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UTG SWAT IR 3-12x44 AO

30mm Tube, Mil-Dot Reticle
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Do you hunt? Shoot field target? Plink? Eliminate pesky garden varmints? This is the scope for you! What an incredible bargain. From the emerald coating on the lens to the illumination options, this scope really delivers the goods for any type of shooting discipline. Specifications:
  • Magnification: 3-12x
  • Objective: 44mm Adjustable Lens
  • Tube Diameter: 30mm
  • Weight: 23.2 oz.
  • Length: 14.02"
  • 1/4 MOA (1/4" click value @ 100 yds)
  • Mil-dot reticle (36-color illumination-enhancing)
  • 10 yds to infinity parallax adjustment
  • Field of View: 34' to 8.4'
  • Eye Relief: 3.3" to 2.8"
  • Exit Pupil: 13.1mm to 3.7mm
  • Includes: 1 CR2032 Battery, Flip-Open Lens Caps, 2 Hex Wrenches & Weaver/Picatinny Rings
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  • Manufacturer UTG
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type Scopes
  • Warranty Lifetime limited warranty
  • Weight 0.99
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By TomSeptember 10, 2023 Verified Purchase

Good price and helpful staff

scope is sharp

Instructions could be clearer with respect to setup for first time scope user

By StanleyUSADecember 22, 2018

Purchased this scope as a replacement for one that failed on my 22 Gamo Accu. The scope included with my rifle would no longer hold zero. Rifles that come with scopes usually don't last , in my case less than a 100 rounds. The reticle on this scope seems a little thick but otherwise that's my only real complaint. Since my Gamo is underlever recoil is lighter , but i believe this scope could easily hold up to any rifle with heavier recoil. Built very well . I recommend this to anyone who's looking for a quality scope at a decent price. The reticle is regular wire not the glass ecthed varity those are priced a little higher.

Side focus , 30mm tube, clear glass.

Controls are a little stiff to turn.

By AmoriUSAJune 2, 2018

i can hit a soda can at 75 yd

By EllwoodMay 23, 2018

PROS: Decent scope for an air rifle. Mil dots are nice. Locking turrets work well. Reticle is clear. Flip caps work nice. CONS: It's a little on the heavy side. Illumination quit after just 5 months. Parralax adjustment is off.

By MikeUSAFebruary 8, 2018

this scope is easy to use and mount to the gun mine is holding a good zero

very good scope for the money

wish i could get a large wheel for the focus

By NateUSAJanuary 29, 2018

This scope was good for about 2000 rounds. Now the reticle drifts all the time. A new Hawke scope is on the way to replace this one. The illumination only works intermittently. I do like the MIL dots though.

Good mil dots

Poor quality, reticle drifts a lot.

By BilUSAJanuary 11, 2018

I removed my old scope and placed this one on my air rife. I set up my target and took on shot. The scope was out about 1" to the right and 3/4' low. A few clicks and the scope was set up. The scope is very bright and easy to see though. Just one small problem and that is the scope is a little difficult to adjust the level of Magnification and to focus. (adjustments very stiff to turn)

By JerryUSADecember 16, 2017

Yes, its not the most expensive scope on the market, but it is very clear and I can clearly see a coyote at 850 yards away, and I don't have the best eyes.. of course my air rifle won't shoot 850 yards so will see how it does once I have it zeroed and shooting up to 200 yards.. It seems to be extremely well built, and all knobs easy to use.

Price, function, clarity,

none so far

By MichaelUSAOctober 27, 2017

Don’t even look at other! This is the scope you want...



By JohnUSAAugust 9, 2017

Packaging was excellent. The Scope was easy to sighted in. I really like the side focus can be set so if you are shooing a0 yards or 50 yards. Only time I have change the focus is when I shoot a different pellet. Adjustments easily done to sight in and the scope. It holds exactly where you set it. At this point I am very pleased with quality and value.

A really good scope for the money.


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will these rings fit on a rws mod 48 or 34

asked jim wilde

Is this scope Front Focal Plane or Second Focal Plane

asked Matt

I am looking for a good scope for night shooting. what kind of range of vision at night does this scope have?

asked Chris

Does the scope come with caps for the adjustment

asked Skyler

No, it has locking rings. Much better than caps. Also has resetible zero. So, even if you forget to lock down your turrets you can quickly zero again if they've moved.

Paul from USA

Made in?

asked Adam

will this scope fit my qb78

asked danny from USA

Is the reticle wire or etched glass?

asked JK

This particular scope has the wire reticle. The version of this scope that has the etched reticle cost around $159.00.

Eddy from USA

Anything at this price will be wire, but it's an outstanding scope for the $, maybe the best.


etched glass

Larry from USA

Is wire,but is one of the best scope,I have one in my Hatsan 125 sniper, one in my Gamo Whisper fusion 177,and one in my Hatsan 135 Vortex .25.good scope for the money.

