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Air Venturi G9 Hand Pump

4500 psi
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The new Air Venturi G9 hand pump is perfect for those who want an easy and light alternative to a tank or portable compressor when out in the field. Thanks to the the folding footplate, the pump can easily be carried in a bag or around your back, giving you maximum portability. The spiral steel cage that the hose is wrapped in prevents kinks, which ensures a constant flow into your PCP.

Air Venturi G9 hand pump Features:
  • Pumps to 4,500 psi/310 bar (always use the correct pressure rating for your gun)
  • 21" flexible micro-bore hose (inside a spiral steel cage)
  • Integrated moisture catch on output end of hose
  • Quick-disconnect female fitting hose
  • Integral manometer - oil-filled air pressure gauge
  • Ergonomic handles with texturing
  • Easily accessible bleed valve
  • Folding footplate
  • 24" long closed, 41" long extended
  • Includes test plug, accessory pack with spanner wrench and 2 rebuild kits
  • One-year warranty
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  • ManufacturerAir Venturi
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type PCP Fill Sources
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
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By NickAugust 27, 2023 Verified Purchase

It works.

Takes a lot of pumping before it starts to add air to the gun.

By terranceUSAJune 30, 2023 Verified Purchase

My only PCP at this time is a seneca aspen that I dearly love. This pump fills it, not fast or slow but does fill it. I gives me a workout, which is not a bad thing most days. I would buy it again and would recommend it.

This pump moves a boatload of air!! The hand grip is comfy. It comes with certain O rings and such for maintainance.

My pump will not stand on it's own.(minor thing) Of course it is very hard to operate, especially for one legged old fat man with old back injuries. The pump handle raises high enough to be uncomfortable for me. The ;hose is too short according to me.

By DanielUSAMarch 3, 2023 Verified Purchase

work great For my Seneca recluse. 357

Easy assemble


By GeraldJanuary 12, 2023

Comes with 2 complete rebuild kits, silicon oil, and the assembly wrench. This is the best cheap PCP airpump in my opinion. I've used it hundreds of times without fail. Oil the Orings on the fill probe too.

This is one good pump. I don't do anything but put a drop of silicone oil on it once in awhile and it works great. 50 pumps to fill up a Diana bandit 50 cc tank. and 100 pumps from 0 to fill up the stormrider. 100cc tank


By TrevorUSAApril 6, 2022

Connecting your fill piece straight to the end of the moisture filter is the best way to make it work. Without the female adapter the pump works great.

Great build quality, light weight design.

the female quick adapter does not work at all and has to be removed. leaked so much air I couldn’t fill my gun.

By tinoUSAJuly 26, 2021

amazons got a good air oil filter for up to 4500 psi which helps get rid of moisture attaches to quick connect

pumps up my gun cheaper than most others has a quick connect on hose is a workout and a half to fill guns with i recommend not shooting the gun empty or you got a serious pumping workout to do

hand grips being skinny kind of hurts towards the top end

By LesUSAJuly 23, 2021

Be careful when you pump up a 50cc reservoir in a pistol! This pump doesn't take long at all for you to reach the redline! Comparing expensive compressors, I thought I'd be a pumping fool with a handpump! Not so with this pump! For 50cc pistol reservoirs, I don't see a need for a compressor or scuba tank at all!

Air Venturi has impressed me with everything that has their name on it so far and this pump is no exception. The directions for initial assembly could be a bit clearer but I managed to get through them easily enough.

I'd like a longer outlet hose so I can use my feet to hold the pump down while my pistol is resting on the counter.

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How many pumps would it take to fill a Seneca dragon claw 2

asked Kevin from USA

Will this Air Venturi G9 hand pump work with a Sig Sauer MCX VIRTUS Tank?

asked Laura from USA


Adam from USA

Will this fit the umarex gauntlet 30

asked Rayson from USA

how often do you have to rebuild pump?

asked tod from USA

will this pump up a Hatsan Blitz?

asked Paul from USA

With a lot of effort and an adapter.

Adam from USA

Will this pump work with the air saber arrow rifle ?

asked Joshua from USA


Adam from USA

Hi, will this pump work on walther reign without any extra adapter? Mahalos

asked Glenn from USA

Will this work on a umarex gauntlet 2?

asked Colten from USA

Will this be useful on a FX m3 .177?

asked Cruz from USA

Does it take alot of effort to pump I'm around 170 -180 I'm just curious if it is gunna be hard for me to use the pump to fill my new gun

asked Grayam from USA

Like a bike tire going up to 60psi

Kage from USA

Will this pump fit a Hatsan BT Carnivore QE SL .357 cal?

asked Blake from USA

I have a pistol, Diana Air Pistol Bandit cal 5.5mm, product Diana Bandit... (DIA-1910102). Will the pump support this pistol? Do I need any additional items to prime the pistol with this pump?

asked Jeffrey from USA

G-9 Air Venturi HandPump can be used with Diana Air Pistol Bandit. It may take 40 to 50 pumps to fill.

