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Overview of Crosman Air Guns

As one of the more popular manufacturers of air guns, Crosman offers a wide variety of rifles, pistols and accessories for shooters. In this article, we list some of our more popular Crosman Air Guns and the reasons why we recommend them. Browse our entire inventory of Crosman airguns which includes Crosman air rifles, Crosman air pistols and pellets. If you're interested in purchasing a pellet gun, consider one of our Crosman air guns. How has Crosman developed into one of the world's premiere air gun manufacturers? They have done so by offering a staggering number of air rifles and pistols, each of which is manufactured to the highest quality. Crosman is a good brand to start with if you're new to Air Gun Depot's big selection of air guns. Crosman air rifles are popular not only because they're accurate and lightweight, but also because of their ease of use. Crosman has incorporated "break-barrel" design into many of their air rifles. A type of spring-loaded air rifle, the break-barrel rifle is cocked and loaded with a simple snap of the barrel. There will be no more pumping until your arm is sore--you don't want tired arms when you're trying to aim. Crosman's Vantage is a great example, and one of our more popular models. It comes in either a Nitro Piston model or a Springer model.


Plenty of Crosman Models to Choose From

Crosman has built their reputation upon uncompromising quality and safety. In doing so, they have diversified and now offer dozens of different CO2, pump, spring and Nitro Piston models. Every shooter has a different style. If you're a gun lover who wishes to branch out and try something new, you can find a gun from Air Gun Depot that looks and functions much like what you're used to firing. Many of our clients are parents who want to buy air rifles for their children. Learning how to operate an air gun is a perfect stepping stone for children. It teaches them responsibility, and does so safely. Our Crosman air guns are priced moderately, so that you don't break the bank on a birthday present.

Crosman Vantage Nitro Piston - This pellet rifle has actually been around for a long time. When Crosman had the Remington license it was marketed as the Remington Vantage. They recently updated it with a Nitro Piston gas ram. With one break of the barrel you are ready to shoot at maximum power. Why we like this pellet gun: It has the power and accuracy to take out small pests from 25 yards using Crosman Premier Hollow Point pellets (or other premium pellets). The addition of a Nitro Piston has improved the cycling and make for a more enjoyable shooting experience. It has a very nice adjustable two stage trigger which will improve accuracy. Using a good pellet you can expect quarter size groupings from 20 yards out (assuming you are a decent shot of course:) Other reasons we like this pellet gun include: high velocity, one cock system,flat trajectory, comfortable, steady, fairly quiet, no pumping, no gas cartridges, bright scope. For the money you can't beat this pellet gun.


Crosman 357 Vigilante Pellet Pistol Kit- This pellet gun has been a staple of the Crosman line for years and is the most popular pistol we sell. It has over 150 reviews from our customers. Crosman recently updated it with a nice tactical weaver rail but the guts of the gun remain the same.Why we like this Co2 pellet pistol: MADE IN THE USA! If you take some time reading the reviews on this gun you will notice a trend of quality and affordability. This Crosman Air Pistol is just fun to shoot. We also appreciate the look and feel of this pistol. It feels solid in your hand and has a crisp light trigger pull that can be fired in single or double action mode. Also, it's barrel is longer than most pistols which provides for great accuracy. For under $50 you get a great little Co2 pistol and as an Airgun Depot exclusive you'll also get 3 extra mags and a holster for about the same price other companies sell just the gun.


Crosman M4-177 Air Rilfe- This is the first M4 style pump airgun to hi the market. It's fresh, it's cool and most importantly it's fun to shoot. Why we like this pellet / bb gun: Shoots both bbs for plinking around the backyard and pellets for small pest control. We picked this air rifle to recommend because it's one of the most powerful multi-pump rifles on the market today and it looks pretty cool too. It has a 18 shot magazine for bbs and a 5 round clip for pellets. The Crosman M4 is based on the proven 760b platform that has been around for years so reliability will not be a problem. The 7.9 grain Crosman Premier Pellets work best in this rifle. You'd be surprised what a difference a pellet can make in the performance of an airgun.

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