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Benjamin Prowler

Available in 0.1770.1770.220.22.177 Cal. Nitro Piston
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If you like to hunt small game such as rabbits and squirrels, you need a powerful air rifle that can reach out to further distances because small game is usually wary. You'll have the confidence to reliably, humanely and repeatedly take pest critters every time you shoulder your Benjamin Prowler air rifle. The gas piston has taken the airgunning world by storm because it's a proven technology that gives shooters much more leeway.

If you like smoother-shooting guns and guns that don't experience spring fatigue because you left the gun cocked while waiting for the next critter to cross your path, then a gas piston should be your powerplant of choice. Powerful! Reliable! Accurate! Sounds like the perfect airgun!

Benjamin Prowler Air Rifle Features
  • Gas-piston
  • Breakbarrel
  • Single-shot
  • 2-stage adjustable trigger
  • Ambidextrous
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue
  • Smoother cocking/shooting
  • Manual safety
  • Includes 4x32 scope and mount
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Benjamin Prowler
62 Reviews
63% (39)
26% (16)
6% (4)
2% (1)
3% (2)
89% Recommend this product (55 of 62 responses)
By Kelly
Abingdon, Illinois
The prowler. Sneaks up on its prey
November 17, 2019
This Rifle in not good.
By Caleb
Kingsport Tennessee
Great rifle for any small game
November 16, 2019
Ive had it for a couple of years and its very accurate ( with different scope) but after about 1500 rounds the screws on the front part of the stock broke off and I had to use a drill to get the broken screws out but I found some screws to match and it works perfect
By john
san diego
Good and inexpensive
August 18, 2019
Bought this for a friend of mine about 1 year ago. The rifle is well made and not too heavy. It is very accurate and the scope is usable. Cocking effort is somewhat on the high side but not a problem. It cocks and fires smoothly. The noise level is except-able. The only negative is the has a huge length of travel before discharging the rifle. Does not appear adjustable.
ProsMost everything
ConsTrigger length of travel is quite large
Best UsesTarget or pest control
By Jim
Lavonia, Georgia
Great pellet gun for the price
May 4, 2019
Gun shoots accurate after adjusting the 4X32 acope that came with it. Had to make sure the gun was in a braced position so that it would not move when the trigger was pulled (similar to the pic in the directions). Adjusted the scope settings until it was shooting accurate. Also shortened the trigger pull using the directions. The gun is heavy and needs to be braced against something to be able to shoot accurate. I am sure there are much better scopes but I found the one that came with it works fine if you are patient and make the adjustments in the directions.
ProsShoots accurate if directions are followed.
ConsHeavy and needs to be braced against something to shoot accurate.
Best UsesReducing the squirrel population around my home.
By Jake
Victorville California
Scope is garbage
March 20, 2019
It’s very accurate but I can’t get the scope center at all. It shoots way off right. But you aim left a little it’s spot on. So if you get a good scope you can get just about anything small game with it. My first shot I shot a crow from about 40 yards away kill shot. I recommend this to anyone has a first time gun. You can also buy them at Walmart for 95!
ProsShoots far, very accurate, powerful
ConsScope is ass
Best UsesSmall game hunting
By John
Florida's Gulf coast
About the guns consistency.
February 24, 2019
I notice several reviewers note the rifles inconsistency. I also had a problem when I first got mine, then I noticed the barrel would move when I placed it on the sand bag. My advice is, make sure the barrel is fully closed before you shoot it. Now that I know what the problem was, the gun shoots wonderfully.
ProsExcellent accuracy
ConsYou have to make sure the barrel is fully closed.