Jose from PR

This one is etched glass according to the Leapers/UTG website.

Darrell L from USA

Etched Glass from several reviews


I have this scope and at 119.99 its a steal. It has a wire reticle. U.T.G. Leapers has this scope with a glass etched reticle part number scp3-ug312aoiew. I would expect to pay more.

Beverly from USA

Will this scope work well mounted on a hatsan 135? Or is that gun too much spring?

asked Chandler from USA

This is a very strong scope so if anything will survive I'd imagine this is it. Plus it's an excellent scope for the $.


I put this on my R.W.S. magnum four years ago and have had no problems. U.T.G. Leapers makes the strongest scope on the market to the best of my knowledge.Yes it will work fine on the hatsan 135.

Beverly from USA

Don't know about your Hatsan, I have mine on a Gamo IGT.

Peter from USA

is the reticle thick on this scope?

asked coy from USA

The reticle isn't as thin as a fine duplex but I don't find it to be to be too thick by any means. The mil-dots are easy to pick up and make adjustments on the fly while still focusing on your target. You will not be disappointed in this scope.


The best way to answer is to compare the UTG cross hairs to some known other cross hairs. Compared to my Leupold Mark 4 yes they are large. However, I think what you really want to know is what you can make out in the scope. At 35 feet and the scope on 3x power the cross hairs completely cover a dime. At 12x at the same distance you can clearly make out a dime and would be able to put a pellet right in the middle of it. I'm pleasantly surprised at how nice this scope is. Of course after purchasing a Mark 4, this UTG scope is a bargain for how nice it is. The multi colored cross hairs are essential if you ever come across a green or red rat. The multi colored cross hairs are fun at best, they work well.

Scott from USA

yes the reticle is is somewhat thick on this scope. this only a minor hold back for certain situations. let's say you want to want to shoot a .177 cal. pellet hole at 30 yds. not gonna happen. if you wan't to shoot a birds head at 30 yd.s , it's all go have at it. i have hit carpenter bees hovering at 20 yds. with this scope on my benjamin marauder .177. this is a fine field, and game scope for all practicle purpaces. it is not a all out target scope. this is the best all around scope i have ever purchased for the money. i hope this was helpfull. p.s. i haven't used this on a springer so i can't tell you about it's reliability in that regards. i hope this is helpful to you.

kenneth from USA

t think so. It apears almost the same as my Leupold on my AR10. I really like the scope.


No, it's pretty thin really.

Jonathan from USA


asked RON

The scope its self yes but the standard scope rings it comes with are weaver not dove tail but you can buy the scope rings to fit it as for what I had to do for my maurader

Vincent from USA

seems kinda tight on tube for laser mount. is it?

asked JEFF from USA

Sorry, I'm not familiar with your terminology so I can't really answer. I do know it's a nice scope but was hard for me to zero in.

Peter from USA

will this scope fit on Air Rifle - Precihole SX-100?

asked ujjwal bera

This Scope will fit. Currently using one on my Precihole Nx Scorpious. You can mount the scope on a single piece 11mm dovetail mount or like me using a UTG drop compensator mount and the supplied Scope rings. (the utg compensation mount elevates the scope and provides more clearance to the break barrel).


I would not recommend putting a scope on that air rifle period. No, this scope will not work, I did some research on that rifle and from the looks of the specs it does not have a scope mount. The reason it will not work is that there is no scope mount on that rifle for a scope, unless you modified the rifle to have a weaver mount. This scope comes with the weaver mounts and not the dovetail mounts. I had to buy a dovetail to weaver converter mount, in order to mount to my Gamo Whisper. This scope is a great scope but it is BIG. It measures about 14.75 in or 374.65mm long. It sits really close to my eye and I have it as far back as I can. I would go smaller if you could put a scope on the Precihole SX-100.

Wyatt from USA

The scope comes with picatinny/weaver mounts. If your gun has do etai mounting, you will either have to adapt it or get a conversion.

Miguel from USA

Yes this scope should fit with no problem although the scope is shipped with weaver style rings they do make scope rings that will fit the scope that can be mounted on a dovetail mounting rail or you can purchase the weaver rail attachment that would work as well

Vincent from USA

Is this scope approved for Beeman dual caliber or similar stronger airgun?

asked Bruno

I have it on my Umarex Surge and it works great. I did have to get an adapter as my gun is equipped with dovetail mounting.

