasure. And spring-piston guns are about as easy to use as you can get when it comes to airguns.

Ruger Blackhawk Elite Air Rifle Features
  • Spring-piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • Rifled steel barrel with muzzlebrake
  • 2-stage trigger adjustable for length of first-stage travel
  • No open sights
  • 11mm optics dovetail
  • Ambidextrous synthetic skeleton stock
  • Finger grooves on pistol grip and forearm
  • Rubber buttpad
  • Automatic safety
  • 7.80 lbs. (the scope and mount will add about 1.50 lbs.)
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  • ManufacturerRuger
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 1200 fps
  • Condition Refurbished
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Break barrel
  • Barrel Style Rifled
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 7.80
  • Overall Length 44.75
  • Barrel Length 19.00
  • Loudness 3-Medium
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Spring-piston
  • Rail 11mm dovetail
  • Safety Automatic
  • Front Sights none
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage, adjustable take-up
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Small game hunting/plinking
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By Kevin August 31, 2021

Whatever your target is. It doesn't stand a chance. If I was to buy another pellet gun, I'd pick the same one.

Super accurate and consistent with the right pellet. If you get cheap pellets, the performance goes down hill. I enjoy shooting this gun more than any of my higher caliber rifles.

I wish it would have came with a sling option.

By LennyJuly 16, 2018

Very good gun. Amazing quality,but the only thing is it came with a trash scope it would stay zerod in at about 20 yards for 3 to 4 shots before being to crazy haven't got to hunt crazy because of the scope but I have put a hurting on the chipmunk population around my parts. Once a new and better quality scope is installed them nuisance woodchucks and rats are going down

By JeffUSADecember 1, 2017

The gun is loud and actually I didn't know it was spring action when I ordered it. Also when the gun breaks open it is very loose and the first few times I tried it I hit my knee. Slow learner I guess. After busting my knee I should have learned the first time. Too loud for the city if your neighbors feed the squirrels. I feed them unintentionally with my fruit trees and garden. I feed them intentionally with pellets.. The gun shoots accurate but the trigger takes getting use to. The price is right if getting the refurbished.

By EdwardUSANovember 6, 2017

As with other D34's and D34 clones some barrel droop is expected. This unit has some crazy droop. Even with a UTG drooper mount and 4 shims under the rear my elevation was maxed out and it was shooting all over the place due to this. I removed the shims, optically zero'd the scope (UTG Etched 16x) and proceeded to bend the barrel until my POI came up to my POA. That solved the problem. Also...make sure you clean the barrel and the groups will tighten up. I did end up doing a deburr, lube and adding a Vortek 12fpe kit. Now it's shooting on par with my D34 on a bad day.

Cheap. Shoots decent after some tuning.

Needed some TLC to get it shooting to my standards. I do admit...they are high. That's for any gun.

By Richard R.October 15, 2017

Adjust the trigger and it's a very good air rifle. Got rid of the squirrels in my attic.

By dualUSAOctober 11, 2017

I bought this gun about two weeks ago and i can say it may be the best gun i have ever bought in its class

very good shooter

none so far

By Thomas D.June 7, 2017

Excellent re-furbished product w/ no problems. Very accurate w/ a Weaver 3-7 scope. Consistent grouping w/ Crossman pellets.

Solid construction w/ consistent performance.

Came w/ 4X scope that was replaced w/ variable power of my choice.

By KirkUSAMay 31, 2017

I bought this to take care of some back yard pests. It will do that, but there is the noise factor which is more than I can deal with in my area. The rifle is quiet accurate. I'm getting sub moa @ 40 yards with Crosman premier & heavy domed. The scope needs to be upgraded to a 3x9 to ring out what this rifle can do. It has more than enough power.

Power, acurate, price

Scope, noise

By GuyUSAApril 17, 2017

I thought it was a great deal,The rifle preformed flawlessly. The scope however, had some trouble holding its center .

Great rifle

Scope have a hard time with it.would have been nice to have iron sights.

By RonaldUSAApril 10, 2017

Was delivered this Sat. assembled the scope on rifle and spent 90 minutes trying to sight in scope. Finally got the windage on but the elevation knob didn't work at all. Waiting to see if AirgunDepot are going to replace the scope with one that works.

Lots of power

Scope was junk

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Where can I find a replacement stock ?

asked James from USA

how to load the blackhawk elite?

asked hector from USA

You pull the barrel down. The breech is exposed. Insert a pellet. Return the barrel to horizontal and shoot.

