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Walther Nighthawk Pellet Pistol Combo

CO2 Pistol Includes a Hard Case and Accessories, .177 Caliber

Walther Nighthawk Pellet Pistol Combo

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  • Code: 2252204 · 0.177 cal · 360 fps ·
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Think tactical. With a compensator, a red dot sight with 11 brightness settings, a tactical flashlight with remote pressure switch and a mounting system for accessories, the Nighthawk is a .177 cal. force for the future. Comes with a removable CO2 magazine, rifled barrel, 8-shot clip and hard sided carrying case. Be one of the first to own this incredible new air pistol. The Walther Nighthawk shoots eight shots as fast as you can pull the trigger. The Walther Nighthawk shoots up to 400 FPS. Train like the pros. The Walther Nighthawk features a CO2 repeater system, a special high-powered mount that offers individual ways of mounting scopes and a newly developed compensator that sets new standards in CO2 weapons technology.

Shoot when it's dark, daylight or in between. Included red dot sight increases accuracy, while the tactical flashlight lights up your target. Remote pressure pad for the flashlight, 2 mags, tools and more all fit in the custom foam-fitted hard case. Massive compensator kicks it up a notch. Drill paper targets, kill pop cans, shoot spinners and more. Use your Walther Nighthawk air pistol with all the accessories or by itself.

The compensator on this pistol allows the pellet to travel uneffected by things such a wind and rain. It does not silence or quiet the shot in any way.

Package includes:
Walther Airguns Nighthawk, Walther Tactical Flashlight, Walther Top Dot Red Dot Sight, Weaver Rail Assembly, Muzzle Compensator, one 8 shot rotary clip and hard case.

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  • ManufacturerWalther
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity360 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionSemiautomatic
  • Barrel StyleRifled
  • BlowbackNo
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight1.47
  • Loudness3-Medium
  • MechanismCO2
  • OpticsRed Dot
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsBlade and Ramp
  • Rear SightsAdjustable for windage
  • Trigger ActionDouble-action only
  • UsePlinking / Fun
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Walther Nighthawk Pellet Pistol Combo Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 49 Review(s)
Urbandale, IA
2 Stars

Walther Nighthawk Pellet Pistol Combo
July 17, 2017
Was a great gun for a while did kill a few ground squirrels close range with it. Was backyard friendly no to loud I would say. Now I have to send it in for repair work already. So not rating this pistol to high with problems already. Pretty tough kill for small game many shots to take them down
Lightweight fairly accurate for a pistol. 8 shot clip is handy fun for target shooting
The drop out magazine design needs improving. can only fire certain pellets from this gun Not enough power for pest control

Arthur Vega
Santa ana California
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Walthers Nighthawk
June 12, 2016
AWESOME PISTOL !! I've owned this piece a few years now and and has ALWAYS been my favorite pistol, very reliable and acurate with or without the scope,,

Buffalo, NY
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love this piece!
April 11, 2016
I love this gun! It hits very hard for 360fps and has a nice pop to it. The red dot site is great. I had to make a very minor adjustment to it but it is bang on now. The tactical flash light is very bright. Trigger action is a little on the heavy side but I like it. The gun is weighted and balanced very nicely. CO2 and pellets load easily. This gun is one of my favorites in my collection. I use Skenco Blue Arrow Lead Free Pellets. These pellets are some of the best in my opinion. They are a little pricey but are reusable as they wont deform like lead pellets. At 6.4gr and pointed they fly fast and hit hard leaving a nice size hole in what ever they hit.
Everything listed above!
Nothing, love it!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Walther Nighthawk Co2 Pellet Pistol - .177 Caliber - Hard Case and Accessories Included!
August 2, 2015
Great little gun and works really well for its intended purpose. It is not powerful enough for critter control, so don't get it for that. But for simple fun-play target shooting its great. Get good ammo, its not accurate with the cheaper grades but with point nose ammo such as : RWS HyperMax Pellets - .177 cal Its surprisingly accurate even 60 feet plus away. There is a warning included that pointed nose ammo can cause issues with the magazine but in some 300 shots so far, I have not encountered a problem with it. The CO2 cylinder is good for half a dozen magazines of 10 shots before there is any noticeable drop in velocity, but as soon as you do notice it, you'll want to change the CO2 cylinder because as mentioned, even fully charged the gun isn't particularly fast or powerful. The red dot target system is brilliant, and mine came already aligned/sighted. It makes the gun easy to sight, and its accurate enough to have quite a bit of fun with so you can experiment with wind and distance variations. I bought the optional laser sight but that has limitations and frankly, adds little value over the red dot system in my view. The included light is a bit awkward, and on mine, the optional pressure switch failed to properly adhere, and also separated the sticky pad from the switch after two days. Its of limited use so it hasn't bothered me much, but its the only disappointment in an otherwise great buy.