Miguel from USA

Yes it will work with a beeman dual caliber i have mine on a benjamin np XL .25 cal and works just fine and that by far stronger then the dual caliber

Vincent from USA

Can you use LIR2032 CR2032 RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES LI-ION CB24 in this scope? Or would it just ruin it? I personally would not think so, but hey, you never know for sure, right? Sure would appreciate a somewhat reasonable answer. Oh, and also does the CR2032 battery that comes with this scope come in 3 V (Volt) "edition", or can you use a bit more powerful version of it, like a 3.6 V, without ruining the scope? It's "just a tad" more Volt, like 0.6 V, but like previously mentioned above, you never know for sure. Am I right? Again, a somewhat reasonable answer would be very much obliged!

asked Andreas from USA

I have worked in the home electronics and camera field for many years. You should be fine using the rechargeable at 3V. Baring corrosion, leakage, or damages. (If it has a dent in the batteries don't risk it) How ever I would contact the manufacture to see if 3.6V is safe I hope this helps and would love for you to give us an update

Jesse Carter (CO Oreilly auto from USA

I haven't tried the rechargeable or 3.6V, but it's just LED's so I don't see why not. For me the light is too bright with 3V so I don't see the point of 3.6. I only like the red and green, and only the lowest brightness setting is usable imo. I may crack it open one day and lower the brightness further. Btw, you can get the batts super cheap on ebay, like a pack of 10 for maybe $2 delivered, so no point in using rechargeable.


I am still on my first battery and the scope comes with two. If you are going to upgrade the battery, I wouldn't change the voltage but you could go with something wih a higher milliamp hour rating.

Miguel from USA

Will this fit on my Walther .22 gas piston?

asked Dale from USA

The scope itself will fit almost ANY gun, IF you have the correct 30 mm rings and mounts to attach it with! They usually send you a cheap set of $10 rings to use, but every gun is different, and the proper rings for your purpose are to be determined by you! Rings and mount selections are too numerous to mention. Buy the scope and then buy yourself the extras you need to make it suit your purpose. Maybe the rings and mounts they send you will be all you need, and then again maybe not?

William from USA

Will this scope fit on my Ruger air hawk?

asked josh

The scope itself will fit almost ANY gun, IF you have the correct 30 mm rings and mounts to attach it with! They usually send you a cheap set of $10 rings to use, but every gun is different, and the proper rings for your purpose are to be determined by you! Rings and mount selections are too numerous to mention. Buy the scope and then buy yourself the extras you need to make it suit your purpose. Maybe the rings and mounts they send you will be all you need, and then again maybe not?

William from USA

Will this fit on the utg shadow ops bolt action sniper rifle?

asked ryan

The scope itself will fit almost ANY gun, IF you have the correct 30 mm rings and mounts to attach it with! They usually send you a cheap set of $10 rings to use, but every gun is different, and the proper rings for your purpose are to be determined by you! Rings and mount selections are too numerous to mention. Buy the scope and then buy yourself the extras you need to make it suit your purpose. Maybe the rings and mounts they send you will be all you need, and then again maybe not?

William from USA

Yes it will, and it'll look great.


Is this air gun certified? Designed solely for air gun use?

asked Jerome

It's not solely for airguns, but it is an excellent choice for an airgun. It's also a "TS" which stands for True Strength, so it's stronger than their normal scopes which are already know for strength. The TS line of UTG/Leapers scopes is what most people have luck with after breaking lesser scopes.


I would have to say yes, I have it on my Gamo Whisper .177 rifle. My rifle is the one with the spring in it not the gas piston and it does just fine. It is very sturdy when attached and does not budge a bit.

Wyatt from USA

Will it fit my bee man rs2 1.77 .22 combo rifle?

asked fred

yes i have it on mine



trent from USA

I just purchased a Gamo .177 cal Bone Collector break-barrel air rifle. I need to replace the scope that came with the rifle and would like to know if this UTG 3-12x44AO Swat Accushot Rifle Scope would be a good choice. What other choices would you recommend. I don't really see a need for an adjustable 3 to 12 power scope on an air rifle and would be satisfied with a straight 4 power or something similar. Durability, clarity, parallax adjustment and accuracy are my primary objectives. Thank you for your time.

asked Alan Hemrich

I put one on same gun and after 4000 rounds the rear part of scope housing the reticle and illumination gear wobbles. The front retaining ring has also come completely off and if it wasn't for the detachable extra sunshade the ring would have fallen to the ground, the warranty return to manufacturer is a pain and they cant say whether its under warranty even though they have all paperwork on purchase. not getting that appreciated customer feeling!


I have a Gamo Big Cat 1250 and I bought the UTG Varmint/Predator 4-16x40 and it is amazing. It has locking zero turrets and scope for only $92.00 (that is including the shipping).

KyleKelly from

How tall are the supplied rings?

asked Mark Linzenmeyer

They are1.25" from the top of the reciever to the center of the rings-scope

scott from USA
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