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Top 5 FX

FX Impact X, Black
Bullpup with fixed moderated barrel offers greater sound supression
The Impact X embodies so many innovations that it has permanently changed the world of PCPs. Bringing a level of adjustability and sophistication that PCPs had never seen before, it is the most advanced bullpup on the market. Now with the new Smooth Twist X system you can tailor the barrel to fit any job at hand whether it is punching paper in the backyard or hunting out to a hundred yards or more. With its unbeatable accuracy and extreme adjustability, the Impact X is our number one.
Starting at $1,999.99
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FX Crown, Blue Laminate
One of the most desirable airguns in the world, the Crown embodies all of the genius that FX has brought to the airgun world. Featuring the smooth twist X Barrel system in .177 to .30 calibers with adjustable transfer port, hammer spring, and regulator, the FX Crown is an airgun that will do anything you ask of it. At only 7 lbs the Crown won't wear you out during a long day of hunting, and its match-winning accuracy ensures you won't be beaten at the bench.
Starting at $1,999.99
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FX Wildcat MKII, Synthetic
The modern standard as to what an airgun bullpup should be!
The Wildcat is the ultimate truck gun. It is incredibly light and it combines the famous FX accuracy with a buttery-smooth side-lever action and it has the best trigger of any bullpup in the world. It has adjustable power and interchangeable Smooth Twist X barrel liners so you can do whatever you want with it. You will NEVER regret buying the FX Wildcat MKII.
Starting at $1,299.99
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FX Streamline, Walnut
Premium Italian Minelli walnut stock
The Streamline changed the PCP market forever. It gives you all the performance of the top sporting PCPs in the world and costs you less than $1000. It is lightweight, compact, adjustable and extremely accurate. With the competition winning smooth twist barrel and the best trigger in its class, the Streamline is perhaps the best value in high-end PCPs today.
Starting at $1,149.99
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