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RWS Super-H-Point .177 Cal, 6.9 gr - 300 ct

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  • Code: RWS2315046 · $7.99 · .177 · 6.9 grains · 300 ct
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The Hollow Point expansion type pellet was especially developed for field use. Able to deliver a shock-like effect to small game, the Super-H-Point Pellet is a welcomed addition to the quality RWS family of products.
  • .177 cal
  • 6.9 grain
  • Hollowpoint
  • 300 count
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  • ManufacturerRWS
  • Caliber .177
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Ammo Weight 6.9 grains
  • Pellet Shape Hollowpoint
  • Pellet Quantity 300 ct
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By Donald EUSAApril 11, 2021

Great product bought a couple tins at first to try with a bunch of others and this is probably my favorite for both .177 and .22 ( I just bought 10 more and 10 on back order). With low to moderate power rifles and pistols (500-1000) they are extremely accurate. With high velocity rifles (1500fps+) they can start to drift some at over 40-50 yards. Great pest and target round.

Best high speed "lethal" pellet that I have found for (under 1000fps) pistols or light to moderate power air rifles(under 40 yards). They are extremely accurate, however with the faster air rifles they will break the sound barrier and I think due to that and their lighter weight they are not as accurate at a longer distance. I have had better luck with a little heavier pellet for over 40-50 yards.


By Donald EUSAApril 11, 2021

These shoot great out of my Benjamin np pistol( I know its a weird gun but for in city ratting its amazing). I also use these in my ruger 22 elite ( obviously the .22 cal) and they are tack drivers. The gamo swarm magnum gen2 these pellets have a sharp supersonic crack and slightly less accuracy than a heavier pellet, but shooting an air rifle that sounds and acts like a .22lr is awesome. Oh and they are great under 25 yards for pray and pests.

Great pellet, love the impact and the velocity.

More per tin!

By NicoleUSAJanuary 22, 2021

Not all air guns are created equal. I have tested this pellet with several air guns and have found that my Umarex Octane Elite really loves this pellet. EVERY shot is supersonic and fires with a very loud crack! I can hear the steel target ‘ding’ at 50yds before the muzzle sound. The Octane Elite is factory rated at 1400 FPS and I have yet to chrono this pellet. However, this is the only pellet thus far (of many) that delivers the audible supersonic crack. Shoots through a metal baking pan at 20 yds. Can easily shoot a 1” target sticker off consistently with thee pellets. It’s hard to find the right pellet for each air rifle, but once you do - it’s worth all of the trial and error!! Better order some before I get more..haha happy shooting!

Accurate in the right air gun! Has a nice, nearly-flat trajectory at 100 yds. Consistent grade pellet. Delivers a great deal of energy for such a small projectile.

Wish these came in larger quantities.

By Poppa S.September 7, 2018

bought it for use in restricted areas (in house) Appearance is realistic, and it will delay an intruder without damaging my home while I get my shotgun.

The pellet goes through 1/4" of 1" pine board. That will sting enough.

By MarkUSAJuly 11, 2018

These h points are deadly accurate & hit hard !

When a good hard hit is reaquired


By OwenUSAMay 14, 2018

I have been testing 3 pellets in my Gamo Swarm Maxxim in .177 . My rifle has been very accurate at 25 yards. Unlike some of the complaints I have seen about Gamo rifles. I have to say it is very pellet sensitive. The RWS Super H point 6.9 grain does not shoot particularly well out of my rifle. I must say that they do group well. 10 rounds in 1inch center to center. However they always and very consistently shoot low. I had to greatly adjust my scopes zero to hit the bulls eye. The 2 other pellets I have been shooting grouped even better and hit much closer to the bullseye with out any adjustment to the scopes zero. The best being the H & N Baracuda Hunter Extreme. Best grouping at under an inch center to center. Also dead on right out of the tin. This is not to say the RWS is a bad pellet. They are all very well made with no bad pellets in the tin. They just do not perform as well as the other 2 pellets.

Well made

Does not perform well in my Gamo Swarm Maxxim

By WilliamUSAJuly 31, 2017

I shoot these out of my Sig P320 and my Sig p250. I have had no jams! I have shared this with Air gun Depot. No issues what so ever

Very satisfied. No jams!

None what so ever

By AnthonyUSASeptember 16, 2016 Verified Purchase

I bought these pellets to shoot out of my new Sig Sauer mcx co2 .177 rifle and so far I have had very little jamming with them I will always use them from now on.

perfect fit


By DrewSeptember 2, 2016

These pellets shot good in a pump up pellet rifle. But, got no accuracy with them using the Benjamin Regal NP, rated at 1200 fps.

well made, good pellets

No accuracy at high fps

By AnthonyUSAJune 21, 2016

These pellets work well in all my guns. They fit properly in stick mags. I also use them in my Crosmans and again, the fit is perfect. I don't measure velocity, micrometer size, etc. I'm not that sophisticated. It's a hobby, not business! All I know is that they work, are accurate, and are at a fair price.

$.02198 each. $2.19 for 100 shots. Daisy premium BBs, 20 cents for 100 shots. 22LR bullets, $10 for 100 shots. Draw your own conclusions.


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are these a lead free alloy pellet? or do they contain led?

asked zachary edwin tenan

These pellets DO contain lead.

Steve from USA
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