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Crosman Premier Hollow Point .177 Cal, 7.9 gr - 500 ct

Available in .177, .22
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  • .177
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  • Code: 8019119 · $11.49 · .177 · 7.9 grains · 500 ct
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7.9 Gr. Competition grade premier hollow point pellets. Great for hunting and pest control. Obtain greater accuracy by using Crosman Premier Pellets!
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  • ManufacturerCrosman
  • Caliber .177
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Ammo Weight 7.9 grains
  • Pellet Shape Hollowpoint
  • Pellet Quantity 500 ct
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By JoshJuly 27, 2021

Shot a ground hog at 40 yards off my porch and put a hollow point right behind its eye and dropped it dead on the spot

These pellets are amazing!! I have tried other pellets of different weights and these are the best out of all the crosman 177. pellets imo, i was shooting 1 inch groups @ 50 yards with a Gamo Shadow Cat Whisper and i even tried a couple shots @ 100 yards and i was using a 8x8 metal target and every shot hit!!


By KevinUSAApril 30, 2021 Verified Purchase

This pellet has a good group at 45 yards


By Michael December 7, 2020


Amazing impact! I shot a squirrel from about 45feet-15 yards.. Blew his head apart with the .177s


By IvanUSAJanuary 24, 2019

The right pellet for my rifle. Excellent!!

By TerryUSAApril 30, 2018

I got better accuracy using the 7.9 gr over heaver .177 gr.

By JuergenUSAOctober 7, 2017

Great and accurate pellet for the price. I shoot them in my Crosman Fire NP Rifle, in my Crosman 1377 pump American classic pistol and my Bear River Sportsman 900 pump airrifle.

Cheap, accurate, fun amo.

Some of them are a little loose in the Breech, especially in the break barrel Fire NP.

By RichardUSASeptember 28, 2017

This rating is using these hollow points in this gun only. Using them did not improve accuracy at all. However, I'll say this pellet is awesome in another pistol I own. And is accurate and deadly in that gun. The Peacemaker is the worst for accuracy which I've purchased so far.

They pack a punch. They are pretty uniform and well shaped. The price is good also. The tin they come in is well made and is easy to open. They did destroy some hard plastic medicine bottles my wife was throwing away. After two hits some of the bottles shattered into pieces. This of course was while shooting them from a different gun. I believe/know they will put down some small game animals and rats if used in a gun with some good fps. and shoots accurately.

I can only say they did not improve the accuracy of the Duke Colt Peacemaker pellet pistol I own.

By FranknvUSAAugust 14, 2017

An excellent way to rid the yard of rabbits that are destroying shrubs and lawn.

Lots of damage for better kills


By RyanAugust 1, 2017

I have a Crosman 2100 classic, and cr357, and also a umerax beretta px4 storm and these hollow points are the most accurate round i have shot yet.

expands on impact, shoots straight every time

By TomUSANovember 21, 2016

I have been trying these pellets out in my Crosman Vantage Nitro Piston rifle. I think that they will work out Well. The shot groupings have consistantly been 1 inch or less from my gun, at 30yds. This is a hunting pellet and I have, as yet, not taken any live game with them. Based on the accuracy, I know that they will hit anything that I might shoot at. The only thing left to evaluate is their preformance and expansion on a live target. Having had lot's of experance with other crosman pellets I feel that they should do well in that catagory also..The pellets appear to have been well made and of a high quality. As usual shopping with AGD has been a Pleasure and the wait time was short. Thankyou AGD!---------Tom

Reasonably priced, well made and accurate

None at his time

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How good do these Pellets expand? I have used them in my 495 fps .22 phantom and they didn't expand. Do they need to be shot out of a high velocity air rifle to expand? How do the work in a Gamo rocket igt?

asked Anonymous

they expand well for me, but these are .177 and u have .22 theres a difference,and i dont think they have to be shot out of a high velocity airgun, should work pretty well.

joshua from USA

Theyll expand at anything around or upwards of 900 fps- the gamo rocket should make them expand

George from USA

Does anyone know where I can find the ballistic coefficient of these pellets? Thanks!

asked asd

Follow the pages listed below to view some options of a .177 cal ballistic pellet:

Scott from USA
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