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RWS Superpoint .22 Cal, 14.5 gr - 200 ct

RWS Superpoint .22 Cal, 14.5 gr - 200 ct

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  • Code: RWS2136724 · 0.22 cal · 14.5 gr · 200 ct
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The name really says it all. The RWS Superpoint Pellet was designed primarily for field use. Its high velocity, coupled with its sharply pointed head, and light weight give this pellet truly amazing penetration.
Warning: Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerRWS
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight14.5 gr
  • Pellet ShapePointed
  • Pellet Quantity200
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RWS Superpoint .22 Cal, 14.5 gr - 200 ct
40 Reviews
65% (26)
20% (8)
8% (3)
3% (1)
5% (2)
55% Recommend this product (22 of 40 responses)
By Geo L.
Cleveland, OH
Good quality, good price
December 15, 2018
The skirts are consistently round and heads are very sharp. Similar to hypermax RWS but heavier (and more quite). They fit snug in my beni prowler and very accurate as a result.
ProsSharp, good penetration. Consistent quality.
ConsOnly 200 ct. I use .177 cheapos for target practice. These nice .22 pellets for varmint so wont go through them that fast.
Best UsesBigger Varmints. (I Don't shoot cats even if they're feral).
By Dale
Pocono Mountains
Good price/performance for $8 bucks
October 4, 2018
Just got my first destructive squirrel that was trying to chew a hole in my home and move in for the winter. He did live on my property and was the reason I purchased an airgun from Airgun Depot. I will review the Rifle next. Cannot wait to try this with hollow points. As a "newbie", I gave this ammo four stars instead of five because it took two of my bad aim shots to do the duty. It was a 22 yard shot and I need to study and experience becoming a better shot but this ammo will get squirrels.
ProsSo glad I chose .22 cal. and the 14.5g for the 1000fps rifle and scope. Perfect for squirrel on my land.
Best UsesSquirrel removal is all that I know of for now.
By William R.
RWS Superpoint
July 18, 2018
In my Brake barrels, they do great.I can keep a 1/2 inch group at 50 yds.I use a Ruger and Swarm brake barrels and this pellet is great in both airguns
Best UsesTarget, Hunting
By John
Consistent shape and wait
July 16, 2018
These pallets fly accurately through my break barrel Benjamin rifle. I weighed them and I measure them and it's hard to beat them for the price. I get a quarter-size group at about 25 ft.
ProsConsistent weight and size.
ConsHaven't found one.
Best UsesTarget shooting and hunting iguanas and squirrels.
By Grady
May 19, 2018
did not shoot as well as the domed accuracy wise and skirts are wide which makes loading a problem
By Christopher
Not good
September 19, 2017
These pallets are recommended for umarex air rifles but I can't get any consistency out of my umarex fuel at any range
By Sergio
São Paulo- Brasil
Best Precision
April 4, 2017
Excelent experience. For me, my 2 brothers and my father.
By Matty B.
Dartmouth MA.
August 15, 2016
Good penetration if that's what you want, fair accuracy, skirts are wide needs a pellet pen for sure.
ProsPreferred weight for penetrating pellet.
ConsSkirts seem wider than 5.5. Just so so pellet.
By Dominick
Rio Rancho, NM
used in umarex octane
May 29, 2016
Not as good as the domed but still lethal up to raccoons. Grouped 1-1.25 inches at 40 yards
ProsBetter penitration than domed
ConsNot as accurate for small birds
By T C.
works ok
October 14, 2015
They were good to 30y but lost stability past that ,out of my rws460magnum,.
ConsNot for 50y shooting.
By Gary
Just okay
July 2, 2015
End of pellet doesn't fit well-too big and doesn't go in easily.
Prosconsistency and well built
Consnot the best value, don't fit well in pellet gun
By Mak
Charlotte nc
Great penetration but........
March 14, 2015
I shoot them from my RWS and the penetration is too much for the squirrel posting me in the back yard. It goes through them and they run and die later. This pellet is excellent for bigger games like raccon but too much for smaller games
ProsExcellent peneteration
ConsNone. This is not a right pellet for animala size of squirrel or smaller
By Steve
July 12, 2014
Nicely made and in my Crosman Nitro Venom, very good out to about 45 ft, Most of my five round groups would have fit in a credit card sized area with the occasional wild one.
Prosvery good quality and consistency.
ConsNot the best in my nitro venom.
By Dustin
Rws super points
November 22, 2013
I bought theses pellets to break in my new RWS 350 so I didn't know what to expect. After shooting a whole tin the groups started to get better. The pellet were very uniform and there were not crease lines from production. Didn't see many of the skirts that had been damaged but that should be expected. Good quality for not a bad price.
By Patrick
Alexandria, LA
Best .22 pellet for TX200
November 15, 2013
I've tried several of the most popular .22 pellets, including the most expensive ones, and the RWS Super points are clearly the most accurate pellet for my Air Arms TX200 MkIII (so far). Better than JSB's, Crosmans and H&N FTT's.
ProsConsistent head diameter. No need to sort them out of the tin. Very consistent and hard hitting pellet!
By Ray
November 4, 2013
worth a try sup/clean pellet my 2240 not liking them to well QB78 loves them 1/2"@30yrds
