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Skenco UltraMag Metal Tip .25 Cal, 28.60 gr - 50 ct

Skenco UltraMag Metal Tip .25 Cal, 28.60 gr - 50 ct

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  • Code: PY-P-856 · 0.25 cal · 28.6 gr · 50 ct
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These Skenco UltraMag Metal Tip pellets will deliver an authoritative knockdown blow to pests and will deliver tremendous knockdown-power!

  • Caliber: .25
  • Grain: 28.6
  • Quantity: 50
  • Nose: Pointed
  • Use: Hunting and Pest Control

Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerSkenco
  • Caliber0.25 cal
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight28.6 gr
  • Pellet ShapePointed
  • Pellet Quantity50
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Skenco UltraMag Metal Tip .25 Cal, 28.60 gr - 50 ct   $5.39
9 Reviews
78% (7)
11% (1)
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11% (1)
89% Recommend this product (8 of 9 responses)
By Joe
September 22, 2017
Good Shooter
Good Shooter , Well Made ,Great Price
ProsGreat Price
By robert
Cranston, RI
September 20, 2017
accurate pellet 25 Powerball
A more accurate pellet
By Mike S.
Gatesville, Tx
June 22, 2017
.25 UltraMag
Just tested them today 6/22 / 2017 With my AirForce Escape on full power @ 75 yards penetration was more than I was expecting on a 2x6 piece of hardwood. It went in 1/4 to 5/16 deep I would call that good in my book. At that yardage should not be a problem on medium size game coyote, bobcat, or even feral hogs.
ProsWith the .25 cal UltraMag you really don't need a big bore to get the job done. Place the round just right and you will get one shot one kill. The metal tip stayed in with a nice mushroom on impact .
By Verdell
Burlington, NJ
November 2, 2015
Skenco UltraMag Pellet
This is a very accurate pellet with allot of knockdown power.This is a great hunting pellet. They fit good in my Benjamin but not in my Hatsan At44-10S. They are too long for the magazine.
ProsAccurate and great knockdown pellet, good hunting pellet
ConsWon't fit the Hatsan AT44-10S
By Andrew Santi
Innisfil, Ontario
May 1, 2015
These are "Lethal"!!!!!
These were/are my favourite Hunting round for all of my .22 "Springers"(especially in my Performance tuned "Cometa Fusion Premier" @ 32ft/lbs), I was extremely dissapointed that when I purchased my 2 Hatsan AT-44 series PcP's(a .22 AT-44 Pump/Action, and an AT-44"tact"10-22) that these pellets were/are too long for the "Shallow" AT-44 series magazines,, But I recently purchased an AT-44 .25(single-shot/synthetic stock), and to my "Delight" found that all of my favourite "Hunting" ammo, Now fit this guns single-shot loading port, Such as my 2 favourite Hunting rounds(Skenco "Metal-Tipped" UltraMags & H&N "CrowMags w/ a Daisy BB glued into the Cavity, Comes out @ 32gr,.). The Skenco "UltraMags" put "Predator PolyMags/MetalMags" in the trash when compared to the Much Superior Skenco product, especially when Distance, and Accuracy are a must!!!. 2 week's ago I went out to check out my "New* Hatsan AT-44 .25/ w/ "FX" No-Limit rings, and Hawke 3-9X40 Sport HD Rimfire I.R., I brought along 4-5 different pellets to see how they did at distances over 100 meters, and was extremely Lucky enough to see a GroundHog out at around 85 meters, I had previously set my scope up @ 100 meters, After I got the animal in my sights, 1 shot w/ the Skenco "UltraMag" went straight through the groundhog's dome,,Exactly where I was aiming. All I know,,,,Is that next time I go out Hunting, I'm going to have a hell of time choosing what to bring out with me,,,,LoL!!!!! (Also, IYou may happen to encounter a round minus it's tip, Don't get "pissed-off", B/Cuz you now have a "Hollow-Point" that'll put a CrowMag to shame, or you can turn it into your own "Gamo Rocket" just by adding a small drop of "Krazy Glue" to the center cavity, and drop in a "Zinc" bb,,It centers itself perfectly, and after 5 minutes they're virtually in-separable. It flies like a "spiral" thrown by "Joe Namath", after Inspection, the mushrooming is fantastic w/ the bb almost getting pushed out the back of the round!!!!!!!! Cheer's, and Happy Huntin', Andy.
ProsBeing able to use these rounds in my AT-44 .25(single-shot/synthetic stock).
ConsQuality Control, seems to have dropped a notch with these rounds in .25, as opposed to the .22 offering, But still an Extremely Hard-Hitting & Accurate round. I would think twice about using these rounds in a gun(Springer) that doesn't have to "Balls" to shoot this round properly,,,,,,,You don't want to start "lobbing" these rounds at your target, and getting angry at it's performance,,,, Your weapon Must!! have a decent level of power output at least 25ft/lbs,,,It'll leave you with a grin from ear to ear.
By Derek
San Antonio Texas
April 6, 2015
skenco ultramag metal tip
Bad pellet at least for hatsan torpedo .25 caliber. Falls straight through barrel from breech to muzzle. Fired one before I caught on to it not seating in breech. It was so loose that once fired, It came back and impacted bench next to my knee from 25 yards away.
ProsNothing worth mentioning.
ConsEverything you don't want to happen.
By kyle
Rhode Island
November 27, 2014
pretty sweet
They shot straight and they came in with no damaged pellets
ProsGood weight and accurate! an all around good pellet
ConsA little pricey and they should give you more per container
By Frank
Chesapeake, VA
September 1, 2014
Great Pellet!
First, let me start by saying that I haven't done my own very specific penetration/accuracy tests as of yet. But, I've done a bunch of plinking just to have fun, and to site in my scope to keep my rifle ready...just in case! During those joyful times of plinking, I've discovered this about these pellets: They will hit what I'm aiming at, if not in the eye, then at least in the head (of a squirrel) from 25 yards consistently, and they are the deepest penetrators of the 8 brands/types of pellets I've used so far. These brands include Benji Domed, both Eunjins, H&N FT and Crows, that other popular crow, which I'm not impressed with, etc. These blew clean holes through 1/2" cedar fencing, and into a 2x4 about a half inch or more! And, that's not up to full power yet! (My last Chrony test was only at 650, so take that into consideration.)Yeah, I really like these pellets!! I'd buy a couple more tins tonight....if they were only in stock! >:o( Also, notice the metal point on top, it's not a BB. It's a small rod maybe 1/4" in length. I found that intriguing because I wondered if that maybe stabilizes the projectile a bit more than a ball bearing, seeing as how the weight is distributed down the shaft, rather than having it all be on the tip. But yeah, I REALLY like these pellets! Thanks!~F~
By John
February 18, 2013
What can I say, these are perfect for varmint or plinking. Only ones I use for the Hatsan 155 underlever.
ProsFast and accurate.
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