Walton, Kentucky
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

May 8, 2015
Love this gun. I am not a very good shot especially with a pistol but with this gun it surpassed my expectations. I have been able to shoot the small flowers on an apple tree ( the ones i was actually aiming at ) at about 20 feet distance and even hit my mail box at about 75 or 80 feet. For me that is great because I am 65 with an unsteady hand and poor eye sight. The gun is well balanced and the weight is just right which may be the main reason it shoots so well. There have been comments about the trigger pull but I think this may have helped me squeeze the trigger rather than yanking it back which would give better shots. I would definitely recommend this gun for any pro or beginner.
Well balanced, easy to load, Scope is great and needed very little adjustment (none for me). CO2 is easy to add or remove, safety is well placed and easy to use.
Trigger has a long pull and is a little tough on the finger if shooting a lot and non adjustable

central Texas
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

great and fun airgun
October 26, 2012
Have had it over a couple of weeks now, bought extra clips for it. Once you sight it in and give it a second after firing every round hits the same rapid fire, it's off a little. Overall great gun for plinking/targets.
8 shots of pellets per reload.
The way co2 holder works.

Davy jones
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nice gun
October 5, 2012
Reasonable accuracy for a short barrel. I could consistently catch a rabbit at 20 yards right out of the box. The CO2 clip with valve on top seems to work well. Nice to be able to disconnect it without losing the rest of your CO2. Lots of rail mount areas. Trigger pull is long...but it's realistic, feels like a easier pulling version of the action on my old Ruger .357 double action.
Looks great Easy to mod Disconnect the CO2 without losing it.

Bristol, Indiana
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awesome Gun
August 13, 2012
I got this for the wife to plink around the yard with, but found myself playing with it as I was setting it up for her shoot. I have put about 300 rounds through it and just love it. Fun gun to own and have. Keep some C02 on hand you going to need it can't put it down... The red dot could be a bit better, I added the Laser sight and love it. Over all I give it 4.5 out of 5
Over all look of the gun and add the laser well worth it. Works well no problems.
I wish the trigger pull was a bit less, but it's not bad.

Stirling AB Canada
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great Gun
June 23, 2012
I use mine mainly for shooting gophers that invade my yard and garden. It has enough force to go through smaller gophers. This year alone around 40 or more. otherwise I would be over run, The more I use it the more I like it. I live in the town limits and I can legally use it on my property. The trigger is a bit hard to pull but also is a safety feature as it would be extremely difficult to accidentally discharge. I have fired around 1500 rounds and gets better. I find that both hands on the grip and trigger gives excellent accuracy. Patience when hunting gophers at close range. Really like the the red dot site.

Mike O.
Staten Island, New York
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awesome Gun!
January 15, 2012
I've owned this gun for almost 4 years now, and I have not been disappointed in it at all! Super-realistic look and feel, extremely bright flashlight, and a very accurate red dot sight.
Excellent look and feel. Accurate. Easy to use.

4 Stars

Walther Nighthawk
March 6, 2011
I have shot about 1000 rounds through it and find the gun very accurate and no jams. I am holding a quarter sized pattern at 35 feet off a rest. The red dot scope works well. My only complaint is the toughness of the trigger pull. After about 50 shots my 9 year old son can no longer pull the trigger. I would also recommend using a pellet with a flat front such as a wadcutter.

Donn Hoffmann
4 Stars

Trigger pull
January 19, 2011
Cool looking gun. Wish it had a higher velocity though. Biggest problem I have with this gun is the trigger pull. Not smooth at all. About the time I feel the weapon should fire you still have to continue to pull the trigger. You may get use to it, but lighter trigger pull will never make this an accurate target pistol. Even my wife commented on it when she fired it a few times. Would have rated it five stars except for this.

Billy the Kid
5 Stars

Walther Nighthawk
December 23, 2010
I bought it b/c it looked cool and got good reviews. Its a nice piece of work - the case doens't do it justice (very low grade but its free). The laser dot is a laser dot on the scope, not the beam type - I'm a newby. However its easy to adjust and very accurate when shooting in dim light ( hint 'Night'Hawk and the flashlight) otherwise its useless in day shooting. Manual say not to store the gun w/ the CO2 as it not good for the seal. I did that an let out all the gas, yeah CO2 is not re-useable. Another thing is that he trigger, its a full pull all the way to the end before it fire - not an easy trigger. All in all -its a VERY good buy, very pleased w/ got to find something to shoot.

