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RWS Meisterkugeln .177 Cal, 8.2 gr - 300 ct

RWS Meisterkugeln .177 Cal, 8.2 gr - 300 ct

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RWS Meisterkugeln Pellets in their unmistakable packaging have been part of the equipment of every ambitious marksman for decades. Considerable refinement of product techniques has now enhanced quality even further. A new material composition and surface treatment give the pellet a permanently bright, shiny appearance and prevent oxidation. Dimensional accuracy and adherence to strict weights in production are subject to constant controls.

The RWS Meisterkugeln Standard Pellet offers the shooter the uncompromising accuracy of a match pellet and due its weight, long-range knock-down power for all shooting applicatoins. Perfect for sighting in, target shooting and general hunting where pin-point accuracy is a must. Suitable for all air rifles.

  • .177 cal
  • 8.2 grain
  • Wadcutter
  • 300 count
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  • ManufacturerRWS
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight8.2 gr
  • Pellet ShapeWadcutter
  • Pellet Quantity300
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RWS Meisterkugeln .177 Cal, 8.2 gr - 300 ct
46 Reviews
96% (44)
4% (2)
0% (0)
0% (0)
0% (0)
67% Recommend this product (31 of 46 responses)
By Mike
Works Good in gun
January 5, 2019
I have decided to use this pellet as my standard ammo. The cost is reasonable
and they work perfect and are uniform and well made.
They also are dead on.
ProsA mid range cost pellet, Very uniform and the right length for the mag. belt
ConsAs stated in review of magazine. It takes a little time to load and has a few steps to go thru before you can start shooting.
Best UsesFor using and shooting this gun
By W C.
Arlington Texas
Premium pellet worth every cent
August 31, 2017
I don't own a collection of air rifles, I have only one. It is a Weihrauch HW-35 made in1979 (We have grown old together).i have found the RWS Meisterkulgn to be the most accurate pellet for my rifle, able to consistently put one shot on top of the previous shot time after time if I do my part controlling breathing and trigger pull. There may be others out there that perform as well, but for my money, these are the best.
ProsPrecision manufacturing insures consistent dependable accuracy, a good value if you aim to hit your target where you intended.
ConsNone. These are consistently great pellets
By Joseph N.
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Can't Believe it!
March 16, 2017
Best pellet yet! This review is for both calibers. Both .177 and .22. I used about 4 pellet brands (H&N, R10, Crosman Premier Hollow Points, etc. all good brands!) to test these against. Shooting a measured 10 meters (11 yards) indoors, using a rest. Not only did these pellets shoot a ragged 1-hole group from my Feinwerkbau C5 air pistol (H&N did almost as well), but what got me was how there were no flyers in all the Meisterkugein pellets I shot. In all the other brands, sooner or later I would get a flyer not with the tight group. Yes, even with H&N. I always wrote it off as shooter error. Not so! But I never did with these pellets. They are now my pellet of choice. Also used an RWS Diana Model 52 air rifle in these tests. What a pellet!
ProsShiny, great uniformity.
ConsNot sold everywhere, as they should be.
By Angry F.
Minotola, New Jersey
Dead on!
February 14, 2017
