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UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Airsoft Shotgun

UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Airsoft Shotgun

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UTGs M3 series is about as close as you can get to a real shot gun. Using three barrel technology each shot shoot three rounds at 320fps with great power and pinpoint accuracy. A must have for indoor or CQB! Made of durable ABS plastics and metal the M3L features a full butt stock and pistol grip like many S.W.A.T. and tactical style shot guns. Professionally painted front and rear sites make it easy to aim in any situation under even the harshest conditions and using an authentic shot gun shell like cartridge that holds 30 rounds giving you 10 shots it is one of the funnest manual cocking shotguns out there.

  • Triple Barrel Technology- 3 BBs simultaneously with great power and pinpoint accuracy
  • Authentic shot shell cartridge holding 30 BBs
  • Muscle spring action with most dominant force
  • Complete with spare shell, speed loader and quality sling
  • Matte black non-glare finish
  • Allows for single triple shot and continuous everblast triple shots
  • Package Includes: Manual, Shotgun, One Shell and Sling
  • Full Buttstock

We recommend only using high quality .20g and .25g BBs for higher performance, better accuracy and to prolong the life of your gun.
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  • ManufacturerUTG
  • Caliber6mm cal
  • Velocity320 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Barrel StyleSmooth
  • MechanismSpring piston
  • UseSkirmishing
  • Warranty30 Day Limited
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UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Airsoft Shotgun   $59.99
23 Reviews
91% (21)
9% (2)
0% (0)
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17% Recommend this product (4 of 23 responses)
By Valarie
Murfreesboro, TN
April 27, 2013
Powerful and Fun
I have had this shotgun for a couple of years now and I have never had any problems with it in the least. It is very powerful and very realistic in look. The shot gun shell cartridge that comes with it is one of my favorite features. It can be speed loaded and looks amazing. I would recommend getting the version with the stock because it makes cocking the pump a breeze.
ProsRealistic gun and shell, 3 bbs per shot, powerful, light weight
By Matthew
The North Pole
January 1, 2013
Best Shotgun Ever
This gun is awesome. I have had for 2 months and it hasn't let me down. The best part is that it shoots 3 BB's per shot!
ProsTriple-shot Accurate Reliable
ConsShooting Distance
By Jacob da Russian
Moscow, Russian Federation
December 16, 2012
I love this gun. I had it for about 2 years and it never let me down. It was very good for my first shotgun.
ProsThe Weight 3 Burst Sights Nice Plastic Fire rate The FPS was pretty good ITS A SHOTGUN!!! :P
ConsDoesn't come with any spare mags :(
By Brian
June 26, 2012
Look like the real thing
Great gun, looks and feels like the real thing. Shoots well, and the shotgun shells are a good touch.
ProsLooks, feel.
ConsA little big for a 9 year old, but he's building muscles pumping it.
By Ryan
July 21, 2011
GREAT, but...
I loved this gun, until the barrel jammed and a regular cleaning rod cannot get the ammo out. I LOVE this shotgun, but now it sits in my closet, all jammed up. I tried unjamming it, searching how to take it apart, asking how to unjam it... i found no info about how i can fix it. This definitely won't happen to you, because I think I used .12mm ammo (and you should use .2mm or
By Sam
March 14, 2011
Very very good for price
This gun is great for the price, and this is an honest review. The gun has pretty good fps, around 300 with .2, 360... Using .2s, i had an effective range of 30-40 yards at max, which is very good for the cqb type shotty im looking for. Good accuracy for a tri shot, great overall gun
By Kyle
March 15, 2010
Addition to Review
I did a review before of this gun, after having it for about 2 weeks... and I would just like to add a little bit more for anyone who is curious. This gun is very accurate, I mean sersiously... after about 80 feet it starts to float somewhat, but it still goes straight and true. I have actually sniped people with this gun (by snipe I mean 110ft or so). I have had the gun for about a year and have had absolutely no issues with it and it shoots awesome.
By max
February 7, 2010
best shotgun
the good:strong and powerful.very easy to hit targets.lots of ammo in one shell.fires 3 bullets at once. The bad:feeds your ammo very fast.hard to cock the gun.comes with a sucky speed reloader
