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RWS Superdome .177 Cal, 8.3 gr - 300 ct

RWS Superdome .177 Cal, 8.3 gr - 300 ct

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This RWS Superdome is a bulldog (roundheaded) pellet which has the same high quality, accuracy, and other characteristics as all RWS pellets. Ideal for both target practice and general use.

  • .177 cal
  • 8.3 grain
  • 300 count

Warning: Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerRWS
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight8.3 gr
  • Pellet ShapeDomed
  • Pellet Quantity300
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RWS Superdome .177 Cal, 8.3 gr - 300 ct
60 Reviews
80% (48)
17% (10)
2% (1)
2% (1)
0% (0)
82% Recommend this product (49 of 60 responses)
By Westen
RWS Superdome .22
June 27, 2019
Good quality ammo, I never see any damaged skirts. They shoot well however if you're using them in a magnum airgun these are a little too light weight.
ProsClean with no damaged skirts. Consistent.
Best UsesPlinking and Target shooting
By Don P.
New York
June 14, 2019
These are the best! Accuracy cant be beat! German quality! Would never switch! RWS SUPERDOME *****
Best UsesTarget and hunting!
By Isom
La Puente, CA
High quality pellets!
November 25, 2018
Very high quality pellets! No issues at all.
By Chuck
Very happy
February 20, 2018
These were not disappointing. They group very well and expanded on contact. I shoot them out of all my CO2 & pumpers.
ProsUniformity are excellent!
By D P.
Warren, Michigan
Very accurate
November 28, 2017
These pellets are very accurate, I use them with my RWS 34 Air Rifle and out of 10 shots I get 7-8 touching if not in the same hole. sometimes I get a flyer but it might be me not the pellets.
ProsReasonable price.
By John M.
July 1, 2017
ProsOK pellet for plinking if you have money to burn.
ConsI would would save your money
By Freddy
Very nice pellet
May 29, 2017
I don't know if this pellet help my accuracy as so many things affect that but it did not hurt it. It is the best looking pellet as far as fit and finish that I have purchased.
ProsNice looking
By FireMedicRetired
Somewhere on planet Earth
Super Accurate
December 26, 2016
To me, this is super accurate. I shot these through my new "Remington Express XP Tactical Scope Combo. This is the first .177 pellet rifle I have owned, other than my sons 20 year old Crossman pump. It is also the first break-open pellet rifle I have owned. Up to now, I have shot a Sheridan 5mm pump with a Williams aperture rear sight. I shot 100 pellet through this rifle before shooting for groups. At 40 yards, I was able to shoot 2 to 3 groups with this rifle. After firmly bedding this rifle into front and rear bags, I shot two groups into 1.3, center to center. I believe that these pellets are accurate...the rifle and scope, not so much. The recoil impulse of this pellet rifle design does not lend itself to being an accurate rifle; the scope will not hold zero from day to day. At home, at 30 yards, the following day, I shot three 0.75 groups, from a sandbagged position...of course, the group was nowhere near point-of-aim, but that was due to the scope not holding zero. I wish that I had a Feinwerkbau 300 to shot these.
ProsVery accurate pellet.
ConsNo cons.
By Psul
Mount Holly North Carolina
First time use of these great pellets.
December 26, 2016
I have not used these pellets in the past and truthfully have not had a gun for many years but when I decided to buy a new pistol these were the recommended ones for it. They are clean right out of the can and I have fired off about half of them with no issues at all. I bought these to go with my Umarex Smith & Wesson 586 and they fire really well and seem to be very accurate. I Dont know if it is the pellets themselves that make this gun sound so good when it fires but it does really sound good. I will stay with these for that gun because first impressions are lasting ones and I am truly impressed with the performance of these pellets and very glad I gave them a chance in a brand new gun.
Very pleased with them and will continue them as my ammo of choice.
ProsFire very accurately didn't find any faulty ones and not a lot of lead scraps left in the can. They seem to be just as advertised.
ConsNone to be found.
By peells
RWS Superdome .177 8.3 gr.
September 28, 2016
Well with my old scope in place and sighted in I shot 3-4 pellets into my back stop and went through the same hole I was pleased except when I moved the back stop and found a dime sized hole in my plastic fence :-( oh well need a thicker piece of wood I guess but the pellets were shooting rather consistent and I like them.
ProsFlies straight and hits hard.
By Pops
La Grange,Tx
Is better than I am
August 30, 2016
This pellet shoots good in all of my guns. Some better than others but very good in all of them. Pistols and rifles.
ProsOnly pellet that I have shot that is consistently accurate, except the CPHP.
By Andres
Boylston MA
Very accurate
August 22, 2016
My Benjamin Summit NP2 shoots very accurately with these. Very well made, fit snuggly and they are all identical. Good quality control. 2" groupings at 35 yards consistently.
ConsTin is not screw cap
By Lloyd
Albany, IN
GOOOOOD pellets
August 18, 2016
work just fine in my 2400KT crosman, accurate, cut nice holes in paper, fine job on starlings too.
By Mike
Redlands, CA
Perfect pellets
September 17, 2015
Great domed pellets. Very accurate. Have yet to find a blemished pellet. Worth the extra couple of bucks.
By Jeff
high springs,fl
RWS superdome
June 22, 2015
I am on my 3rd 500ct tin with 0 deformed, with a good scope on my rebilt gamo wisper I get 1in. groups at 60yds. small varmits are no problem. the hevier weight keep the pellet just below the speed of sound with good down range performance.
