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Benjamin Premier .25 Cal, 27.8 gr - 200 ct

Benjamin Premier .25 Cal, 27.8 gr - 200 ct

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  • Code: BD225 · 0.25 cal · 27.8 gr · 200 ct
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  • .25 caliber
  • 27.8 grains
  • Domed
  • 200 pellets

Warning: Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber0.25 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight27.8 gr
  • Pellet ShapeDomed
  • Pellet Quantity200
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Benjamin Premier .25 Cal, 27.8 gr - 200 ct
23 Reviews
70% (16)
13% (3)
9% (2)
0% (0)
9% (2)
91% Recommend this product (21 of 23 responses)
By Mark
Left Coast, FL.
February 1, 2019
Poor Performance
This pellet did not shoot well out of my Hatsan AT44-10 in .25cal.
smithville, MS
December 18, 2018
Great Pellets
I shoot these in most of my .25 cal. rifles and have had great luck with them ! They shoot true and great !
ConsJust wish there were more than 200 to a tin !!
By Wyatt
Etown pa
July 6, 2018
Hard hitting well designed
These pellets work wonderfully out of my Bataan edge vortex rifle. They are hard hitting and deliver. The only thing is the quality control, in every tin there are a few pellets with lead shavings in the skirt and they don�t fly like the others.
ProsHard hitting
ConsQuality control
Best UsesHunting/small game
By Gerry
San Diego
January 19, 2018
Great for my FX Royale 500
Bought these last year for my .25 BT65. They were OK but not nearly as accurate as H&N Hunter Extreme or Barracudas. Almost forgot I had them. Just tried them in my Royale 500 & it loves them. Almost as pinpoint accurate as JSB 25.39 Kings in this gun.
Always amazes me how pellet sensitive airguns are. When the right combination is found it's a beautiful thing. For me, these are a keeper.
ProsHard hitting, no flyers (yet), screw on lid, economical.
ConsNone yet.
By Manuel S.
December 27, 2017
Great in my maurader and hatsun
Sighted scopes on both guns @50 yards with these pellets and was really impressed with the accuracy and consistent performance of both guns using these pellets. I plan to hunt with them now that I see how well they performed. Initially was thinking of punching holes on paper cause they are reasonably priced. Now they will pull double duty.
ProsGood pellets at a good price
ConsI shot every pellet I had and ordered 2 more tins of these pellets. I found nothing to complain about.
By Alejandro
Miami, FL
May 8, 2017
Good pellet
Shoots well thru my Benjamin Marauder .25 cal.
By Ron
Truckee, CA
January 16, 2017
Inconsistent quality control.
I purchased a tin of these pellets, along with three other types, to test in my new Marauder. Upon shooting these benji's, I got some terrible flyers. Upon inspection I found, in almost all the pellets, a groove cut inside the skirt with varying sizes of lead shavings stuck in place. No way the pellets could fly straight like that. I've since learned on a forum that Benjamin is notorious for inconsistent quality control. Some lots are great, some are, well, like these. Unshootable. $11 down the drain.
ConsDamaged upon construction and unusable.
By Benn T.
November 27, 2016
Close second
Close second to accuracy vs jsb out of 25 marauder
By Tom
Grand Rapids, MN
September 21, 2016
Great all around pellet
These make my M-Rod shoot like a laser. They also shoot well in my Hatsan Vortex. They feed flawlessly through my rotary magazines and perform very well with great accuracy and consistency.
ProsVery pretty highly polished pellets. Decent price. Good quality and value. Accurate. Good QC. I've never found a deformed or irregular pellet in dozens and dozens of tins. Seems to shoot very well in every style rifle.
ConsKinda a generic general purpose design. Great at the target range but, for hunting, I prefer a hollow point or ballistic tip. (These are available in HP)
By Doug
So Cal
August 30, 2016
Great in your Crossman Benjamin guns.
Using right now in breaking in a 725XL that I replaced a barrel on. These pellets are harder design mix than that of JSM, Poly Mag or H&N. A good performing pellet in all my guns. Price is great, these are good reliable, hard hitting pellets and I always make sure to have a couple tins in my cabinet.

I give them a 4 just because they are not as good as some other very good pellets, but they are still very good, but for the benefit of users you just have to try them in your guns to find your ultimate pellet for when the shot counts.