Happy Customer
5 Stars

WOW! Simply Amazing!
March 3, 2010
Just got this gun and already at first sights i'm in love! The weight of it is perfect, the look and feel is indescribable! The standard scope works great! And did i forget to mention its has great accuracy! I would choose this over the Berreta!

Satisfied Customer
5 Stars

Excellent Pistol
July 17, 2009
This is the first CO2 powered pistol I've purchased since 1990 and all I can say is that they've come a long way. I absolutely love this weapon. It's a joy to shoot. The red dot sight makes it extremely accurate for distance shooting (up to about 50 feet or so) but needs to be removed for close quarters plinking. The tactical gear can all be easily removed by simply loosening two hex nuts and the compensator and you have a fine pistol. I have to disagree with Josh. My Nighthawk has plenty of power and can easily break a glass bottle at 50 feet or so. The rotary clips are well made and hold most types of pellet firmly in place. I have yet to have a jam. Loading the rotary clip into pistol is also simple. The only downside for me is that I would prefer a larger clip size, but I guess that's the trade off when you get a pellet gun instead of a BB gun. Overall, the Nighthawk Tactical is an excellent buy and I highly recommend it.

1 Stars

r=this gun
March 6, 2009
DONT BUY THIS GUN!!! get the berreta xx-treme its all metal comes with the same stuff as this waay more powerful and accurate and dosnt have a crappy trigger like the nighthawk

Brice Jones
5 Stars

Yes Sir!
January 10, 2009
I bought this gun recently and have had too much fun. As long as you keep the CO2 fresh (change every 60/70 shots or so) it has the power to kill birds and other small game. The feel of the pistol is realistic, much like its (real) Walther twin brother.

5 Stars

the best gun
January 10, 2009
this is a very good gun

5 Stars

Great fun for the money
September 11, 2008
I was looking at the nighthawk, the Gamo PT-80 tactical gun, and the Beretta XX-treme. The Gamo and the and the Beretta felt "cheap" by comparison with plastic grips. Both other guns function well but the Nighthawk definitely exceeded the worksmanship of the others. Gun has more than enough power for target practice and and small pests. The trigger pull is a tad long but after a round or two you dont even notice it. All my friends really like the gun, and I would buy it again no questions asked!

Alicia Penney
3 Stars

Good Gun
August 15, 2008
It's an overall good gun but it would be nicer if it had a little more power (360 fps is just not quite enough for me) and could hold a little more ammo. This would make it altogether perfect. I'll be sure to buy if they happen to upgrade this gun. The tactical accessories are absaloutely great. I enjoyed using these.

chris walker
1 Stars

night hawk
August 10, 2008
this gun is not buy this is not worth you money at all....i thought it would be so cool but it is is not that powerful and it is not that accurate.....i don't advise you to buy this

5 Stars

Pistol Perfect
July 8, 2008
Accuracy rite out of the box no tweaking of the sight was required. I was very pleased and highly recommend this pistol to anyone intrested in a powerful and accurate target pistol. The CO2 cartridges are accurate for up to 40 shots which I think is fantastic!

5 Stars

June 5, 2008
It is unbelieveable! The pop that it has. Not a Kid toy, Shot through Soda bottles Full. Much Fun to have. Exceeded Expectations that I had.

5 Stars

June 1, 2008
This gun in not only amazing, but easy to assemble and use right out of the box. Very accurate without siting the red dot scope. The laser site is very easy to use and site in for evening use. Excellent gun that will excede your expectations. Order this today!!!

noe marmolejo
5 Stars

December 24, 2007
Open the case and your eyes can't believe that this gun isn't real. I only shot it a couple of times but so far it has exceeded my expectations. Excellent workmanship, authentic feel, lots of fun.

5 Stars

December 15, 2007
Just got this gun today...freaking sweet! This is my first CO2 pistol...I am upgrading from an airsoft P99. I wasn't sure if it was worth the money...but I easily would have paid more for this now that I have had a chance to play with it. Its louder than I was expecting, but again I have not had experience with a CO2 gun. I feel like I'm in a movie running around with this in my back yard!! Buy this gun!

