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Air Venturi Mini Wingman Carbon Fiber Tank 100 Cu In

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Tank Size
  • 74 Cu Ft
  • 90 Cu In
  • 98 Cu Ft
  • 100 Cu In
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Air Venturi Mini Wingman 100 cu-in Carbon Fiber Air Tank w/ Valve and Hose

  • 4,500 psi max fill pressure
  • 100 cu-in
  • Valve is unregulated
  • Integrated Pressure Release valve
  • DIN 300 Output Valve (Female threads)
  • Airflow restrictor (Slow Flow Valve)
  • Stainless steel female quick-disconnect coupling attached to output end of hose
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  • ManufacturerAir Venturi
  • ConditionNew
  • Warranty1-year limited warranty
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By joy a.December 24, 2019 Verified Purchase

never used it much yet. i'm busy this Christmas Holiday. Thanks

By WilliamUSADecember 20, 2019 Verified Purchase

Perfect size for my application. I top off the air gun tank while it is on the rifle. To fill the mini, I purchased a male to male fitting, as my scuba shop only had a female sitting for filling.

Perfect size for filling at the range.


By RichardUSADecember 15, 2019

Top Quality, fast shipping and Excellent staff

easy to use and very light weight


By SteveJuly 19, 2019

Outstanding tank I wish there was some instructions that could have been with it and the tank was 2yrs into its certification but airgun helped me a little with that.Overall Airgun Depot is great to work with

A lot better than using a pump and paint ball stores will fill it ,my area fire departments would not

No shipped instructions

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This is 100 Cu In, which is 0.058 Cut Ft. How do we go from 0.058 Cu Ft to the next size up which is 74 Cu Ft?

asked knorwitz from USA

My godd-man! I been asking myself this for like a week, since I started looking for tanks online. Ended up ordering a carbon fiber tank from friggen China on Ali. The variety of tank sizes stinks on the US market it seems.

Makai from USA

will the mini wingman connect to the piledriver without purchasing more accessories?

asked Demetrious from USA

? Says 4500 psi max so can we fill it to 4500psi or 3000psi to be safe ?

asked Ray from USA


Raymond from USA

Do I need anything more to connect bottle to my Marauder?

asked David from USA


Raymond from USA

Will it fit an Airforce Texan .457 LSS CF?

asked Brian from USA

Yes I have the same one

Ray from USA

Question 2: What is needed to use the 100 cu in Tank with a Benjamin Armada ?

asked Scrambler82 from USA

Nothing this will work on all Air rifle with a foster fitting

Leon from USA

Can my Benjamin Traveler Air Compressor fill this small tank, if done in a few cycles ?

asked Randy from USA

Yes run few mins let cool down I have a yong heng just filled mine

Ray from USA

How many times will this tank fill a Benjamin Marauder?

asked Richard from USA

Will this connect to the air venturi avenger wo any other parts? and how many refills will I get w said rifle?

asked JUAN from USA

How many times will it top off my 180cc air venturi avenger

asked Danielle from USA

I've read 10 to13 times like i said. Enough.

Danielle from USA

Enough if 100ci = 14 cf from what I read plenty.

Danielle from USA

How many fills will I get out of a full bottle? For the airforce texen LSS 50cal.?

asked Jennifer from USA

2-3 times want more buy a booster pump

Ray from USA

Will this connect straight to the airforce texen LSS 50 cal.?

asked Jennifer from USA

Technically, yes but in reality you'll want to regulate air between the tank and the gun

Raymond from USA

I am purchasing the Texan as will this tank work to fill that specific air rifle

asked Stanley from USA

Air Venturi Mini Wingman Carbon Fiber Tank 100 Cu In ¿DOT Approved?

asked German from USA


Doug from USA


Doug from USA

will this tank work to fill dragon claw Twag & Bang. How Many Fills

asked Gary from USA

will this work with a Air Venturi Avenger .25?

asked Abel from USA


Mark from USA

I have 3 questions. 1: I have the tactair volt portable compressor. it says its good for 1L I'm trying to find a good tank to use with it. How many cubic inches/feet is in 1L. 2: will this tank work with the Hatsan blitz 3: are there any other parts I would need. Obviously this is my first foray into PCP rifles. I normally shoot things that need gunpowder.

asked Kenneth from USA

Use 10 cu in tank. You can fill any gun directly with the compressor.You may need adapters for your gun's fill probes. PY-A-3550 $9.99

Mark from USA

Is this one better then the 90in Benjamin ?

asked eric from USA

The tanks are very much the same.

Mark from USA

Will this adapter fit onto a dragon claw?

asked Greg from USA

This tank will connect to a Dragon Claw.

Mark from USA

¿y el de 100 cu, cuantas veces puede llenar un dragon claw de 500 cc?


5 fills

Mark from USA

¿la de 98 pies cúbicos cuantas veces puede llenar un Dragon Claw de 500cc?


35-38 fills.

Mark from USA

100 cu in? Inches? Not 100 cu ft?

asked Toby from USA

IMHO, the math goes like this: 12 inches/ft 12Inches/ft^2 = 144 square inches per square ft 144 Sq inches * 12 inches/ft = 1,728 Cubic inches/Cubic Ft Therefore 100 cu inch / 1,728 cu in/cu ft = 0.058 cu ft

Justin from USA

100 cu in = 14 cu ft

Mark from USA

how many time will this tank fill a 580cc bottle to 250bar?

asked Julio from USA

5 times

Mark from USA

where is the fill I need to buy that accessory?

asked silvino from USA

How many fill for kral puncher pro 500?

asked Orlando A Diaz

How many times will this fill a Benjamin bulldog from 2000 psi back up to 3000

asked Kris Johnson

Where would i refill the Air Venturi Carbon Fiber Tank?

asked Victor Vega

What is the max output of the regulator?

asked Eric Ball
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