Best UsesIt would make a great hunter, but I just use mine for target shooting.
By james
real nice but......
February 21, 2019
decent gun for the money but: scope sucks replaced with much better because it's a really a very nice rifle! (again for the money).
Best Usesanything smaller than a deer, just to be safe not to mame!
By mike
South Carolina
Excellent value!
February 21, 2019
This is the 3rd rifle I have purchased from this company. The service,prices and response has been excellent !!
By Alan
Purcellville, Virginia
Replace the scope & mounts and clean the barrel and it will shoot great
February 20, 2019
Would not sight in as reported in many other reviews. I replaced the scope with a Hawke Vantage 3-9x40 and an Accushot medium 1 piece mount. I also cleaned the barrel...I was surprised how filthy it was inside. I also added a bearing to the trigger and a longer adjustment screw. (you can look these mods up online) Note that if you take the spring out the trigger will have some slack. I left the spring in and the trigger feels good now.
By casey
great rifle IF IT WAS CONSTANT
February 10, 2019
would be a great small game and target air rifle if i could get constant groups i have been through 3 scopes from the company and over all i have had the same results they hold 0 for about 10-30 shots then they wander i have also tried a different rand and got the same results i also have had issues with dieseling after over 750 shots and it causes a serious lack of accuracy i have contacted the company and they are reluctant to act it did hold accuracy long enough to get a squirrel and it was humane but thats all the good i can say for it
By Jim
Longview, wa.
Benjamin prowler 22
February 1, 2019
for being a refurbished rifle it looked new and shoots very well.
I will be replacing the scope very soon it is not very high quality but allowed me to break the rifle in and get ok groups at 25 yards.
Prosshoots well with good power
Consscope is not very good quality but I suspected that when I ordered the rifle
By Tom
Accuracy problems
January 21, 2019
Can't get consistent accuracy.
ProsLooks good.
ConsSo far no reliable accuracy.
Best UsesSo far best use may be using it as a club.
By Tom
Can't get accuracy
January 18, 2019
I have shot several hundred rounds through it and it won't maintain any semblance of accuracy. I've changed scopes same results. I'm not impressed with this air rifle. It will stay with in a 8" pattern most of the time at 25 yards. Some shots will be 12" out. I've used 5 different kinds of .22 pellets and got the same results. It is a remanufactured air rifle. I did expect much better accuracy than I've experienced.
ProsLooks good.
ConsAccuracy you don't know where your next shot will go.
Best UsesClub or a gift to someone you want to irritate.
By Larry
Pace, Florida
Refurbished Benjamin Prowler .22 Cal.
January 16, 2019
I started out without knowing if this rifle had ever been broken in. I mounted a different scope on it and a center point dovetail one piece scope mount because I have had no luck with two piece mounts. I put about 40 pellets through it and it didn't do to bad a little low and right, after 40 shots I started dialing it in. after about 4 rounds I had it hitting 3 shots in a dime at 10 yds. then I put another 50 rounds through it and it held where I put it. I will add to this as I put more rounds and at greater distance through it.
ProsEasy cocking accurate so far smooth shooting
ConsScope that comes with it should be replaced Use a Crossman Center Point mount
Best Usesfrom my experience so far this will kill, I tried it on a 9/16" piece of pine board and it shot the 14.3 gr pellet clear through it. I wouldn't hesitate to use it on small game and varmints, so far it shoots good on targets.
By Pastor P.
Guanajuato, M?xico
Proof is in the pudding. Pics
December 26, 2018
About a year ago I made a comment about the Benjamin Prowoer that I use in Texas for rabbits and small hogs. Months ago, I bought another for my house in central M?xico. It is being used at the house and on the ranch.

