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Umarex Legends MP40 Magazine

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Extra 52 round replica clip for Legends MP40. Do not use with Smart Shot BB's as it will cause the airgun to jam. For best results, do not fill more than 40-45 BB's at a time. Overfilling can cause jams.

  • Legends MP40 CO2 BB submachine gun magazine
  • Holds 52, .177 caliber BB's
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  • ManufacturerUmarex
  • ConditionNew
  • Warranty30-day limited warranty
  • Caliber.177
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By DennisFebruary 26, 2021

Looks like the a real MP40 and sights are fine, can nail cans at 20 yards. A .little hard to load

Hard to load. But I like it in short bursts. Found it better to load by folding thin cardboard taping one end, tilting the mag a little and poring the BBs into the mag. It is fun to shoot.

By MichaelOctober 12, 2019 Verified Purchase

Every clip I have gotten for this MP40 jams immediately. The spring system is designed quite weakly, not forcing the BBs to the top. Clip didn’t work (they’ve sent me two) therefore the airgun doesn’t work.

By JamesonUSASeptember 22, 2019 Verified Purchase

I did have to spray Si lube into the mag to get better feeding after one issue on my second of many reloads and, per issues other reviewers have noted, made sure that the BBs stacked properly. Wasn't overly difficult and I don't find it hard to hold back the spring when loading, so no big deal for me. A really useful suggestion I saw was to put two dimes between the CO2's to make it easier to pierce both. My first mag only did one, apparently, and petered out after about 2 1/2 magazines (roughly 125 shots). Next couple loads worked great and got me ~250 shots, 5 full loads, firing almost entirely full auto. Got an extra to give me a spare. Happy I did, but my target options/shooting areas are limited enough, 2 total mags is more than enough for me. If I was able to go more full spray'n'pray, I might want additional.

Helps you pretend you're in Where Eagles Dare or Inglorious Basterds.

Does require deliberate loading, but doesn't really bother me so far.

By DarrellUSAApril 5, 2019

Extra mag's very helpful to keep you plinking works great once sprayed with a dry spray silicone

52 extra shots at hand

Follower a little bit sticky out of the package. No hold down notch for follower for loading ease.

By FrederickUSAMarch 6, 2019

Ok guys-it seems like a lot of money, but you need at least one extra. I found a way to load it reliably without using toothpicks to get the BBs to double stack. Point the magazine down just below the horizontal-not straight down while holding the spring tab back. Drop in a BB. It is all in the wrist left to right and so on. Allow the BB to roll down the track using your wrist to slightly move (incline) to the left or right as the BBs stack. Works well and is quick with practice. Someone mentioned putting a penny between the CO2 cartridges to ensure both are punctured when using the Allen wrench. That solved my problem of the bottom cartridge not getting perforated. I load 35-40 rounds (remember the original holds 32) and I have only had a jam when I am running out of gas. I get a good four to five mags for two CO2s and only shoot in five or six round bursts, but knock the hell out of water bottles at 15 yds and just use the front sight and never the folding stock. If you are going to use the rear sight pop up the long range one. Paint the water bottles brown and stick wooden kabob skewers in the ground and put your Soviet water bottles over those sticks. If you are good enough you can send them flying. Buy a repop sling and you are golden. Keep the gun well lubricated. I am lucky that I have access to real MP-40s-they go for around 25 grand so take the hit and buy a 42 dollar mag!! Use short bursts or you are wasting lead/BBs-real or Umarex Legend. But what the hell-it's a BB gun so just have fun!

By KevinUSADecember 27, 2018

Would rather be able to just get the rubber grommet to replace the one that went bad instead of having to buy a whole new magazine. Love shooting the mp40, it is a real BLAST.

By JonUSAOctober 26, 2018

Although these aren't cheap, you'll want at least one extra mag. They're sturdy and easier to load than you would think based on the other reviews. Tip- you don't need a speedloader to load this puppy. Easy to do with a bb bottle tip and using a fingernail to hold the slide open.

It's good to have at least one extra mag

a little expensive, but get what you pay for I guess

By JoeUSASeptember 22, 2018

P40 Fist of I bought thisof due to sometimes my origianal mag would jam. I found neither mag is always perfect . So know I am able to send more steel to spray downrange quicker. Theese load easy if you get a .177 pellet pen and run them in by holding the mag at a slight downward angle

easy to load. great to keep cycling for constant firepower made simple

price but there is no turning back now

By GregUSAMay 4, 2018

I have shot 15 or so mags loaded with Black Dimond steel BBs. The mags work perfect !They look to be the same quality as the one that comes with the gun.

Work great.

Expensive. Kinda suck to load.

By MikeApril 16, 2018

I ordered 3 extra magazines based on other reviews. I learned how to load BBs by setting the magazine at a slight slant on a table top, pouring some onto my hand, patiently filing them into one end of a bendable straw, then holding the follower while slowly pouring the contents of the straw onto either the follower channel or directly into the exposed hole. The CO2 system on the other hand seems to require the ability to hear when both cylinders are punctured. When they puncture at the same time youre OK, when one is punctured but the other is more stubborn then you get anemic and short winded performance. On the other hand if you dont hear the puncture sound and over puncture, then you can hear the gas escaping. Backing off does result sometimes in the seal system working but you have lost gas in the process. The other problem is that one of the magazines does not seal properly if that happens. On the rare occasion that Ive managed to get both cylinders properly engaged, the gun performs very well.

Good looking, attempts to parallel the use of the real system. Hefty and cleverly designed, the magazines are part of the fun of Umarexs MP40.

Unfortunately, the magazines are challenging to load. Ive come up with a system to load the BBs but would apppreciate a way of mechanically holding the spring loaded follower compressed while pouring the BBs into the follower channel or directly into the hole. The CO2 system is another matter altogether. You must load 2 cylinders fat end to fat end into the appropriate channel in the magazine. Then you install the screw cap which has on of the two puncturing needles incorporated in it. There is another puncturing needle at the other end of the CO2 channel. I do use two washers between the cylinders with some luck. When you tighten the cap at some point the CO2 cylinders get punctured. The trick is to hear the metal get pierced and stop turning the capscrew before you over puncture the cylinders. Problems include piercing only one cylinder, over puncturing one or both, and the subsequent loss of performance. When you can hear gas escaping, youve overdone it, if by chance you hear the actual puncture, you may have only pierced one cylinder. Backing off when you hear an over puncture sometimes results in a good seal, sometimes not. If there is a way of telling when both cylinders are properly opened, I havent stumbled upon it yet.

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the one question I have about this magazine is it compatible with the M1a1 Thompson Mag?

asked Gianni from USA

I have bought a mp40 gun and was thinking of buying another mag but I want to get a ammo pouch too, is there a cheap ammo pouch u guys have for sale and does the mp40 bb gun mags fit into off brand pouches?

asked ItsVince06
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