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RWS R10 Match Heavy .177 Cal, 8.2 gr - 500 ct

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  • Code: 231-5014 · $17.99 · .177 · 8.2 grains · 500 ct
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RWS R10 Match patch are as good as it gets when looking for bench competition pellets. Laser precision is an under statement for the quality of these pellets in both performance and aesthetics. RWS takes it another step as well boxing them in a ship damage proof box to make sure your pellets stay in perfect condition. Get what you pay for and your getting the best with RWS R10 Match Pellets. Features:
  • Absolute consistency in size and weight
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  • Each pellet is opto-electronically verified
  • Spotless surface finish
  • Competition-grade
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  • ManufacturerRWS
  • Caliber .177
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Ammo Weight 8.2 grains
  • Pellet Shape Wadcutter
  • Pellet Quantity 500 ct
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By TheodoreUSAMarch 12, 2023 Verified Purchase

Have fun buy quality and stay safe

Perfect Skirts and definition to these guys. No burs and great fit from almost every one loaded. Even at 50 yards on a 15 mph gusting wind day these guys did 7 out of 10 in a .75 inch group. Gonna definitely buy more of this companies line up to test. You get what you pay for and these though pricey have the quality to back it up. Shooting with a Gamo Swarm Maximm Gen 2 in .177 with a 4x12x44 Vortex Scope.

Nothing great stuff here!

By JonJune 5, 2020

Very nice precise pellets and I love them in every way. They are definitely my go-to ammo when I'm planking. Anytime I get a new rifle after I zero in the scope these are definitely my go-to pellets for planking. So far the most precise pellet I have found for my guns.

There's nothing I would change in the pellet itself. The only problem I have is that the lid doesn't want to stay on the canister they come have to be very careful when you pick up the canister and if not you will have pellets everywhere on the floor. To fix this problem I store them in a small airtight container to put them in my bag. But that's the only issue I've had with these. I wouldn't change anything about the pellet but maybe a screw-on cap would really help.

By SiyuUSAMay 28, 2020

as match pellet, did his job and make really good result!!!

Consistency and Accuracy


By MikeUSAJanuary 30, 2019

I was sighting in and testing a Daisy 753 on a chrony with Crosman Premier Hollowpoints thinking that they would be an economical selection for the task. Groups were loose and velocities were all over the place. 5 shot groups seemed to end up with 2 different impact points about 3/4" apart at 10 yards and the velocities ranged between 380 and 430 fps. I was about to give up in frustration in my refurb project. I had already put my rifle away when I remembered my tin of R10s. What if they actually make a difference? The two impact points per group became one group about 1/4" (shooting off a bag op top of a short ladder) and velocity spread shrank to 400-412 fps. My frustration was relieved. I never thought that there could be such a difference.

Consistency! Very nice clean appearance as well. The quality is immediately evident upon opening the tin.

Price. They are expensive, but I am not going to sacrifice my shooting enjoyment to save less than 2 cents per shot.

By CarlUSAJuly 18, 2018 Verified Purchase

I always order and shoot RWS pellets. I shoot outdoors so I shoot a little heavier pellet (8.2 gr.). The pellets are always consistent, and most importantly, Airgun Depot knows how to ship the pellets properly so there is no shipping damage. The company is great and the RWS pellets are great. I have reordered these pellets many times from Airgun Depot and will continue to do so in the future.

Consistent quality

No cons, these are the best pellets a target shooter can get.

By JohnMay 4, 2018 Verified Purchase

You cant go wrong with these Pellets . Best Pellet for most Manufactures of 10 Meter Air Guns.

One hole all day.

None for what they were made for.

By Carl BUSAApril 26, 2018

Since I like to hit the bullseye when I shoot I only shoot top quality pellets. RWS pellets are clean and most importantly uniform in shape and weight.

Air Gun Depot knows how to ship pellets properly. Each tin is encased in closed cell foam. My pellets always arrive in perfect condition. I never have to sort through them to find the damaged ones. I have NEVER received a damage pellet from Air Gun Depot.

There are no "cons" to an RWS Pellet. They are quality made and shot the same every pellet.

By MikeMarch 8, 2018

My son is on a high school shooting team and they were running low on RWS Meisterkugeln pellets for an upcoming match. I ordered 500 of the 0.53g 8.2 Gr Cal.177 Professional pellets. I received 250 0.91g 14.0Gr Cal .22 pellets instead. When I contacted the AirgunDepot folks, they sent 500 of the R10 Match pellets in 0.53g 8.2Gr Cal .177 because the original item was out of stock. I am not familiar with the nuances of pellets, I just know that the match required the items I ordered, not the ones I received (either the bigger Meisterkugeln or the correct sized R10. So even though the R10s may be an upgrade, we couldn't use them for the match. The cans sit unopen on my desk and shooting season is now over. Fortunately, there is always next year

By AndresUSASeptember 13, 2017

Bought them for my Banjamin Trail NP2. So far have been using them for target practice at 50 yards. Previously I had been using Meisterkulgens with excellent results.

Well made and very accurate. 1 inch groups at 50 yards consistently with a NP2 type rifle.

Much more expensive than the Meisterkulgens which are just as accurate. I am giving them 4 stars, instead of 5, on the account of price.

By JamesUSAJuly 5, 2014

I'm no longer surprised by excellence from RWS these pellets performed excellently giving me a nice 1/2 inch grouping at 25 yards, I'm hoping the heavier weight will allow these to carry that accuracy out to a good distance more testing will show one way or the other.

Accurate and consistent in my rifle.


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I shoot several rifles with rottery mags.. R 10 s was always tight but now falling out . bought new mags same thing. Why are they smaller

asked William from USA

Are these 8.2 gr. pellets are too heavy for a 500fps rifle. I shoot competitively with my avanti 887 and I don't know the ideal pellet weight for such a low fps rifle.

asked john

Turned out to be the "best group" for a Daisy 953 TargetPro @ 10M when I benched it for groups. A favored pellet in a CZ 631 Slavia too, so I would say no, not too heavy, it will be more what the barrel likes accuracy wise.

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