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Remington NPSS®, .22 cal

Nitrogen Piston 70% Quieter!
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Welcome to the new world of break barrel American Muscle – introducing the NEW NPSS, Nitro Piston Short Stroke, break barrel air rifle from Remington. At the heart of this new technological break-through is a nitrogen filled gas piston, instead of a coiled steel spring. The Nitro Piston Short Stroke will not be adversely affected by temperature and allows for much easier cocking force. This gun can be cocked for long periods of time without degrading or losing velocity, like steel springs. This Nitro Piston technology dramatically reduces felt recoil by eliminating the double hit and spring torque associated with steel spring guns. While reducing recoil, the NPSS is also the quietest break barrel ever to come out of the Crosman factory, producing a 70% reduction in shot noise over leading models. This .22 caliber version features shot velocities of up to 1000 fps with lead-free pellets. The Nitro Piston™ technology provides dramatically reduced noise and recoil which make it an excellent pick for varmint control and small game hunting. Independent research by Intertek found that Nitro Piston technology reduces noise by 70% during the shot cycle compared with traditional steel spring break-barrels!

Additionally, the NPSS is feature rich, providing a bull barrel, which minimizes the effects of barrel vibration while delivering better rigidity throughout the entire length, both of which promote greater accuracy. The stock on this new NPSS has a custom film dip process applied, plus a final soft touch coating which delivers vibration dampening characteristics to the entire stock. Also included is an enhanced trigger package of all metal construction and two-stage adjustable. Lastly, this gun comes ready to go with a 3-9 X 40 CenterPoint scope that features an adjustable objective and a mil-dot reticle for precision shooting.

Quiet, smooth and powerful – that is American Muscle.

Carbon Fiber body
Nitrogen gas system
70% quieter than other Crosman spring rifles
Centerpoint 3-9X40 Scope and one piece mount included ($85 Value)

Caliber: .22
Ammo Type: Pellets
Body Components: Carbon Fiber
Power Supply: Nitro Piston (Nitrogen Gas)
Overall Length: 43.875
Barrel Length:
Fire Mode: Single-Shot
Gun Weight: 6lbs 15oz
Muzzle Velocity: 850 with Lead 1000 with Alloy
Front Sight: N/A
Rear Sight: N/A
Scope: Centerpoint 3-9x40 AO with one piece mount

Package includes:
Remington NPSS .22 in Carbon Fiber with Nitrogen Piston, Centerpoint 3-9x40 AO and one piece mount.