By pieman
January 23, 2010
this gun has awesome fps and great power it is extremely durable BUY IT OR YOU WILL REGRET IT
By max
December 19, 2009
bb shotgun
one of the powerful shotgun that I shot and the most 10 out of 10 shots you will hit your target and very cool shooting with shells that hold 30 bbs !
By Sam
August 14, 2009
The best Airsoft ShotGun Ive ever shot! pros very sturdy very accurate very powerful very fun very exciting You have to own this gun!!!
By nathan
July 17, 2009
this gun roks it is better than the crosman version i love how utg made the $250 tokyo mauri m3 affordible great job utg always carry a secondary weapon it helps when reloading BUY THE EXTRA SHELLS!!!!!!!! pros: power 290 fps per bb range 75-90ft abs plastic (the good kind) interior (all metal) hurts intimidating great sights accurate solid cons: hard to cock mag capacity (30 bbs, 10 shots) thats all
By Kyle
May 19, 2009
UTG Multi Shot Full-Stock
This is a great gun, very affordable and quite nice, this would be a lower star review, because when i first got the gun, all my shells were jamming, and i would dry shoot every first shot. This problem fixed itself, the shells just needed to be worked in, i also assume silicone lubricant would of helped it as well. Pros: -Heavy and realistic -surprisingly accurate at range (.2g bb's) -Shoots 3 bb's -Slam firing is very fun. (people say it is bad for gun, yet the manual describes how to do it) -Fun and realistic loading Cons: -Not always 3 shots fire, (2-6 sometimes) -Very lengthy (although a plus for me) -Shells jam at beginning, but they will fix themselves a very nice affordable gun that you will love to play with all the time.
By Crossman Airguns
January 31, 2009
Multi-shot Airsoft Shotgun
I got this from a friend and have to see its the most realistic airsoft shotgun. Pros: -Decent weight -Chronographed 285fps with .2g high polish bbs the first time, second time with a spray of gun lube it got 310fps with .2g high polish bbs -Good shell capacity 30 bbs=10 shots -Pretty good for a made in China gun -Can slam fire..(not recommended) -Built pretty good -Easy to load -Easy to cock/pump -Good sights Cons: -Sometimes the last shot will only shoot two -stock can't be removed -sling that came with the gun might break -nothing else
By brad
December 3, 2008
my favorit gun sor far
i love this gun, more accurate than you would think and i left a triangle on my freinds face and isn't that whats it all about. BUY THE EXTRA SHELLS!
By Cool
November 26, 2008
Shotgun is sweet 3 barells, hurts good for $60. Hard to cock untill u put gun oil on it. Downside its long but im 14 so mabey thats why.
By Gavin
November 15, 2008
awesome awesome awesome
this gun is soooo fun. i dont own one but i used it at my best friends house and i was sooo fun....great for airsoft wars
September 18, 2008
By arnold
September 18, 2008
rock on
this gun blows up good, BUY IT!
By timmy
September 1, 2008
good gun
relly good for close battles and fun to reload
By Matthew
August 12, 2008
Super Fun
I saw this gun at a co-worker's house during our July 4th party and fell in love with it because I was amazed at how well it's able to shoot 3 BBs at once with amazing accuracy. I recently bought one for myself and was a little upset at first because I had trouble getting it to load the BBs smoothly when I cocked it but then I put a few drops of gun oil inside each shotgun shell to slick up the action and now it will load all 3 BBs quickly and easily when cocked. Very Fun!! Very Accurate!!
By Alex
July 16, 2008
Great gun
Great gun my friend got one and now im getting one. It is very strong and accurate i dont know if i should get the one with the stock or with out.
By Arnie
July 12, 2008
Good Price,Good Value
First off you will notice the body is all plastic, but eh its only $60. The shotgun preforms well and actually has a decent range. For CQB or Zomie games this would is something fun to have. Do yourself a favor and buy a sling with shell holders or get a slip-on for the rear stock. Pro's: Cheap Accurate Dot feel badly if you break it Fun to use Orange tip Screws off Con's: Plastic Light Weight
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By Allen Ye from York, Nebraska on November 22, 2011
Simple Questions: What color is the shell? And is there any way to make the sling holder not clink and make noise?
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on January 28, 2012

Shells are red I think, tape the holder so it will not rattle.

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