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Barra Air Rifles

Barra air rifles are made of premium materials and come in different styles. Those differences show in more than just their styling. Barra air rifles look different than other rifles, and they work differently, too. They have a multi-pump that fills with under-lever action and a fully electric air rifle. These aren't your typical air rifles.
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Shoot all day with a multi-pump Barra air rifle. All you need are extra pellets and targets. These multi-pumps are stylish, affordable, and accurate. Just two pumps are needed for short-distance targets and use up to 10 pumps for long-distance targets. Whether you choose the cowboy style or black ops style, they are so much fun, that the sun will go down on your range before you get tired of shooting them.

The fully electric Barra bb rifle lets you shoot full auto without the difficulties brought on by CO2-powered guns. Since it works the same in winter and summer and doesn't freeze up with consistent use, you'll have more fun more often with this full auto air rifle than many others.

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