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Benjamin Traveler Gen 2 Compressor, 4500 PSI

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The Benjamin Traveler Gen 2 Compressor has important upgrades versus the older version while still managing to be convenient and light. With a max fill pressure of 4,500 psi and the capability of using either 12v or 110v power sources, you'll have a way to fill your airguns no matter where you are.

If you're familiar with the previous version of this compressor, you'll notice right away that this model is one unit instead of two. The converter needed for using 110v power sources is now part of the compressor instead of separate, meaning you don't have to wonder if you remembered both parts.

Newer airguns that require high pressure might be a problem for some compressors, but not for the Traveler Gen 2. The max fill pressure of 4,500 psi means you can fill almost any gun without worrying. The included cables with clamps also mean you can fill up or top off wherever there's a 12v battery, like in a car, ATV, or riding mower.

The auto stop feature stops filling after reaching the pressure you set, so it's easy to use and doesn't require constantly staring at a dial. Plus, Benjamin added safety features to keep the compressor running trouble free, like low battery voltage protection, a motor overload shutoff timer, and temperature protection shutoff.

If you're looking for a compact and portable dual power source compressor for today's high pressure airguns, buy a Benjamin Traveler Gen 2 Compressor today at Airgun Depot.

Benjamin Traveler Gen 2 Compressor Features:

  • 110v/220v or 12v power source
  • Max fill pressure: 4,500 psi
  • For airgun/paintball cylinders (0.6l or less)
  • Temperature protection shutoff
  • Low voltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Dimensions: 14.5" h x 16.25" l x 8.87" w
  • Weight: 22.7 lbs.
  • Replaces BJ-BPC4500

Fill times*:

  • Benjamin Challenger/Discovery/Maximus, 0-2,000 psi: 3-4 minutes
  • Benjamin Armada/Marauder, 0-3,000 psi: 8 minutes

* - Fill times may change with conditions like altitude and temperature.

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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type PCP Fill Sources
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
  • Weight 22.70
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By ChrisUSAOctober 23, 2021

i think if you take care of it, it'll take care of you

Once you figure out how it works. it works great. Mine I need to turn it off then on again after each fill otherwise is shuts down.

Draws a lot of amps. Overloads easy.

By NuvalUSAAugust 21, 2021

It’s great for the price and it saves you from lots of down time.

Fills all my air guns fast and easy with very little down time.

Wish it would have come with a longer fill line .

By JohnUSAFebruary 20, 2021

I was told and lead to believe that Airgun Depot was an excellent service to do business with to purchase items from, such as: airguns, air rifles, supplies, and accessories etc.; however, I am learning that Airgun Depot is no more reliable than any "Johnny on the spot" business. Six weeks going on seven weeks to try and get my first PCP setup (compressor and rifle) is way too long especially when you receive a "new defective" product right out of the "get go" purchase gate. I would love to give Airgun Depot my business; however, their quality of customer service has got to go up at least 500% to keep me happy and coming back.

Nothing so far. Ordered and received a new unit in 8 business days. Had to wait an additional 14 days for my new Akela PCP to show up. When both items were here, I couldn't get the compressor to pump air into the rifle even though it was suspose to be a new unit per included paperwork. After spending several days trying to get online service support, Customer Service authorized me to return the unit for an exchange. They would not ship me a replacement until my unit was returned to them. After spending over $1,450.00 for the two items you would think that Airgun Depot would want to generate good customer service and send me a replacement while my defective unit was being shipped back to them; but, no go. So, once I get a working unit, I am done with Airgun Depot and its poor customer service. I love Crosman Benjamin products; however, I do not think very highly about their PCP compressors. I am asking myself why I ever stepped up to trying to get a PCP rifle.

Change Customer Service to issuing a new replacement product once they determine that the customer did order the original product, that the unit is "new defective" and that the customer has paid for the original unit and they can speed up the replacement process by doing an "in service" replacement instead of a "you send the defective unit back to me and after we decide what is wrong, we may send you a replacement." The current process is a sure way to loose a client for any "current" and "future" business.

