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RWS Quick Cleaning Pellets .22 Cal - 80 ct

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  • Code: 219-3817 · $9.99 · .22 · 1 grains · 80 ct
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RWS Cleaning Pellets are manufactured from heavy felt. These pellets remove dirt and lead residue from the barrel. They do not take the place of a thorough cleaning with a rod but with regular use they will help maintain performance.
  • Caliber: .22
  • Quantity: 80
  • Compatibility: All .22 Pellet air guns
  • Material: Heavy Felt
  • Note: For cleaning purposes on regularly used airguns.
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  • ManufacturerRWS
  • Caliber .22
  • Ammo Type Cleaning pellets
  • Ammo Weight 1 grains
  • Pellet Shape Wadcutter
  • Pellet Quantity 80 ct
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By DanJanuary 20, 2020

Rws quick clean pellets worked great on my F/W 124 .177, fast and easy to use.

use with or without a little solvent, small easy to pack.


By TomUSAOctober 21, 2019

They work.

By MichaelUSADecember 15, 2018

As above, very nice cleaning aid esp. W/a little Hoppe's #9.

By FrankUSAJune 21, 2016

This is a handy little product--but I won't skip regular maintenance.

By RonjApril 2, 2016

These cleaning pellets do a pretty fair job scrubbing metal foulings from barrel of my. 22s. I used 2-pellets per each time I shot them from my rifle(s). It took 5-shots..10-pellets to clean each rifle. The only downside to these RWS Cleaning Pellets is that 8-pellets out of 80 pellets were mis-shapen, short, or had a notch out of the side of the pellet. I did not use these for fear of damaging my rifle. Also, at 10-cents per pellet the cost is considerable..especially if there are mis-shapen/unusable pellets. Too bad as I like what I shot for cleaning. In 1/4" long they seemed short in length to me.

Usable ones did good job.

10% of pellets were unsatisfactory due to mis-shapen, short, notched. Cost-per-pellet (10-cents) would recommend to friend and advise him/her of pros & cons.

By JimmyUSAJanuary 17, 2015

These work nice for a quick clean. Still follow normal routine for a complete cleaning periodically.

Fast and not overly priced.

Wish they were made heavier so you could fire only one at the time, instead of requiring two to prevent gun damage. Hard to load two at the time without other cleaning tools.

By ArtUSAJanuary 31, 2014

I can just pop off a few rounds and the pellets become cleaner and cleaner! Nice invention for pellet guns!



By GaryUSANovember 27, 2012

These cleaning pellets fit the bore very nice and do a good job of cleaning the bore.

Pellets fit the bore well They do a good job of cleaning They are good to keep on hand

By CharlieMarch 7, 2007

Realistically, you're supposed to have a rod of some sort to properly use these as stated in the instruction manuel found inside the packaging. I simply shot a few of them out like normal pellets so I'm not sure how good a job it did but I'm sure it did something...hopefully.

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Im wondering will these work in the Benjamin trail NP all weather? It is breakbarrel and a nitro piston. I don't want to damage the gun.

asked Bobby

Im leary of that also. I would assume it would be like dry firing the rifle because they are not heavy enough to provide back pressure to slow down the piston.

cody from USA

These cleaning pellets are designed for just about any air gun that will shoot 500-1000 fps. Your Bengie shoot be close to 900 fps or better. I always load two, i think directions say so, to lessen spring recoil.

james from USA

You will not damage your gun, it will work fine.

Juan J. from USA

Yes, These are Very Gentle on your Benjamin Trail...Just dont use any Wire Brushes on that Barrel...Use these in Conjunction with a Pull-Through Type Cleaning Cord in your Recommended Caliber..

Richard from USA

What is the low velocity for spring airgun in the case of Cleaning Pellets. Velocity - 1000 is good for Cleaning Pellets?

asked Faiz

I use these cleaning pellets for my RWS and always load two to lessen spring shock. My rifle runs about 900 fps. I have had no problems after years of use.

james from USA

Hello. It doesn't matter what velociy. You dont shoot those pellets! You have to get a cleaning kit which includes a long metal rod with which you just push the pellet through the barrel. I usually push 2 pellets through the barrel at the same time.

Denis from USA

so how many come in a package?

asked travis

The package is 100 count.

Scott from USA
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