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Air rifle slings are an important piece of gear that is helpful for every airgunner. They're not only used to carry your air rifle but offer a great storage solution and help you transition from carrying to using your rifle in the field or on the range. We have several air rifle slings to choose from, find the right one for you.

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Air rifle slings are devices made from leather or nylon with one or two straps connected at the ends to metal rings or quick-release clasps. The sling provides support for the buttstock, allowing you to keep both hands free when maneuvering through the wilderness or climbing a rocky slope. A padded air rifle sling will provide extra comfort with heavier arms. Quick-release clasps make it easy to remove in an emergency or if a shooting opportunity suddenly appears.

Often found on tactical platforms, push-button releases are made for one-handed use. The bb gun sling can be loosened or tightened one-handed without the need to alter your grip. Push-button releases typically have a small lever that is pushed with your thumb and forefinger, allowing you to put tension on a strap while at rest or stalking game. You can also leave these slings attached while you're shooting. Most shooters prefer push-button releases over buckles. If you plan on hunting from a tree stand or shooting off a bipod, the push-button releases are probably best. They're simple and easy to use.

A rifle sling that doesn't require swivels on the gun will often have the swivels built into the sling. This can be a great option if you have one or more guns without swivels built-in. These can also be used with clamp attachments.

The last thing to consider with your pellet gun sling is whether you need a two-point sling or a single-point sling. A single-point sling consists of a strap that attaches to both ends of the gun, whereas a two-point sling has a loop on each end that goes around your shoulder. The difference may seem minor but in fact, it can make all the difference in comfort and usability when you're hunting. For example, if you have a heavy airgun and aren't carrying much gear, then a single-point sling might be more appropriate for you. However, if you have multiple layers of clothing or lots of gear to carry, having two straps may help with weight distribution and accessibility


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