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Gamo Rocket .22 Cal, 14.3 gr - 100 ct

Gamo Rocket .22 Cal, 14.3 gr - 100 ct

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  • Code: 632127554 · 0.22 cal · 14.3 gr · 100 ct
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The new Rocket Ballistic Tip airgun ammunition combines Gamo performance lead with a hardened steel tip to yield better penetration and shock, along with precision accuracy. This Superior Accuracy and Penetration airgun ammunition combines performance lead with a hardened steel tip to yield enhanced penetration and shock. The Gamo Rocket enhances down-range performance without any sacrifice of accuracy and consistency. This unique hunting pellet is leading the way in pellet technology!
Warning: Important information for California residents
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber0.22 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight14.3 gr
  • Pellet ShapeHollowpoint
  • Pellet Quantity100
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Gamo Rocket .22 Cal, 14.3 gr - 100 ct
28 Reviews
64% (18)
25% (7)
7% (2)
4% (1)
0% (0)
82% Recommend this product (23 of 28 responses)
By Darrell P.
August 13, 2018
The Gamo rocket works best in my Beeman
ProsHas consistence groupings with a hard punch
Best Usesto kill something
By Michael
High penetration
March 3, 2018
This pellet offers the highest penetration in my backstop...the pellets are buried! As accurate as you are...shooting 90 with great groups.
By Tommy
, schoharie
Ok pellet
June 6, 2017
Was all over the place out of my Swarm but my Big cat liked them
By Angry F.
minotola, new jersey
Decent but pricey
February 14, 2017
Using my .22 nitro piston these pellets prefrom well up to 20yrds during my accuracy test. Shooting at ranges 30 to 35yrds the groupings started to open a bit. I shot 10shot strands and was geting groupings opened up to almost 2", Because I hunt at that range on average I descided not to use these. They are a decent pellet and made well. They just didn't hold up to the accuracy as other pellets I have used at that range.
ProsManufactured well Good hunting pellet
ConsNot good for long range (in my rifle) Pricey at only 100 per tin
By treemanboy
December 14, 2016
I have used this pellet in.177Ihave only had time for limited testing
ProsI like the steel in the front of pellet,great penitration,accurate
ConsThere is so much going on w/pellet in flight sometimes get a flyer
By Doug
Great in my Bone Collector BW and Mach 1 Pigman
September 16, 2016
These pellets are very accurate and reliable in my Gamo guns. Both the Bone Collector and Mach 1 Pigman in .22. I have Hawke Sport HD AO 2-7 x 32 with Accushot 3 bolt integral mount on the BC and CP 4-16 x 40 AO IR on the Mach 1. I took a dove at 60 yards with the BC, have dropped many crows and Rabbits with the Mach 1. Just a dead on reliable pellet that penetrates very well. Pass thru most of the time, which when hitting vitals is lights out. Most of the time ear hole on the rabbits and base of neck just above wings and they drop. Because this pellet works so good in both my Gamo guns it is the only pellet I shoot in them anymore. Confidence is a must for humane hunting, I just wish Gamo still made the .25 version.

One other thing I do is wash them twice and roll on paper towel with behold and it makes a big difference in accuracy and getting most FPS. Try it your self, I get about 40 more FPS on my Chairgun Chrony set at 10 yrds, one foot below pellet path with metal target at 20 yrds. Does not foul barrel and I swab at about three tins or 450 shots on average.

My Bone Collector Bull Whisper is a great gun, keep screws tight and clean your gun and you have a light, accurate, quiet hunting gun. I have become very fond of this gun. My Mach 1 Pigman...same thing only on steroids. These have synthetic stocks, great technology for reasonable prices. Put a good scope on them and you have great guns that are really fun to shoot and hunt with. I have put a lot of food on my table with the Bone Collector BW and the M1P using THE...Gamo Rockets. I have 7 Break Barrels, and a BT 65 PCP. 4 -.25, 2- .22, 1- 1.77.