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  • ManufacturerRemington
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • Velocity1000 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • ActionBreak barrel
  • Barrel StyleBreak Barrel
  • Fire ModeSingle-shot
  • MechanismGas piston
  • OpticsScope
  • UseSmall Game Hunting / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Remington NPSS®, .22 cal
17 Reviews
47% (8)
35% (6)
18% (3)
0% (0)
0% (0)
71% Recommend this product (12 of 17 responses)
By Bud
South Carolina
Everything it claims to be and US made!
December 14, 2011
I have been using a 177 caliber air rifle to rid my backyard of tree rats (squirrels). While a well placed shot will drop them. It sometimes requires a second shot to finish the job.
My 2 previous rifles were both Springers and even though one of them was advertised to be reduced sound they can not compare to the Remington NPSS .22. This rifle was easy to sight in and the break in period was less than 50 rounds. Quarter sized groups are common.
ProsQuiet and Accurate
By kade
great accurracy but not so good scope
November 16, 2011
The gun works amazingly well! lets get that off first... its groupings are pretty consistent (but as far out as I have tested is about 55 feet) and it has all the power I could ask for. It is a little louder than I expected but compared to a CO2 counterpart it is extremely quiet. I live in a neighborhood and not a single neighbor came out to see what the sounds were when I tested it the first night. The scope is a good scope as far as visibility is concerned but fine tuning it doesnt seem to happen for me. The windage and drop never seem to correlate to what the gun acually does and i cant seem to get spot on with the sighting. The break in period for me was about 75 rounds and then it started shooting about a 2 inch group. Overall a great gun but i may be getting a better scope.
ProsGreat power. Accurate grouping. Quiet enough for use in a residential neighborhood.
ConsThe scope.
By Steve
repair help
January 29, 2019
I have had one of these .22 cal Crossman NPSS for about 5 years now and it has lost power to the point of the pellet
not even penetrating cardboard. I understand the nitrogen power pack can leak and that is probably the reason and that it is easy to replace. Where do I get one and instructions to replace it.
By Gman
San Jose, Ca
Great Gun!
October 18, 2013
Awesome gun. Easy to get used to and very accurate. Killed 98 squirrels last season with this gun. I love it.
ProsVery accurate and Quiet.
By madmac
Performance Update: 1 1/2 years
April 17, 2012
I have had this gun for about a year and a half, and I can say for sure it's a keeper. I was concerned about the piston losing power over time, and this does not appear to be a problem, at least judging by the squirrels that keep falling over in my yard. I have, on several occasions, left it cocked for over a week ( I really can't recommend doing this), with no perceived change in performance. I am able to effectively kill at twice the distance compared to the pneumatic (open sites) Benji, and I am getting consistent hits at 4X the distance. Noise: I have noticed an inconsistency in how loud this thing is, but for the most part, I would describe it as quieter than a low powered BB gun; the difference being that the noise tends to travel backward, towards the shooter. The sharp "crack" and reverb of a rifle is missing completely. The report is very short in duration- you will hear the pellet hitting the target every time. Shooting this gun from an open window, I have gotten many "2nd Chance" shots, due to the lack of forward projected noise. I have been having very good results with Predator pellets, however I have yet to completely understand the trajectory of this rifle; at certain distances I cannot seem to maintain accuracy.
Prosaccurate solid feel fairly quiet
Conslong and heavy hard to cock trigger not so great
By Rnuttyak
Jamestown, Tennessee
Good buy
January 17, 2012
Overall this is a good airgun. I bought the .22 model. I've had to re-adjust the scope many times, seems to move around a bit...I haven't used loc-tite on the screws yet, but I will if it settles down or I may get a different scope. The rifle seems to shoot accurately and it's very powerful...I got 735 fps on the chrono... The 2 stage adjustable trigger is a misleading statement as far as I'm concerned. I put in a new trigger from Charliedatuna and it works great. The gun is heavy and well built. This is my first 'real airgun' and there is a learning curve. I'm well pleased with it now.
Prosquite powerful accurate
By Jac
Alexandria, Virginia
More playing time needed, it needs to break itself in for accuracy; scope or gun at fault???
January 8, 2012
I haven't been able to sight-in the riffle although I only have taken about 30-40 shots. Ten of these shots were just to align the scope; it seems to be getting a tighter pattern with additional shots, however, the grouping is still too wide spread to start hunting squirrels with a clean kill.

I find the sound reduction to be much better than my spring action but not at the given 70% claim. The trigger pull is too long for my liking even after I adjusted it; the scope came with the gun and adequate for the combo price I guess, I'm used to high end scope on my powder riffles.

The gun stock is composite and makes the gun feel a little on the cheap side; I prefer wood but I imagine that it would have added to the already heavy weight of the gun. The overall length of the gun is a negative even for a man of my seize; something to consider. Unfortunately, I should have been able to read independent reviews on this model but none were available, therefore, since I can't come back six months from now and give it a fair evaluation, I have to rate this riffle at a first impression level. I'll recommend this riffle with reservations.
ProsQuieter than my previous air riffle Loading effort reasonable Hard hitting
ConsBreaking accuracy time Overall gun length No gun sight No independent reviews
By John P.
Ventura Ca
Barrell droop
January 6, 2012
I love the rifle but I had to replace the scope mount witha slanted mount. Plus to aluminum shims. That got me on target at 50 ft. I will sone see how it is at afarther distance.
ProsEverything, price, style scope.
ConsBarrell droop
Dutchess co. NY
Who designed the trigger?
December 24, 2011
This is one accurate rifle that is severely compromised by its trigger. They refer to it as two stage, to me it's just one dreadfully long pull that makes it extremely difficult to stay on target. Many reviewers complain about it, so I'm not alone. I'm also not a fan of the cheap synthetic stock. That aside the rifle produces consistent power undoubtedly aided by the nitro piston technology. Sighting in the scope can be a challenge until you get used to the trigger mechanism but it's dead on once zeroed. Cocking the break barrel may prove to be challenging to some, this is definitely not meant for a child. The power is awesome making a solid back stop a necessity. The scope appears to be well mated to this rifle.
ProsBreak barrel simplicity, powerful, quiet, scope
ConsTrigger, cheap stock
By Charlie
Philomath, Oregon
Excellent target rifle
December 14, 2011
I haven't completely broken this gun in yet, but it shoots nicely. Noise is not a problem. Very smooth handling.
ProsLightness and ease of use.
ConsNothing yet.
By Carl
Raleigh, North Carolina
Remington NPSS .22
December 13, 2011
This gun is all that I hoped that it would be. A little louder than I thought at fist but the more you shoot it the quieter it gets. I have fired about 50 rounds so far.
ProsI like the look of the gun and the quiet shots.
ConsI can not find anything that I don't like about this gun.
By johnny
buckhannon wv
rem.22 np ss
December 3, 2011
i love my rem.22 np ss its very accurate with the right pellets.i killed 6 squirrels and 1 cat and one doe with it so far and i've only had it for a week.
By jorge
August 16, 2011
not the best not the worst ,when i open the box found some scratches on the rifle body but anyway is MADE IN USA!
By bag s.
you will NOT be dissappointed
June 10, 2011
this gun is quiet, powerful and extremely accurate. I'm getting 3/8in groups at 30ft with H&N field target trophy, then goes through a half inch of high compression plywood. got a little kick to it but it feels great. A bit heavier than i it would be but works excellent. those pesky squirrels had no idea what hit em. There is a 50 shot break in period where its loudish and wont hold a group but after that you can hit a quarter from 50ft with one shot. And all this with you neighbors being completely oblivious to all activities! Worth every cent! Trust me!
By john
This ain't your grampa's air gun
November 8, 2010
I have been shooting a mid 1960's Benjamin since childhood. I was drawn to this gun because it is a single break, and quieter. Definitely requires break-in, but decidedly more punch than the Benji, and accuracy improving. It is heavier and longer than I would prefer, and not so easy to cock. That being said, I am walloping my furry friends more consistently than ever. Backyard is a squirrel graveyard, and the neighbors are none the wiser.
By Jeff
Remington NPSS .22
September 7, 2010
Super quiet, super accurate and a super deal!