Just to prove to you how powerful it is, that it will drop game up to 100 pounds, (I've done it) I shot the two steel cans at once.

The pic of the shot is below.
ProsEasily goes through 4 layers of steel cans EVERY TIME. Goes through 6 layers 7 out of 10 times. Exceptionally accurate and consistent. Barrel cocks very hard to begin with but eases up greatly over time, to where even my 9 year old niece can cock it.
ConsScope is so-so. But I bought a scope off on sale for $36, on clearance sale down from $240. Tack driver at 80 meters.
Best UsesHunting small game, medium game, birds and rats. In a pinch, you could use it for the first single shot in your home defense plan.
By Joe s.
Somewherein, Ohio
Awesome gun, awesome deal!
December 15, 2018
Can't even tell it's refurbished. Had it dialed in with my own scope in 10 minutes. Break barrel is easier to Cock than my .177 Benjamin charger, and seems a tad bit lighter also.
ConsI have to sell my .177 because it's obsolete now.
Best UsesTarget practice- leaves a bigger hole, so I can actually see where the pellet hit the target from a distance. Can humanely remove varmint (I don't shoot squirrels and birds, cats eat them,so what's the point?).
By Major O.
Long Island ,N.Y.
Accurate & Powerful
November 14, 2018
This is the first time I have ever purchased a refurbished rifle. But it won’t be the last . Gun was free of blemishes , appeared new. Even the scope installed in a few minutes. Worth every dime !
ProsWell made . Quality finish on all parts.
ConsBreak barrel cocking mechanism needs lubrication upon unboxing .
By Rodney L.
For the money 5 stars
November 1, 2018
Bought for grandson
Of my many break barrels, this one was stacking (cheap pellets) right out of the box, was really impressed with this scope, I have a box full of these scopes that I would never even mount on the guns they came with, but this one was actually clear enough for me to put it on the 12 year old grandson’s gun.

Well the trigger is the crossman, nothing much good you can say about that, except it can and will be modified soon.

Power is good, and there was no outward appearance this was a referb, actually I think it was broke in, saved me 500 pellets. After mounting the scope and sightings it in, I put a spray can at 25 yards, what the heck, I took aim at just the tiny nozzle, and just the nozzle exploded, the can did not even wiggle.

