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Definitive Guide to Seneca Wing Shot

The idea of an air shotgun is nothing new, and in the past it has been attempted. Though the results of previous attempts have always left us wanting in some way or another...that is until now. Introducing the Wing Shot, the first production PCP shotgun to be brought to the masses. The Air Venturi Wing Shot's true innovation lies in the new shotshell system that fires either #6 or #8 shot at an effective range of up to 30 yards. For the first time aerial target shooting and hunting upland game birds is a real possibility in the airgunning world. The ability to also fire .50 caliber slugs from the smoothbore barrel is just an added bonus, making the Wing Shot even more capable in the field. Whether it's busting clays, knocking pigeons on the wing out of the sky, or launching a great big .50 caliber slug, the Wing Shot is ready for action!
Detailed Review
The Wing Shot PCP Shotgun is based on the same frame and design as other rifles in the Sam Yang family, with some features exclusive to the shotgun. The stock features a straight shotgun style grip with an ambidextrous cheek riser. We found the length of pull to be a bit short for some longer armed shooters however the Wing Shot is very quick to the shoulder.

The Air Venturi Wing Shot also features a brass bead sight as well as removable choke that attaches to the threaded barrel. We found the Wing Shot to be a little bit front heavy but not enough to slow down its pointing ability. The Wing Shot comes up on target quick and tracks very well.

The air tube on the Wing Shot fills to 200 BAR (2,900 psi) and features a Foster style quick connect making filling easy. When not in use the included cap snaps securely in place to make sure that no debris or dust gets in the fill port. The built in gauge is located underneath the stock.

The cocking mechanism of the Wing Shot is a straight pull bolt action that features a high and low power setting. Straight out of the box cocking the Wing Shot airgun took a bit of effort but as we shot it more and more the action wore in nicely.

The trigger pull on the Wing Shot is acceptable, not the greatest airgun trigger but certainly not even close to bad. It's a single stage with a little bit of take up and breaks at just under 6 lbs. Perfect for a gun meant to be in the field. The trigger feel is a little soft with a bit of overtravel but again, nothing to complain about (unless you're being picky like us!)

Shot Performance, Loudness & Hunting

Initial tests of the Air Venturi Wing Shot Shotgun yielded FPS readings just over 1000 using the prototype 3D printed shells with #8 shot. Patterning the gun at different distances showed a spread of about 5 inches at 10 yards and about 12 inches at 30 yards, the wideness of the pattern was also directly affected by the pressures in the air reservoir as we saw patterns get wider as pressures in the gun dropped off. In testing we got about 3-4 full power shots before the tank needed to be topped off.

Firing slugs out of the .50 caliber smoothbore barrel proved to be more accurate than expected. Testing at 20 yards with Air Venturi 200 grain slugs gave us about a 3 inch group, perfectly acceptable for a smooth bore and adequate for taking close range shots on game.

Just for fun we did launch a few slugs out to 100 yards firing at a 12 inch steel gong, we managed to connect 2 out of 5 shots taken from a standing offhand position, with a bit more practice we managed to connect 4 more times. Shooting at that distance with a smooth bore is only a novelty and we do not recommend taking distance shots like that on game, however, watching the big .50 slug arcing on its way to the target at longer range was fairly entertaining.

Shooting aerial targets like clay pigeons or birds on the wing with the Wing Shot takes just a little getting used to. If you have shot aerial targets before you are used to leading the target just a little bit as it moves, however, with the wing shot we found that increasing your lead just a bit to compensate for the slower velocities was necessary, don't be surprised if your first few shots are behind your target. However, the adjustment came quickly and before long we were making passing as well as incoming and outgoing shots no problem.

As far as for sound suppression, the Wing Shot has none. The shotgun gives off quite a pop when firing but nothing compared to that of a powder burner. The Air Venturi Wing Shot PCP Shotgun really fills a great need for airgunners who love bird hunting. The comparatively low noise level, the lower velocity of an air gun and the lack of recoil mean that you can shoot all day long without a sore shoulder and you don't have to worry as much about errant shot damaging unintended targets.

Shot Shells

In the past, manufacturers have attempted to create an effective air powered shotgun, but one of the biggest hurdles to overcome was how to deliver the right amount of shot fast enough to be lethal, while still maintaining a tight enough pattern. On top of that is what kind of casing to put it in. The Air Venturi Wing Shot air shotgun features an innovative way to tackle this obstacle. The shells feature a thin plastic outer hull that upon leaving the barrel breaks apart delivering either #6 or #8 shot skywards.