Prosquality and performance
By rayray
My Rugger Air Hawk likes these pellets
May 18, 2015
My first springer was a Ruger Air Hawk 177 cal. I bought some years back. At the time I didn't know a whole lot about how these air rifles react to different pellets. I shot pellets that I could buy locally, which was kinda limited. I like shooting a distance of 30 yards or better and the pellets I was using were not giving me a decent group. I'm talking 2 to 3 inch groups at 30 yards. Surfing the internet looking at buying another air rifle I saw, so i checked it out and was suprised to see all the different pellets they sell. I read alot of the reviews for different pellets before buying any. The RSW Superdome 177 ca. 8.3gr. pellets caught my attention. That was a good choice for my air rifle. Now shooting 1/2 to 1 inch groups at 30 yrds. Not bad for a $90 air rifle. Thanks Air Gun Depot.
Prosgood price, hard hitting, accurate and delivered on time
By Marcus
The Woodlands, Texas
High quality pellets.
May 14, 2015
I like the fact that there is no 'grease' on your fingers after handling these pellets. They form a good seal in both the Nitro Venom Dusk and the Beeman P-17 that I bought recently. They are more accurate than I am and hit with authority.
ProsGood price, good pellets.
By frank
staight shooters
March 3, 2015
hit well
By Mike
RWS superdomes
February 13, 2015
I bought these to test in my b40 I have recently purchased and found them to shoot very consistent and accurate in it.
ProsVery well priced and a accurate pellet for the money
By Enrique
Fort Worth, TX
Clean pellets
January 8, 2015
This is a good looking and accurate pellet for my Gamo Big Cat 1250. Bought several tins of these.
ProsNice price and clean and accurate pellet
By Jack R.
Rock Creek, Virginia
No joke
December 29, 2014
After my experience with Crosman pellets, I decided to try some RWS pellets to see how they'd fare, and I'm impressed. Great accuracy and stopping power.
Pros1/2 inch groups at 30 yards Not as expensive as alloy pellets Stopping power Good for all-around use No flaws
ConsA little expensive for a domed pellet but that's minor. Heavy pellet, not for pistols
By Billy
North Carolina
Work great in my RWS 34P
October 23, 2014
I own a RWS 34P in .22 cal. and after trying many brands and types of pellets the RWS Superdomes seemed to be the most accurate in it. So when I bought the RWS 34P in .177 cal. I bought a can of these to go with it.
Pros There was no need to search for the right pellet this time, the RWS Superdomes worked perfectly in it, 1/4 inch groups at 20 yards. Excellent product!
By James
middletown, MO
July 5, 2014
Well RWS pellets were shaping up to be consistently good performers but this one failed to make minimum requirements in my testing. Delivering a 1 1/4 inch group at 25 yards from my gamo bone collector bull whisper.
Prosseem to be rws typical good clean consistent pellets
Consnot weight good enough accuracy in MY gun
By Rick
May 11, 2014
Shoot them in my 36RWS. If you do your part. They are great. The old saying you get what you pay for.
By Jesse
Enumclaw, WA
Good Pellets
March 29, 2014
My Beretta Cx4 Storm likes these Pellets, very accurate even at longer ranges. I keep coming back for more. Usually ship same day, and I receive them 2 days after that.
ProsQuality Product, accurate.
By Mike
Lesterville, MO
Good everyday pellet
February 14, 2014
Good pellet, good consistent performance. When I looked up the ballistic coefficient on these, I was surprised it was only .013. They were performing like a more aerodynamic pellet
Prosaverage weight, average BC, so you can change to another pellet without dramatic zero change. Dome point loads easily, Affordable
By George
Waukesha, Wisconsin
5 out of 5
January 9, 2014
Great pellets for hunting or shooting, very accurate. Shoot well thru a lot of air rifles but obviously best thru RWS. My RWS 48 loves these pellets- .5 inch groups at 30, which is fine for squirrel, my main quota.
Prosaccuracy, price, lethalness
By Ted
Salisbury, NC
Quality you can see!
January 2, 2014
I have purchased 4 tins of these pellets and love them. You can see the quality of these pellets, they are all smooth and uniform, without having any molding lines. They shoot accurate and hit hard, what more do you need from a pellet.
ProsAccurate, Excellent Craftsmanship
By John
Pagosa Springs co
2 thumbs up
December 24, 2013
sweet pellets very very accurate! Quarter sized groups at 30 yards. thanks RWS for a quality product
By Brian
Bethel, Oh
Great pellets
November 23, 2013
These pellets shoot true. Solid performace and accurate pelllet after pellet.
By Dave C.
Southwestern Ohio
Better than the Walmart Kind (and I do mean much better!)
November 10, 2013
Manufactured much better than most of the pellets stocked in department stores. One inch groups at 100 ft.
ProsMuch better air seal in the barrel, so more power, that leads to better accuracy, and that results in more satisfaction in shooting and more game in the bag.
ConsThe price and shipping cost. But even that is manageable.
By Bill
Chicago, Illinois
RWS Superdome Pellet
August 8, 2013
Very accurate pellet. I have several air rifles and pistols. When I bought these pellets I shot them in all my guns and accuracy went up.
ProsQuality product.
By timmy
Philadelphia, PA
Great pellet
July 28, 2013
I got my first kill with my new stoeger x10 this morning with these pellets there incredible a squirrel at 25 yards through the heart and he dropped stone cold he was still alive when i found him but died seconds later tonight i need to stay out at night and take care of a skunk problem hope i have enough power to drop them!
Prosaccurate hard hitting
Consmy nieghbors love squirrles
By Josiah
Blackstone, MA
Very consistent
April 18, 2013
I tested these pellets on a Crosman 1377 and Winchester 1029-S.