ProsFits snug in Gamo barrels, stable at 750-760 FPS for the BC, Mach 1, 877 - 891 FPS and 24.4 to 25.4 FLBS. So good just don't use any other. Reliable consistent ammo. Can't ask for more Tins are padded with screw on lid. I actually like the PBA Bullet containers from the PBA armor and use those for holding pellets in the field, some guys like the pens, I need to get the ones with the push point as just the pen does not seat adequate. Price is inline with good pellets so you get what you pay for... AGD by 4 pay for 3 simply the best!!!
ConsOnly 150 to a tin,
By Jair A.
Piercing power
August 29, 2016
This pellet its meant for one thing, penetration, it will pierce even old VCR metal housing with ease (in high power rifles), will penetrate easily some small game hard skin lizards and small game preys. Very solid pellet with good accuracy. Use them for medium game and up.
ProsSupreme piercing power Great penetration
Consnot meant for long distance shotting suffer from over penetration nos suitable for small game and birds
By Bob
good resulting groups in hatsan 44
June 22, 2016
Well worth having
Proshard hitting deep expansion
By L M.
Woodburn, Or
Straight shooting
March 4, 2016
I just have to say that I recovered one of these rounds from an old wooden fence, some 40 meters down range from where I was shooting and it was stuck in the wood straight on. I pulled it out of the wood with my fingers and could (]f I wanted to) use this round again. Fired from my Ruger .22 break barrel gas piston rifle. I would have to conclude that this particular round ran straight and true all the way. I can't promise they will all do that, but I'm sill pretty impressed.
ProsNice concept and it works.
ConsA little spendy.
By Steve F.
Indianapolis, IN.
The pellets are Hard Hitting and very Accurate
October 21, 2015
I like these style pellets. They penetrate well and are very accurate.
ProsThey penetrate well and are accurate.
ConsThey are a bit heavier and have a little more fall over a distance.
By David
Medina, Ohio
great hunting pellet
September 30, 2015
These pellets pack a punch, take down groundhogs easily and humanely, very accurate as well
ProsHard hitting
Gamo Rocket
July 16, 2015
very consistent hard hitting pellet in my Umarex Octane .22 , Will most definitely be purchasing more tins from AGD!
Prosaccurate,Consistant and knock down power A1.
ConsOnly bought 1 tin from AGD
By bernhard r.
Key West, Florida
Big Holes
July 31, 2014
These guys will punch a big hole in what ever they hit. Accuracy is lacking. While the .177 was dead on and effective it was lacking in knock down power. I was hoping that .22 would work. However- the groupings wandered all over the place. I actually watched a slug wobble it'a way to the target. Changed to a solid lead slug with better results.
ConsNot Accurate in .22. Skirts easily deformed by handling.
By Larry W.
Moweaqua, Illinois
very accurate and hard hitting
December 25, 2013
After using a lighter weight pellet, that seemed to go all over the place, I gave the .22 cal Rocket Pellet by Gamo a try. Much more accurate and hit with power! If you don't care where the pellets go then anything will do. But if you want accuracy and stopping power the give the Rocket Pellet by Gamo the nod, you won't regret it.
ProsAccuracy and stopping power.
By Patrick
West Seattle, WA
Really accurate and hard hitting
April 27, 2013
All of my guns like these pellets. I'm new to pellet guns so I bought a few different ones to see what I like. So I have been able to try them in quite a few different guns. Pistols, rifles all like them. accurate and hard hitting.
I can't wait for the raccoons to have a litter and start taking them to my Koi pond. I'll be ready. i think even in a 400fps pistol these pellets will make raccoons thing twice about coming around again. In a 1000fps rifle: well, the raccoon will be sleeping for a long time.
ProsWorks in all guns I've tried - pistols and rifles.
ConsNeeds bigger packaging or quantity discount.
By Craig
New York
Gamo Rocket Pellets
April 12, 2013
I've tested several 177 pellets and found the rockets to penetrate the best. They also are accurate within 25 yards. I have not tested beyond that range. Fit and finish are very good for Gamo pellets. I have several Gamo brand pellets and all the Rockets fit very well into the chamber. I even have the 22 version and they hit really hard. The 22's are a wise choice for putting down squirrels. I would recommend to others.
ProsFit and finish and most of all penetration.