I got a good gun at a good price
Tree rats will die for stealing pecans
Best UsesHunting
By Bomber
Orlando , Florida
Accuracy , affordability , durability !
October 27, 2018
I bought my prowler in .22 cal. at Walmart for $100 . This gun really shoots !
The 4x scope is ok , but I plan on replacing it with a Gamo 3x9 . The pistol grip fits my hand
perfectly . The gun is a bit heavy , but that's good for target or bench shooting . Cocking is smooth.
This is my first gas piston type rifle (much smoother and quieter than spring pistons ) .
This is a serious pellet rifle !
By Henry
Thiells, ny
An Amazing Rifle
May 9, 2018
For the price, the best break barrel air rifle I've ever owned. Extremely accurate.
ProsAccuracy, price.
ConsI changed out the scope to a better one although I also had to purchase a different mount. The gun is so inexpensive that this was an easily afforded upgrade.
Best UsesPleasure
By Jack
Oakdale ca
Good gun
March 24, 2018
I did not buy it from this retailer instead I went to walmart and bought it for 67 dollars #suckers it came with every thing this did and was brand smacken new in my openion go to walmart if you want this gun its over priced here
ProsVery good at shooting heavy pellets accurate
ConsHeavy hard to cock
Best UsesHunting and planking
By Vincente S.
Great Gun
March 16, 2018
I got this gun in the summer, and it's proven to be accurate and reliable. it's a joy to shoot !!!
Proseverything about this gun is pro.
Best UsesGreat for small game hunting!
By RonGB
Roanoke, VA
Solid and accurate
December 19, 2017
I bought the Prowler in .22 cal recently during AGD's refurb sale. What a gun! It is a little heavier than most polymer stock air rifles, but I actually like the weight as it is nicely balanced. I am getting excellent results shooting H&N Field Target Trophy pellets in 5.53mm head diameter, which fit very snug. Also, she shoots CP Piranha pellets very well. I will be trying JSB and Air Arms heavier dome pellets soon, as I think the power of the gun will handle those easily. She is exceptionally accurate to the 30+ yards range, using a cheap 3-9x32 scope in decent lighting. (I did not use the included 4x32 scope.) AGD's packaging was superb. And shipping was quick. Their customer service department also is friendly and informative.
ProsPowerful, accurate, dependable. Nice, solid gun.
ConsSome people might not like the weight and effort to cock. Not a problem for me.
By Steve
Petaluma, California
Sometimes excellent
December 12, 2017
Sometimes this gun shoots excellent. I have the 22 caliber. Every once in awhile I shot go somewhere else. I think the gun needs to be warmed up with about 20 shots before it's used for target shooting or anything else. Seems to do better with heavier pellets
ProsIt's not a heavy gun. Sometimes it's really good
ConsIt is inaccurate maybe one to two shots at a 10. Don't know where the shots are going sometimes. Lighter pellets don't seem to work too good in it
By Jim D.
Extended brake-in required
November 9, 2017
Have had the Prowler for several months now. Shoots well after 200-300 pellets. The initial cocking was about 37 pounds, but after 400 shots, the break has fallen off to about 34 pounds. Scope leaves something to be desired but put on a real scope and it starts performing well. Shoots dime groups offhand using post for brace @ 30 yards, which is quite good. Used Premier domed 14.5 grain pellets fired over a chrony @ 856 fps., a bit less than advertised. It's a heavy rifle, but little recoil and a bargain at this price.
ProsBargain priced, accurate, comfortable shooting.
ConsHeavy, poor scope, extended brake-in needed.
By Bob
lansing, mi
Best airgun for the money
October 26, 2017
I find it much easier to cock than my Beaman springer. I guess if you are weak some might find it difficult but its not bad at all.
The scope is clear but there is parralax error so have to have eye centered in the same spot for each shot. I'll keep the scope until I get a bulleys mount. I've destroyed too many good scopes on spring guns.
mine is the .22 cal. Its not PCP accurate but for a sub 100.00 gun its better than my 300.00 beaman springer. Right now its 1" groups at 20 yards w jsb 15.9. I just got some crosman premier 14.3 and it shoots those about 740 fps or 17 FPE. I tried some 13 gr jsb and it shot those 690 fps. Makes no sense it shoots lighter pellets slower.
ProsPrice - Got a refurb for $55.00 Includes a free scope (yes its not the best but what do you want for $55.00, Accurate for a spring gun Not hold sensitve or as much as my Beaman Power - 17 fpe in .22 w 14.3 crosman premier stock - heavy solid feeling. Better than Benj Maximus PCP by a ton Trigger - For a cheap gun the trigger is not too bad, way better than the Maximus PCP trigger Rubber but plate - gives good grip when cocky the gun Shooting - very little vibration. My real spring beaman shakes hard when shooting. Looks - not a bad looking gun for 55.00
ConsIts not 22 FPE like advertised its 15 to 17 FPE depending what .22 pellet you use. So far the 14.3 Premier shoots with the most power at just over 17FPE
By Pastor P.
For $99 it's the best .22 Air Rifle I've ever purchased for under $250
October 16, 2017
