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Seneca Double Shot

Available in .50, A .50 cal Double Barrel Shotgun
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  • Code: AGD-45728924 · $849.99 · .50 · 1130 fps
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Easily the most flexible big bore system on the market, the Double Shot delivers a decisive one-two punch to medium and large game with any combination of .50 caliber ammo, shotshells, and the Air Venturi Air Bolt. The Double Shot uses a patent-pending air distributor that allows you to seamlessly perform a quick follow up shot in less than two seconds through the use of a barrel selector dial. No more bringing the action to a standstill to reload! Simply load both barrels, rack back the bolt, fire your shot, twist the barrel selector dial, rack the bolt, and fire again. To sight in on your target, use the traditional shotgun style bead sight, or purchase the Air Venturi 11mm Dovetail rail for mounting the optic of your choice. This innovative PCP uses a 244cc cylinder, filled to 3000 psi, that provides 5 full-powered shots per fill. This high pressure translates to incredible velocities with up to 1,130 fps with shotshells. The options don't stop there however, as the Double Shot can sling .50 caliber big bore ammo and the revolutionary Air Venturi Air Bolt, an arrow-slinging system that can put 170 FPE on target. Each Double Shot features the trademarked etched actions and finely grained hardwood stocks you've come to expect from a brand that pays homage to the golden age of the hunt. Put simply, the Seneca Double Shot is the most versatile big bore PCP shotgun on the market today that doubles down on big bore power. If you want a PCP shotgun that can sling .50 caliber rounds downrange one shot after the next, grab the Double Shot and track your game├в┬А'the trail awaits. SHOTGUN: Choose the shotgun option and enjoy velocities of 1,130 feet per second with either No. 6 or No. 8 filled shot shells. With consistent spreads of 12" at 20 yards. RIFLE: UNSCREW THE CHOKES BEFORE USING LEAD BULLETS. Hunting for larger game? With .50 caliber slugs the Double Shot offers speeds of 600 fps and fpe exceeding 140. That's more than enough power to take medium game with a well-placed shot. BOLT-SLINGER: UNSCREW THE CHOKES BEFORE USING AIR BOLTS. Arm your Double Shot with Air Venturi Air Bolts to turn your air shotgun into a hard-hitting arrow launcher! Now more speargun than airgun, be careful not to "Robin Hood" or split bolts already on the target --they are that accurate! Capable of speeds up to 425 FPS and 170 FPE, Air Bolts are a fusion of innovative design and incredible knockdown power.

Seneca Double Shot .50 cal Double Barrel Shotgun Features:
  • Precharged pneumatic
  • 244 cc air cylinder
  • Two Smooth Bore Barrels
  • Up to 5 good shots per fill
  • 3000 psi fill
  • Male Quick Disconnect Foster Fill Fitting
  • On-board pressure guage
  • Velocity up to 1130 fps with shotshells
  • Velocity up to 425 fps with Air Bolts (170+ FPE)
  • Velocity up to 600 fps with Round Balls (140+ FPE)
  • Thread on chokes (Easily removed for use with Air Bolt or Slugs)
  • Front bead sight (no rear sight)
  • Optional 11mm dovetail scope rail to add optics
  • Ambidextrous hardwood stock
  • Rubber Buttpad
  • Patent Pending Air Distributor allows a follow-up shot in less than 2 seconds
  • Bore Diameter: 12.47mm Barrel Thread: 16.6x18
  • Choke Measurement: 12.4mm The choke reduces the inner barrel diameter from .494" to .486"
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  • ManufacturerSeneca
  • Caliber .50
  • Velocity 1130 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Action Bolt-action
  • Barrel Style Smooth bore
  • Fire Mode Repeater
  • Gun Weight 8.55
  • Overall Length 43.50
  • Barrel Length 20.90
  • Loudness 5-High
  • Mechanism Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Rail No
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Bead
  • Rear Sights none
  • Shots per Fill 5
  • Trigger Adjustability Two-stage non-adjustable
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Hunting
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By RoseannaUSADecember 5, 2019