In the session with the Crosman 1377 I found these to be the most accurate when tested against Crosman Destroyer, Crosman Hollow Point, Crosman Wadcutter, Crosmand Hollow Point and Beeman Wadcutter.

In session with Winchester 1029-S these chronied at 975 FPS with 0.375 CTC (limited by me) and tested against Crosman Destroyer, Crosman Pointed, Crosman Hollow Point and Beeman Wadcutter. On this day I had the highest accuracy with the RWS.
ProsDecent accuracy and speed in Winchester 1029-S (I measured 17.5 FPE which ties Crosman Hollow Point for power with better accuracy). This may be my second choice for this rifle (I get 21.6 FPE with Crosman Pointed Magnum with higher accuracy). Decent accuracy on the Crosman 1377 pistol (I forgot to chrony this pellet on this pistol).
ConsMinor, but I would like to see this come in a screw top can.
By Braydon
southern california
Love them!
April 5, 2013
These pellets are awesome. I shoot them through a ruger air hawk and could not be happier. These are the first quality pellet I have tried and will definitely be giving more RWS products a try in the future. I used these to sight in my new scope and was able to shoot dime sized groupings with 5 shots at 20 yards on a bench rest shortly after. (I know this may not be impressive for a lot of you but this was quite a feat for myself) They seem to be very consistent from pellet to pellet and any missed shots definitely seem to be a problem with the shooter not the pellets.
ProsAccuracy is great in my ruger air hawk Reasonably priced
ConsNone so far!
By Will
Sonoma, Ca.
Reasonably accurate with good grouping
March 22, 2013
These pellets work best in my Ruger Airhawk and Blackhawks. They group well enough to zero scopes but fall off after 20 yards with regard to grouping. They do not work well in either my Ruger Air Magnum or Walther talon magnum but these are high powered rifles ad this pellet is just not suited to that kind of power. Shoot heavier pellets in your magnums.
ProsInexpensive and surprising grouping with either open sights or scopes out to 20 yards. Group starts spreading out after 20 yards.
By Jack
Arbovale, WV
Good Pellet
March 18, 2013
These pellets have a nice thump to them when hitting your target. I'm getting about 1.5 inch groups at 20 yards, with my gamo whisper. They also have a shrill whistle when I shoot them. I kind of like that for some reason.
ProsNice quality pellet.
ConsThe tin should have a screw on lid.
By Al
Indianapolis, IN
Quality lead pellets
March 11, 2013
These were the recommended pellets for my Ruger Blackhawk. At first I tried other brands, because these were not easily available in local stores. I have tried Crosman hollow points, gamo red tips, gamo PBA, Crosman premiere, and gamo wad cutters. These are all good pellets but I just could not get the consistency and accuracy that I wanted. The only one that was acceptable was the PBA but they are not cheap. I then tried the RWS sampler pack, of which I am getting 2 to 3 consistent pellet type. These are very consistent in quality and I have not gotten any flyers. Highly recommended.
ProsConsistency in each pellet and accurate.
ConsNone, hard to find locally.
By Matthew D.
Paducah, Kentucky
The only pellets I shoot!
March 9, 2013
My Gamo Whisper loves these, 1 inch groups at 15 yards easy.
By Brittany
January 28, 2013
While this pellet may work great in some air rifles, I have found that the RWS54 likes premier brand pellets. The super domes are very loose fitting in the breach and do not have the accuracy I expected from such a well made pellet. Overall, I give it a 9 on looks and manufacturing and only a 6 for accuracy. I bench rest shoot my rifle at 20 meters and I am a Marine Corp rifle expert so I know what I am capable of for accuracy. The RWS SUPERDOME just doesn't have the accuracy I want.
