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Daisy 4841 Grizzly Camo Kit, .177 cal

Shoots BBs & Pellets

Daisy 4841 Grizzly Camo Kit, .177 cal

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  • Code: PY-944 · 0.177 cal · 350 fps ·
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Everything a young shooter needs to get started is here. Features the 840 Grizzly air rifle with authentic Mossy Oak Break Up camouflage; single pump pneumatic Grizzly with fixed Daisy Model 808 scope. The airgun is sized for shooters 10 and older (adult supervision required), and the easy pumping effort is geared toward younger folks. The 840 shoots either steel BBs (Never shoot BBs at metal objects!) or .177 pellets. With a capacity of 350 BBs, this airgun is truly an all-day shooter. With BBs (350 fps), it's a repeater. With pellets (330 fps), it's a single-shot. It comes with a blade and ramp front sight and an adjustable open rear sight. The receiver is made of tough engineering resin, which helps keep the gun lightweight. The MOBU camo synthetic stock has checkering to ensure a good, steady grip. The dovetail grooves in the receiver make it easy to install the included 4x15 scope. The 840 Grizzly is perfect for plinking, shooting paper targets and training new shooters.
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  • ManufacturerDaisy
  • Caliber0.177 cal
  • Velocity350 fps
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets & BBs
  • ActionBolt-action
  • Barrel StyleSmooth bore
  • Fire ModeRepeater
  • Gun Weight2.25
  • Loudness2-Low-Medium
  • MechanismSingle-stroke pneumatic
  • OpticsScope
  • SafetyManual
  • Front SightsFiber Optic
  • Rear SightsAdjustable
  • Trigger AdjustabilitySingle-stage
  • Trigger Pull6.5
  • UsePlinking / Fun / Target Shooting
  • Warranty1 Year Limited
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Daisy 4841 Grizzly Camo Kit, .177 cal Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 25 Review(s)
Estados Unidos
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 4, 2013
This is a very good this weapon, it's weight makes it very reliable at the time of shooting.

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

good for beginners
November 14, 2012
I have had this gun for a few years, and besides trigger and scope mount problems which I was able to work around, the gun has held up pretty well. It is pretty accurate up to 30-40 yards, then the BB has a rapid drop. This gun is easy to cock and load and the power and range are manageable for beginners. It's ability to shoot BB's and pellets help teach beginners the difference between the 2. I would recommend wadcutter or pointed pellets for this gun. Wadcutters for target shooting, and pointed pellets for any pest controll. The gun is not powerful enough to penetrate flesh with anything other than maybe a pointed pellet at close range.
Accurate Easy to use and learn Range and power managable Shoots BB's and pellets
Scope complicated to sight in

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

daisy air rifle
November 6, 2012
This was my first air rifle I had owned for a while. It is a great starter rifle for a young shooter. Not very powerful, so it is good to keep the use of this gun to target shooting only.

El Paso Tx
3 Stars

Not the best
October 4, 2012
This gun was not what I expected, it wasn't as strong as I thought it would be.
Not as powerful as I thought it would be.

5 Stars

beginners weight
May 17, 2011
a super light gun and accurate.

4 Stars

December 14, 2010
good beginer gun. my bud has 1 and we both like it. but it takes a min to reload. other than that its a real good gun

5 Stars

October 10, 2010
killed a sparrow from 20 yds away

the best
5 Stars

October 10, 2010
shot a rat 30yds away and killed it

sharp shooter
5 Stars

September 13, 2010
very cheap and awsum it is so cool

5 Stars

the gun
June 16, 2010
i love it

nate dawg
3 Stars

not great
February 24, 2010
dont buy this, get the crosman pumpmaster, the pumpmaster gets more fps, though this gun is great for begiinners, not great for pest control

5 Stars

best pellet gun ever
January 22, 2010
this gun looks like if you got in the way it would realy hurt like hell

5 Stars

sooooooooooooo lucky americans
January 22, 2010
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky we don't get pellet guns like this in ireland if we were cought with a gun like that we would get fined or arrested by they garda [police in the rest of the world] its just called the irish way

cTG camo
5 Stars

Best gun ever
January 8, 2010
cant wait for daisy to make more guns like this. good effeicent. and very easy for young shooters to learn with! i reccomend daisy bb's because they are more shiny! hhaha and because they dont come deformed and peeling! nice work daisy! another great gun! if

CTG camo
5 Stars

the beast
December 17, 2009
this is the best bb gun ever! first of all the cocking system setup is very easy for younger shooters. second is the looks (which are really COOL!) and the fps, it can easily put a hole thru 4 peices of regular sized cardboard placed back to back! the scope is not the best in town but it still is okay cauz its free! so nobody be compliann bout the scope! its FREE!!!!!!! i recommend buying daisy bb's over crossman because the crossman bb's will start to peel. and if they get wet they will practicly be ruined! Great gun tho. i recommend bb's over pellets if ur just shooting around in ur back yard. but hunters shuld get pointed pellets! Love the gun! Buy it now! - peace out

5 Stars

November 30, 2009
it shoots metal and it shoots pellets

5 Stars

i wonder
September 24, 2009
i just ordered this gun and i wonder if it shoots plastic bbs because my friends think metal bbs go inside your skin

5 Stars

best bang for the buck
February 2, 2009
iv killed 1 crow and 2 pigeons in 3 days,if you want to hunt, use sharp point pellets

5 Stars

super accurate
December 24, 2008
This bb gun is extreamly accurate i shot bird in the head from 25yd :)

Joe Zariello
5 Stars

not bad
November 25, 2008
for 320 fps its not that bad......accurate

3 Stars

August 26, 2008
i like this gun its accurate just not to strong i killed a rabbit with it but you have to get a head shot with a pellet or you wont kill anything

5 Stars

first and fav
June 21, 2008
I got this gun when I was in the second grade and so many years later I still use and love it it is for a young shooter who wish to get the most out of a youth gun this gun is wonderfull in every and any way

3 Stars

May 18, 2008
its good for beginers but if you pump it more then once you will ruin it can kill small bird at close range but not a gun for power

The Outdoorsman
3 Stars

target gun
March 18, 2008
This gun is ok it is good for shooting at targets, but not good for hunting . I had to exchange it becouse it got jamed. I got the new one and it still got jamed but igot it out this time becouse I was using pellets.

5 Stars

July 30, 2007
good accurate bird gun, but has hard time penetrating

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By christopher from Bay City Texas on July 5, 2012
How often does it get jammed?
By Ethan from MN on August 23, 2012

I don't thing BB guns can jam.

By rick gusner from pitsburgh pennslvania on July 7, 2012
is this a pellet rifle
or a bebe gun.

By Staff on July 9, 2012

Rick Gusner,
This particular air rifle shoots both pellets and bbs.

The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

By alex lecrur from anchorage alaska on July 7, 2012
is it a pellet rifle

By Staff on July 9, 2012

Alex Lecrur,
This particular air rifle shoots both pellets and bbs.

The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team

By brandon from ontario on February 26, 2012
how far dose the scope zoom in?
By Staff on March 5, 2012

The scope on this rifle does not zoom in.

By Ethan from Minneapolis on August 23, 2012
Does this come with the scope?
By Staff on August 28, 2012

Yes, this rifle comes with the fixed Daisy Model 808 scope.

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