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Avanti Champion 499B

Available in .177, Daisy's Avanti BB rifle!
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  • Code: PY-617 · $169.99 · .177 · 240 fps
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The Avanti Champion has been dubbed "the most accurate BB gun in the world" time and time again. The beautiful spring air rifle is used by thousands of shooting education programs to teach as well as compete. Emblazoned with the "Official Shooting Education BB Gun by Daisy" medallion in the stained solid wood stock, this single shot, muzzle-loading BB gun looks as great as it performs. It is a single-shot, lever-action muzzle-loading BB gun. Velocity is very consistent at around 240 feet per second. The 499 wasn't designed for general-purpose shooting or plinking but was created for a single purpose: to shoot a BB as accurately as possible at a distance of 5 meters. The 499 may be "just" a BB gun, but take one look at it, and it is instantly clear that this gun was designed for serious competition. At 36 1/4 inches long and 3.1 pounds, it is the right size for many young shooters but the walnut-stained wood buttstock and forestock are thick enough so that they can be easily handled by teenagers and adults. This rifle is not designed for a scope. Underneath the pistol grip is a black plastic lever that is used to cock the 499 and also serves as the trigger guard. The cocking effort is quite light so even the youngest shooter can manage it. Inside the trigger guard, the plastic trigger feels comfortable to the finger, even for extended shooting sessions. On the right hand side of the black metal receiver is a plastic slide safety. Pull it back to "safe;" move it forward to fire. On top of the receiver is a precision micrometer adjustable peep sight that can be click-stop adjusted to put the 499 precisely on target. At the far end of the black metal barrel is a hooded sight with interchangeable apertures. Underneath, the wooden forestock flares at the bottom for easy gripping, and a sling can be attached for three-position shooting. Shooting the 499 is a joy, even for an experienced shooter. The firing sequence instructions are stamped on the top of the barrel. 1. Put "on Safe." 2. Cock. 3. Feed BB. (This involves dropping a BB down the muzzle of the gun while holding it muzzle upward and letting the BB roll to a magnetic "catch" in the innards of the gun.) 4. Aim. 5. Take "Off Safe." 6. Fire. The trigger pulls lightly and evenly until the 499 discharges. It is very predictable and compatible with accurate shooting. There is a slight twang as the powerplant launches the BB, and a hole appears in the target. What puts a smile on every shooter's face is the accuracy of the 499. Note: This rifle cannot accept a scope.
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  • ManufacturerAvanti
  • Caliber .177
  • Velocity 240 fps
  • Condition New
  • Ammo Type BBs
  • Action Lever-action
  • Barrel Style Smooth bore
  • Fire Mode Single-shot
  • Gun Weight 3.10
  • Overall Length 36.25
  • Barrel Length 9.00
  • Loudness 1-Low
  • Magazine Capacity 0
  • Mechanism Spring-piston
  • Rail No
  • Safety Manual
  • Front Sights Globe w/Aperture Inserts
  • Rear Sights Adjustable for windage & elevation
  • Shots per Fill 0
  • Trigger Adjustability Single-stage
  • Trigger Action 0
  • Use Competition
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By JoeDecember 18, 2023

We ended up putting a Harris bipod on ours- it will shoot flies off a bb - btw its a great 10 meter gun also

Mine was sent without a way to mount the rear sight- which they eventually fixed- in fact, they sent me an extra rear sight for my trouble.

Include a way to mount an optic rail

By Jonathan IsraelNovember 26, 2023 Verified Purchase

My BB gun definitely is BB picky. It does not like the Daisy Precision BB as it only rolls halfway down the barrel, does not engage the gun's magnetic catch and results in really bad grouping. The regular Daisy BB does better, but the Hornady Black Diamond gave the best performance. Your experience may be different. Overall, the gun is fun to shoot with the provided peep sights. It is tempting to install a red dot sight, but that takes away from the experience of shooting this wonderful smoothbore. Money well spent.

Somebody once said, "Only accurate riffles are interesting." The Avanti Champion 499B, although is not a riffle, is definitely interesting. It is lightweight, easy to cock and easy to load. The trigger is a little mushy with some travel but is easy enough to pull and has a decent release. It takes some patience to wait for the BB to reach the bottom where the magnetic catch is located, but once in position everything else is all up to the shooter. I set up some hanging metal targets at 10 meters and it consistently hits one of the silhouettes that is barely 1"x1" in size. For a smoothbore long gun that is pretty impressive.

The four of the included front sights are the same as the one installed on the gun. I wish they included one with a smaller aperture.