Mark from USA

What is the power or energy of this rifle (joules)?

asked Oscar Rodriguez

Can I shoot darts with it?

asked Juan

Do they make a replacement stock.

asked Margaret Locke

this shoots bbs and pellets?

asked Sean from USA

what is the best gram ammo to use for this gun

asked mike

It appears that the scope is permanently mounted to the rifle. No traditional dove tail mount. Is this the case?

asked Steve Stroud

does it come with a scope?

asked Joseph from USA

How heavy/hard is this to cock. Thinking of getting this for my 12 year old.

asked Adam

Can you put open sights on this air rifle?

asked Ron from USA

Is there any way to add iron sights? If so, do you have any suggestions?

asked Anthony from USA

Just how quiet is this air gun. I'm frustrated with other companies giving answers that do not answer my question. I don't know what a level 3 means , either it's quiet or not.

asked Tim Homan

if your living within the city limits and shooting backyard targets be prepared to have a visit from the local law enforcement. this rifle sounds like your shooting a 22 cal short. i would go around and tell my neighbors that i'm target shooting in my backyard (which is illegal in most cities) and see what they say. as i have lived here over 20yrs. my neighbors are cool about it, we have a really bad crow infestation in the winter and the trees are full of these flying rats, but after a few shots they get the message and move a few blocks away, since this rifle is powerfull a few more long range shots will let them know to move a bit further away. also using the heaviest pellets - 14-16gr will cut down the noise a bunch and the are not cheap $9.99- $18.00 for a pack of 150-250 pellets plus you will get better accuracy but will lose a bit of fps, maybe check out the crosman 1077 it's a nice shooting rifle and a repeater at that 12 shots as fast as you can pull the trigger, it's accurate and got a bit of power around 550-600 fps, anyway hope this helps and just so you know all my guns are refurbished and work great not a problem yet. didn't mean too write a book but hey hope this helps.

robert from USA

It's awfully hard to say, which is why you can't get a straight answer. It is not quiet imo, but compared to a 22LR it is. If for example if you lived at the Cleavers on Leave it to Beaver then everyone within five to ten houses will hear it. A louder neighborhood maybe not so far, where I live I suppose it could be heard 1/4 mile away. A Ruger Yukon or Benjamin Regal or Trail are much quieter than this gun since they have gas springs and suppressors. You can quiet this gun down quite a bit if you're willing to take it apart and spend maybe $25 on it, or for free if you spend a few hours working on it. If you want one that's actually quiet then see the Benjamin Marauder.


You can make an air rifle much quieter by using heavier pellets. Mine is very quiet because I use pellets that leave the barrel sub sonic. Much of the loud crack you hear is because the pellet leaves the barrel and then breaks the sound barrier.

thomas from USA

I have this gun , and at first it was as loud as my 1022 Ruger 22 cal. rim fire , but after putting a few hundred rounds through it , it has quited down quit a bit . these guns need to be broken in.

Rick Rosas

It's louder than the typical off the shelf airgun, this is NOT Ralphie's red rider. I was surprised at how loud it was. The crack of the pellet breaking the sound barrier will echo through the woods. It won't hurt your ears but your neighbors will hear it if they are close. It isn't as loud as a .22lr but if I was guessing maybe 30-40% as loud. Hope this is a better answer than you are getting.


I haven't shot a lot of these high power air rifles, however, this one is not louder than your traditional air rifle. I wouldn't say it's quieter than the traditional one either.


I got this gun a few weeks ago and noticed that no matter which way I place scope rings the scope is still off center to barrel. Anyone else notice this?

asked Jared

Depends on what you mean by off center, but yes it'll usually be off in more than one way. If off to one side but parallel to the receiver, it's the mounts that cause that. Most people don't care about that, and even make use of it by setting it to the side that's easier to see thru. If it bugs you then look at how the mounts attach to the rail. The mounts can be altered by sanding some metal off one side, or you can try mounts that clamp evenly like BLK but they're ~$50. The real issue that does cause problems is the barrel is usually pointing down compared to the receiver and scope. Google "shimming scope" for that fix.


I've had this gun about 4 days and at first i noticed that i was centered but after a little while the scope just wont center i donk know but if you find out let me know to


I just purchased the Ruger Elite as well and I do notice the scope being off center somewhat. I have to roll the gun a little to the left, I shoot right handed, but not much roll. Just feels a little weird but I'm sure I will get used to it. I really like the gun.


You most likely suffering from barrel droop. You need to shim the rear of the scope. Google it. There are many vids of it. That may solve your issue.


