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Air Venturi Wingman 74, Carbon Fiber Tank 74 Cu Ft, Jubilee Valve

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One of the largest charging tanks available in the marketplace, the Air Venturi Wingman 74 Carbon Fiber Charging Tank weighs much less than a steel scuba tank. Better yet, the advantage of carbon fiber over steel allows for a higher pressure capability of 4,500 psi, meaning more charges for your favorite PCP airgun and more shooting time for you. Fill your air rifles and pistols with the simple fittings and be on your way to more pest control, target shooting and even competition. With 4,500 psi and a substantial 74 cu. ft. capacity, enjoy the most refills of your 3,000 psi airguns. The tank features stainless steel fittings, a 24 in. microbore hose and a rubberized hand wheel for controlled filling. The integrated pressure gauge lets you know when you're reaching your full charge, and the bleed valve is conveniently located on the valve. Even shooting teams will be delighted at the number of fills they get from the Air Venturi Carbon Fiber PCP Charging Station. Averaging more than 35 fills, this tank is a practical choice for many shooting venues. For example, approximately 32 charges are provided on a 3,000 psi gun with a 215cc cylinder from a beginning gun reservoir pressure of 1,500 psi. You can expect more than 15 full charges on an empty 3,000 psi gun with a 215cc cylinder. (The total number of fills vary based on the maximum charging capacity and the reservoir size of the gun(s) being charged.) This air tank features an in-line gauge that shows the pressure in the line as you are refilling the tank, which is helpful to prevent overfilling. This gauge does NOT show internal pressure! To check your internal pressure, plug the end of the hose with a test plug and open the valve with the bleeder fully closed. Additionally, there may be a slight movement in gauge's valve connection when not under pressure. This is no cause for concern and will not cause any leaks or malfunctions in use. This tank has a 5-year retest cycle and a 15-year life cycle. Before purchase, please contact your local air supplier to see if they can fill this tank or buy one of our compressors. This carbon fiber tank has a 300 bar DIN valve. Your local dive shop will have the ability to fill your tank. If you plan on filling your high-pressure carbon fiber tank at a paintball shop, you will need to fill through the hose on the charging station with the Air Venturi Double Male Quick-Disconnect Coupling AV-00046 [AGD Code: 46]. To fill at a firehouse, you will need to fill through the hose on the charging station with the Air Venturi Firehouse Adapter, Male SCBA Fitting With Male Quick-Disconnect For Adapting To Firehouse Fill Stations AV-00048M [AGD Code: AGD-A5750]. PLEASE NOTE: This is a carbon fiber tank. In many towns, your local fire department has a compressor that can fill a high-pressure carbon fiber tank, as firefighters use similar tanks for breathing equipment during rescues.

Air Venturi Wingman 74 Carbon Fiber PCP Charging Station
  • 74 cu. ft. carbon fiber tank, 4,500 psi
  • DIN 300 bar PCP charging station
  • DIN 300 bar valve with burst disc
  • Inline pressure gauge 0-6000 psi 1/8" BSPP

Charging Station
  • 4,500 psi max pressure
  • 24 in. microbore hose with 1/8" BSPP
  • Male and female threaded ends, each 1/8" BSPP
  • Stainless steel female quick-disconnect coupling attached to output end of hose

  • Carbon fiber filament wound over aluminum bladder
  • 74 cu. ft. capacity
  • 4,500 psi max pressure
  • DOT-approved
  • 10 lbs. dry weight
  • 7" wide
  • 23" tall to top of valve
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  • ManufacturerAir Venturi
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type PCP Fill Sources
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By DavidUSAMarch 6, 2021

I love it. I’ve had mine for about 5 months and have had zero issues. It holds air, is well built, easy to get filled, and not too heavy. This carbon fiber wrapped SCUBA tank beats a hand pump. If you’re a hunter or are into pesting, a travel compressor is noisy and you don’t want to alert or spook your quarry. This is the perfect thing. I can top off my 340cc reservoir in about a minute. Only costs me $12 per fill at a dive shop. If you have your own HPA compressor, you’d better stock up on ammo because in conjunction with this tank you have a virtual bottomless supply of air!! This is a great investment for air gunners.