I spent some time at the range with my NPSS shooting Crosman Premier hollow points. My chronograph averaged out at 678 fps. Very impressive for a .22 caliber lead pellet, I think, and certainly fast enough to prove deadly on the wascally wabbits that plague my perennials!

The scope is significantly above and beyond what I would expect in a sub-three hundred dollar package. The rifle is easy to cock and the Crosman Premier pellets fit quite snugly into the barrel. Remington has also supplied a really nice, adjustable trigger with this rifle!

My example of the NPSS is surprisingly accurate, with consistent 25 yard groups, from a rest, inside of one inch. Offhand, utilizing the artillery hold, one can repeatedly decimate a common pop can at thirty yards, leaving little doubt that the rabbits in my yard are soon to be facing a significant population decline.

I compared this rifle side-by-side with a bolt action .22 caliber rim-fire shooting CB Long ammo (extremely quiet, sub-sonic rounds) and the NPSS was by far the quietest, had the fastest muzzle velocity and printed the tightest groups.

For those residing in an urban setting, my opinion is that, if fired from inside of a structure, the sound of the pellet impacting the target outside is about all that a nosy neighbor is likely to hear.

This rifle and scope package is, IMO, a terrific value at $299, shipped. Get it before the price goes up!
By George R.
Product Reviews for Remington NPSS
July 22, 2010
I have two of these pellet rifles. One is noticeably more accurate than the other. I would have made the thumb hole less of a triangle and a little more rounded off. It is easy to cock and does make less noise than similar rifles.
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By SHABNAN from SAUDI ARABIYA on March 2, 2012
sir i am in saudi arabia and i need this gun in pakistan i am a pakistani and i cant find any o these guns there so if i pay from ksA CAN I GET THE GUN IN PAKISTAN AND WHAT WILL BE THE POSTING AND HANDLING CHARGES INCLUDING THE GUN HERE ITS RETEN THAT IT IS FREE SHIPED ANS ME PLZZZ
By Staff on March 5, 2012

Thank you for you interest.

For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at [email protected] This so we can better help you.

By Steven from Edmonton, Alberta on January 27, 2012
Hello guys, I plan on changing the scope for a laser sight.
Anyone have any suggestions for which one I should go for?
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 2, 2012

How's this one?:
By Conor from Sunnyside, WA on February 2, 2012

By Carter from Washington on February 11, 2012

By Carter from Washington on February 14, 2012

How's this one?

By Gene from Shreveport, La. on April 27, 2012
Mr favorite dog, a female Boxer, was just killed by a gun such as this, reason for death confirmed by my vet. Do you enjoy killing small dogs?
By Staff on May 2, 2012

Hi Gene,

I am sorry to hear that your animal was killed. I hope you have contacted law enforcement and they are able to find the person responsible.

However, your accusations towards us are extremely ignorant and insulting. Take a second to think about how ridiculous you sound.

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