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UTG Master Sniper Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle, Black

UTG Master Sniper Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle, Black

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The UTG Master Sniper is Modeled after the M700 which is used by many special forces and law enforcement around the world. Highly accurate, light, balanced and very easy to shoot this gun makes and excellent starting weapon for anyone looking to get there first airsoft gun for combat, target shooting and weapons safety. With two picatinny weaver rails, one for the scope and one for a bi-pod that comes included with the airsoft rifle.

  • Superior Performance with New Gen Bolt and Reinforced Safety
  • Extremely High Metal Contents, Including Barrel, Bolt/Cocking, Trigger and Lots More
  • Long Range High Power Pin-Point Accuracy Performance
  • Spare Magazine
  • Spring Powered Deluxe Speed Loader
  • UTG Tactical Bi-pod with Picatinny Mount and Posi-Lock
  • UTG Sniper Rifle Sling
  • Package includes:UTG Master Sniper, Tools, Bi-Pod, Extra But Pads, Cleaning Rod, Magazines, Sling and Speed Loader

We recommend only using high quality .20g and .25g BBs for higher performance, better accuracy and to prolong the life of your gun.
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  • ManufacturerUTG
  • Caliber6mm cal
  • Velocity420 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • BlowbackNo
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight7.85
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • UseSkirmishing
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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UTG Master Sniper Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle, Black Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 32 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 4, 2017
I'm confused does the scope come with the rifle or not? But it seems like a good rifle.

bailey brunsmann
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

February 20, 2014
I have had this for about 4 years and have had no problems with it. I purchased a different scope with it, but the function of the gun is nonetheless impressive. It has good range, good accuracy, and the bolt is very easy to pull, especially if you keep it clean.
Pros: Good range Very accurate durable doesn't wobble convenient hop-up
Cons: safety can be a bit difficult to engage

2 Stars

January 11, 2012
to be honest i used this gun 5 times and it broke the bipod snaped off because i went forward on the ground
metal barrel
Unaccurate heavy

Sam R.
5 Stars

Just What YOU want in a sniper
August 24, 2011
this is a must have for airsofters, especially players looking to be a sniper, and have a fair amount of experience. i use .30 or .28s, and they shoot fantastic. the fps is great, chroned at about 135, (you can believe me) using .2s, although dont use .2s in a game, its to light for for a gun this powerful. this is one of the best 100 doller snipers out there. i really recamend it over others that ive had, (2 others at the similar price) i have a utg 4x32 scope its great!!! Range: up to about 85-95 yards, (ive got someone at 75 yards, so i suppose with a nicer scope you could tune it out a bit

5 Stars

August 9, 2011
i want to buy this sniper but the bolt system really works?

Jordan Kilps
5 Stars

Very reliable
August 5, 2011
This is one of the best made guns for under 100 dollars If you are looking for a good sniper GET THIS GUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars

An honest Review
March 31, 2011
This gun is very, very good. I would say that this is one of the best $100 snipers on the internet. I have had other snipers, and this doesn't even compare, its way better. you should use .28!!! it works best, you have a long range, and pin point accuracy. Buy it now

a person
5 Stars

UTG Master Sniper Black Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle
March 25, 2011
this gun is beast great acuracy and is fun to play with very realistic features i totally recomend this gun

airsoft manic
5 Stars

February 17, 2011
bought this bout a year ago used it in many wars it is very accurate and very good range. yes the 12 gram bbs are not accurate use CROSSMAN 25 GRAM EXACT PERSICION HIGH IMPACT BBS they are super accurate and will extend rang to 500 ft!!!!!!

5 Stars

January 11, 2011
great accuracy powerful, what else to say

5 Stars

UTG Master Sniper Airsoft Gun
December 27, 2010
I bought two of these for my kids to learn the basics of gun control in the back yard. I was looking for an airsoft gun that would work as much like a firearm as possible. I couldn't be happier with my choice. The gun is well built and nicely finished. The receiver and barrel shroud are finished in a mat black that appears to be be durable. The Picatinny rails are clean and precisely done. The rail on the receiver appears to be accurately aligned with the barrel and only minimal adjustment of the scope was needed. The stock is synthetic but doesn't feel cheap at all, the checkering is crisp and sharp. In addition, the stock is weighted so that the gun is well balanced and feels like a field gun. The gun is easy to cock and nicely simulates a bolt action rifle in feel and action. Even with the easy cocking action, the gun has enough power to cleanly punch through card paper targets and pierce aluminum drink cans for plinking fun. The gun is certainly powerful enough to demand respect and does not come across as being a toy. Precision is not too bad, easily capable of 1 inch groupings at 10 meters. We haven't tried the guns at greater distances, and probably won't get out past 20 meters in any event, so I can't comment on what the accuracy and precision will be at greater distances. I suspect that the physics of the airsoft pellet will dominate at that distance and the similarity to an actual firearm in performance will lessen.