Prosgood pellets well made no damage head mic's were all dead on
By Gary
June 17, 2013
I bought a new air rifle for varmint control and wanted some pellets that would do the job with one shot. These are highly accurate even with a new barrel and the pests don't suffer. My typical distance is 10 to 20 yards.
ProsAccuracy and knockdown power.
ConsCons? What Cons!!
By Joe
Harrisburg, Pa
RWS Superpoint
March 27, 2013
Nice pellets. Clean and no bad skirts so far.
By Frank H.
springgrove il
February 18, 2013
Shoots very, very accurate in my model 48.
ProsAccurate, no cons
By spencer
shelter island, NY
January 2, 2013
These pellets are my second choice to use in my model 34 right next to the superdomes. They work just about the same but I use these for longer distances because of their better aerodynamic design.
By Antonio W.
New Orleans La.
RWS Superpoint .22 cal
December 4, 2012
A real good pellet that will get the job done. This is a power house, one shot one kill.
ProsPower house pellet that will get the job done.
Consno dislikes
By Kevin
Not for Hatsan 125
August 16, 2012
These things shot erratically at 25 yards. 5-shot group sizes weren't even worth mentioning. I couldn't even zero my scope at 50 yards because these pellets would drop too much. I can barely bring myself to shoot through the rest of them. After going out and getting some Crosman Premier Hollow Points I could get 2 inch groups at 25 yards. Still need to find a pellet that gets <= 1 inch groups. Once I find the right pellet for my gun, I'm using the rest of these as targets!
ConsPoor match for Hatsan 125
By David
New England
Great Accurate Pellet
July 17, 2012
Works great in my Crosman Titan Nitro. I find this to be the most accurate pellet I have tried. Not quite as much hitting power for varmints as some heavier pellets - but great to have these pellets on hand.
ProsAccurate and consistent.
ConsNo dislikes.
By michael
rocky point, NY
rws superpoint .22
February 24, 2012
high quality pellet, in fact i haven't found an rws pellet i don't like!!!
Proshigh quality and consistent pellet, accurate with deep penetration
Conscould be a little heavier
By cody
not for the benjamin discovery
February 2, 2012
these did not shoot good in my unmodified benjamin discovery, i usually get .75"-1.25" at 50 yards with crossman premier hollow points, where these shot 2-3 inch groups at the same distance, and they also whistle loudly as they fly from my discovery. on the other hand, they shoot awesome in my crossman 2250 co2 rifle. but, not for the discovery. at least not mine.
By Haydn
Very NICE Pellets
January 7, 2012
High quality very consistent pellets. They shot very well in my Gamo Silent Stalker Whisper IGT
ProsAccuracy, Quality
By Kelly
Tucson, AZ
RWS Superpoint Review
November 28, 2011
The RWS Superpoint is an excellent pellet. The skirt seems to stickout a tiny bit more than other pellets when loaded, however, due to the end of the skirt being thin, it molds well in the rifleing and shoots perfectly fine. I shot 5 pellets @ 50 yards with about 3/4in groupings! Overall, This is a great pellet to use.
ProsGreat groupings, consistency, low drop at far distances, very "clean" pellet (no outstanding mold lines, flat bottom, etc.)
ConsThe case the pellets are stored in are not very strong. The top doesnt screw on like many Gamo or Crossman containers. Simply dropping the case can cause disaster! About 10 pellets were bent inside the container and could not be used but some defects are a given, due to possible damage during shipment.
By Joe D.
Harvard, MA
Discovery Didn't Like Superpoints
November 23, 2011
My new .22 Benjamin Discovery PCP rifle did not like these pellets. Compared to the Superdomes, the Superpoints hit 4-5 inches low and 2-3 inches to the right in about 2 inch groups. On the other hand, the Superdomes shot in very tight groups. That being said, not all guns shoot all pellet types the same. For example, my .177 springer likes pointed pellets and not domed pellets whereas the Benjamin seems to like domed pellets and not pointed pellets. In other words, you just have to shoot different pellets and see what your gun likes and of coarse, one should sight the gun in for each pellet type
Merchant Response:Thanks for the review. Your absolutely right. Different airguns like different pellets. That's why it's important to choose two or three different types of pellets until you find one your air rifle likes.
ProsEasy to load without looking.
ConsWider groups than the Superdomes using the Benjamin Discovery.
By K V.
July 13, 2011
By Romy
RWS Superpoint .22 pellets
June 10, 2011
I have 6 air rifles. 3 of them are fixed barrel. I tried various types of pellets and some are very accurate but the knock down power are not as good as this .22 RWS Superpoint. This is one of the best hunting pellets for my air rifles.
By Art C.
RWS .22 Superpoint Pellets
February 11, 2011
Another high quality product from RWS. I find if you buy the best products for the guns, then you don't have to say opps i wish i bought the better product the first time. :^)
By Bernie
Great Pellet
May 21, 2009
I have just purchased These Pellets and WOW!!The best i have used yet.30yards out of my Gamo Whiser 22 cal and i just blew the bull out completly!!! Wonderfull Product.!!!
By Ryan
RWS Superpointed .22 cal.
March 17, 2009
These pellets are by far the best, most accurate pellets that i have shot. I hold a .33 group at 50 yards with these pellets out of my RWS 54.