By blue
Good ammo, a real critter getter
April 8, 2013
I have other pellets that shoot tighter groups but none that hit harder. These pellets will go through most pests and are more than accurate at reasonable ranges.
ProsPass through power.
ConsNeed thicker back stop
By Jeremiah J.
Columbus Ohio
Great Pellet
March 30, 2013
My Hatsan 1000c loves these things, they are by far the most accurate pellet. I have fired from the Hatsan. These penetrated through a galvanized steel plate I use as a back stop and straight into a tree amazing!!! Can't wait to do some pest control with these, I have no doubt about their stopping power.
Pros-Deep penetration -Very accurate -Decent price
Cons-Wish they came in bigger tin
By Jim
Avonmore, PA
March 24, 2013
I got good accuracy at 30 yards with this pellet shooting it out of a Benjamin BT1122WNP.
ProsAccuracy was good.
ConsNot enough pellets per package.
By David C.
Houston, Texas
BB-nose pellet
March 3, 2013
Very accurate and good penetration.
ProsDoesn't flatten nose upon impact.
By michael
tallahassee, FL
gamo .22 cal rocket pellets
March 1, 2013
These pellets will deliver consistent grouping at all distances. I like them because I can easily tell which end is which (I don't wear my glasses when i'm out hunting). I only need my glasses for up close and these pellets are easy to determine which end is which.
ProsConsistent groupings, clean, and they leave very little residue in your gun. Good knockdown power.
ConsWish they came in bigger package.
By Willie
Sonoma, CA
Hard explosive hitting round. My first choice for humane hunting of pests at small game
December 12, 2012
I ordered these on a lark as I had never seen this design before and wanted to evaluate it first hand for rodent control, small game hunting, and range practice. I am constantly in search of the one round that does it all.
I think I might have found a round that is as close as I am going to get to my desire of an all around all purpose pellet.
The following is a bit gruesome so skip to the next sentence if you'd prefer not to read gruesome: I have chickens which means I have rats. I shot a rat at 20 feet distance with POI just behind the left ear. It was a direct hit and literally severed the rat's head from the body. No warning cry to other rats and no dash chasing a wounded rat to its tunnel.
The attached JPEGS are scans of rounds that I extracted from 3/4 inch plywood. They were fired from a Ruger Air Hawk at 50 yards.
They are heavy enough that at 50 yards they caused the backside of the plywood to bulge noticeably.
ProsHard hitting pellet that is the first one I have found that is well rounded in that it can be used for rodent control, humane small game hunting and range practice. They group nicely and pack enough energy to bulge the backside of 3/4 inch plywood at 50 yards.
By Antonio W.
New Orleans Lousisana
Gamo .22 cal Rocket Pellet
December 4, 2012
Real nice pellet in .22 cal. Raw power gets the job done. One of my favorites.
ProsRaw power, and nice weight to shoot small varmints.
ConsAccuracy pulls a little down. Just aim high for compensation.
By nate
OK pellet
June 9, 2012
Strong, This pellet can go through metal. If you want to show your friends how strong your gun is use this pellet.
Not that accurate pellets seem to move a lot.
Consnot that accurate
By spacemonkey
Costa Mesa, CA
gamo rocket .22
April 11, 2012
high penetration rates....good for thick skinned rodents
Consnot much
By Bill
Gamo Rocket .22 caliber
February 19, 2011
Much better accuracy and penetration than Gamo Magnum pellets in my Gamo Whisper rifle. Consistent quality and uniformity. Excellent accuracy in my HB22 Benjamin pistol. This is the pellet to use if you want to extend the maximum effective range of your pistol.
By Ray
SUPER Pellet
January 6, 2011
I bought a Tech Force 99 Premier a couple of months ago from AGD and have been trying to find "THE" pelet that works best in this rifle. I've tried at least 6 kinds of pellets with this rifle, but the most accurate one has been the 'GAMO ROCKET' (.22) It shot the tightest most consistant groups of all the pellets I tried. THANKS for your service. I'm a customer for life.
By Charles H.
Gamo .22 Cal Rocket Pellet
July 25, 2010
These are hard hitting and a very accurate pellet. Shipping was fast and the pellets work Great. I will buy again.
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