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RWS Superdome .177 Cal, 8.3 gr - 300 ct

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  • Code: RWS2136791 · $7.99 · .177 · 8.3 grains · 300 ct
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This RWS Superdome is a bulldog (roundheaded) pellet which has the same high quality, accuracy, and other characteristics as all RWS pellets. Ideal for both target practice and general use.
  • .177 cal
  • 8.3 grain
  • 300 count
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  • ManufacturerRWS
  • Caliber.177
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight8.3 grains
  • Pellet ShapeDomed/Round nose
  • Pellet Quantity300 ct
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By Bill T.

Superb all-around pellet for plinking and small varmint control. Very accurate in my Ruger Air Hawk rifle.

By WestenJune 27, 2019

Good quality ammo, I never see any damaged skirts. They shoot well however if you're using them in a magnum airgun these are a little too light weight.

Clean with no damaged skirts. Consistent.


By Don P.June 14, 2019 Verified Purchase

These are the best! Accuracy cant be beat! German quality! Would never switch! RWS SUPERDOME *****

By IsomUSANovember 25, 2018

Very high quality pellets! No issues at all.

By CharlesUSAFebruary 20, 2018 Verified Purchase

These were not disappointing. They group very well and expanded on contact. I shoot them out of all my CO2 & pumpers.

Uniformity are excellent!


By DoraidUSANovember 28, 2017

These pellets are very accurate, I use them with my RWS 34 Air Rifle and out of 10 shots I get 7-8 touching if not in the same hole. sometimes I get a flyer but it might be me not the pellets.

Reasonable price.


By JohnUSAJuly 1, 2017


OK pellet for plinking if you have money to burn.

I would would save your money

By FreddyMay 29, 2017

I don't know if this pellet help my accuracy as so many things affect that but it did not hurt it. It is the best looking pellet as far as fit and finish that I have purchased.

Nice looking


By JohnUSADecember 26, 2016

To me, this is super accurate. I shot these through my new "Remington Express XP Tactical Scope Combo”. This is the first .177 pellet rifle I have owned, other than my son’s 20 year old Crossman pump. It is also the first break-open pellet rifle I have owned. Up to now, I have shot a Sheridan 5mm pump with a William’s aperture rear sight. I shot 100 pellet through this rifle before shooting for groups. At 40 yards, I was able to shoot 2” to 3” groups with this rifle. After firmly bedding this rifle into front and rear bags, I shot two groups into 1.3”, center to center. I believe that these pellets are accurate...the rifle and scope, not so much. The recoil impulse of this pellet rifle design does not lend itself to being an accurate rifle; the scope will not hold zero from day to day. At home, at 30 yards, the following day, I shot three 0.75” groups, from a sandbagged position...of course, the group was nowhere near point-of-aim, but that was due to the scope not holding zero. I wish that I had a Feinwerkbau 300 to shot these.

Very accurate pellet.

No cons.

By PaulUSADecember 26, 2016

I have not used these pellets in the past and truthfully have not had a gun for many years but when I decided to buy a new pistol these were the recommended ones for it. They are clean right out of the can and I have fired off about half of them with no issues at all. I bought these to go with my Umarex Smith & Wesson 586 and they fire really well and seem to be very accurate. I Dont know if it is the pellets themselves that make this gun sound so good when it fires but it does really sound good. I will stay with these for that gun because first impressions are lasting ones and I am truly impressed with the performance of these pellets and very glad I gave them a chance in a brand new gun. Very pleased with them and will continue them as my ammo of choice.

Fire very accurately didn't find any faulty ones and not a lot of lead scraps left in the can. They seem to be just as advertised.

None to be found.

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I have an older RWS modle 34 made in Spain . It's had a hunting tune on it and shoots 900fps plus. I use it for, squirrels and has done well with jsb exact 8.4 gr. Any ideas how the RWS superdome 8.3 would do in this rifle. Thanks

asked Paul

Are these Accurate in almost all airguns im new to airgunning

asked Tanner from USA

Will you be able to use these in a UTG Shadow Ops Black Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle?

asked Will

Hello, No, these are for use in pellet guns only.

Scott from USA

do these pellets fit in a benjamin legacy jim shockey ? and what can i hunt with these pellets and gun?

asked ian

Yes they will fit but you should be using .22 pellets. You can kill rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, frogs, birds, etc.


I am looking at the Gamo Bone Collector IGT Air Rofle and was wondering if these RWS Superdome .177 Pellets will work in this rifle ? Thanks

asked Grev

Yes these pellets will work fine, I looked it up. I use these pellets in a Hammerli 850 and the accuracy is great, about a 1/2" group at 30 yards.