It took several days of trying to sight in to realize you need red Loctite on the mount screws. Afterward, I consistently hit dime sized dimes at 90 meters. I also killed a 100 pound Texas hog with a forehead shot and will post my vid on YubTub soon. Plastic stock is sturdy, action is very rough to break the barrel out of firing position but cocks very easily. You must use responsible care while using this rifle, it's powerful enough to drop big hogs, would be unsafe in the wrong hands. I'm OK with the cheap CP scope but I'm purchasing a very good green light red dot 3 way scope with flashlight for night hog, axis deer (up to 80 pound) and raccoon and coyote hunting. Don't overdo what the gun can easily kill. Small and medium game is OK. My Gamo will kill a 50 pound hog but nothing bigger. My Hatsan will kill a 150 pound hog but it's a .25 cal. Be well trained and sighted in on this rifle before you hunt. You'll have the time of your life.
ProsUnreal accuracy. Medium weight. Durable Doesn't rust. Very powerful!
ConsBarrel cocking starts hard. Maybe, after use...??? Scope could be better but hitting dimes at 90 meters... no I won't complain.
Good, but not great
September 26, 2017
I have been shooting the Benjamin Prowler just over a month. After 200 pellets, the grouping is a 2" spread at 20 yards. The scope that comes with the rifle is OK, but not what I will end up mounting on the rifle. Vertical adjustment changes the windage settings and I have to re-adjust the windage and so on. Optics are fair, but not as clear as Weaver or Nikon optics. The break-barrel started at about 40# to cock and is now about 37#. I suspect it will get a bit lighter with another 100 pellets. I have used both the round-domed 14.3g Crossman Premier and the Premier 14.3g hollow point without any difference on impact. My old Sheridan Blue streak still has a much tighter pattern, even without a scope.
ProsLooks good, feels like a full size hunting rifle. Cocks as easy as any nitro gun. Affordable.
ConsSpeed is chronograph at about 790-810 fps., not as fast as I would have liked. Included scope is only fair compared to other low-priced 1" rifle scopes.
By joe
great for the price
September 22, 2017
scope is good at best.trigger has a very long first stage.shoots very straight,very nice for the price.
Prosworks great.
Consfor the price none.
By Jim
Port Huron, Mi
Rock and Roll for the Squirrel population!
September 5, 2017
With a good scope, and good mount, this rifle is a small game killer! Accurate!
Breaks backs, and empties little skulls!
Serious squirrel medicine!
Don't even try a cheap scope or weak mounting!
This gun goes off with a bark!
I used a SOLID ONE PIECE mount with recoil PIN!
Double screw rings!
"Air Gun rated, fixed power Scope!" A GOOD ONE!!!
(I threw the scope that came with it, in the ROUND FILE! Without mounting it.)
Keep the rings that come with it for a BB gun.
Believe it, or don't! The gun deserves a good mount, good rings, good scope!
Hangs right in there with my German guns (a 34 and a 48)
ProsReasonable cocking effort, (Not ridiculous) Trigger pull within reason, and breaks clean. (don't mess with it if you don't know what your doing) Very accurate! with the pellets I'm currently using. (1.1Gram Very reasonably priced! It's a small game killer!
ConsSafety is a little frightening to apply, when gun is cocked. (not problematical, but a little scary) does not reset automatically, so click it on before cocking! Gun is Loud! This Gun turns light weight pellet traps into scrap! Don't shoot, what you don't want DEAD.
By Richard W.
Saint Petersburg Florida
Benjamin Prowler, Refurbished
September 4, 2017
I thought about buying a new gun but when I seen the price of the refurbished gun I wondered what do they do to a refurbished gun. I bought the refurbished gun and I'am very happy with it. The gun looks brand new and shoots perfect. I put the scope on it and started to sight it in, it took abought 9 shots. I had a group of 5 shots less the size of a dime at about 40 yards. I really like this gun I think it was a good buy.
ProsShoots a good group, not very loud.
Consmaybe a little better scope the one that comes with the gun does not focus very will
By Joe R.
Southeast PA
Accuracy Issues
September 4, 2017
Very disappointed with the accuracy. I have read reviews where they blame the scope. I put a Leupold on that I had laying around and I still cannot get it to shoot accurately. Even off off sand bags at the range. I like the air gun...looks, feel, etc but that is of no value if it shoot accurately.
ProsHandling Ergonomics Price
ConsAccuracy - no consistency even with a good scope and off sand bags at 25 yards.
By Al
Benjamin prowler
August 9, 2017
Nice air rifle purchased it refurbished when I unpacked it it looked brand new. No marks or scratches. Scoped it up & started shooting it. Great rifle for a great price.
ProsNice rile like the composite stock. Shoots well a little hard to cock but manageable.
ConsNone that I can find
By Joe C.
Worcester, Mass
Absolutely Fantastic combo
August 1, 2017
Up front.. yes the scope could be brighter.. BUT... at this price point and the fact that you CAN focus the scope... this combo is a MAJOR WINNER! Within minutes after getting mine, I had the scope mounted and zeroed. Days later it's still pin point accurate! A few weeks later
. DEAD ON! BUY THIS ONE! it's fantastically accurate regardless of the the slightly dull (but otherwise excellent ) scope. The nay sayers are not gun guys, and no. . I didn't get anything for posting this positive view.

