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Universal Smart Charger 7.2-12V for NiCad & NiMH batteries

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A must have for any serious airsofter. Light Indicator when Charging Large & Small Tamiya Adaptor Auto Trickle Charge Function The smart charger will cut-off power automatically when battery is full Charging style will Re-energize some Dead NiMH Packs Input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz 700 mA Max Output: 20V 09A/1.8A 7.2v - 12v Selector Switch Two output levels .9A and 1.8A. For battery packs 1100 to 2100mah you must use the .9A setting or you will overheat the battery. Only battery packs over 2100mah can use the 1.8A setting Calculate the proper amount of time required to charge a battery by dividing the battery's milliamp capacity by the chargers charge rate, e.g. it would take a 1800 rate charger - 2 hours to charge a completely drained 3600 mah battery.
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  • Manufacturer TSD
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type AIRSOFT CHARGERS
  • Warranty 30-day limited warranty
  • Weight 0.80
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By andrewApril 18, 2011

I have a 8.4 and a 9.6, can someone tell me how it works so i can put it to that correct setting to charge it!?

By airsoft p.January 22, 2011

so when i was 1st starting out years ago i had overcharged one of my batteries. whole mess of things happend to that thing cause i would have to leave it over night charging and oversleep an hr or two. but i eventualy got better. basicaly would just wait 6hrs. if it was done or not i never checked. finaly i got this with a replacement battery since i fryed a few. it takes 1hr at most and dude its just awesome. this is a must for beginners, pros, anyone. this saves u butt loads of $ and time.

By Airsoftbattler245January 14, 2011

This charger charged my M4 Battery in less than an hour and a half! Its amazin!!! You Rock Airgun Depot!

By chrisAugust 26, 2010

This thing will charge all airsoft and rc batteries much faster than supplied wall charger.

By doggy666August 11, 2010

this battery is better than it looks. Its powerful,long lasting and light. when i bought my G36-E not only the gun but the battery was to amazing

By seafNovember 3, 2009


By asdfOctober 26, 2008

It charges right on time

By adrian b.August 29, 2008

this is sweeet

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Would this charger work to charge a 450 mAh thompson battery?

asked bob

It might but the directions that come with it say "don't charge battery pack with voltage less than 7.2v and greater than 12v and capacity less than 900mAh."


Yes, it should.

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