These pellets are amazing in my Hatsan Edge. I hold 5/8" groups at 20yds and get 1 1/8" groups at 25yrds. Very seldom do I get a flyer although it does happen occasionally. As with the .22 cal pellet these seem to me manufactured extremely well. I have not yet encountered any damage to the pellets. Maybe thats why they shoot so well and have minimal flyers.
ProsCrazy accurate Very well made consistent shot strands
ConsDon't have any in this caliber for the rifle I am using.
By Otter
New York
Great Pellets
December 19, 2016
I have used these pellets for years in several different 10 meter rifles and never had a problem. Although I do not shoot in competition, I see no reason to spend more.
ProsPerfectly consistent.
By Glenn
Walnut Creek, CA
Excellent Pellet with most of my Rifles; very accurate
December 17, 2016
Excellent Pellet with most of my rifles and higher powered pistols, including Hatsan 95 Vortex, Hatsan Edge Vortex, Benjamin Titan XS, Hatsan 25 Pistol and Benjamin Trail Pistol. Some of my lighter shooting pistols like the Meisterkuglen 7.0 gr better.
ProsAfter trying out dozens of brands and styles of pellets, this is consistently, the most accurate wadcutter I've yet found.
By Stevie
Philadelphia pa
Rws baby
November 24, 2016
Most accurate pellet in game bull whisper and umearex whatevermathingy
ProsMost accurate pellet! I tried 5 kinds
By Andres
Boylston MA
Good quality
August 22, 2016
Well made, all pellet in my can looked and fit well.
ProsVery accurate
ConsTon is not screw cap
By jim
Bullhead City, AZ
super, super accurate
June 21, 2016
I shoot these off a bench with iron sights to test accuracy at 10 meters indoors. The five shots groups were just one hole groups. To be more specific the Crossman Challenger air rifle with iron sights created a " one hole" group in the center of the standard air rifle offhand target with an enlargement or total diameter of the hole expanding to .212 in diameter over the original .177 diameter of the pellet. So what was the group size as traditionally measured center to center? Take .212 - .177 to get .035..... that is with iron sights...
Prosaccuracy... accuracy... some of the 5 shot groups fired where a bit larger at .25 inches.. leaving a group size (munus .177) of .073. But note these groups are all under .1 inch at 10 meters...
Consnone, all pellets are of consistent size unlike some brands
By Robb
West Valley, UT
Great Pellet.
October 22, 2015
Alright, you can get cheaper pellets and if your just can shooting I can see this. In my Gamo Bone Collector, theses perform awesome. I can get great groups. In my poweline good groups as well. I have shot about 10 cans of these and no complaints at all.
ProsGreat Pellets, nice grouping.
ConsMaybe cost.
By Dan
Bear lake Michigan
September 30, 2015
1 hole groups at 10+ yds out of my browning 800 pistol, as good as it gets!
ProsAccurate, found no deformed pellets in my tins
By Henry C.
Phoenix, Arizona
Always a consistent product...
September 29, 2015
My second time around buying four of these at once. Great ammo for my old RWS Diana Model 45, consistent groups... worth it.
ProsGreat German quality.
ConsPricey, but you only get what you pay for.
By Marc
Chicago, IL
Very accurate
July 26, 2015
I'm going to compare several pellets and give them scores, RELATIVE TO EACH OTHER, ranging from 0-10. The pellet gun I'm using is the Benjamin Trail NP .177 caliber. Since my targets are chipmunks, I've only tested this at ranges from 10' out to 30'. I know that's not very far, but my kill zone is less than 1" diameter. Against a chipmunk, stopping power is kind of hard to judge, so I used a coffee can for that.