Get it, you won't regret it!

ProsEverything , fantastic product at a great price!
By Timothy
Oregon, OH
Great choice
July 30, 2017
New to the air gun and pest removal chore, when I decided to give this a try to take care of a huge groundhog issue on new property I relocated to. Didn't do a ton of research on rifles, especially when I came across the what I felt was a good buy on a refurbished .22 Benjamin Prowler through Airgun Depot. 4 gh kills later I am very pleased with the rifles performance, accuracy (put a new CP 3-9x32 adjustable scope and wow much better), charging is a bit stiff but not terrible and the sound is I would give it med- low. Overall I would recommend this rifle.
ProsAccurate, powerful, charging ease,
By Al
Refurbished prowler
July 29, 2017
I purchased the prowler as a refurbished air gun for one of my grandchildren as a starter air rifle. When I unpacked it I could not tell it was refurbished. The price was great and after mounting the scope on it zeroing in was a breeze. Great air rifle at a great price nice
ProsNice syntheic stock not loud
ConsCocking pressure is a little much for a youth and like with most air gun combo a upgraded scope is a must
By Kevin S.
Petaluma, CA
Amazing gun for the money
July 2, 2017
After a quick $50.00 upgraded scope, this gun has far exceeded my expectations. I use it for pest control and target shooting and I'm floored by the accuracy and power. Not only am I shooting really good groups, but I'm knocking squirrels out of trees at 40 yards...over and over again. I don't hope to take out pests at that range, I now EXPECT to. RWS Superdomes are the hands down favorite for both game and accuracy.
Prosprice, accuracy, power
Consnone. You get what you pay for and this rifle exceeds expectations
By A B.
Alamogordo, N.M.
.22 cal
June 23, 2017
This is refurbished? Thank you for the job well done. Had a time with a wandering zero. Trouble shot it to the way the scope was mounted. Dont be afraid to torque the scope mounts down. After I did this and figured out the artilary hold she puts the smack down on the pest doves. And its quite enough for a second shot on doves in the immediate area.
ProsBetter than expected. Hits with authority.
ConsLearning curve for artilary hold.
By Paul
Henderson, Kentucky
Oh my, so much fun for so little money!
May 26, 2017
To all interested, this break barrel is very powerful and accurate. It feels good in your hands, is waterproof, and shoots very well with my shooting stand. You will definitely want to use heavy pellets, so you will not break the sound barrier. I have used (with success and accuracy) the piledriver .177 pellets. WoW! this rifle launches them so well. When my chrony comes in, I will run some tests and post them then.
By LDee C.
Exellent air rifle.
May 23, 2017
The rifle is excellent, easy to use, accurate, and fun. The scope is not as good as a shooter would like but it works and can be replaced if so desired! Great deal for the price!!
By William T.
NC - North Carolina
excellent gun
April 23, 2017
very accurate refurbished airgun, looks new, no problems!
By Brian K.
Berlin NH
Great price. Quality product
April 10, 2017
I'm very happy with this rifle. Smooth trigger pull and accurate. Scope is not the best. I will be replacing it with a better scope
ProsNice feel. Accurate. Smooth trigger pull.
By Craig
St. Louis, mo.
Really like the np over the spring
April 10, 2017
Shoots good
ConsScope is very cheap I already ordered a replacement.
By Don
Ontario, Ca
Great rifle
April 6, 2017
So far this is a great rifle, comfortable, easy to shoot, and plenty of power for rodent kills. cocking is a little more effort then I anticipated but so far I love it.
ProsEasy to shoot
Consnone yet
By John M.
Ohio, in the boonies
Put a real inexpensive scope on it and ROCK!
April 3, 2017
I did not use the scope that came with this, as I had an inexpensive Bushnell 3x9x32 off another gun available so I put that on it from the beginning.

It took about 20 shots at about 20 yards to dial it in, and when I did, I was simply amazed at the accuracy. Shots are falling within 1/8"-1/4" of each other off a bench rest.

TIPS: I've been shooting for over 30 years. You want the best from this rifle, buy good pellets for it - I'm using RWS target pellets, about $12 for 500. The difference between these and the $4 for 500 variety?

The $4 variety truly looks like it was made by 3rd graders in the dark compared to the RWS pellets. I do like the screw on lid of the Daisy tin, though, as the RWS is a press on, so I swapped the tins so I don't end up with a soft gun case pocket full of loose pellets.

