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Gamo PBA Gold Pellets .25 cal- 50 ct.

Gamo PBA Gold Pellets .25 cal- 50 ct.

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  • Code: 632264654 · 0.25 cal · 14.4 gr · 50 ct
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Qty. 50- Gamo Raptor PBA .25 Cal-Enhanced penetration and velocity up to 25%. The Gamo Rapor pellet has more knockdown power than standard lead pellets because of the harder metals, and True Gold 18 Karat gold plating eliminates barrel corrosion and enhances accuracy shot after shot. Lead Free PBA is guaranteed lead free and also environmentally friendly. Up to 25% velocity increase in most high power air guns. With the PBA ammo, Gamo is ushering in the next generation in air gun ammunition!
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber0.25 cal
  • ConditionNew
  • Ammo TypePellets
  • Ammo Weight14.4 gr
  • Pellet ShapeDomed
  • Pellet Quantity50
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Gamo PBA Gold Pellets .25 cal- 50 ct.
10 Reviews
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By Robb
West Valley, UT
October 22, 2015
Fast, but not on target.
You will get an extra 100 to 200 FPS out of theses bad boys, but the don't shoot straight and are loud in most guns.
By John
August 11, 2015
Ignore Louie
Louie needs to "read the manual". He left a review for .25 pellets when his rifle is .177. And if you believe he's getting one hole groups at 150 yds.
ProsGroups ok out of my Beeman Kodiak for super fast pellet
ConsNot the most accurate but not the worst
By Derek
San Antonio tsxas
April 6, 2015
PBA gold
Love this pellet, excellent fit in hatsan torpedo .25 caliber rifle.
ProsConsistent design and weight. Good penetration. Stable flight.
ConsOccasional mis-casting /bad pellet
By ryan
hillburn, ny
November 15, 2014
great pellets!
i use these pellets with my hatsan 150 .25 and right out of the box with a few sight adjustments i was hitting my target and getting great groups. i think these pellets are great and anyone who thinks they are garbage is just a bad shot all together. i encourage everyone to use these pellets if they can afford them and with a little practice they can have great groups too..
Prosenvironment safe and hard hitting. they go through 1/4 inch plywood and into the concrete wall behind it.. amazing!!
By christian
Meadows Place, TX
May 18, 2014
PBA Gold
Performed well on Benjamin NP XL .25 cal. All pellets are uniformed and shot with great grouping 25 yrds.
ProsTook advantage of the price drop. I purchased 8 dozen packs and 2 was free.
By Louie
Cypress, California.
April 21, 2013
PBA - Ammo. Read - Operations & Maintenace Manuel. Before attempting to operate this weapon...
It ceases to amaze me how people are so quick to base their opinion and blame a product, for not working because it cost so much or has a blemish. They expect it to work far and above it's expectations. Yet, when it doesn't, it's the products fault. In a perfect world you may find what your looking for but until then, you'll just have to settle for what's available...

Well fellow shooters. I've made my share of money, by taking the same expensive PBA ammo they're shooting and putting 5 PBA pellets through the same hole at 150 yards. Of cause they say it's because I have a better scope. I tell them if you wish to shoot my Gamo Whisper CFR, (that is recommended by Gamo to use only PBA pellets), as I always have and will, and as I did with your own PBA pellets, then your more the welcome too. After they do they are amazed at how accurate those same pellets are coming out of my weapon. I've gone as far as removing my scope and sighting it on their weapon. I can't even come close to grouping 5 shots in a 1 to 2 inch group at 50 or 75 yards with their weapon. They ask me what they need to do to have their weapon shoot like my own. I inform them that their barrel is no long true. It needs to be sent back to the manufacture to see if it can be made whole again. That is not cheap... All this could have been prevented had they just read that manual.

Shooters s that don't take the time out to read the information that was provided & shipped to you by the manufacturer with the product you purchased are always the one's to complain the loudest and blame everything on anything, except your actions, or lack there of.... That manual that came with the weapon tells you not only the do's and do not's of how to keeps that weapon clear and free from dirt in the firing mechanism and barrel, but what cleaning solvents & oil's to use or not to use with that weapon because if you do, it is going to affect the performance of that weapon in a negative way.

The weapon must be maintained and kept clean in order for it to function as the manufacture intended for it too. It also informs you that you either need to use "only PBA pellets", or that you can fire any and all brands of pellet's out on the market. Once you start using ammo not designed for that weapon, your going to affect the accuracy by scaring the barrel or leaving lead deposit inside the barrel. Once that deposit is in there your going to have to remove it by using a solvent and a brass brush, which in turn is going to scar the barrel and affect the accuracy of your weapon.

Same goes for the scope. READ THOSE MANUALS...
ProsRead your manuals and enjoy years of great trouble free shooting... :)
ConsDon't, an all you'll do is regret not doing so... :(
By Jake
Oakland, CA
October 24, 2012
Great pellets
I have the Gamo Whisper and these pellets break the sound barrier, great for hunting. They fly true, and you can hit a bullseye at 200 yards with the proper scope.
By jason
February 2, 2012
Don't waste your money on these pellets, they are extremely inaccurate. The regular lead pellets will out shoot them all day long.
Consinaccurate, over priced
By bigt
December 5, 2010
great pellets
These are great.They are good and ok for hunting.They are also good for target shoting too!They sometimest will kill a bird if your gun has a lot fps.
By Terry
September 8, 2010
Dont Waste Your Money
Ok so i have a Gamo Big Cat 1200, a buddy of mine recommended these pellets for hunting. I couldnt belive the price of the pellets but i bought a pack anyways becuse i figured they would do something "better than normal" these pelets have worse casting marks on them then the cheapest pellets you can find and the only reason they fly faster is because there extremely light. Notice i didnt say accurate the pellet shapes are so inconsistant it is a challence to keep a good group. I paid a premium for these pelets but i am not sure what the premium was for...
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