ProsWell made and residue free.
ConsLoose fitting in chamber and accuracy has a lot to be desired.
By matthew
Baltiomre Maryland
RWS Super Dome
November 5, 2012
Love them a lot. Great pellets for the money. Great stopping power, accurate and will take down everything from turkey buzzards to raccoons.
ProsQuality well made pellets, accuracy and stopping power.
ConsWish they were coated pellets.
By Kevin
RWS superdome
October 27, 2012
I have used several tins of these pellets in my Gamo whisper. They are well made and consistently hit the mark. Well worth the money.
ProsWell made and reliable.
By roy
New York
RWS Superdome pellets .177
October 19, 2012
The high quality and accuracy is fantastic! Highly recommended!!
By Anne
SouthEastern MA
RWS has not failed me yet.
February 20, 2012
This pellet was fired by my Ruger Air Magnum into an old Cedar wood door, it's got a bunch of holes in there now. : D
ProsAccurate with an accurate air rifle.
ConsNothing so far.
By Ben
Huntersville, NC
Great Pellets
February 12, 2012
Shoot these in my Gamo Varmint Hunter HP

Shoots consistent groups out to around 40 yards. If you like to shoot a lot make sure you clean your barrel from time to time. Remember these pellets are lead, the barrel can get fouled up pretty quick.
By Carter
Sunnyside, WA
Nice penetration
February 3, 2012
Accuracy out of my Crosman Optimus wasn't good, but overall, in some PCP guns, they should work great!
By Dietmar
Freeport New York
Great Product
January 3, 2012
RWS in my view is a superior product. I have been using RWS products for more than 15 years and have never been dissatisfied. You will find that RWS provides excellent products.
By gabe
AL Gulf coast
December 27, 2011
It's a foregone conclusion from reading plenty reviews that some of us spend significant time and money looking for that perfect pellet. And it can get frustrating cause its not usually the gun's fault or the shooter for that matter. But if there was a law that stating that I could only buy one type of pellet forever, it would be this one. It performs very well in the break barrel springer's used by the friends that I target shoot and hunt with. We fill a Ziploc press on lid container and go. No spill and holds a bunch. Never shot these in springers rated lower than 700fps (advertised). But above that, they are superb. If you have one of the following air rifles, they won't dissappoint. RM200 712fps, Ruger Airhawk 923fps, Hammerli X2 (Mendoza 2003) 897fps and Ruger Mag1032fps. Penny to nickel size 5 shot groups @ 25-30 yards. BTW, except for the RM200, the other rifles were bought from AGD as re-furb's.....they look and perform like NEW!
ProsIf I do my part, they will reward me with accurate shots. It's a good feeling cause if they don't it was either the gun, sights, scope or me! CONSISTENCY!!!!!!!!!!!
ConsI'm the only one of the group that buys these, my friends take advantage of that.
By George
Rws Superdomes
December 24, 2011
Highly recommend. Good grain weight and accurate.
By Blaine
Good Hunting and Target Pellet
December 18, 2011
I run the RWS Superdome pellets through my Crosman Phantom. These are the only pellets I shoot with this gun. I use a Center Point 3-9 variable zoom scope. The main use of this gun is plinking on my 100 yard range in the backyard. However, I also use this combo for squirrel and rabbit hunting. These pellets knock down a large squirrel at 50 yards no problem. I highly recommend these pellets as I only run them through my rifle. Enjoy.
November 13, 2011
NPSS Remington Review 1200 FPS
August 20, 2011
Super Accurate, Extremely accurate, VERY ACCURATE!
I can down birds ALL DAY!
Lizzards are no problems!

