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Benjamin Cylindrical .20 Cal, 14.3 gr - 500 ct

  • Code: 8019981 · .20 · 14.3 grains · 500 ct
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Cylindrical Pellets provide maximum penetration. These pellets are not pinched at the waist so they do not have the high air drag on their tails as diabolo pellets do.
  • .20 caliber
  • 500 Box
  • weight: 14.3 grain
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  • ManufacturerBenjamin
  • Caliber .20
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Ammo Weight 14.3 grains
  • Pellet Shape Cylindrical
  • Pellet Quantity 500 ct
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By matt a.

great pellet have a 1978 silver streak what a good fit

By Steve BrancheauApril 2, 2021

Great ammo! Deadly on keeping sparrows and starlings out of the Purple Martin house!

By Faith CharlierOctober 17, 2020

When will the benjamin cylindrical .20 cal 14.3 gr be in so we can order?

By JohnUSADecember 26, 2016

Accurate pellet, shot from Sheridan 5mm pump. I used to shoot the ‘silver jet’ pellets: can’t find those anymore (they were made on a lathe and EXPENSIVE). These do shot shoot as tightly, but they are heavier, and the group only opened a measured half inch at 25 yards: Williams aperture rear sight. Overall group was 1.5 inches, honest.

Accurate. Hard hitting.

No cons.

By StevenUSASeptember 15, 2016

I have owned my Blue Streak since 1971 and still have a few pellets left that came in the yellow plastic box. I also have some that came later in the red plastic box. So with all the controversy about pellets for Sheridans I decided to test them using my Blue Streak equipped with a Leupold 2X pistol scope mounted forward of the rear sight and a good rest at 35 yards. 1st, Sheridan pellets from the yellow box produced one inch groups. 2nd, Benjamin/Sheridan pellets from the red plastic box produced 1 5/8 inch groups. And last, the new-comer, the Benjamin from the metal tin pictured here shot 5/8 inch groups @ 35 yards.

I like the new pellets.

Miss the plastic boxes!

By IanUSAJuly 2, 2016

Second worst pellet out of 11 different pellets I shot from my Beeman R1 in .20cal. My first shot was dead center and I was super excited as it printed right where I held the reticle...the other 4 shots were all over the place. Look for other reviews I posted on all .20 cal ammo Air Gun Depot offers (Beeman Kodiak and JSB Diabolo best in my R1)

If you like 2" groups at 25 yards these are your pellets. My sons 760 BB gun is more accurate (no joke) than these pellets in my R1. Tin makes an acceptable paper weight

Head measures 0.194 Skirt measures 0.196 Fit super loose in chamber - Prints all over the place.

By JeterUSAMay 25, 2015

These are an excellent upgrade to the "original" cylindrical .20 pellets made for Sheridan air guns. They are quite well made, accurate, and just as heavy as their predecessors. A great way to keep your .20 air gun "up and running" without resorting to searching for original pellets.

Functional and accurate

None encountered

By HiramUSAJanuary 20, 2015

I shoot these out of my Webley Valuemax spring ppiston air rifle.They are a great value.They are just as accurate as the crosman premier field target which cost more.They are powerful penetrators and have a pretty flat trajectory and seem to hol there energy better,because they wiegh the same as a standard .22 so they are longer like a bullet.

wish they made a lighter wieght version for mid-powered air rifles like mine. They shoot at @ 650fps from my rifle.If they had a version like JSB RS that wuold be awesome.

By AllenMarch 2, 2014

These pellets will not shoot well in my Airforce Condor SS. Two inch groups at 20 yards. I guess this is not a reflections on these particular pellets. Some guns just like different ammo. The H&N pellets I shot went into the same hole, 3 shots, 5 shots, 10 shots, didn't matter, all in the same hole.

nothing for me. Sorry

Not accurate in my rifle.

By RichardUSAMay 20, 2013

Still great ammo - got my 1st in 1960! My T/C muzzle loader uses a clever little plastic primer holder/loader - I wonder how well something like that would work for holding/loading the little pellets?

How do you make perfect better? With the great success of the 204 Rug. round, looks like the original makers of the above rifle ammo already new something was really great about the 20 cal. Cheap to shoot!

A little hard to find in the stores - but easy to order online! A lot of ammo is hard to find in some of our stores lately! Nearly all of my ammo is ordered on line anyway!

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I have an older blue streak, the pellets that came with it were in a yellow plastic box. I do not see them offered any longer here. Are these the same ones? Or a replacements for those?

asked Mike Dora

I still have 2 yellow boxes of cylindrical and 1 red box of diabolo Sheridan pellets from the 70's and 80's. They are made of lead NOT steel ! Don't forget that the Sheridan barrels are made of brass. Steel pellets would have ruined the gun. These pellets are designed for your Sheridan.

Jerry d

I have 2 boxes of Sheridan 5mm (.20 ca.) pellets. It says right on the box: "Lead Air Gun Pellets". They were purchased in 1978. Based on the reviews I have read here, I would try the Benjamin pellets.


My yellow plastic box is clearly marked "CYLINDRICAL LEAD AIR GUN PELLETS". I'm not saying they never made steel ones, but I would be hesitant to use them in my gun. They are the same size, shape, and weight as the ones you have listed.


Shot from a Sheridan Blue Streak with a 2X Leupold Pistol scope mounted forward of the rear sight and using a good rest, this pellet will hit a quarter every shot at 35 yards. These pellets also work well in a model E Sheridan pistol. I still have a few of the pellets left that came in the yellow and red plastic boxes and I find these new ones superior to red boxed ones and equal to or superior to the pellets that came in the yellow boxes.

Steven from USA

the originals in the yellow box were made of lead. the barrel of the original Sheridan was made of bronze, so think of what a steel projectile would do to bronze rifling not to mention sealing air!


I have 2 blue streak Sheridans' and dozens of boxes of original ammo. They are in yellow boxes, and purchased at different times during '60s, '70s, '80s, and '90s. ALL of them are identical, solid lead, with no pinch in the middle. If they ever made "steel" pellets for these rifles, I've never encountered them. There may be a "metallurgy" problem with the identity of metal types by others ......... I'm not confused at all, as I've loaded my own ammo since 1965. These seem to be fine for the 5mm / .20cal air guns.


I have two yellow plastic boxes of .20 caliber Sheridan pellets. One dating to 1975, one to 2005 and both are LEAD PELLETS, not oiled steel. The newer one has an hour glass profile, the older one is straight-wall profile.

David E

The pellets in the yellow box (originals) were steel with a coat of oil on them. I am sure they don't make them anymore, too bad.


These pellets are 20 Cal. can they be used in a 392, .22 cal. Benjamin carbine air rifle.

asked Paul

Paul, No, they are too small for the .22 caliber Benjamin Carbine. Sincerely, The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

Steve from USA

I live in SW Iowa. Where is a store I can go buy these myself without doin' it "on-line"?

asked Steve Sirdoreus

i am sorry but we do not have physical store locations.

Steve from USA
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