Can fit in a duffle bag, 4500 psi, DIN valve was easy to find a SCUBA shop to fill, comes with everything needed to fill my PCP.

It would be nice if Airgun Depot put together a package deal including this tank, with a SCUBA tank boot or feet, a longer sturdier fill line (upgrade), and a carrying handle. Better yet a protective padded tank/range bag for this tank would be awesome! It would also be nice to add a gauge that reads the internal pressure. Internal pressure can be read only by pressurizing the line with the deadpan inserted into the fill fitting or by asking staff at the dive shop to tell you the pressure before refilling your tank.

By MichaelUSAJanuary 21, 2020

Love this tank, a must have when shooting PCP guns. Found multiple sources to fill within 10 miles of my house and will put this tank to test. The the 1st few fill went perfect with the supplied quick connector supplied in the package.

Light weight and easily fills my gun many times keeping trip to the paint ball field down.

Wished it came with a base to stand up right

By RichardUSADecember 26, 2019

very light holds plenty of air for lots of fills very good tank

lots of fills easy to carry

By DaleDecember 18, 2019

Great looking package. Valve is smooth and release valve has tension adjustment. Using daily.

Comes with test plug (necessary for checking tank fill). Gauge is very accurate.


By WilliamUSADecember 8, 2019

The bleed valve keeps right on bleeding air! First time use and it doesn't work correctly. I am unable to disconnect from the air gun! Really let down.

By DegNovember 12, 2019

This tank is very light and easy to use. Just follow the simple instructions: connect to your gun, close the bleed valve, open the fill valve, close the fill valve, open the bleed valve, disconnect from gun. Good to go.

By DanielUSANovember 10, 2019

Although this tank is large and perhaps not easily lugged around it has more than enough pressure to fill a variety of Airguns. I have a variety of airguns - some that go to 300 bar - other tanks won’t fill them. This one does and there is plenty of air for a bunch of fills. I use a compressor to fill this tank and then can fill from scratch, or top off airgun reservoirs all week.

Goes up to 4500 psi and has more air than you will need to fill 20 airguns


By WENDALL G.September 16, 2019

A must have if you are shooting a large bore air rifle. Would be nice to have a tank gauge so you can see the PSI left in the tank.

Light weight

No gauge to read reserve PSI in tank

By RonUSAMay 9, 2019

This tank is a little large in size but has a lot of volume. If you’re going to take something to a range this is the tank to take with you. Are usually take it along with my 50 Cal, my 357, and a 22. I don’t usually run out of air. Well-built and a light weight. Certainly worth the investment.

Light weight Good air volume

By Daniel H.November 3, 2018

Brand new tank. I have taken to 2 different shops and they don’t have another but to replace the one in the back that is leaking. For the price I would like to maybe see a few extra parts come with tank. Also could use a call back to get this fixed

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Can I use this set up to fill my Hatsan Bullboss as it is or do I need an adapter?

asked John from USA

What size is the opining for the fitting or what size of fitting gos in there

asked John M from USA

Might of missed it, But how many liters is this (74cf) tank ?

asked Edgar from USA

Is this really 74 cubic feet? Because 74 cubic feet would fill a 580 cc bottle thousand of times and this does not look like it can do that or am I missing something?

asked Thuan from USA

You are missing something. It is a 74 cf tank that can take pressurized atmosphere at up to 4500 PSI compression. Your air gun probably wants 2200ish PSI to operate, so you are not getting 74 cf at ATMOSPHERIC pressure, but about 30 cf at OPERATING pressure. For a 580cc tank that will still give you MANY top offs. The trick is the pressure. Compared to a standard scba tank that can only take 3000 psi, this tank holds a LOT more air at 4500 psi.

