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Top 5 Triggers

RAW HM1000x LRT, Camo Laminate
The RAW HM trigger is often touted by those who have used it as the best trigger in the airgunning world and for very good reason: it is just that good. Breaking at about 5 ounces right out of the box, it can be adjusted down to 3 ounces and still preserve a light first stage and crisp second stage. It will ruin you for just about any other trigger.
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FX Crown MkII, Synthetic
New synthetic stock that you've been asking for!
The Crown is one of the best-looking airguns on the market, and in spite of being an incredibly high-performance PCP, the Crown has a relatively simple design which makes it very reliable. Interchangeable barrel liners and extreme adjustability let you tailor it to your projectile of choice giving you flexibility that is unimaginable with most other airguns. It is unbelievably accurate and very dependable, and that is why it is our number one recommended PCP.
Starting at $1,649.99
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Air Arms TX200 MKIII
Beech Stock, Right Handed Grip
Air Arms took the Rekord trigger and did the impossible, they improved it! Incorporating bearings instead of just pins, it can be adjusted to be very light while preserving plenty of sear engagement, which keeps it very safe. This is perhaps the best trigger of any spring gun on the market.
Starting at $779.99
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Weihrauch HW90
The Rekord trigger was designed in the ’60s and has been the gold standard that all other springer triggers have been compared to ever since. Found on the whole lineup of HW breakbarrels and underlevers and the Beeman R series of airguns, it is one of the fundamental reasons for their long-lasting success. And of course, it’s on my darling the Beeman R7. Have you picked one of these up yet?
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ZBROIA Kozak Tactical
The Zbroia line of PCPs has a lot going for it, including shrouded, tensioned barrels, and very efficient regulators, but what really sets them apart from the competition in their price range is the fabulous trigger, that out of the box breaks at around a pound and can be adjusted lower while still remaining crisp and predictable.
Starting at $849.99
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