Beeman Silver Arrow. Score - 8. Surprisingly tight groups with no bullet drop out to 30'. Doesn't always penetrate the coffee can and the dent in the can isn't as large as I thought such a heavy pellet would give.
RWS Hypermax. Score - 10. There might be better pellets out there, but I haven't tested them yet. Stopping power is hard to gauge here too. Goes right through chipmunk and coffee can. Such a clean hole it almost seem armor piercing.
RWS Meisterkugeln. Score - 8. Just as tight group as Silver Arrow and Hypermax. Doesn't penetrate coffee can either, but I'm going to assume a blunt pellet hitting with such velocity at close range is going to be bad news for the poor chipmunk.
Crosman Destroyer. Score - 7. Not as tight a group as above, but pretty good and much better that others I've shot. Stopping power? Tumbles in flight so leaves a gaping, jagged hole in coffee can. It does this every time.
Crosman Supersonic SSP. Score - 5. Groups are too large to be useful at anything past 10'. Good penetration, but who cares if your not going to hit your target.
Crosman Powershot Gold. Score - 0. Bad groups, poor penetration. Usually doesn't expand to fill up pistols rifling. No penetration of coffee can. Remember this is only tested on 1 pellet gun. It might be better on others.
RSW Super H Hollowpoint. Score - 5. Fair groups, but pistol doesn't have the velocity to let this expand. Seldom, but sometimes would penetrate coffee can.
Gamo Raptor PBA. Score - 5. Kinda same groups as others with this score. Penetrates coffee can with no distortion like Crosman Supersonic SSP and RWS Hypermax.
ProsVery accurate. Constant too. Groups are always tight. Not designed for hunting, but at close ranges, has to be a killer.
ConsNone noticed.
By Steve
The Best
May 19, 2015
20 shots from 50 feet and you could cover them with a dime
By Jesse
Enumclaw, WA
May 6, 2015
Excellent Pellets, This is my go to pellet if I am looking the best accuracy and groups.
ProsAccuracy and the best groups your gun is capable of.
By Matt
New York
The best!
March 4, 2015
The best pellet you can get
ProsVery accurate
By kyle
Rhode Island
December 21, 2014
Probably one of the best pellets out there made very well and consistent no damaged pellets so far out of a thousand I ordered
ProsWell made and reliable
Paper target bullseye puncher
October 4, 2014
When shooting paper targets for scoring accuracy, these are just the best there is for my Hammerli 850. These are shaped to stamp out a perfect circle. If you just miss the line with a dome pellet you would score with these. I have not seen a deformed or rough edge in any of these tins. The tin itself is the only negative to mention because they should screw on to be better secured. Just be careful and it's not an issue. An excellent pellet for it's designed purpose.
ProsQuality, accuracy, value.
By James
middletown, MO
Superb accuracy
July 5, 2014
One of the most accurate pellets shot in my rifle to date at slightly under 1/2 inch groups at 25 yards with my Gamo Bone collector Bull whisper rifle. Not surprising for a RWS but a little surprising for a wadcutter at that speed and range. will be interesting to see how it holds at slightly longer ranges.
ProsACCURATE!! consistent
By John
harrisburg pa
gamo rifle fix
June 2, 2014
my dad gave me a gamo rifle that he could not get to hold a group, with the rws pellets I can hold a 2" group at 20 yards which is a whole lot better than the other pellets I was using
By Brad
Helena, Montana
Quality Pellet
March 3, 2014
I shoot a Gamo Varmint Hunter HP and I must have shot a few thousand rounds of several different pellets through it... I was a little disappointed in the accuracy of my gun... I got a 250 count of these pellets with a cleaning kit I bought... The first thing I noticed was how well these pellets are made... Gamo pellets are very inconsistently made... Some fit tight, some fit really loose and they fly different...
Very happy with my gun now... I am in Montana and it's winter so only shooting indoors at 15 yards but I now enjoy smoking my brother in-law in our almost daily competition... Great Pellets...
ProsQuality pellets
ConsCan't buy locally... Good for AirGun Depot...
By Dimitri
Sahuarita, AZ
One of the best Pellets
September 18, 2013
Very accurate Pellet. Next to none, on any distance. Just high end Pellet, for any brand of a Rifle.
ProsAccuracy, speed and works for any .177 Rifle.
By Anthony
Winterville, NC
Extremely accurate
July 2, 2013
Of the pellets I've tried, these are the most accurate in my RWS 34 177.
By Paul
South, NJ
June 16, 2013
When I first got these pellets, my Niro Venom Dusk didn't like them much, so I set them aside. After I got a few hundred more rounds through my gun I decided to try them again. I'm SO happy I did. Totally accurate!!! I know these are designed for "target" shooting, but the "Meisters" hit hard and drop the vermin right where they stand. One shot, one kill.
ProsHigh quality fit and finish.
By Ross
Southern Illinois
Meister K professional wadcutters in .177
March 17, 2013
I have been winning plenty of quarters from my buddies with these pellets. I am the rookie in the group and we shoot indoors at around 15 yards from a benched position. They sort of scoffed at my wad cutters but now I think a couple of these skeptics have secretly ordered some for themselves. Oh well, I don't mind sharing the wealth. 8~)
ProsFairly inexpensive and very accurate. Also cuts a neat hole in the target.
ConsNo real dislikes except maybe I would like it if the tin container came with a better locking cap for better security against spills.
By Mac
Columbus, GA
Great Pellets
February 11, 2013
Until I received my RWS .177 Caliber shooters cleaning kit, I had never seen an RWS pellet. Boy, was I impressed. Each pellet was very, very uniform in shape. That is something that the other common brands don't have in common. Buy RWS and you won't be disappointed!! Thanks Airgun Depot!
ProsHigh quality and fair price.
ConsThe tin needs a screw-on top. Too easy to spill all the pellets after removing the tape from the tin!
By Bugar
Albany, Indiana
excellent pellets
December 14, 2012
10 yard grouping from Crosman 1377, is now less than 3/8 of inch with 10 shots. Before, I was near quarter size, 20 yards run around 1-1/4 inch. Very good.

