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Benjamin Airguns

In 1882 Walter R. Benjamin introduced the first Benjamin airgun. Manufactured in St. Louis, these air guns were one of the first not designed as a toy but as a high-powered rifle. Over the next twenty years, the designs grew in popularity and reliability, eventually leading to the creation of the Benjamin Air Rifle Company in 1902.

Benjamin airguns were acquired by Crosman in the early '90s, which only helped the brand grow in popularity. Being positioned as the adult hunting and high-performance line in the Crosman family, Benjamin features an array of classic air rifle and air pistol styles that keep pushing the limits of the industry.

Benjamin's airgun selection includes everything from its breakthrough multi-pump pneumatics, break barrels, and even some of the best pre-charged pneumatics (PCP) on the market today. In addition to their great rifle lineup, they also offer some of the best air pistols and even their own line of pellets.

Featuring single-shot bolt action and multi-shot bolt action Benjamin air guns have something for everyone. All Benjamin airguns utilize wood and metal construction and come in a wide variety of calibers. Anything from a .177 to a .25, you'll find a perfect fit for your Benjamin pellet gun.

Talking about calibers, Benjamin does have its own line of pellets that are designed to go hand-in-hand with any of their air guns you select. Ranging from diabolo, hollowpoint to the awesome ballistic tip lead bullet, you'll be sure to find the exact pellet you and your rifle need to get the job done. Benjamin also has its own line of accessories. Offering everything from bi-pods to rifle cases, if you have a specific item you want on your rifle, Benjamin is sure to have it.

Made in the USA has always been part of Benjamin, going all the way back to the founding of the company to its modern representation. Benjamin has been America's trusted airgun manufacturer and continues to build, produce and assemble in the USA.

Benjamin airguns have a long history of being reliable, durable, and accurate rifles. Over 100 years as a company and growing every day, you'll be sure that when you buy a Benjamin pellet gun, you'll have the best product in your hands for generations to come. Shop Airgun Depot today for all things Benjamin airgun and see why over 100 years of experience is never a bad thing.