By Ben A.February 20, 2023 Verified Purchase

This little gem is just unbelievable regarding accuracy and pure fun for hours of enjoyment. Everything they state in terms of accuracy is spot on. So accurate it truly is not hard to shoot groups through one hole with match grade bb's. A bit expensive but it's worth the price of admission. I haven't found anyone yet who hasn't had an ear to ear grin after shooting this piece. Fun for the kids and us big kids alike for easy trigger time. First 5 meter group off hand, from a bench... I'd reckon one could thread a needle with it! One of the funner additions to the arsenal, you certainly won't regret the purchase!

Well built and lives up to it's claim.


By Scot MackeilDecember 3, 2022

One must hold the rifle vertically when dropping a single BB down the bore and hold it close to your ear anf listen for the quiet click the BB makes as it attaches to the magnet at the abuttment plate before you shoulder the rifle to shoot, or the BB may roll out or the shot will not be true. Use precision Daisy BB or Umarex precision BBs only. dont use old, dirty, re-used or cheaper BBs. There are a few YouTube videos on maintaining these rifles for match level shooting that mention how to maintain and optimize these guns, be sure to google Daisy 499b accuracy tips and view the videos there. all in all this is a good rifle for what it is and does. if you have aging eyes add a good red dot sight using an 11mm adaptor. use precision BBs

This Gun Does what it is supposed to do. in a small basement range, 15-20ft, it shoots dime sized (or less) groups with Daisy precision BBs. The small 11mm rail for the peep sight accepts a small 11mm to picatinny rail adaptor and allows me to mount a red dot optic to accomodate my aging eyesight. I have a Sig Romeo 5 w 11mm rail adaptor, on it currently and it is working quite well. A Bushnell TRS-25 could be a good choice or the sightmark Mini-Shot Aspec or Hawke Vantage. It is large enough to fit an Adult male, as well as youngsters. it is easy to use, charge and shoot.

There is not much to want to change as this gun is what it is. I will plan to look for a pad to increase the length of pull. There are a few YouTube videos on maintaining these rifles for match level shooting that mention that care must be taken not to damage the Shot tube and abutment plate. And, dont get oil into the shot tube (barrel). it would be nice to have a decent picatinny rail on this rifle for optics, but the rail it has, with an adaptor, supports small red dots as well as the included peep sight.

By RonUSAAugust 15, 2022 Verified Purchase

Amazing accuracy as advertised at 5 meters. I am looking forward to seeing what it can do at 10 meters. Definitely using the precision ground BBs. This gem of a gun deserves nothing less than the highest quality of BBs.

Instantly, out of the box {peep sight assembly required - took 10 minutes or less} with just a one click windage adjustment and one click elevation adjustment from Dad's test fire, got my 10 yo daughter to shooting less than 1/4" groups! (compared to 3"+ groups with our Red Ryder). Great confidence booster for a kid! And now opens up the shooting game targets (such as the race track and billiards game targets, etc. out there), a great avenue for family fun time (that doesn't involve a stupifying screen).

To compensate for lack of shoulder pad, I attached a piece of self-adhesive velcro hooks to the end of the stock and used a bike helmet pad (which adheres nicely to the velcro hooks and is pretty much sized perfectly for this gun without any cutting) to make an improvised shoulder pad (an integral rubber shoulder pad should really be standard issue on a bb gun at this price).

By MitchellUSASeptember 1, 2021

Well made. Super accurate. Good trigger and sites. Buy the precision ground shot BBs, and 5 meter BB gun targets. Well worth the money.


By JonUSAAugust 11, 2020

Great gun for training accuracy and breathing control. I compete in NRL .22 competition, this little rifle is perfect for training and ammo is super affordable. Without being able to get properly zeroed I'm shooting 2 inch groups at 10 meters off hand. Love this little rifle, could be my favorite I own, and I own some nice 22's.

Excellent training tool.


By StasDecember 30, 2019

The 499b has been purchased as Christmas gift to my 6 year old daughter. The rifle has arrived on time in well wrapped pack. The only assembly was required is rear sight, which was very easy. It took me few shots to adjust sights to zero it. My daughter has fallen in love with this rifle, the light grey color wood stock make it look great. Overall it is well made. Lever action pump works great and easy, my daughter has no issue to charge it and shoot bullseye from 7 yards from prone and bag support. We are using standard .177 bb from Walmart. I can imagine how this rifle can shoot with match grade bbs. It is great rifle to teach your kid gun safety (real safety works great) and bring him or her to a shooting sport.

Easy to operate, accurate, safety, real wood stock, good trigger.

Stock is not adjustable, dyang age kids would have some problems shooting from standing position, single shot muzzle loading.

By JohnJanuary 3, 2019

This rifle is made for target shooting at 5 meters, and it's excellent at that distance. It's very easy to cock, and kids and older adults will have a great time shooting doesn't have much power, I doubt it'd harm a chipmunk, but I still wouldn't point it at someone, it could still put an eye out. For the money, it's one of the best target rifles you can buy.