I would hunt no doubt with this pellet, but it is a harder pellet so not going to deform as well as the Hunter by H&N or the Poly Mag but probably more accurate then the Poly mag at least in my guns. Break barrels are fine with Poly Mag, Rotary mags may need the shorts.
ProsPrice Quality Accuracy Great for Crossman and Benjamin barrels.
By Tom W.
May 20, 2016
Excellent Pellet
I have two Hatsan 25cal Rifles. One is an Edge Vortex gas piston and the other is a 25P Sniper spring piston. Both rifles are rated at 650fps. This pellet has consistently preformed well in both rifles. Groupings are tight at 35yds. I can also hit a 3in spinner with them at 60yds most of the time. They will drop a woodchuck flat dead with one well placed shot. Skunks are put down instiantly also. It is pretty much lights out for anything that gets hit with one of them. One shot is about all it takes too! I have had very few if any flyers with these pellets during target shooting.I have used lots of them and I think they are one of the best pellets for the rifles that I have. They don't seem to drift as much with the wind either.
ProsVery Good Pellet--200 pellets to a tin--Affordable--Accurate
ConsNone so far
By Phil
October 8, 2015
good pellet
very sturdy, just the right hardness and it hits like a brick.
ProsGood pellet. I wonder if they make hollow point pellets.
Conscan't find them in Walmart. Mail order kind of expensive.
By kenney
memphis, TN
February 6, 2015
deadly pellets
I have kill small to mediun game with this pellet it is very accurate and very deadly out of my benjamin marauder and just as good as the jsb pellets at a lower price. My last kill shot was a 110 poind hog it dropped instantly at 40 yards. I love this pellet and it hits harder than the jsb pellet
ProsAccurate and deadly
ConsNone i have found
By Glen
Honolulu, HI
April 9, 2014
Great in my rifles
These Benjamin pellets shoot great in all three of my .25 pcp rifles. A Talon SS 18" barrel, A custom disco with a LW barrel, and my At44W long. Consistently able to hit a 1" spinner target out to 50 yards. Shoots great for me.
ProsAll good!
By Rick
North Carolina
April 2, 2014
Great for shooting
I'm not a pro at determining the difference in ammo and these where my first to be bought for my first 25cal gun
By terry
Mount Sterling, KY
March 19, 2014
Average accuracy
My Hatsan 95 does not hold a tight group with these.
By David
St Petersbirg, FL
March 9, 2014
Benjamin Premier .25 Cal Domed Pellets
So far, I've found these pellets to shoot accurately and consistently with my .24 Benjamin Marauder. My results with these are very much like those I achieve with my vintage rimfire target rifle at 25 yards.
ProsThey come in a handy screw-lid tin.
By Heath
Arlington, TX
December 5, 2013
My personal choice
I have chosen this domed pellet as my personal favorite for all the shooting I do with pellets. The domed shape gives me great and consistent accuracy while losing nothing in power since my .25 Benjamin Trail NP XL shoots hard enough to flatten the pellet every time no matter the pellets shape.
ProsAccurate, consistent and lethal Best pellet choice for me
ConsThe .25 caliber is a little harder to find in a pinch so you may need to stock up
By Paul
Allen, TX
November 26, 2013
Hard Hitter
The pellet looks as good as the Crosman brown box premiers. Out of my Hatsan 125 and Marauder these shoot as good as the JSB exact kings.
ProsPenetration! The first one I shot went through my pellet trap, back stop, and my fence.
ConsNot really a con but I had to build a new bullet trap to shoot these.
By jake
Baltimore, Maryland
December 14, 2012
Very Accurate, NOT deadly
These pellets are extremely accurate and group very tightly. I'm able to hit baseball sized targets consistently at 60 yards. However, I highly recommend that you not use them for hunting, even on small game like doves. I've hit several doves with shots that went clean through the chest and didn't kill them. A few minuted ago, I shot a squirrel with a double lung shot and it didn't die. I hit it a second time in the chest and it was still moving slowly. I finally made a point blank head shot to put it out. I hate having to make an animal suffer like that, so DO NOT use these for hunting, they just don't do enough internal damage. I'm switching to the Benjamin hunting pellets. Overall, great accuracy and consistency for target practice only.
ProsAccurate and consistent
ConsNot deadly
By Kyle H.
Walhalla, South Carolina
November 13, 2012
Love these pellets!
These are the only pellets I use in my .25 Marauder. Plenty of punch and all of them are accurate.
ProsGreat Pellets!! Change nothing!
By ruben
July 3, 2012
bone breaker
Very powerful and accurate. I can drive through 3/4 inch plywood at 40 yards with my hatsan 125.
ProsI like everything about this pellets
By Robert
June 17, 2012
I brought these and a tin of JSB's ( which are my favorite brand pellet in any caliber) but I must say that these benjis are more accurate then the JSB's
They are very uniform and I value to boot,
ProsPrice,quantity and consistency. Screw cap on the tin.
ConsNothing at all.
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By David from mobile,al on June 11, 2012
How accurate are these pellets compared to say jsb match diablo 25.4 grain and do they group well like the jsb exact diablo? I am new to air gunning and so far the only two pellets I found to shoot good from my hatsan bt 65 sb in .25 cal is the 25.4 jsb diablo and the preditor pollymags.

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