5 Stars

Wow that is cool
November 21, 2007
Wow that gun is awsome it gos so fast its scaary good i love the scop of course i never saw it with my own eyes bu hey whos counting

5 Stars

Worth Every Cent
November 19, 2007
Bought this gun solely for shooting cans in the backyard (and for how cool it looked). Well, I wasn't disappointed. This gun oozes quality. Some reviews I read talked about the sound of the report. It sounds exactly like I expected a CO2 pistol would. It has a pop, but nothing too loud. Some reviews talked about the trigger pull being stiff, this was not true. It did have a long pull, but if you thought the trigger was heavy, you probably need to hit the gym more. All the other positive reviews were right on - this gun is very accurate, has a very high quality red dot scope, and a high quality very bright tactical light. The gun has a good weight to it (not too heavy, not too light), and feels very solid in your hand. It isn't very powerful at 360fps, but thats not why I bought it, so I don't care. Overall, good purchase. Great value for the money.

Wildlife Trapper
4 Stars

Sweet Gun!
October 31, 2007
Amazingly well made gun. Very fun to shoot. Mine came with nearly dead flashlight batteries but an easy fix. The red dot site is great! Bought it to use for close range (~10ft) exotic waterfowl control but it hasn't done as well as I had hoped. Needs higher velocity. Definitely harder hitting and better penetration with alloy pellets vs lead. All in all a wonderfully made and very fun to shoot gun.

5 Stars

Scary good
September 22, 2007
Bought this gun based solely on its picture - it looks amazing, with the compensator, sight and flashlight. Received in the mail today and I was not disappointed at all....looks just as good. Tried it out and with a little adjusting of the scope - it was dead on. Very fun to shoot and VERY intimidating. If I didn't tell people its a pellet gun - they would never know. Am very happy with this gun - totally rocks.

5 Stars

August 25, 2007
it's a gun out of hell

5 Stars

Great Gun
August 24, 2007
My 13 year old is in love with this gun. Not only does it look hot but it works well. The red dot scope is very cool as well as the attached flash light. Great for target shooting at night in the back yard. Great Product and has not broken down as of yet.

5 Stars

Simply incredible!
August 22, 2007
This is simply the best pellet pistol anyone can own. It's accurate, elegant, and incredibly well built. It's one one those rare things that you can consider it to be among treasured possession. It will last. The pride of ownership is awesome. All for $159 bucks! Someone is not looking!!!!

lynn gorrell
5 Stars

August 14, 2007
What a cool weapon for the price. Everyone thinks it's an assault weapon. Loads of fun to shoot

5 Stars

nice gun
July 31, 2007
any one should get this gun. i use the gun for small game hunting and it exceeds my standards.

5 Stars

July 28, 2007

5 Stars

July 27, 2007
really realistic and the best air pistol i have seen. was hard to decide wich one to order but defenite this is the best of all. it has a good scop and love the flash light and the silencer. no doubt of this gun is on o the best of this site is really cool all i can say i enjoy it alot

CA Kid
5 Stars

Target shooter
July 23, 2007
I am impressed with the Walther. The brand is living up to their reputation. The gun and parts as a whole are sturdy and quality. The red dot sight is great, solid. I only wish the trigger was a little less spongy.

5 Stars

July 2, 2007
Thats the best little pellet pistol going. The accuracy is amazing for what it is.Everyone I have showed it to wants one,so don't be surprised if your orders increase. Nice job !!!!!!

jiggly puff
5 Stars

love it
June 14, 2007
love it. freakin awesome

5 Stars

April 6, 2007
wow this is the coolest gun on this site

5 Stars

Realistic - 4/4/07
April 5, 2007
All I expected and more, very accurate varmits be wear. I would reccomend this air gun to anyone who enjoys shooting weather it be targets or varmits. enjoy red dot ,right on the money.thanks

5 Stars

Very Realistic
March 20, 2007
This pistol is, while extremely easy to aim even for a novice like myself, cosmetically a beautiful gun. The silencer, scope and flashlight make this pistol not only a very fun and accurate gun to use, but also a very realistic and good-for-movies pistol that makes others look like pea shooters.

5 Stars

March 15, 2007
I have a small dog and a pesty coyote who would like to make it his meal.After a few shots the urban Coyote fears the sight of me now.Great gun for day or night shoot the led light is extra bright and the gunn came sighted in on the red dot scope.

5 Stars

Walther Nighthawk - Tactical Air Pistol Kit (.177 cal Pellet)
March 6, 2007
Excellent choice. Well made, accurate and you can't beat the price. I wanted something I could enjoy shooting in the yard instead of going to the range and this is it.

5 Stars

great cheap starter gun
March 1, 2007
i bought this gun for shooting practice and it is pretty dang accurate for the in your yard shooting and small pests like squirlls,rats, and birds i reccomend this gun!!!

