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Benjamin eXTREME by Nosler .357 Cal, 145 gr - 25 ct

145 Grains, Round Nose, 25ct
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  • Code: PY-P-889 · $22.99 · .357 · 145 grains · 25 ct
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Developed for the Benjamin Rogue ePCP air rifle. These Nosler bullets will find their way to your target and help you achieve maximum accuracy. Nosler is known for making some of the best bullets in the business and the Benjamin Ballistic Tip eXTREME air rifle bullet is no exception. If you value hitting your target this is the way to go! Features
  • .357 cal.
  • 145 grains
  • Round nose
  • Polymer ballistic tip
  • Stepped driving bands
  • Hollow base
  • 25 bullets
  • Do not use in Evanix airguns.
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber .357
  • Ammo Type Slugs
  • Ammo Weight 145 grains
  • Pellet Shape Domed/Round nose
  • Pellet Quantity 25 ct
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By WAYNEUSAMarch 27, 2022 Verified Purchase

This ammo exceeds anything else I have used. Airgun Depot is also extremely good. Fast delivery and best price.

extremely acurrate

very expensive

By KarlJanuary 18, 2021

I bought the 5 cavity 358429 bullet mold from Arsenal Molds , which claims a bullet weight of 170gr. With soft lead it’s actually 172gr. and it still fits the Benjamin Bulldog magazine. YES !!! I then had 3 of those cavities reworked to give me a hollowpoint , exactly what Mr. Hollowpoint does , sly dog that he is. The depth of that hollow cavity is about 2/3 of the actual bullet length which is .743” and that bullet weight is now 146gr. So every time I make a pour I get 3 hollow points and 2 solid ones all for less that than the cost of 1 round of Benjamin’s ammo. Now we’re talking.

Great accurate round and I like the fact that it fits the 9mm magazine of the Benjamin Bulldog , unlike the 9mm magazines of air rifles with a $2000 price tag.

Price. I cringe every time I pull the trigger because I’m throwing away $1 every time I do. Ouch !!!

By chrisFebruary 6, 2020

accurate, no expantion would not not hunt big game because it only leaves a pencial sized hole,instead i use areomagnum devestators 128 grain hollow points from air guns of texas.(the only place that sells them))I wish air gun depot sold them because i like to support them,butMy bulldog loves them till they do i will buy the devestators every single time!My bulldog loves them

By KendrickUSAJuly 20, 2019

They are the best and nothing but the best and they are Great!!!!!! Yeah baby yeah!!

By AddertoothJuly 6, 2018

I have taken a micrometer to several of these rounds, they all fall into .3565 to .357 diameter. This is surprisingly good consistency (one half of one thousandths of an inch). Some big bore rifles tend to have a bore which is in the upper end of .357 inch; for those air rifles, they struggle with other slightly undersized rounds (.355 or smaller rounds) when it comes to accuracy and repeatability. The Nosler rounds produces the smallest groups at 100 yards of any commercial slugs I have tried (there are some which are very close, but these are the king). The 145 grain weight hits with the authority which suits large game hunting quite well. This is the round which made me reconsider my stacked double row of bricks backstop. I found that some of the bricks cracked in half with a single round impact. A great round for deer or hog in the Benjamin Bulldog. The only reason why these rounds do not earn 5 stars is the high price of roughly 80 cents a round before specials or discounts. The buy 3 get 1 free special knocks them down to 60 cents a round. This round is a great benchmark to compare against, every .357 air rifle needs to shoot a box of these to establish a baseline for accuracy. From that point, you can decide whether a less expensive round is as good at 100 yards. Carefully consider all of your other hunting costs (air gun, hunting license, deer tag, meat processing, etc) before you disregard this round for cost. Chances are, you will use less than 3 of these rounds when hunting deer or hogs, and hit your limit. Happy hunting

Very consistent diameter Heavy weight and very good ballistic coefficient

May be too long to chamber in some air rifles Cost

By JasonUSAMay 25, 2018

these pellets seem to be very accurate and have good reviews. I will need to pick up a box

By Felix JoseArgentinaMarch 10, 2018

No le tenia fe, pero tengo una Evanix Rex Pistol a la cual le cambie cilindro de carga para 10 tiros ful maa cuatro remate, (esa pistola ayuda es fuera de serie ) y la efectividad y el golpe entre 90 Y 100 yardas es terrible, como cualquier pecepero uno siempre esta a la prueba de todo !!! hice tiros en poligonos de fusil y llegue a hacertar con velocidad y gran golpe hasta 220 yardas, por supuesto si probar ni probaria cazar a esa distancia.- EXCELENTES



By lonnie c.December 30, 2017

good ballistic tip ammo


By Carlos H.July 26, 2017

Very accurate and hard hitting round fired from my Benjamin Bullpup. Keyholed three in a row at 45yds. Can't wait to hunt!

Perfect weight. Great accuracy. Unstoppable power

Does not mushroom/expand as expected.

By VikramUSADecember 7, 2016

These are great pellets. They are very well made and feel very solid. They are more expensive than other pellets (.357), but they are worth the money. Absolute must have.

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What is the Ballistic Coefficient on these?

asked Douglas from USA

Do these fit in a seneca recluse

asked Lionel from USA

Will these work in the Ataman .35 cal? I know that some airguns are very picky about ammo and I'm wanting to try something different than the JSB which work great in my Ataman.

asked Jon-Paul from USA

Will these work in a fx impact .35cal.

asked William from USA

Will they fit a Air Force Texan 45 cal. carbine? Well, I am waiting for an answer.

asked william from USA

no these pellets are .357 not .45 it is to small for the barrel diamiter it wont fire rite

Nick from USA

Will these fit/work in a Hatsan Blitz .30?

asked Chad from USA

Hmmmm... A .357 nosler will fit a .30 blitz???

Conrad from USA

They are too long for the magazine. They can be single loaded.

Mark from USA

Do they expand reliably?

asked Eric from USA

Doas anybody know if these pellets fit in the Hatsun Herculess bully?

asked Georgios from USA

Can they be used in the bulldog Bullpup 357

asked Leonard from USA

Will these fit in a Carnivore?

asked Bill Gruber

No, they are to long.

Scott from USA
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