Levi from USA

The 7.5k pressure release purged my tank, where can I get another?

asked Jim from USA

That is a valve release. You may be better off just getting a new valve. How on earth did you get the over pressure valve to fail? Leave it in direct sunlight in AZ?

Levi from USA

Hello, I am interested in this tank but I need to know if I can fill it with a compressor as I inflate my rifles or would I have to add some element to it to be able to fill it? Another question: what year of manufacture is this tank? Thank you

asked sanse65 from Argentina

Most portable high pressure pumps would struggle to fill this because it can take SOOOOO much more air than a standard air gun bottle does. While your gun might fill in 15 minutes or less, it would probably take a portable compressor 20 times that long to bring a bottle like this to pressure, and those compressors are just not made to run for 5-6 hours continuously. There ARE tank fillers out there (like the one from Omega) but you can have most high end dive shops do it for $10-15 usually. So you could pay someone to fill it 100 or more times before spending what you would on a home compressor capable of doing it. And that represents about 2000 air gun fills if you have a BIG tank on the gun (like 480cc tank taken from 2200 to 3150 psi). That is probably 100,000 plus pellets unless you are shooting big bore, so you can see that it would take a minute to make a large compressor worth it for just your one bottle. And if you are shooting a 10m rifle you could get 450,000 pellets out before you offset the cost of that compressor (100 fills x 30 charges per fill x 150 shots per charge)!

Levi from USA

How do you fill this tank with the Yong Heng compressor?

asked Richard from USA

I don't have this tank, if it doesn't have a male connector anywhere on the tank to fill, then you can use a "Double Male Quick-Disconnect Coupling"

James from USA

How many liters is 74 cu feet?

asked Daniel from USA

2095.45 liters

Mark from USA

I have a 3000 psi compressor with a hose that has a 1/8 BSPP female end... what else will i need to buy to fill this tank or is everything i need included?

asked BUCK from USA

You need a 4500 PSI compressor. Filling to 3000 PSI is a waste onf capacity/money. A scuba tank will be much more economical. They fill to 3000 PSI.

Mark from USA

How do you refill this tank , through the line with a foster fitting for for a paint ball shop , or does it have a foster fitting that I can't see from the picture?

asked paul pinson

Does this tank come with an initial hydrostatic test completed?

asked Scott from USA

Does this tank have a max regulated output like some of the smaller tanks?

asked John

That is more a function of your valve and line. The tank itself is just a vessel. What controls pressure is the mechanism you choose to regulate that pressure transfer from one vessel to another. The specs say the valve is 300 bar, so it should be good to go all the way up to that pressure.

Levi from USA

Does this have regulated output at 2900psi?

asked Richard from USA

No, see above.

Levi from USA

Does this have regulated output at 2900psi?

asked Richard from USA

Does this have regulated output at 2900psi?

asked Richard from USA

It appears as though a hose comes with this tank, if so how long is it and what type of fitting is on the end that goes to the rifle to be filled?

asked David Kerridge

Does anyone know how many times this will fill up the Dragon Claw 500cc? Thanks in advance!

asked David from USA

Is this tank regulate to 3000psi out put?

asked Randy Job

Does this tank have the right set-up to fill up an Air Force Texan? Or do I need to buy an additional valve or hook-up to make it compatible? Thanks in advance!

asked David from USA

Can this fill a gun to 250 bar?

asked shawn from USA

Is anything else need to recharge the Benjamin Marauder, any connectors, quick disconnects, and anything like this or will the unit when charged, hook up effortlessly and just work?

asked Gary from USA

The connection on this tank feet fx guns

asked Yuniesky from USA

Is it normal for the manometer to seem loose (wiggle around)? It doesn't tighten or loosen, as I suspect the pin below it holds it into place. Just wanted to make sure everything is fine before I fill it. Thanks!

asked brian from USA

Can you fit this tank with a fill valve like the venturi 90cu inch tack has so you don't over fill your gun?

asked charles w shaffer from USA

Can you get or put a filling station like a Ventura type ?

asked charles w shaffer from USA
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