5 Stars

An Excellent Choice
December 19, 2006
I bought this gun while looking around for props for a small movie project my buddies and I were doing and was astounded by how durable and realistic it was. Everyone had a fun time picking this up and feeling like 007 for a little while. Well worth the money!

5 Stars

December 15, 2006
This gun is freaking sweet. I usually stick to something of a higher caliber but this is a fun little gun to "plink" with.

5 Stars

hell yeah
December 6, 2006
this is a most realistic pellet gun, it could be in a James Bond movie and even soldiers such as myself would love it. I am an infantry instructor in 1st of the 339th infantry regiment, 100th Div.

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By Ryan from Parkville, Maryland on November 9, 2011
In comparison to the beretta px4 storm recon which is better?
By Staff on November 10, 2011

These are both good guns and are distributed by the same company (Umarex USA) I think it really boils down to what kind of style you are looking for.

Pros for Nighthawk- comes with a better red dot site and comes in a nice hard case.

Pros for PX4 Recon- Has blowback action that adds to realism

Both will shoot about the same, you might get a few more shots per CO2 with Nighthawk because it doesn't have blowback action which uses up more of the CO2 to blow the slide back.

Hope that helps.

By joe from san diego, ca on July 26, 2012
Can I remove the sight mount and shoot with hard sight? The pictures look like it has a back sight, however, I can not see a front sight.

By Jaime from Chicago,Illinois on April 20, 2012
Can it kill a rodent? And what is the range of the gun? How powerful is it?
By Staff on April 20, 2012

It would have to be a bit of a close range shot to kill some larger rodents, but it certainly can kill them. The range on a kill I would guess is 20 yards for rodents

By Robert from NZ on February 13, 2012
If you ship to NZ can u take out the Co2 bottles?
By Staff on February 22, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at This so we can better help you.

By TJ from Toronto, Ontario on November 17, 2011
Would this item ship to Canada?
By Staff on November 23, 2011

We cannot currently ship to Canada.

By Steve from San Diego on May 17, 2012
Will this kill rabbits??? Thanks.
By Staff on May 17, 2012

you would have to be very close to a rabbit and hit it in the head to kill it with this pistol. it will hurt them though.

By Bailey Wood from Maryland on January 13, 2012
Is the compensator removeable?
By Staff on January 13, 2012

By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 9, 2012


By Mike C. from Bremerton, Washington on March 25, 2012
Can you use gamo gold pointed pellets in this pistol?
By Staff on March 29, 2012

It is recommended to never use pointed pellets in a rotary clip as the gun can jam.

By Rich from Huntsville AL. on June 28, 2012
What is the accuracy range? Will it deter squirrels and other small critters?

By brian from Houston, Texas on March 25, 2012
what's inside the hard case?
By Staff on March 29, 2012

It comes with everything you see in the picture (attached) and some extra rotary clips (extra co2 magazines sold separately)

By Pam from Key West, FL on February 3, 2012
I need to kill some iguanas. Some BIG iguanas. Will this do it?
By William from sugar grove, IL on February 8, 2012

Yes will pointed pellets it will do the trick my friend

By keith from Mississauag,Ontario on May 19, 2012
I bout my nighthawk pistol a few yrs ago and i still love it, the C02 magazine is starting to leak now,where can i get a replacement C02 cartridge magazine?
By Staff on May 21, 2012

if you type in CO2 to out website, you can buy more CO2 cartridges for your gun.

By Mike from Newport beach, CA on January 16, 2012
How good is this gun? The price would make it seem high quality. Is it well made, accurate, realistic blowback? Nice range without dropping. worth the money? Is there a better one out there for that kind of money?

By Jacob from Vance, alabama on January 17, 2012

Hi I recently purchased this gun because I am a huge collector of co2 guns and let me say I was extremely satisfied!!! First off the look and feel of the gun is as realistic as it can get! The blow back and loading system is extremely unique and adds more realisticness to the gun. For power I would give it a 10 out of 10 along with accuracy! The red dot is really good. You are able to adjust the brightness and once set for your range it is dead on every shot! I highly recommend this gun due to it's performance range and accuracy!!! Hope this helped :.)
By William from sugar grove, IL on January 17, 2012

The gun is very good quality and the the accessories are all detachable co2 last for about 100 shots. Feel and trigger are realistic I definitely recamend this pistol the red dot laser that custom fits the pistol is awesome also I wouldn't buy an other air pistol walther makes real military pistols so it has a very realistic feel five stars from me buddy

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