just some guy
5 Stars

First and best.
December 22, 2010
this is a great gun. accurate, and powerful. buy a scope and win. quite simple. its durable and shoots well. has a tendancy to curve after about 100 feet. but. its usually consistent. so you can adjust. DEFINATELY RECOMMED. GREAT PRICE

5 Stars

best gun ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
November 8, 2010
this is the best gun i hav ever shot and it can kill a bird easly to buy this gun it rocks!!!!!!!!!!

air snipe
5 Stars

ausome gun
November 8, 2010
very accurate, durable,cool look! this is the best sniper for the money. looking forward to shooting someone with it Pros: acurate, durable, heavy, cool, CONS:WIND TAKES 12GRAM BBS EASILY

5 Stars

goood gun
November 6, 2010
very accurate gun but you need to get a scope and a bipod

billy bob thorton
5 Stars

July 27, 2010
outstandingly accurate this is #1

Airsoft Man
5 Stars

The bomb!!!!!!!!!!
June 6, 2010
OK my road is about amile long. i measured 260 feet and shot acan full of water that has a diameter of 10 inches with this gun. i did not feel like spending $$ on a scope so i used my red dot sight. i hit dead on target. the bb has peirced the can on both sides. This is the best gun for the $

Optic h3cz
5 Stars

Love it
May 20, 2010
Best sniper eva it is great for anyone

5 Stars

Bad A$$ Sniper
April 25, 2010
This sniper is the best u can get for this price. I shot through a double sided cardboard box. I was able to shoot threw both sides of a can, full of water, from 50 yards away. I've never had a problem with this gun. Every time i shoot a someone with this gun, it leaves a huge blood welt. It pierces skin pretty easily. Pros Heavy. All Metal Easy hop adjustment Comes with two clips Shots accurately really far Bipod is easy to get set up Con Ur friends will be so scared of this gun they might not want to airsoft with you.

5 Stars

UTG Master Sniper
February 26, 2010
When it comes to this gun, the name 'master sniper' is an understatement. More like super-ultimate-uber-awesome-sniper...this is the dang airsoft gun i have ever shot! The fps, range, quality...everything about it just blows me away! I shot a christmas light from about 100 feet away, what does that tell you?! It's durable, reliable there's not a single gun out there that can beat it, buy it!

5 Stars

January 13, 2010
it works well

5 Stars

January 4, 2010
Sorry, I made an error on the Trigger Mech. The Trigger Mechanism is made of metal, so durability is excellent and upgrades will be easy! Sauron

5 Stars

The best budget sniper out there!
December 30, 2009
After doing some careful and extensive research on budget airsoft snipers, I narrowed my results down to this gun, and the JG BAR-10. I decided to get this gun because of some extra features that the BAR-10 didn't have, and I am extremely pleased with my choice! Here are some pros and cons: PROS: -Heavy, realistic weight. It is about 9 pounds with a scope and bipod attached, which is equivalent to its real counterpart, the Remington 700. -Tough polymer stock w/adjustable rubber butt. -Full Metal assembly except for trigger mech (See Cons) -Bolt is metal covered in rubber for quiet cocking. -.25 Bio BBs come out of the barrel at over 400 FPS with hop-up tuned. -The same .25 BBs have bulls-eye accuracy (with a sighted in Leapers True Srength 4x32 scope) at a little more or less than a quarter mile. -Well positioned safety, magazine, and magazine release. -Comes with two 25 shot clips, a speedloader, a sling, and metal folding bipod CONS: - The trigger mechanism is made of plastic, so you may have a hard time upgrading parts (especially springs, as they put tension on the trigger mech). -Orange tip is plastic, but can be removed. Overall this is an excellent gun. Everything about it feels quality made. For the price, this gun is he best around. Happy shooting! Sauron Also, thanks to Airgun Depot for the quick shipping and excellent customer service!