The Wing Shot is a single shot air gun with shells loaded individually through the loading port. Simply slide the port cover back, load your shell, then slide the port cover forward to seal the chamber. As mentioned previously, you can also fire .50 cal slugs. The shells are made by Air Venturi and sold in packs of 50. You can purchase them pre-loaded with either #6 or #8 shot. Or you can purchase empty shells to fill with your own shot loads.

With the Wing Shot being the first of its kind. We expect that there will be lots of curiosity and questions. We have a full production Wing Shot in house so ask us a question below and we'll be happy to find an answer for you.

First of it's Kind The Wing Shot brings yet another facet to the ever changing world of airgunning. For the first time an air powered shotgun is no longer just a novelty, but a true tool in the arsenal of any airgunner. Proven against small and upland game animals as well as clay targets, the Wing Shot opens new doors to sportsman as well as recreational shooters. Shooting aerial targets like clay pigeons or birds on the wing with the Wing Shot takes just a little getting used to. If you have shot aerial targets before you are used to leading the target just a little bit as it moves, however, with the wing shot we found that increasing your lead just a bit to compensate for the slower velocities was necessary, don't be surprised if your first few shots are behind your target. However, the adjustment came quickly and before long we were making passing as well as incoming and outgoing shots no problem.

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Heirloom Quality The Wing Shot is designed around the pre-existing Sam Yang line of pre-charged pneumatic air rifles. These South Korea produced guns feature attractive hardwood stocks, cast receivers, as well as blued steel barrels and air tubes. The Wing Shot is a gun that you can expect to last and provide years of service while at the same time looking good in your gun cabinet as well as out in the field.

Power & Accuracy Capable of velocities over 1000 fps using shotshells and around 800 fps with slugs the wing shot is no slouch in the power department. The Wing Shot has proven lethal on small game and birds of many types. Patterns with the shotshells where a respectable 12 inches at 30 yards and slugs grouped about 3 inches at 20 yards out of the smooth bore barrel. We found the best groupings were at around 10-15 yards and would be the ideal range for hunting.

Air Tank (A Must, Not A Luxury) The Wing Shot is hungry when it comes to air consumption. It's going to need air often and fast and for that we recommend a 4500 psi carbon fiber tank. A 90 cubic inch model should give you about 7 fills on the wing shot and is a great option if you're heading across a field in hopes of kicking up a game bird or two. If you're spending a day at the range busting clays a larger 74 cubic foot model will provide more than enough air for a long day of shooting.

Seneca Wing Shot
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Merrill, WI
December 5, 2017
By Gary Amys
August 8, 2017
everything I thought it would be.
having fun shooting everything I expected
By Dan Monaghan
June 8, 2017
This is an amazing air shotgun. It's as close to the real thing as you can get without gunpowder. I also like how well it performs and how accurate it is.
By deerflyguy
Rome, NY
October 21, 2016
Fun To Shoot, but Don't Expect Too Much Performance
The Air Venturi Wing Shot air gun can only be described as a recent attempt at air gun innovation, but don't expect too much from the effort! As a shotgun, due to low shot count, it performs weakly, and as a slug shooter, due to being a smoothbore, it is inaccurate at ranges at which it's cousin, the rifle barreled Dragon Claw excels. In effect, it performs as firearm shotguns perform, being neither fish nor foul, and not to be counted on for excellence in either capacity. At least, firearm shotguns throw enough shot at the target to be lethal. Still, it can be fun to shoot, and might be a solid foundation for future betterment in specialty air guns?
ProsI like the idea of developing a shotgun that uses high pressure air, and the Wing Shot is a step in the right direction. As a gun that can sharpen one's shooting skills, it can be beneficial.
ConsI don't think this gun should be used for hunting game, as the small quantity of shot that the shells use spreads rapidly, and thus does not provide any intense pattern on the target. It will, I believe, wound more times than kill, thus is not as humane as it should be for hunting. In close quarters, say within 20 feet, perhaps it could be used for pest control? The gun should come with a removable cylinder bore choke, but it doesn't, and none are available as accessories. I think such a choke is necessary to protect the threaded end of the muzzle, when the narrowed choke that does come with the gun is removed for shooting slugs. Even so, the smooth barrel does not provide for accuracy when shooting slugs. Although versatile, the gun is a bit pricy for what it provides in functionality. AV has produced larger shot capacity rounds, but I have not tried them yet, so do not know if they have increased performance to any appreciable degree?
By anthony
webster, fl
December 23, 2015
Shotgun without a Kick
I purchase #6 shot with this wing-shot shotgun and I was easily taking birds from tree limbs at or about 20-30 yards. Although it is not quiet but not as loud as it's cousin. Highly recommended.
Proscan shoot both shot shell and .50 pellets.
Consshot shells too pricey.
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