Levi from USA

pellets come in different calibers, the vast majority use.177" pellets, some pellet guns shoot .22" pellets, if your pellet gun is a .177 caliber, the rws superdome pellets are an excellent choice. when i got my first pellet guns i bought an rws sample pack and tested the accuracy of the 5 different pellets. different types usually are different weights or are more aerodynamic. no two guns shoot exactely the same so test a few different types before you buy in bulk. in my rifle rws superdome will group no larger than 1/2 an inch ati 60 feet ,so the pelets are very consistant.


are these pellets lead?

asked lawrence from USA

Yes, they're lead. They weigh 8.3 grains and have a ballistic coefficient of 0.013. They're a good target pellet for the backyard, or the basement or garage.

Mike from USA

Yes , they are lead. Haven't shot them yet.

Bobby from USA

No they aren't lead.


Yes Lead

adam from USA

yes they are

Robert from USA

Yes.We use these in our RWS pellet gun and have found them to be very consistent, high quality and accurate.

Jeffrey from USA

Hi, will this work on a rws c225 pistol?

asked Ray

I can't give you an answer about that particular gun. But I've shot them in two different rifles and they shoot very well in my guns.

Ted from USA

Ray they could work accuratley but these are a little too heavy for pistols. I refomend you to use rws hobbys or the rws r10 match. Those pellets are a little lighter and will deliver more energy with the same accuracy.

franciso from USA

Should I get these for my Beeman Grizzly 1000 fps? I have heard that they are accurate but will they work just as good in a Beeman. Or should I just get Beeman pellets?

asked Sam

Definitely get the RWS SuperDome pellets. They are amazing and arguably the most accurate pellets on the market. They penetrate well, and fly through the air.


I would definitely try them. There is not reason that they would not work just fine in your Beeman. I have had good luck with RWS pellets in all of my airguns (Hatsan, Crossman, Benjamin etc.). I would try a tin and see how your Grizzly likes them as all guns seem to have their favorite pellets.

David from USA

Definitely give these a try, I have tested out half a dozen different brands and shapes in my newest rifle and so far these have been the best. What do you have to lose for $10? you never know until you try!

Braydon from USA

Do these work on gophers and birds?

asked Micheal French

I have taken two birds and one squirrel so far with these pellets. All were one shot between 15 and 20 yards. All were body shots. They hit the ground dead. I have been experimenting with different pellets. These are the best for hunting I've found so far.

Jason from USA

.177 pellets will work well on birds and gophers if you place the shot well. Shots need to be place on their brain area on the gophers. RWS superdome will work anywhere on the birds.

[email protected] from USA

Has anyone used these in a Gamo Big Cat 1250? The high FPS makes it harder to get good grouping and keep them consistent. If you have used these pellets in this particular rifle, could u help?

asked KyleKelly from

Yes, these are pretty heavy which takes the FPS down a little, keeping it about right. Expect 1/2 inch groups at 30 yards or so.

Jack Reacher

The 1000 fps of the gamo big cat is not the problem- i shoot these out of an 1110 fps rws rifle. It may be the gun is wore down, or maybe the pellets just dont fit well or arent for that particular rifle. I struggle getting that solid of groups with my big cat with any pellet, your scope might also be the issue- just trying to help

George from USA

Will these work in a gamo shadow sport?

asked larry

Yes they will work in the Shadow Sport.

Conor from USA

is this the best round for hunting raccoon or is there a better round

asked Paul

I would recommend dome or pointed for hunting raccoon.

Scott from USA

are these lead or a lead free alloy base pellet?

asked zachary edwin tenan


Steve from USA

Wrote a review about these pertinent to medium to magnum springers. My daughters want an air rifle and I am thinking something in the 500 fps range. Has anyone out there tried these in this fps range? If so, what were your findings? They both want a Gamo Delta.

asked gabriel from USA

are these accurate in a Ruger BlackHawk Elite .177 Cal im new to airgunning

Tanner from USA

I have been using RWS pellets for 15 plus years and can tell you that they are excellent. These will work just fine in the 500 FPS range. They are my personal favorite choice of pellet for accuracy and quality. Your daughters will be pleased with these RWS pellets without a doubt.

Dietmar from USA

These are amazing pellets. definitly german manufacture. I have an electronic scale and cannot get a variance in wieght between pellets. (approx. 40 tested) All other pellets i've tested have a variance in wieght of at least 1/10th of a grian. At 500 fps, consistant wieght and uniformity are the determining factor in accuracy. higher velocity will erase, to some extent, inconsistant wieghts and shape.

roy from USA

My experience with superdoe is in the 700fps range. They are consistently accurate at targets in the 20 to 30 yard range.

Frank from USA
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