2nd TIP: a rifle barrel is a rifle barrel. They suffer from lead build up over time. Buy a .17 caliber cleaning rod, a .17 nylon brush and some bore cleaner. Clean it out after 100 rounds or so - I do mine after each shooting session, just like my real guns, which is at least 50-75 shots or more - and you'll keep this in tip-top shape.

If this was a junk, cheapie gun, Inwould not bother with all this. But after seeing the groups one of these can achieve right out of the box, and the quality of manufacture, I'm treating it just like one of my $1500 rifles. Why would I not?

Good choice. ENJOY!
ProsAccurate, well-built
ConsCheap scope - buy an inexpensive real rifle scope and put on it for best results.
By Bryan
Sophia WV
Benjamin Airguns
March 22, 2017
Very accurate, quite, good feel in the hands!!
ProsAccurate, Quite easy to cock!!
ConsThrow away the scope, bad trigger but easy fix 3x10 screw !!
By Bill
Vancouver Canada
Slams pigeon at 40+ yards
February 19, 2017
Decent rifle scope is junk I put a cheep Tasco 6-24 varmint now it rocks 1" 50 yard groups with cross an premier 7.9 gr at about 940 to 955 fps
Mine is a 177 doesn't like pba rapter ammo loud and all over the place
ProsLooks decent accurate enough
By Bill B.
Nice rifle
February 5, 2017
Bill BN . nicerifle the scope is not worth a damm
By prepper t.
From scared to reasonably satisfied
November 14, 2016
It took a nerve wracking 100 shots to get any accuracy. Left to right zeroed first and later up and down. Scope is horrible--must be replaced with better and more powerful. 2 inch drop at 40 y. 6 inch at 50 yards=max. Iron sites would be appreciated. Scope screws stayed tight after 2nd tightening.
By Kapono
Indianapolis Indiana
November 10, 2016
Got it on sell at Wal-Mart 99 bucks got the 22 an it's a sure shot used a 14 grain pellet an knocked the dust off a coon very accurate powerful gonna get me another one it's a heavy hitter coon didn't stand a chance betta get one I was surprised
ProsEasy cock powerful good feel at a good price
ConsNone get a bigger scope
By Joseph
Chicago, Illinois
Great buy
July 7, 2016
Great rifle and customer service was excellent would buy again.
ProsNice rifle great price just like new packaged very well.
By fichigan1
Louisville KY
A lot of shooting
August 25, 2015
The first few rounds cracked like a .22 rim fire. I guess it was the oil residue from the factory but has quieted down substantially. Over a hundred pellets and still all over the place I'll try different pellets after 200 rounds.
Never could get the cross hairs to come in clear...
So far I like it but need more shooting and try different pellets
ProsPrice. .. The feel of the Prowler while shooting in all positions. .......standing.....sitting.....and .... bench Overall design and the lighter recoil than a springer...
ConsScope must go.. . no place in this review for suggestions SUGGESTIONS If most scopes are like mine they will be replaced by the Consumer so my suggestion is drop this scope and add a set of bipods.
By Virgil T.
Columbus, Ohio
Refurbished Benjamin Prowler
August 20, 2015
Composite stock, butt pad, Smooth cocking, smooth shooting. Out of the box it could not be told from a new gun. three shot O uning RWS Domed pellets at lo meters.Overall quality and fit is very good. An outstanding bargin. by Airgun Depot.
ProsLots of bang for a the Buck!
ConsNone after over 300 shots.
By Bruce H.
South Dakota
as advertised
July 16, 2015
I just set the scope five shots to get to the bulls eye. Ten more shots all in the center from 25 yards the size of a nickel.
Pros.Very accurate
ConsIt is a bit Louder than I thought it would be
By Chefgroo
Melrose Park, IL
Great Gun For The Money
June 22, 2015
After sighting in the scope, the Prowler shoots great groups. I attached a sling, a BSA laser and light, so I could finally dispatch that possum that had been tearing up my garden at night. The feel and fit of the prowler feel good. Its a bit heavy, but that only helps with the keeping good groups. Its a welcome arm to my pest control.
ProsNice scope, clean lines, easy to cock and the best part lots of power.
ConsA little heavy and I still like iron sights on my gun and it had none.
By Burt
Kaneohe, Hawaii
Great gun
May 12, 2015