I had the same issue, I flipped the scope mounts and it cured it


What are the best pellets for this rifle

asked Cesar from USA

I have been using crossman lead pointed pellets and I can head shot a bird at 30 yards


I have been using crossman lead pointed pellets and I can head shot a bird at 30 yards


7.9 grain crosman lead hollow point are best for accuracy and close to 1000 fps.If you go with the light alloy pellets,you can gain speed but you will lose accuracy due to the lighter weight.


Does this require co2 and if yes, what kind? I'm wanting to buy it as a gift.

asked Brenda from USA

This rifle does not require any CO2, it is powered by a spring that is compressed when the barrel is cocked.

Scott from USA

Will this gun's receiver fit on ruger blackhawk's stock ?

asked Raymond from USA

How much does it weigh ? Site says ~ 4 lbs, ? Is that accurate ?

asked Tony

it weighs about 7.8 pounds (the scope adds about 1.5 pounds)

Preston from USA

what is the warranty on a refurb?

asked JC

JC, Airgun Depot has a 30 day return policy. After that you would have to go through the manufacturer.

Scott from USA

Is it possible to add iron sights to this rifle?

asked Tyler

I've. done this to a old inexpensive .410 shotgun so I could shoot rifled slugs accurately...Go get yourself a set of replacement fibre optic sights (usually for a muzzle loader) about $30...Use a chalk line and snap a line down the top center of the barrel. Mix up a batch of 2 part epoxy or JB Weld and just glue the sights to the barrel. May not be pretty, but it works and the sights stay put.

Mike from USA

Tyler, i'm in the process of finding that out, i called AGD and they said no so i'm calling ruger in the morning to see if they have a replacement barrel, if not i'm sending mine back. the scope is difficult to keep lined up, i have learned from this never to buy a weapon that doesn't have back up sights on the barrel.

robert from USA

If you go to a gunsmith and put double your money into it. If u want iron, I would get a different model.


How long is the rifle once the barrel is broken?

asked Eric





I would like to know about your experience with this item as it relates to power an accuracy

asked Max from USA

Great accuracy for break barrel. Rested I have consistent tight groups at 75 ft, ten pellets inside a nickel- even in the Oklahoma winds. Have shot one squirrel with gamo domed hunting pellet, thru and thru the shoulders at about 25 ft. I have noticed one issue but its with all pellet rifles, different pellets require scope adj to bring back to center mass but rws pointed and gamo domed pellets are very consistant. I have really enjoyed this rifle since its arrival, would recommend again and again especially for the price.


The velocity of the Blackhawk Elite is excellent. Mine shoots RWS Superdome pellets (8.3 grains) at 934 feet per second. Of the six air rifles I own, the Blackhawk Elite shoots the fastest. In fact, I shoot 8.3-grain pellets in order to keep the velocity below the transonic region (1,000 f.p.s.). For most general air gun shooting activities, 934 f.p.s. is sufficient. In terms of accuracy, my Ruger is not as accurate as I would like--a typical group would be 1" at 20 yards. Maybe I haven't found the right pellet yet, or maybe my particular rifle isn't as accurate as other Blackhawks.

Michael from USA

I am very pleased with the appearance, the power and the accuracy with the Blackhawks. I would expect nothing more from Ruger.


can you attach a bipod to it?

asked mike

Yes. I found s barrel mounted clamp on bipod at a gun show. I m sure they are avsilable at gunshops also. I paid $14 for mine in plastic pkging. It has rubber like padding between clamp and barrel. I think i have seen it offered by chesper yhsn dirt also, or sportsman guide. I think i should also advise care when tightening onto barrel. I doubt any harm will come but better safe than sorry. Good luck. Hope this helped you.


Yes you can, i attached a barrel mounted bipod

ruben from USA

Does it hurt to dry fire it?

asked Russ Dixon

I wouldnt "dry fire", persay... but you CAN de-cock it if thats what youre asking. Just pull break action down like you did to load it, hold the barrel while pulling trigger (be sure to hold barrel, as the spring pressure will release) and gently raise barrel back up to slowly, safely release the spring loaded tension.


rugers build quality should be able to tolerate dry firing it. I wouldn't do it excessively, and I'm not sure why you would dry fire a pellet gun in the first place... Dry firing is typically used to train for trigger control with the absence of bang and recoil...or to save $, and pellets aren't expensive.


Never dry fire for two reasons. #1 the piston will slam in the chamber and can damage the chamber and the warranty is voided. #2 you never consider a gun empty and pull the trigger, That has wounded or killed a lot of people! Big Mike

Mike McClelland
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