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Definitive Guide to Benjamin Marauder

The Benjamin Marauder PCP air rifle has been the standard that all other low cost, high value pre-charged pneumatic air rifles have been measured against, and justifiably so. The Marauder air rifle, or M-Rod as it has been dubbed by airgunners, is where the PCP obsession for most of us started. The M-Rod gives you everything that you need and nothing that you don?t at a price that is wallet friendly. What?s even better is that the Marauder is a gun that can grow with you as you grow in the hobby of airgunning. This air rifle has very strong aftermarket support and a devoted following of shooters who are more than happy to share their love of airgunning with other enthusiasts. The Benjamin Marauder has become a modern classic in the world of airgunning.
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Detailed Review

The Marauder came into existence in 2009, and right out of the gate it changed the way that airgunners thought about a PCP. Previous to the Marauder, Benjamin had released the Discovery and at the time the Discovery was, and even today still is, one of the best priced PCP's on the market. But the Marauder filled a gap between the Discovery and the high-end European PCP's. The Marauder gives you high-end features like a closed rotary magazine, a 2-stage match trigger, and a fully shrouded barrel, which makes this one of the quietest PCP's on the market. The Marauder gives you premium performance at a fairly low entry-level price point. And now with the new regulated Marauder Field and Target, the Marauder has once again stepped to the forefront of performance and affordability.

The Basic Anatomy of the Marauder

The Marauder features a fully ambidextrous Monte Carlo style stock with an adjustable cheek rise to give you the perfect line of sight with your scope. Both the hardwood and synthetic versions feature a wide and flat forend that lends itself well to shooting off a sandbag and for those interested in using it for field target competitions.

The trigger is a 2 stage adjustable match trigger that pulls at about 1.5 pounds. We found that when the trigger was lightened to about a pound, the first stage pull was very light and the second stage break was carrot-like and conducive to shooting great groups. To get a better trigger than the Marauder?s, you would have to spend 3-4 times as much money. It really is that good.

The Marauders magazine system is a real strong point for the rifle. Once you get the hang of loading the mags they are virtually foolproof and can be loaded very quickly. The use of a couple preloaded AirVenturi pellet pens can make the job go even quicker if you're out in the field. Compared to most other magazines they are very inexpensive, so be sure to pick up some spares.

The standard Marauder is equipped with an 11mm dovetail rail across the top of the receiver and is ready for your favorite optic. The Field and Target version comes with a picatinny rail. And some sort of optic will be necessary since it does not come with open sights. If you're interested in having everything you need in one box we recommend the Marauder Premium package that comes with a Centerpoint 4-16x40 AO scope, rings, and a sling. Looking for an even better scope? Put a Hawke Sidewinder on your M-Rod!

The bolt on the Marauder can be switched from a right hand set up to a left hand set up with relative ease making the M-Rod a truly ambidextrous rifle. The cock-on-opening design makes it easy to cycle quickly for follow up shots.

Not wanting to be behind the times, Benjamin released the SAM or Semi-Automatic Marauder in 2021. Airgunners need no longer operate the rear bolt between shots. Instead, they just need to pull the trigger and watch the lead fly. You would not immediately distinguish it from a standard wood stock Marauder at a distance, but as you get closer, you'll notice that the rear action and bolt design is different. The cocking bolt is more like what you'd find on an AR than your traditional Marauder variant. The magazine also loads differently to accommodate the semi-auto action. It's currently available only in .22 caliber.The SAM fires from a closed bolt design and operates as quickly as you can pull the trigger. Where some semi-automatic airguns see decreased accuracy due to the vibration and cycling, the SAM maintains the same accuracy as the original Marauder. The rest of the SAM is pretty much the same as a typical Marauder with a great trigger, quiet operation, decent power, affordability, and ease of use.

Shot Groupings, Velocity and Decibel Readings

For our tests we used a stock .22 cal Marauder. It's important to note that the Marauder air rifle is truly a flexible airgun where you can adjust both the power of the gun as well as the maximum fill pressure the reservoir will accept. In reality, unless you have a good reason, don't mess with the tank and just leave it at 3,000 psi so you can get the maximum amount of shots per fill.

There are plenty articles about tuning the power on your M-rod, but if your eyes glaze over with the thought of having to tinker with your airgun, have no fear: we have found the M-Rod suitably tuned right out of the box for the majority of airgunners. Finding a great balance between power and maximizing the amount of shots per fill. For velocity tests we primarily stuck to heavier hunting pellets to see what kind of foot pound energy can be achieved.

The Field and Target version is regulated so that you get the most shots possible at a consistent velocity. In .177 we feel that the power output is just right, but the .22 is perhaps slightly underpowered. For some situations, it won?t make a difference, but if you are taking longer shots or want to shoot heavier pellets you may wish it had a bit more oomph. The .22 Marauder Field and Target shoots 15.89 JSBs around 820 feet per second and gives you about 50-60 good shots, although you will get 70-80 shots with a lighter pellet. For comparison, the standard Marauder will give you 30-40 good shots depending on the pellet and how you have it adjusted. In .177 expect about 80 very consistent shots from the Field and Target. Though all the pellets we tested acquired satisfactory groupings at 50 yards (mostly 1" groupings), we found that the Marauder really loved the Predator Polymag Shorts. The shorts are a smaller version of the popular hunting pellet that won't jam in the rotary mag. We shot one of the best groupings we've seen in a long time at 50 yards with the Polymag shorts!