Glad I bought this rifle. It is very accurate. It took me 8 shots to zero in the rifle. I bought it to get rid of the stray pigeons that are coming to my loft and giving my birds the pigeon fly. It does the job very well. However it is not as quiet as I would like it to be. The operating instructions said that after 250 shots it should be quiet. we shall see. as I have only fired this gun about 25 times. It is quieter than my other rifle,but not by much. I would strongly recommend getting this rifle to anyone thinking of buying a pellet gun.
ProsVery accurate and powerful.
ConsNot quiet.
By Charisma
Waco, tx
Great nitro
April 30, 2015
I got this rifle as my first air gun to practice trigger control and accuracy. I like it!!!!! I locktite the scope mounts down after it was inconsistant from nitro shock. Now im shooting marbles 7-10 yards. I can hit a metal fence post from 25-35 yards and hit a 12 inch plate and light post from 100 yards with stock scope. To me, this rifle is accurate and effective at maximum 50yards. After that, its wind, trigger control and ammo that determines accuracy. I used daisys $1.99 cheap wad cutters. Took 500rounds to sight in. Shot 1000 rounds. Sore left forarm!!! It is harder to cock i have to use my tigger, dominant right hand to cock.. Trigger is ok i have to Use the gentle jerk technique.
ProsAccurate. max effctive range 50 yards, looks good
ConsHeavy cocking force. Needs to locktite every screw in gun
By Keith O.
Power & accuracy
November 5, 2014
Fine rifle. Quite powerful, good accuracy and pretty quiet. Overall, a little heavier carry weight & definitely harder to cock than other magnum rifles. Stock scope has edge & color distortion, but will get the basic job done.
I took one star off for the Heavy cocking force & miserable trigger.
I did update the trigger & am very happy so far....
ProsPROS: Powerful, quiet, accurate
ConsCONS: Heavier carry weight, much harder to cock. Lousy trigger & cheap scope.
By hillbilly
wayne county wv
top of the line in my book
September 15, 2014
for the money this purchase can't be beat, performs as described.
Prosaccurate and quiter than a spring gun.
By Clarissa
Northport, AL
Benjamin Prowler Air rifle
September 12, 2014
The weight is just right, and the noise is super low, love how it shoots right out of the box. I don't believe you can beat this one for the money. I have already order another one. I am rated this a five star, for the quaility for the money.
ProsThe weight and balance is good, noise is very low when shot, scope zeroed in fast. Sweet little rifle, and scope
By Larry R.
Evans, Georgia
Great price for a NP, However.....
September 10, 2014
At first, this rifle comes with one of two stocks. I received the first production stock, not shown on the web page. This is not a game changer. Coming out of the box, the rifle looks good. Fit and finish very nice. The scope is a 4 x 32, standard equipment for this price point and some higher price point rifles. Overall, the rifle is as advertised out of the box.
ProsGood price, good looks. It groups well but you will have to find the right pellets. 7.8 gn. or 7.9 gn. seems to work best in this rifle.
ConsThe Barrel does not break but about 3/4 in. This does not expose the breach and it makes cocking the rifle more difficult. The scope that comes this the rifle is the poorest of all the 4 x 32s I have gotten from other rifle purchases. Even though it is a cheap scope, there is no excuse for the blurriness. Cocking the rifle is much harder than expected, considering I have a Benjamin NP trail .22 that is a dream to cock.
By Geokirk
Rock Springs, WY
Good Air Rifle
September 9, 2014
Over all a good air rifle, scope is cheap, trigger stinks, rifle shoots @ 970fps with Crosman Premier Match .177 Caliber Pellets 7.9 grain
ConsCrappy scope & trigger
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Benjamin Prowler
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1250 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
  • 0.177
    Caliber 0.177 Cal
    Velocity 1250 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 950 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
    Mag Capacity 1
  • 0.22
    Caliber 0.22 Cal
    Velocity 950 fps
    Loudness 3-Medium
    Mag Capacity 1
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