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Tech Force 99 Line of High Quality Pellet Rifles

This is a Community Review of Tech Force 99 Pellet Gun by Victor Parella, Jr. The author of the following review are in no way affiliated with Airgun Depot. The views expressed below are personal opinion only.

Target shooting with air guns has been a hobby of mine for a few years now.  I find it is one of the most relaxing hobbies I have, so I do quite a bit. I do testing and on all facets of each Airgun I buy, doing so with the attitude that if it does not pass my set of criteria, I just send it back to where it came from.  That's just me, not all people are this picky.  This is one of the reasons I felt compelled to write this review on the pellet rifle that is now the jewel of my air rifle collection: the Tech Force 99. The TF 99 is one of the airguns in my collection that gets 10 in just about every category.  So I'll give my review of this beautiful air rifle in index form for easy reading:

1.  Looks:  Beautiful.  I'm not totally sure of how many shades of wood coloring it comes in, but mine is a sweet deep dark (but not too dark) color of wood.  It gives the rifle a very classy look, a very European look.  If one did not know this rifle was Chinese, they would be inclined to think it was made In Germany or England.
2.  Power:  10+++.  Man this thing has killer power, excuse the terminology but I have the .22 cal. version, and one better take care and use all safety measures when using this rifle, because it packs a serious bang!!
3.  Size: Perfect for a hefty adult air rifle.  Not too big, but far from a carbine in size.
4. Weight: Between 7-8 pounds, it's no light-weight, but I have arthritis in my back and I have no problems so I would think it would be fine for just about anyone except for children.  It is definitely put together like a smooth tank. Really solid!!
5.  Cocking Effort:  Takes some strength but not anywhere near what other brands of air rifles of equal power do, because of it's special made spring.  So, considering its size and power, it's pretty easy to cock.
6.  Ease Of Use: This is an interesting question.  Tech Force did a great job in the engineering of this pellet rifle.  All controls right after cocking are right there next to the trigger.  It's an awesome feature.  Once you cock the rifle, you never have to move your trigger hand. The lever release is right in front of the trigger and the release of the safety lock is right behind the trigger.  So you never lose sight of your target and it's extremely convenient.
In closing, this is the best air rifle in my collection.  The biggest plus for this rifle is the price.  It can easily hang with the $300-$400 European rifles at less than half the price.

Victor Parrella Jr.
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