By Bill
Huntsville, AL
Well Manufactured & Accurate
July 30, 2012
I have shot thousands of rounds of both .22 and .177 pellets over the years. These are probably the best ones that I have ever shot. If you look at other Manufacturers pellets within this price range, you will see rough and disfigured skirts. These pellets are smooth and perfectly cut which makes them very accurate and seal completely for maximum power.
ProsQuality of manufacturing creating an accurate and powerful pellet.
By john
southern maryland
great for target shooting
July 21, 2012
I tested a lot of different .177 pellets for grouping, these grouped the best at 30 yds. So this is what I shoot .
By Gary P.
tucson arizona
meisterkugeln pellets
January 31, 2012
they are very accurate and consistant. i can get a nice grouping with these.
By Josh w.
Dalton mass
Amazing quality
January 22, 2012
Every pellet is excellent quality and the same as the last you fired. There is no excess material on any of the pellets and they almost look like they are polished. Because of the weight of the pellet you get a good clean penetration through paper targets and though I haven't used them to hunt I could see them having excelent stopping power. This is a case where you get what you pay for so if you want a high quality pellet this is the one you want. Where I live these Pellets aren't readily available so I will be coming back to the airgun depot to stock up when i run out.
By Bryan M.
RWS Misterkuglen
February 22, 2011
I bought these pellets beacause they had a good reputation for accuracy and I was not disapointed they are very accurate in my springer and in my customised Crosman 1377 air pistol they often shoot one hole groups in my target at 33 feet with my rifle and pistol great pellet nearly as accurate as my Finale Match pellets by H&N but much cheaper excellent value for the price.
By Alex
Only Pellets I use now
December 22, 2010
I've owned an RWS 850 for 3 years now, great gun by the way, and these pellets deliver the highest accuracy out of all the pellets I've tried over the years. These pellets have beat them all, from Beeman's to GAMO's, nothing is more consistent. Even tried the raptors, they may fly faster, but accuracy suffers compared to these bad boys.
By Al
July 14, 2010
I may not be able to say it name right. but these pellets work well in all my guns, others my hit harder or penetrate deeper, but good luck finding a more acxcurate pellet. and that goes for there .22's as well.
By Ramon
1/4 inch
February 10, 2009
Just bought a RWS 34, Diana with a 3-9. Shot several brand pellets siting it in at 30 yards. With this pellet shot a 1/4 group holes touching. Can't ask for better accuaracy.
By Mike
Very very happy
January 2, 2009
I have the Gamo Whisper rifle with the a 3x9x40 scope and with these pellets i have takaen out 45 varmints approx. 75' to 150' away. I will aways buy this product. I am sold.
By JerseyShur
Excellent pellets
July 8, 2008
all i can say is highly accurate and i have not had any jams... what more could you want out of a pellet?
By Kurt
Great ammo
July 1, 2008
This ammo is well made. I have had no pinched / useless pellets. The .177 cal pistols that won't / can't fire other pellets -- perform well with this RWS
By alex
work well
June 23, 2008
I'm a novice and never used anything else. These are consistent, no jams, no problems so far.
May 23, 2008
These pellets are awsome very, VERY accurate and also I take pigeons down with them.
By Joe
You may laugh
May 5, 2008
Yes it is a wadcutter design and classed as a target shooting pellet. But boy does it get squirells. A 12 yard shot proved to be devestating. My uncle said that flat point pellets wont kill quite as quick as others. They shot great groups in my basement from the Gamo Shadow 1000. Best groups at 20 yards were sub 1 inch.
Competition Shooter
February 18, 2008
On game day I use these you can really tell a difference.
By Mike
January 7, 2008
They have a great look and finish but until I really get to sight them in I have to say I assume they are just as good as any pellet. I hate the way RWS makes their pellet tins. The lid just falls off almost. They need a srew top tin instead. Other than that I have nothing left to say.
By Ben
you'll notice the difference instantly
July 11, 2007
I'm relatively new to airguns and have been using Crosman premium pointed pellets.

Although these are wadcutters they are seem to better than the Crosman in every category except penetration. They hit the target hard if you're plinking around like I do.

You can definitely feel the accuracy instantly. No more "I could have sworn I hit that..." because you're always on with these guys.

They fly nice too, apparently they're not as aerodynamic so they can't shoot straight for a long distance but I've had no problem with them at short - medium short range.
By eagleterr
Meisterkugeln A
April 1, 2007
Excellent Pellets!! I've used them for about 3
years for informal competition and home
practise. Uniform in size and weight. Very
accurate! Highly recommend them!
By Guy
Meisterkugeln Pellets
March 19, 2007
Good and consistent pellets
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