Jeffrey from USA

How many pumps to obtain 3000 pounds pressure

asked Edward from USA

Depends on the gun, if your looking for a fast fill i recommend a compressor. Its all run off of a pressure gauge, pumps is not a proper measurement so its not going to be same for different tanks or guns.

Dwight from USA

Will this fit a sig suacer mix gun pcp?

asked Cadyn from USA

Will this fit the umarex PCP air rifles

asked Lakmal from Sri Lanka

Will this fit the Seneca big boar 45 caliber air rifle

asked Ralph from USA

Will it work for the maurader

asked David from USA

Will this work for the Beeman Chief ll or will I need an adapter

asked David from USA

Also want to know if it will work with a Umarex Gauntlet and does it need some kind of an adapter

asked Jim from USA

Will this pump work with a BeemanQB Chief?

asked Spurgeon from USA

will this work with the umarex gauntlet

asked Nicholas from USA

Will this work an fill my Umarex air saber?

asked Kevin from USA

Will this work to fill a Umarex air saber

Melvin G from USA

Will this work with a Umerax Air Saber?

asked James from USA

will this work with a benjamin marauder semi auto

asked Gordon from USA

I got the G9 pump but I guess I need an adapter for my Hatsun Invader auto. Does anyone know what adapter I need to get?

asked John from USA

what air dryer do I need with this?

asked Darrin from USA

If i bought this air pump will it fit the air tank set up for my sig mcx that I ordered Oct 3rd ?

asked Johnny from USA

Does this Pump really pump up to 4500 PSI

asked Cailean from USA

How fast can you fill a gun with this pump?

asked Joseph from USA

Will this work on a Umarex gauntlet?

asked Chris from USA

Will this work with a Gamo Urban

asked John from USA

Will this pump work with the umarex airsaber or do I need to buy a Connector other than what the gun comes with.

asked Juan from USA

Will this work as listed (that is, out of the box) with the Umarex Gauntlet PCP .25 caliber, or do I need to buy any additional attachments?

asked Luis A from USA

What adapter it will need for an .177 Umarex Gauntlet?, Do you sell it ?

asked Arturo from Mexico

Will this pump work with the AirForce Texan LSS carbon-fiber tank?

asked Lloyd from USA

Will this adapt to Diana Storm Rider or do I need adapter for the gun?

asked mike from USA

will this pump work with my Diana stormrider?

asked Curtis from USA

Just new to HPA. Bought this for a Sig MCX. Will this increase velocity and accuracy because both those things kinda suck on this gun. Also, what pressure am I trying to get on the Sig

asked Chris from Canada

Using HPA will not boost the velocity of the MCX.

Mark from USA

will this work for Seneca Dragon Claw .50 cal dual tank? If so would I need any accessories?

asked Andrew Justin from USA

It will work. It is a lot of effort to fill a 500 CC tank

Mark from USA

Hi does the pump need a air filter or does it come with one.

asked Stiaan from USA

There is a moisture filter in the handle. It is moderately effective.

Mark from USA

Will I need an adapter for the Hatsan vectis

asked Alex from USA

Will this fit my Benjamin maxximus I just bought it and I don't know much about pcp because it's my first one

asked Caden from USA


Mark from USA

When assembling do I need to put o-ring under pressure gauge and Behind filling hose? Does not specify on directions

asked Benjamin from USA

No. You do not put o-rings on either fitting.

Mark from USA

Will this work on the dragon claw

asked Matt from USA

Only for topping off unless you're Arnold....

Benjamin from USA


Mark from USA

Sigsour mcx

asked Frank from USA

Yes/ The handpump will work on the Sig Sauer MCX,

Mark from USA

Do you have to assemble it?

asked Sean from USA

Yes. The complete body must be attached to the base block.The footplate and pumphandle attached. The hose screwed into the base block.

Mark from USA

Will it connect to the hatsan hydra

asked Patrick from USA


Mark from USA

Does it fit the Ataman M2R carbine?

asked Holmes from Chile


Mark from USA

Will this work with the gamo urban?

asked Richard from USA


Mark from USA

Will this work on the Hatsan Bull Boss or does it need an adaptor?

asked John from USA

You can remove the foster QD and the fill probe will screw into the hose. You can put an adapter on the fill probe Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8"...

Mark from USA

Will this fill a Airforce Condor?

asked Jacob from USA

Yes. It will be a lot of work to fill a 500 cc air cylinder with a hand pump.

Mark from USA

Will this work on the Umarex Gauntlet

asked Beau from USA

Yes. It will connect directly to the Gauntlet.

Mark from USA

Will this for the Hatsan Air max .25 caliber

asked Greg from USA


Mark from USA

Will this work with a Beeman Chief ll?

asked Joseph from USA


Mark from USA

Will this work with the hatsan flashpup QE I am new to pcp?

asked Justin from USA

Yes . With the fill probe adapter Air Venturi Male Quick-Disconnect, 1/8".... $9.95

Mark from USA

Hello. I don't have a PCP gun or rifle (yet.). So, I am have no knowledge of the air-fill options. Are ports on all guns/rifles universal across all brands? Would this pump work with the Umarex Saber? Thanks.

asked Eric from USA
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