Real wood, great peep sight.

Not very powerful.

By JohnUSADecember 19, 2018

I wrote up a nice little review of this great little gun earlier, but, somehow i did not post it it seems. I would just say that, this gun is surprisingly excellent, i bought it for my brother so he could practice some fundamentals on his farm, without disturbing neighbors, or waking a sleeping toddler. i ended up keeping the one i bought, and purchased him a new one because i kept "testing" it so much. really a great bb gun, and the muzzle loading did not detract from using it for casual plinking at all for me. this time i am signing up for airgun depot my business email, just to confirm the dang thing posted, i like it that much.

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How install the belt?

asked Leonid from USA

This has the least fps of all the air rifles. I just want to move the squirrels along not kill or injure them. Think this is appropriate?

asked Tim from USA

The lever on this is plastic and I would worry that it would easily break and a plastic splinter would lodge in my grand son's hand. For $140, I would think that the most used part like the lever to cock the gun would be steel or composite. Has anyone had issue with the plastic lever breaking?

asked Phil

how do you clean the barrel of the 499 ? Is the barrel tube removable for cleaning?

asked L Lane

Hi, I have a Daisy powerline 880 that I am using to teach safe gun handling and target acquisition to my 8 year old. However, I have a 5 year old who is left out because he cannot wrap his arm around the butt-stock and reach the trigger. He wanted to "shoulder" the rifle to shoot but I refuse to teach him bad habits. Can someone please measure the end of the butt-stock to the front of the trigger guard? This way I can measure my 5 year old and see if he could handle this.

asked Jonathan

I can not measure it because I have already cut it down for my daughter. She is using it for 4h shooting and it is important to make sure the gun is fitted to the shooter. It is extreamly accurate. My plan is when she out grows it I will get her a new one and either donate it to the club or another child who can use it.

Jesse from USA

To the butt end of the stock from the the back of the trigger is 12.75 inches. To the front of the trigger guard- 143/8. This rifle is designed for the average 10 yr old and up. I taught a seven year old with one of these, awkward at first but he grew into it fast. Have fun!

Michael from USA

i am told to get a 449 b what is the difference in the "B" model

asked Ken

The "b" means that this model is a variant or slightly different from the original. The changes are so slight that unless you are famaliar with the manufacturing history, you won't notice the differences. The 499b is an Avanti/Daisy or variant of the Daisy 99 match rifle which is the older version. Contact Daisy for more information.

Michael from USA

Can I see more pics

asked Sam

Sam, Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any more uploaded pictures of this gun. I am sorry for the inconvenience this might bring. We will make note and see if we can get some posted in the future. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Scott from USA

Excuse the ignorance, how many BB's does it hold? I noticed the Model 25 pump has more velocity? Would that be right? Is the Avanti less velocity?

asked Jim Babcock

The Avanti 499 is a single shot that loads from the muzzle. The muzzle velocity is a very consistent 240 ft/sec, which is a major factor contributing to the fine accuracy of the gun. That is somewhat slower than the Daisy Model 25 or any other BB gun for that matter, but none can hold a candle to the 499 when it comes to shooting small groups time after time. Velocity matters little as far as BB guns are concerned. They are meant for target shooting and plinking, not hunting,since none are powerful enough to humanely dispatch anything bigger than insects, anyway.


Can you give dimensions of the length of the rifle--I'm wondering if it's an appropriate size for my 10 yr. old--he's not real big. I don't want the stock to be so long that he's stretched out to fire it. Also, explain to me the difference between using BBs as opposed to pellets. Thanks!

asked Jerry Harvey

At 36 1/4 inches long and 3.1 pounds, it is the right size for many young shooters but the walnut-stained wood buttstock and forestock are thick enough so that they can be easily handled by teenagers and adults.

Scott from USA

this is the air gun rifle but i have no licence can i buy this gun say yes and no,

asked rajeev

Try checking out at the sight and if there is a restriction you will get a warning before you purchase the product. There are a lot of different regulations for all different countries and they are always changing, so we have set up an automatic warring if there is a product, based on your location, that is forbidden.

Scott from USA

Is this gun appropriate for an 11 yr old? How had and how far does it shoot?

asked Elizabeth Caldwell

The 499 is designed to be accurate at 5 meters or 16 feet 4 inches which is the match competition distance. It is fairly accurate at 10 meters or 32 feet 8 inches. A bb can travel a long way (180 yards) but will not be accurate. That is just short of 2 football fields length. This rifle is appropriate for youngsters and adults as an educational tool to learn gun handling and target skills. Fun too.

Michael from USA

Yes this would be appropriate for an 11 year old. Full size guns can be hard for them to cock.

Steve from USA

Umm, I'd get something like a Crosman Titan or Crosman Quest, or something bigger than this....this will only go max 50yds.

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