The Field and Target version gives you the option of a Lothar Walther barrel, which are renowned for their consistency and accuracy, so if you want to be assured of a competition level barrel you may want to choose that option. However, we have had great results with the standard Marauder barrels, so if you can?t afford the LW barrel don?t feel too bad about it. One of the best things about the Benjamin M-Rod is how quiet it is. The internally shrouded barrel provides an ultra-hushed operation, and is easily one of the quietest rifles in its class. You won't have any problems using this in your backyard. Decibel readings taken in a closed indoor range produced just 68 decibels. What does that compare to? How about a polite cough or a normal conversation at 3'. Because it is regulated, the Field and Target is even quieter than the standard Marauder. And that is really saying something!

Marauder Competition

For years the Marauder has sat alone within its price point without much competition. There really has not been a lot to compare the Marauder to as far as an air rifle with the same quality at the same price point, however, as of late more rifles have begun to flood the entry level PCP market.

Viable options worth comparing in this genre (price range + similar caliber options) include the Gamo Coyote, BSA Buccaneer, and the Hatsan AT44. It's also worth investigating the AirForce Condor. Though not quite in the same class due to the higher price, its quality makes it worth looking into. While each of these rifles has its benefits the Marauder continues to be the gold standard among the type (though the gap is quickly closing). Although both the Umarex Gauntlet and the Benjamin Fortitude are regulated and thus compete with the Marauder Field and Target, it still brings a lot of features like adjustable power, a match grade trigger, and adjustable stock that aren?t matched by anything else in its price range.


One of the first accessories that we added to our test Benjamin Synthetic Marauder PCP was a bipod. Being that this is a gun that is perfect for sniping pigeons and squirrels at 50 plus yards, having a solid bipod is a great addition. With the Marauder you'll want to use a Harris style bipod that attaches to the sling swivel stud.

It's a must to pick up extra magazines. And it seems almost every M-Rod owner ends up owning at least three of four. It's easy to understand why as this gun is a joy to shoot and the last thing you want when you're hitting a groove is to reload your magazine.

Although the magazine is much more convenient when shooting a lot or hunting, there's something to be said for single-shots. They tend to be more precise. If you're looking for tighter groups or more precision when hunting, pick up an Air Venturi single-shot tray for your Benjamin M-rod air rifle breech.

Another great upgrade is a Hawke Sport HD 4-16x50 AO scope. Hawke scopes feature impeccable glass quality for the price point and will help you unlock the true long distance potential of your Marauder rifle.

Maintenance / Technical

Filling the Marauder is a breeze from either a scuba tank or carbon fiber bottle with the on board Foster style quick disconnect. No need for a specific probe here, just pop on the quick disconnect, open the fill valve to top off the air reservoir, and then make sure your bleed the air line after closing the valve to remove the hose, it's that easy.

If you're interested in using a hand pump the Benjamin Marauder is available in a special combo with a Benjamin pump. The price is certainly right with the savings you get by buying the pump combo but if you're looking for a higher quality pump to make it easier to fill your Marauder, we recommend either the Air Venturi G6 Hand Pump or the gold standard of pumps, the Hill MK4 Hand Pump. As for the biggest bang (or pump) for the dollar: the Air Venturi G7 would be our recommendation. The Marauder is an easy gun to care for. Like most PCP's we recommend the use of cleaning pellets every few hundred pellets or so to keep the lead build up in the barrel down. Wiping the stock down with a microfiber cloth removes smudges and fingerprints keeping your rifle looking new, and other than the occasional need for a replacement seal your Marauder should provide you with years of shooting enjoyment.

Caliber & Stock Options Versatile and ready for the field or the range, the Marauder has the power and caliber options to suit you. If you're looking to join your local field target club? Stick with the .177 caliber M-Rod. Live in a windy area? Maybe increase to the .22 caliber. If you prefer using your M-Rod to hunt at 50 yards, the .22 or .25 cal is best suited for you. Whether you go with the hardwood stock or the all-weather synthetic, both models come equipped with sling studs to make packing your Marauder easy.
Power, Accuracy & Pellet Recommendation For our testing we stuck primarily with hunting pellets. Most pellets were very accurate at 50 yards obtaining 2" groupings. It seems when it comes to accuracy the Marauder isn't too picky when it comes to pellets. The Polymag Shorts really surprised us though as we were able to achieve a remarkable 1/2" grouping at 50 yards. This would be our recommended hunting pellet.
Decibel Readings One of the best things about the Marauder is how quiet it is. The internally shrouded barrel provides an ultra-hushed operation, and is easily one of the quietest rifles in its class. You won't have any problems using this in your backyard. Decibel readings taken in a closed indoor range produced just 68 decibels. What does that compare to? How about a polite cough or a normal conversation at 3'.
Modifying the M-Rod The Marauder features strong aftermarket support once you're ready for mods. The Marauder is a great platform for building rifles from mild to wild! Everything from power adding internal upgrades to custom stocks can be had for these rifles. Keep in mind though that you will want to make sure you've spent some time with your new M-Rod to ensure there are no defects before modifying your gun since any modification will void the 1 Year warranty. Quality control has been very good from Benjamin, but you'll want to be sure of that before starting your mod. Note that if you're just looking for a more AR-style look for your Marauder, instead of modifying it, just pick up the Benjamin Armada, which is basically just a Marauder wrapped in a modern AR stock.