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Definitive Guide to Umarex AirJavelin

Airguns that shoot arrows are here to stay! Usually, you'll find them as some sort of converted PCP airgun but not the Umarex AirJavelin. Rather than going for maximum power, Umarex built something for practical backyard fun. In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know to get the most out of the Umarex Javelin arrow shooting airgun.

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Detailed Review

The synthetic stock on the Umarex AirJavelin feels very good in the hand and is comfortable to shoulder free standing or on the bench. It's also very light and compact with an adjustable buttstock that allows you to adjust the length of pull to fit shooters of all ages and sizes. The adjustable stock is one of the AirJavelin's best features, allowing it to go from a youth backyard target shooter to a full-sized hunting airgun with just a quick adjustment. It has a top rail for weaver accessories like the included adjustable sights and any red dot or optic that you may want to use. Lastly, there are m-lock slots on the left and right of the forearm for easy mounting of all kinds of accessories.

The price point of the AirJavelin comes in at the lower end of the price-point spectrum but still includes three arrows and a set of open sights. You also get the relevant manuals and warranty information. Be sure to stock up with several 88 or 90 gram CO2 cartridges so you'll be able to get to shooting right away.

To get the AirJavelin up and going, you need only to load up the CO2 and slide an arrow on the tube. The forearm slides forward and off, exposing the CO2 loading port. We recommend dropping some silicone or Pellgun oil on the tip of the cartridge before you install it in the rifle. Screw it in until it becomes snug and then until you hear the cartridge get punctured.

Next, take one of the arrows and slide it down the shooting tube until you hear and feel a distance "click" as it seats on the internal o-ring. Now you are very close to being ready to take your first shot. Cock the rifle and aim down the open sights. When you are ready, release the safety and gently squeeze the trigger. That's all there is to it. Simply repeat the process, and because the arrows are reusable, you can just keep shooting until you need to replace the CO2.

Accuracy, Power, and Shot Count

Now that you know how to make it work let's look at what you can do with it. First of all, you'll get about 20 to 30 shots per CO2 cartridge. It all depends on the ambient temperature. The average velocity is about 300 FPS on a full CO2, which means you'll generate 34 FPE at full power with the 170-grain arrows.

At 25 yards, you'll need to pick a different aim point each time, or you run the risk of driving your next arrow right in the back end of your previous shot. The included field points are perfect for hours of fun in the back yard. Ensure that you have an adequate backstop to prevent the arrows from over penetrating and going beyond your target. While you can shoot beyond 25 yards, we've found that the max reasonable range for target shooting is about 50 yards. For hunting, you will want to get in close and take all your shots inside 30 yards, preferably 20 or 25 yards.

Now for the icing on the cake. The AirJavelin would be a great airgun just as a backyard shooter, but Umarex wanted to make it more. By adding the Blood Bug broadheads, the AirJavelin becomes a serious tool for hunting. Not only can you take out small game with ease, but you can also hunt predators and small hogs if you get in close enough. If you can get them to come inside 30 yards and you put the shot where you need it, you'll be surprised what this excellent little airgun can do.

Summing Up

So the Umerax AirJavelin is a great airgun for backyard fun. Both as a youth airgun and for big kids too. It's lightweight, compact, adjustable, and easy to shoot. There's virtually no recoil, and it's not that loud either. The reusable arrows mean that you can shoot the same arrows over and over until you run out of CO2. The open sights are great to start with, but adding a simple red dot will make it all the more fun to shoot.

While it may not look appealing to hardcore, traditional airgunners, the ones that have tried it all come back loving it.