The only con about this is that the prey WILL survive at high velocity guns, clean in, clean out, and have to finish them off.

But for hunters, i would definitely recommend, these pellets penetrate like no other!
By Smokey
RWS Pellets Rule
March 31, 2011
They have high consistency and will fly true in most high powered air rifles. I used mine a refurb Remignton Vantage. RWS sacrificed a little penetration for more energy transfer. They are great hunters.
By SteelWheel
RWS .177 cal.
December 6, 2010
These are the best pellets I have used in my RWS .177 cal. air rifle.
By Grant
RWS Superdome .177
June 14, 2010
Excellent Pellet. However the lid on the tin container slips off easily. I spilled pellets allover.
By Rabbit F.
May 20, 2010
These pellets are AMAZING, hole in hole groups at 20 yards. Downed 7 blackbirds in one day, 3 in the same tree. Can anyone say HEAD SHOTS ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!
All at about 30 yards. Kills instantly. I shoot them out of a Gamo Shadow Fox (see my review on it).
I'm sure it could take down a rabbit at 60-70 yards max with a gun that shoots 1000 fps. Also very flat shooting only have to aim 1 mil high at 50 yards(I put a leapers 4-16x50 mil dot scope on it). I can kill blackbirds all day with this BEASTLY combination.BTP(in case your wondering what BTP means it means buy this pellet).
By Tim
Surperb Accuracy
June 27, 2009
I ordered some fo these to shoot through my Big Cat(Gamo) and find them to be very accurate and consist in performance. I would recommend them to fellow pellet gun enthusist.
By Tyler
The best pellets
May 23, 2008
I love these pellets they have amazing accuracy and really good penatration. I used to use gamo rockets but I will never go back these are way better.
By Darell
work great!
March 14, 2008
Well, they're lead pellets. They seem accurate, they fit perfectly, and don't foul the guy. They offer what I'm after.
By Bill T.
RWS Superdome .177 pellets
November 30, -0001
Superb all-around pellet for plinking and small varmint control. Very accurate in my Ruger Air Hawk rifle.
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By Paul from Santa Cruz on May 7, 2012
is this the best round for hunting raccoon or is there a better round
By Staff on May 9, 2012

I would recommend dome or pointed for hunting raccoon.

By zachary edwin tenan from camano island, washington on April 4, 2012
are these lead or a lead free alloy base pellet?
By Staff on April 10, 2012


By gabe from AL Gulf coast on December 27, 2011
Wrote a review about these pertinent to medium to magnum springers. My daughters want an air rifle and I am thinking something in the 500 fps range. Has anyone out there tried these in this fps range? If so, what were your findings? They both want a Gamo Delta.
By Frank from Glenview, IL on January 9, 2012

My experience with superdoe is in the 700fps range. They are consistently accurate at targets in the 20 to 30 yard range.
By roy from Florence, OR on January 9, 2012

These are amazing pellets. definitly german manufacture. I have an electronic scale and cannot get a variance in wieght between pellets. (approx. 40 tested) All other pellets i've tested have a variance in wieght of at least 1/10th of a grian. At 500 fps, consistant wieght and uniformity are the determining factor in accuracy. higher velocity will erase, to some extent, inconsistant wieghts and shape.
By Dietmar from Freeport New York on January 9, 2012

I have been using RWS pellets for 15 plus years and can tell you that they are excellent. These will work just fine in the 500 FPS range. They are my personal favorite choice of pellet for accuracy and quality. Your daughters will be pleased with these RWS pellets without a doubt.

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