Mocking Bird
4 Stars

Good Gun
June 22, 2009
This gun is a pretty good sniper rifle airsoft standards. To start, the FPS is good. .12 and .20 g BBs are extremely inaccurate at far range. so i would recomend using .25s or heavier. The range is good. There are machine guns with equal range though. I have a scope for mine and I usually do pretty good. You just have to be quiet and actually know how to snipe. For the price i think that it is a good deal. But if you're willing to spend more then i would get something with more range. If i think of something else to add or something happens to mine i'll post it up. oh, i've had mine for 3 years now and it's perfectly fine.

BObby Joe
3 Stars

its alright
January 8, 2009
ITs an alright gun...not the greatest. Mine broke after like 2 months but i think thats because i played in the winter and it froze the lube inside it.

5 Stars

ohh yah
December 23, 2008
umm im thinking of getting this gun, but i was wondering if i should get the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-spec instead....

airsoft genie
5 Stars

great gun grreat price
December 13, 2008
well to start very good fps and accuracy. the bipod really helps u out with everything. very easy to cock. honestly u dont even have to get a scope with this thing. overall i wud defintely buy this if u want a good easy to sniper to use.

airsoft genie
5 Stars

great gun grreat price
December 13, 2008
well to start very good fps and accuracy. the bipod really helps u out with everything. very easy to cock. honestly u dont even have to get a scope with this thing. overall i wud defintely buy this if u want a good easy to sniper to use.

4 Stars

November 27, 2008
i have a scope now and this is awesome but you need .24 gram bbs and up to zero in a scope its so good the guy said i could be on a airsoft team but you have to be 18 or older. so i play in the feild w/ airsoft teams just not old enough

4 Stars

October 25, 2008
i love to play with my kid and he loves it.

5 Stars

great gun
October 3, 2008
this is a great gun, good handling. aiming is good and it hurts when shot with it. #1 gun by price

4 Stars

September 8, 2008
I dont have a scope yet, but i played in the woods and from far away i sniped the whole team,

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By Cam Miller from warren, rhode island on January 16, 2012
What kind of pellets or BB's are the best for this rifle, also what scope do you prefer for this sniper?
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 3, 2012

6mm airsoft BB's only. .20-.43g bbs work the best. Get a 3-9x32 scope for this one.

By Joshua from ca on January 17, 2012
I want a link to the mount and scope that are in the iphoto
By Staff on January 17, 2012

We do not have that scope and rings but you can use these on this rifle.

By Marcos from California on May 23, 2012
Is this a bb gun or pellet

By Staff on May 23, 2012

This is a plastic bb airsoft gun.

By jim from austin, texas on March 15, 2012
how long is the barrel
By Staff on March 28, 2012

20 inches from where the bbs load in and 31 inches from the back of the cocking lever to the tip of the gun.

By Joey from Chicago, Illinois on November 29, 2011
is it comparable to the l96 that utg has put out?

By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 3, 2012

The UTG one goes "Velocity: 465 fps with .20g BBs" while this one goes 420 with .20g....

By John from Chicago, Illinois on July 31, 2012
If I were to shoot a barking dog, would this gun give it a wake-up call and do no real harm to it?

By Isaac from Nevada on August 3, 2012
It says scope and rings not included, what are rings?

By marcus from airizona phx on December 5, 2011
is it perfect to shoot birds
By Staff on December 23, 2011

I would not recommend this type of rifle (Airsoft) for pest control as this is intended for skirmishing person to person, and mostly does no real damage (As long as you use proper protection, goggles, mask, ect.).

If you are looking for something for birds I would recommend taking a look as some of or pellet rifles.
By R.J.D. from taylor michigan on January 5, 2012

it is posible to kill the bird with the gun easly but that is not its intended purpose. This is a more person to person type of wepon, that is if someone isn't afraid to play with this beast

By Cole C. from 46038 on June 8, 2012
Can this gun be taken apart and put back together repeatedly

By Coss from Knoxville, TN on May 18, 2012
Does it shoot plastic or steel bbs?
By Staff on May 21, 2012

this gun shoots plastic airsoft bb's

By jacob hannah from wellington ,NZ on July 21, 2012
hello, i live in NZ and wondering how much this will cost me in NZ dollars ?
By Staff on July 27, 2012

Hello Jacob Hannah,
You can calculate your shipping cost by filling out the shipping information at the bottom of the shopping cart page. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

By Eli from Brooklyn, NY on May 2, 2012
What does AEG mean for the mechanism?
By Staff on May 3, 2012

Thank you for informing us of this typo, we will have it corrected shortly.

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