I've had by 54 glass bedded and the bore moly coated. All of the screws and bolts were removed and have lock-tite on the threads. All topped with a Leupold 12x40.

Im sure the adjustments to the gun contribute to the accuracy and i know it does but these pellets did shoot about a .44 group at 50 yards with the gun just out of the box.

I havent tried the beeman crow magnum hollow points yet. Those are next!!

You can beleive it or not but i made a kill shot on a blue bird at 98 yards.....holding way over...but the outcome was still a clean, instant death shot with these rws pointed!

Questions or advise on altering your me at [email protected]
By Robert
RWS .22 Pellets
June 3, 2008
Great Quality!
By John G.
Great Pellet
January 4, 2008
I have used these pellets with several of my rifles in my collection and they have performed very well and am pleased with the results ....
By rob
August 9, 2007
These fit nice and tight no slop.From close at a target they are accurate with lots of holes through the holes. From a hundred yards you will be surprised to see how much you can hit.Gun 350 RWS magnum scoped.Im not going to try anything else.No need.
By Happy K.
RWS "superpoints"
June 10, 2007
I tried daisy flat nose pellets,beeman laser's,and the rws superpoints all in 22cal. The superpoints were by far the best pellet for my rws "model 34" the groups were very,very, good.Great pellet for the "model 34".
By kendall
June 5, 2007
great pellets
By Cal
Very Super!!
May 10, 2007
These are the most accurate, hardest-hitting .22s I've ever seen. 100% deadly at 50 yards from my RWS 850 Mag. Much better than Daisy pellets, which were my choice til now.
Tight groups
March 31, 2007
My RWS 54 loves 'em.
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