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Gamo Match .177 Cal, 7.56 gr - 500 ct

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The name says it all. The Gamo Match Pellet was designed primarily for target and match shooting, when extreme accuracy and tight shot grouping is critical. This reliable and accurate pellet won't break the bank, and at the price is great for backyard plinking and target shooting as well, a precision pellet. A relatively light weight and flat head that cuts targets cleanly. Great for shooters wanting tight groups!
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber.177
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight7.56 grains
  • Pellet ShapeWadcutter
  • Pellet Quantity500 ct
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By SeanUSAMay 22, 2020 Verified Purchase

Given the price and that I have something that can use them I guess things are not that bad. For the short distances I'm shooting, 25 feet to 10M, they are accurate when they work. I'm currently looking at getting a rifle, and will have to revisit the accuracy assessment and rating after trying them from farther out.

Can confirm the other reviews stating inconsistent sizes. Having issues loading and firing out of an Umarex 8-shot cylinder, they're just too big to fire once you jam one in the thing. My old Gamo P-23 handles them fine.

Looks like there will be a pretty high percentage of the things that I won't be using with my Umarex M1911A1, and will be sorting out as I load the cylinders. In my first test, 5-6 out of the 40 would stick and never get out of the cylinder.

By BradMarch 17, 2018

I've had the pellets for several years, and am finally getting around to shooting them. I've shot a couple tins through my Crosman 1701P, at 5 to 10 meters. They are relatively accurate, but the skirts are different sizes and the pellets don't always give that satisfying click as they are pushed into the chamber. Just for chuckles, I weighed the pellets. The tin states 7.56 gr. of 59 pellets weighed, 58 were 7.7 or higher. Some weighed as much as 8 gr while the vast majority were 7.7 to 7.9 gr. I guess you get what you pay for. I've still got 6 - 500 count tins, so lots of shooting before I use the stash. Just be aware, wadcutters are designed for target shooting, so not very accurate past 10 or 20 yards. Inside 10 yards, they shoot fairly well. Would I recommend them for competition? No way. So inconsistent that their accuracy is always suspect. Are they OK for practice and plinking? Yes, ok, but not wonderful.


Weights no where near posted weight dirty. Hands turn grey after 10 or 20 shots., skirts inconsistent, some bent,

By Glenn J.February 15, 2018

30% of the pellets would not fit. they wore over sized or out of round, Junk.

By Felix l.February 8, 2017

Very good airgun pellet fir hunting ang plinking.

By MattUSADecember 9, 2016

I have used this pellet in three separate pistols. Walther CP88Comp, CP99 and Beeman P3. The CP99 misfires quite a bit using this pellet. The other two handle it ok. The pellets are very inconsistent diameter. Some load with little to no force, others require significant force to put into place. The price is great, but I think other pellets at this price offer better value. Beeman Wadcutter Coated and Excite Econ both perform better than this pellet.

- Cost - Tin with screw-on lid

- Inconsistent diameter - Misfires in my CP99

By RafaeDecember 8, 2016

I am using those with my Gamo PT85 and those are pellets which works best with this gun Consistent in size, but sometimes the are little amount of too big pellets in the box. With those I have been able to quite easily break the wine bottles from 10 meters using my Gamo PT85 Tactical.

Average weight make it capable do various jobs Quite consistent in size Good for targeting small competition especially if you use a selected pellets. Spectacular for breaking a duralex (IT'S EXPLODE UPON AN IMPACT) and the glass bottles using common cheap low power airguns. Available in the affordable cartoon boxes in a set of 250 pellets per box.

Occasionally you can found slightly oversized pellet in the box

By JimDecember 3, 2016

These are very affordable and make great target ammo, but they weren't sized consistantly. Another reviewer mentioned the distorted skirts. This also may make some of them fit tighter. About 1 out of 10 fit too tight. I am afraid this could nullify the savings. The accuracy is good enough.

value and accuracy

inconsistantly sized

By JohnUSASeptember 6, 2016

I ordered these after reading mixed reviews. I started shooting R10's in a new 747 and they were fine. I find these pellets to be just as accurate. In the past few weeks I find I am using these pellets more than the others that I have purchased. So, I guess they've become my favorite.

By AntonioUSANovember 26, 2015

When I first gotthese pellets there we alot of deformed skirts. It dosent seem like they put al that much efert into the pellets. But it came to may suprisetha their accuratsy was better than I pictured. But not that great, I was shooting at 20 yards and I am a nice shot but I was getting 4-5 inch groupings. Where as other pellets I get 2-3 inch groupings.

Cheap Decent groupings for the visuals

For a big name brand I would expect better precsion.

By Van BogaertBelgiumJune 21, 2014

Pretty accurate

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It cost me $100 + numerous phone calls to find out that pellet head size is important for individual guns. Where is this information located (pellet head size in mm) ??? I can find it nowhere on your web site.

asked Warren

I'm sorry I am no help but I did not no that myself. I do notice some pellets seem to fit tighter than others but I thought that was just a brand difference

David from USA

High quality. A lot for the price !

Wiley from USA

I'm sorry, I did my best and researched a few sources, including GAMOUSA and PYRAMYDAIR. I came up with nothing. My gamo pellet cases say 4.5mm which really doesn't mean much as almost all .177 are generally described with this number. I do understand your question and have seen the info your seeking with some other pellets. So all I can tell you is, if GAMOUSA prints 4.5mm on the case, it is probably a true 4.5. I can also tell you that they do not fit as snugly in the chamber as the BEEMAN pellets I have. They fit a little loose like CROSMANS. Sorry I couldn't help you out more.

Dan P.

I recently purchased 7 tins of the Gamo Match pellet in .177. I have cycled around 200 pellets through a Crosman 1377C and Beeman P17 each and had NO problems whatsoever. I'm getting 3/4" patterns at 25 feet with both guns, blade sights only. The potential, practically non issue, is that the skirt of the Gamo pellet may be snug in the breech of the Beeman. This only makes for a good seal in the breech. I'm no expert, but I think the only time you may have issues is loading pointed pellets in a cylinder gun like the Crosman 357/Vigilante. Hope this helps. If you need, I will put a caliper on the head of the pellets to get you an exact measure.

Shou from USA

are these pellets good to use in the Gamo SOCOM Tactical - .177 Caliber - 1200 FPS Whisper Quiet w/Adjustable Cheek Rest, 3-9x40 Scope, Laser & Flashlight? because thats the one im ordering, and i want the max performance with my gamo because i will only use gamo, and is this type of pellet good for small game hunting such as squirrels and birds? because they are all over the place and they make my dog bark like crazy n it drives me nuts so i need to get rid of them especially since my neighboors are complaining about my dog barking all the time.... plz help me i want this taken care of as quickly and easily as possible while still having my fun with it.

asked Kyler from USA

Yes they would great to use for that rifle, though I would recommend getting a hunting pellet for you rifle if you are looking to take out small game, like the Red Fire or the Blue Flame pellets.

Steve from USA
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