Wife bought this as a Christmas present and gave it to me today early. I charged it to 3000 psi and let it sit most of the day. It didn't lose pressure so I, loaded 2, #6 shot shells in the left barrel (one behind the other)set at target at around 35 yards and it peppered it in about a 14 inch pattern. Then I,removed the choke from the right barrel (as per instructions to,keep from blowing gun up) and loaded a 185 grain slug. Set target at around 40 yards. 1/2 inch board with cardboard box behind it stuffed with heavy packing materials. Shot went through all of it and could see it kick up dirt 10 yards behind it. Then loaded 336 grain slug set a piece of red oak firewood(very hard) at 30 yards. Knocked in over and went 1/2 inch deep into it. So,for the 1st test I'm, very happy!

Very good looking gun and seems to perform as advertised

A little heavy but, about right for a Double barrel shotgun. The shot shells could be sealed better as when I, opened the box almost half of them had popped open and spilled shot in the box. From now on I'll be loading my own and will fix this..

By Disabled V.November 25, 2019

I fired 1 shot (.50 cal bullet) and it blew up. It shot out what looked to be a seal from a seam and all the air rushed out. I done everything 100% correct as stated in the operating manual. For the price of this airgun that shouldn't have happened. It's a beautiful gun and feels solid. But the mechanics are something else entirely.

By JasonUSANovember 19, 2018

Very darn nice, craftsmanship and finishing. i was skeptical and am dumbfounded with the accuracy and diversity of this "shotgun" This is well worth the money spent. I do need to tell people, the mk4 hill pump is great and a must have if you have no other means of filling the air chamber. fyi a standard air compressor will not do the trick as they go to about 140 while this air gun needs to be at 3000psi. my local dive shop will not fill the carbon fiber tanks they will fill scuba class ranks 3k psi. glad i didnt buy the carbon fiber tank upgrade. i did get the mk4 hill pump here and must say, once gun is at the redline, pump it every couple shots and it's only about 15 minuets to top off to redline. Very accurate and effective air gun.

almost everything

almost nothing

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Where do I get non lead to shoot and hunt in california?

asked Mike from USA

you can buy the blank long shot shells and order your own steel shot to reload .

Alfonso from USA

Is there a magazine for the shot and how many does it hold?

asked Casey from USA

I'm sorry I know this doesn't help u at all but I just have to point out (to the guy that answerd ur question), u put sh*t instead of shot

Bean from USA

The Double shit uses pre-filled shot shells, AGD-P1355 or AGD-P1356 . You can also buy the shells empty and custom fill them. AGD-P1361

Mark from USA

Will this take down a white tail from 20yrds

asked John

I don’t see any advertisement for the shot shells cost. Where/how do we get some’ if I buy?

asked Jack

Can someone that can't have a firearm Hunt with one

asked Daniel R Peltola

Yes you can

Joseph from USA

I know that most .50 caliber Seneca air rifles are used for game as large as white-tail deer, but I am curious to know if someone would recommend this specific double barrel for home defense? Most reviews have spoken of surprisingly loud these airguns are for new shooters, however I would imagine a double shot option like this would be more reliable to a new shooter than the single in the event of a break in or to ward off wild animals that may be threatening loved ones on your property.

asked Matt

If it can take down a White tail, it can put down an intruder, or at the very least, leave in a world of pain.

Daniel from USA

El precio que se muestra es en dólares? Tengo esa duda x que yo soy de México

asked Juan Carlos from USA

Does "5 shots per fill" mean 5 total or 5 x 2 barrels for a total of 10.

asked Philip Babcock

How loud is this compared to a regular 410 or 12 guage shotgun?

asked Norman L Stoneking

How many times will a air Venturi 88 Cu In Carbon Fiber Tank fill up the double shot. Really need to know. On the verge of buying one. Is there any other recommendation for things needed

asked Thomas W Stanford

i have the 74 cu air venturi tank it filled more then 10 times and still has a little left we were firing 50 cal round balls my son and i we had a blast

Alfonso from USA

How many times will the tank fill up the air gun? How do you fill the tank up?

asked Thomas W Stanford

What is the maximum range (in shotgun mode) to be effective against squirrels?

asked Mark
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