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Benjamin 90 cu in Carbon Fiber PCP Charging System

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Have you resorted to carrying a steel or aluminum buddy bottle to refill your PCP air guns in the field? You'll get even more refills from this carbon fiber tank since it's 4,500 psi. Plus, it doesn't weigh as much. Depending on the size of your airgun's onboard reservoir, you could get up to 16 fills before you have to refill this tank.
Made in the USA
  • Portable filling solution
  • Provides from 5-16 fills
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs
  • 4500 psi Rated
  • Measurement: (L) 14.625" x (H) 4.625" x (W) 4.625"
  • Lightweight 90 cubic inch (Made in USA) cylinder
  • DOT certified
  • 12 inch micro-bore hose and stainless steel gun connector
  • 5,000 PSI Gauge and line bleed screw
  • Capacity: 90 cu inch (14.3 cubic feet)
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type PCP Accessories
  • Warranty 90-day limited warranty
  • Weight 6.00
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By WJPUSAFebruary 28, 2022

There are better small tanks out there, fellow air gunners!

Small size, convenient to carry along

Leaked within 6 months and had to be repaired. Expensive repair so beware. Not too confident in it now.

By JosephUSAJune 21, 2019

very disappointed in the size of the tank for the money

operates well - easy to charge pcp rifles

By JohnUSAApril 18, 2018

I really like the size. Take it with me to the range and keeps my gun full. Gives my back a break from pumping. Everything works as expected. One recommendation I have is cable spring relief at the end going into the tank. I could see flexing causing a problem over time. Other than that works great!

Size and portability

Cable relief. Wish it had a gauge for tank separate from air fill cable.

By SDUSANovember 12, 2016

Air Pumps are a pain. Local Airsoft / Paintball shop is a must. Makes shooting my Marauder 10X better!

By RicoMarch 29, 2016

Compared to the scuba tank I had been using, this unit is sent from the heavens...I do a lot of pigeon and starling pest control on dairy farms so the compact size and light weight are a real bonus. I got an adapter for refilling, so now I can go to any dive shop and get a fill up. The only query I had is that when its filled up at the scuba shop...I get no reading off the gauge...I would have that with a fresh fill up, the gauge would register ...but mine does not...Other than that, great unit..

Light weight, with adapter can be filled anywhere, great amount of refills

No reading of gauge

By Jeff H.February 3, 2015

This was one of my best purchases for my Marauder 25 cal., as it is an air hog. This allows me a full day of hunting without having to return to my truck. It's small and light enough to fit into my game bag. Also, it uses a DIN connection which allows it to be filled at any airsoft facility including Sports Chalet and any dive shop. It was well worth the extra $100.00 over the Air Venturi as no adapter was needed to fill it or to charge my Benjamin PCP.

* Light Weight * 4500 # capacity * Easy to find a place to fill it: * Sports Chalet * Dive Shops * Airsoft gaming facilities


By DavidUSAFebruary 5, 2014

I live in Denver, CO and after calling and visiting dive shops, paint ball shops, and even the two PCP fill stations listed on the Crosman web site as places you can go to fill these tanks, I was lucky to find 1, (one) paint ball place that was able to fill it to 3000 psi. In a small tank like this, 3000 psi does not add up to a lot of fills on a Marauder rifle. If I knew then what I know now, I would not have bought this hard to fill, expensive tank and went for a full size used scuba set up for 3000 psi fills instead. A lot less coin, less hassle and more time shooting instead of on the phone and driving around town trying to find a place to fill my tank.

small, could fit into to your car if you were going shooting for the weekend

hard to find a place that can fill the thing to 4500 psi, or indeed, at all.

By EduardoBrazilMarch 30, 2013

This is an excellent product, complete and ready to use.

Complete and ready to use with a micro bore hose, female foster adapter and standard fit to to the tube, all with great finish.

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Buenas tardes compre un compresor GX CS3 quiero saber si se pueden llenar estos tanques con el compresor.

asked Miguel from Mexico

How many fills for a airforce Texan?

asked Thomas W Stanford

Is the output regulated like other tanks to about 3500 psi?

asked THOMAS from USA

How do you fill can you use a air compressor

asked LaFrantz from USA

Where do you get these be refilled

asked Jack

Would I need any other attachments to have the tank filled at a dive shop or paint ball store?

asked Bruce from USA

Can I buy a compressor that comes ready to fill this? I know it would be costly, but is that doable?

asked Mike from USA

How do you refill this? Scuba shop? ?

asked Mike

You can contact your local fire department. If you are really nice to them, they have the equipment there to refill your tank. I read about this on a forum. So I gave it a try, and sure enough I got my tank filled. I gave the fireman $10 for his time and help. Its just another way to work together with some of the men and women who take care of our safety everyday. Hope this helps you out.

William from USA

A much overlooked fill option is a 6K Nitrogen bottle available at most welding supply stores. $100 deposit and $75 fill cost for 465 Cubic Feet of N2 at 6000 psi. The only issue is the size and weight of the big bottle. Take a friend or 3 to the Welding store to help load and unload.

Thurmond from USA

This tank is a lifesaver as my .25 Marauder has a lot of work into it but REALLY uses up the air!!! There is a paintball shop also close and they used to fill the 90 cu tank but now i get them both filled at the dive shop. I live in San Diego and there are a lot of different places to have it filled. The closest one to me is a dive shop and they fill it and my scuba tank at the same time. I forgot to mention there is a place that sells oxygen and acetylene. They have welding supplies and also fill air tanks for hospitals.

Art from USA

I had my tank filled at a local hobby shop that specializes in paint ball and air soft guns. I was able to have it filled to the max of 4500 psi without a problem. I did however have to order a fill adapter to get it done, but it was well worth more pumping!!

Tim from USA

I live in Denver and it was with difficulty that I finally found one paintball place that was able to fill my tank. Their compressor however was only able to fill my tank to 3000 psi, a lot less then what the tank is capable of holding. The two places Crosman lists on Crosman's web site as PCP filling stations couldn't fill my tank at all, which I thought was pretty lame, since Crosman had them listed. I have an adapter ordered that may fix the problem, but this tank was not plug and play for me.

David from USA

Do I need to have a scuba certification to have this filled?

asked Larry

I use my local welding and gas shop that I get my gasses for my shop . They get me up to 4600 psi

Richard from USA

I doubt it. The tank itself is not set up for scuba although scuba shops can fill it. You couldn't fit a scuba type air regulator on it for example. It IS set up for PCP, so all you could do with it without depressurizing and changing the valve would be PCP, AirSoft, etc.


No you do not need any certification. However most places require you to be 18 years or older to get it filled. You could always use a high pressure hand pump as it only takes about 2900 gut wrenching pumps to get it done.

William from USA

NO: no scuba certification is necessary to purchase air, but just explain to the SCUBA shop owner that you will be using it for airgun recharging. He may require you sign a release of liability stating that you will not be breathing this air, just so he won't be liable for any damages. He should be happy to have your repeated business of air refills time and time again.

Michael from USA

Not at all

Jennifer from USA


Allan Wind

No dive cert required. It can not be hooked up to regulators for diving so dive shop will fill it because you can not dive with it. Paintball shop is a better call though. They can get you the 4000 psi. Lot of dive shops max out at about 3400 to 3600 psi

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