By RobertFebruary 8, 2021

This compressor is junk I ordered it first one would pump but not fill my guns wouldn't build pressure sent it back that hunting trip was shot. They sent me another one it worked 4 times now it won't build over 1000 p the compressors are junk another hunting trip down the drain there unreliable I'm so disappointed I grew up with using crossman guns though

thought they where a really standup quality company

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asked Marvin from USA

I recently bought the Benjamin kratos. It only came with a quick release refill fitting. What else other than this compressor do i need to use it on my kratos?

asked Woodcock from USA

This compressor has a 2 foot long charging hose with a quick disconnect on each end of the hose. The hose also has an inline filter unit with a cotton replaceable air filter already attached to the hose. You connect the one end of the quick disconnect coupler to the compressor (the hose end with the inline air filter) and then you connect the other hose end to the Foster coupler on your rifle. You set the pressure Guage to the fill pressure (in my case 3,000 psi) and then you cock the rifle and then turn on the compressor. The compressor will fill your rifle air tank in about 4 to 10 minutes depending on your rifle type. The setup instructions for your rifle and the directions for the compressor will step you through the air loading/fill process. This compressor will work on either 12 volt DC (car battery, ATV battery, or any good size 12 volt battery unit) and/or an AC outlet. I am in the USA, so I set the select switch to 110 volts AC. You can also run the compressor off of 220/240 volts AC per the compressor instructions.

John from USA

Does it need oil

asked Mario from USA

The Traveler compressor only needs several drops of silicone oil after each air load cycle. This compressor is for filling "small air gun or air rifle tanks". This compressor IS NOT FOR filling large portable air tanks, such as scuba tanks etc. The Traveler compressor is for filling an air tank that is on a handgun or rifle. The compressor pumps upto 4,500 PSI; but, it is really best for a 3,000 PSI fill to a handgun or air rifle. You have an adjustable air pressure gauge that allows you to set your shutoff pressure to whatever pressure you need (1,000 to 4,500 PSI). (My Benjamin Akela fills to 3,000 PSI.) Once the compressor reaches the set pressure, it automatically shuts off so that you do not overfill the air rifle tank. You do not need any special compressor oil or water to lube or cool the compressor. You only need a small tube or bottle of silicone oil to add several drops of oil to lube the compressor pump after each use of the compressor. After about 10 fills of air, you should unscrew the in line filter unit and check the cotton filter to see if it is dirty or full of water from the compressed air being pushed through the airline hose. (My compressor came with 5 extra cotton airline filters.) The cotton filters can be ordered when needed. You also get extra "O-rings" and plugs for maintenance of the compressor unit.

John from USA

Needs periodic application of silicone lubricant. NOT OIL.

Pete from USA

can you fill a larger tank then the one on the gun with this

asked Timothy from USA

NO NO NO! This compressor is a "light duty" unit for filling a gun/rifle attached air tank. You probably could get away with a "small tank" that would normally fit on a rifle (upto 4,500 psi but for a tank about 18" long by 2" in diameter. Things like scuba tanks or "field use air tanks" are too big for this compressor's "duty cycle.") You will need to order the other Benjamin compressor unit that sells for around $1,400.00 if you want a "heavy duty cycle" air compressor.

John from USA

What size tank for fill times?

asked Isaiah from USA

It depends on the size of the air tank on the handgun or air rifle as to the time to fill duty cycle. My Benjamin Akela took 4 minutes 35 seconds to fill from an empty "new" out of the box air rifle tank (loaded to 3,000 psi from 000 psi). I am refilling when my tank pressure gauge shows about 1,000 psi. It takes about 3 minutes to go from 1,000 psi to 3,000 psi on a refill duty cycle. I'm sure that a smaller handgun tank would fill faster than my air rifle tank. And, I am guessing that the bigger heavy-duty air rifle tanks will take longer to refill (3 to 10 minutes) as I have seen and read about. However, for the price and size of the Traveler Compressor, you get a good deal from my point of view. My unit is about 6" wide by 12" deep by 16" tall and it weighs around 15 pounds. And, do not forget that, this unit can run off of 12 volts DC or 110/220 volts AC. And, the entire setup is self contained in one metal case (pump, AC unit and DC unit all together). You get two cables; a 12 volt DC charger cable that plugs into the compressor unit and connects to a 12 volt battery, and a normal 6 foot long PC power cable for AC power source.

John from USA
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