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Air Arms Air Rifles

When looking for an air gun to keep up with the latest in technology and advancements, there are only a few brands worth considering. Ever since the 1980s, Air Arms has set the course for bold innovations to lead the industry in new directions while bringing more fans to the fold. When you think of this innovative brand, the Air Arms TX200 is usually going to be the first that comes to mind, when high-end underlever air rifles are mentioned. Along with their S-series PCP rifles, Air Arms is the top manufacturer, arguably, for high-end UK built air rifles. Utilized by more amateur ISSF athletes than any other rifle, Air Arms rifles set themselves apart from any other manufacturer in their class.
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We are pleased to bring you a diverse selection for adding an Air Arms air rifle to your gear kit. Since no two shooters are alike, we offer a wide range of variations to choose from such as caliber ranges, power plants of either pre-charged pneumatic or spring piston, and your choice of bolt action, side lever, or underlever, to ensure you get the best fit for your preferences and activities. You can also choose from single shot or repeater fire modes to get the best one for you. Regardless of which specifications matter most to you, rest assured that the Air Arms air rifles we offer are loaded with the latest in features from this innovative brand you are sure to love. With features such as fixed cylinder, multi-port air stripper, highly adjustable match trigger, integral manometer, and more, it is no wonder why so many fans of this pastime choose an Air Arms air rifle for their shooting needs. These units are made to be durable and long lasting without being heavy, bulky, or hard to operate. Find your perfect new addition today with these durable solutions from this top-rated manufacturer. Please contact us with any questions regarding these models and a member of our team will gladly assist you further.
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  • 0.177 (16)
  • 0.22 (12)
  • 0.25 (6)


  • Pre-charged pneumatic (13)
  • Spring-piston (3)


  • Bolt-action (4)
  • Sidelever (9)
  • Underlever (3)


  • 5 (5)
  • 4 & Up (8)
  • 3 & Up (8)
  • 2 & Up (8)
  • 1 & Up (8)


  • $500 - $1,000 (4)
  • $1,000+ (12)

Velocity (FPS)

  • 500-750 (3)
  • 750-1000 (4)
  • 1000 and Up (9)

Airgun Use

  • Competition (4)
  • Small game hunting/plinking (5)
  • Small game hunting/target practice (7)

Fire Mode

  • Repeater (9)
  • Single-shot (7)


  • 2-Low-Medium (7)
  • 3-Medium (9)


  • New (1)