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Gamo Red Fire .22 Cal, 15.4 gr - 125 ct

Available in .177, .22
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  • Code: AGD-P1347 · $9.99 · .22 · 15.4 grains · 100 ct
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The Gamo Red Fire has a pointed, red polymer tip that delivers an expanding mushrooming effect on impact.

Gamo Red Fire Features
  • .22 caliber
  • 15.4 grains
  • Polymer pointed tip
  • 125 pellets
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Caliber .22
  • Ammo Type Pellets
  • Ammo Weight 15.4 grains
  • Pellet Shape Pointed
  • Pellet Quantity 100 ct
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By TroyUSAJuly 16, 2022

Awesome accuracy/consistency. Good weight.

Need a 500 count can.

By DavidUSAApril 21, 2021

Why does picture say 14.5 , and description says 15.4?? Any body know? I like a little heavier pellet for better accuracy.

Need a 500 count tin

By BruceSeptember 27, 2020

I bought a new Sig Sauer 22 cal pump rifle and about 8 different brand styles of pellets to run tests with and these had the best groups by far. Extremely accurate and deadly. Easily killed a woodchuck at 40 yards with one shot.

I don’t have enough of them!

By ChrisUSASeptember 12, 2020

Good choice for nuisance critters. Deadly and accurate within 17 yards. Use a decent scope on your rifle, break it in, and clean the barrel with a cotton patch and some WD40 or gun oil every 30 or 40 shots. This helps when accuracy starts to wain.

Very hard hitting on nuisance critters. Squirrels don't go far after. Some inconsistency though. You get a flyer or a few that go outside the circle. Using a Benjamin Prowler w/ Simmons 3X9X40 .22 Mag scope. Nice rifle for the money. Powerful. Reality is, after about 25 yards, it's a crapshoot (no pun intended). If they hit, they kill, no doubt. It's a hunting pellet, not a practice pellet.

Expensive, occasional inconsistency. Probably a better hunting pellet out there if you look for the money.

By WestenJune 27, 2019

I'm on my second tin of these and I think they are great. They seem to be pretty accurate and on impact they cause lots of damage and expansion, perfect for hunting.

Accurate, clean, cheap quality

Consistently can vary depending on what you're using these in.

By HTMDecember 23, 2018

Using a 2240KT with 24" barrel the very first shot keyholed. (To clarify for some who mistakenly think keyholing means shooting through the same hole, it doesn't. It means the round, whether bullet or pellet, hit the paper sideways, ergo it left a hole that looks like a keyhole.) I have several custom 2240s and they are very accurate. My targets are 1" circles with a 1/4" dot in the center. It is normal to erase the dot with one shot at 10 meters. With these it always took at least 3 shots and about every 4th or 5th shot was up to 1/2" out. That said, this is good enough accuracy for tree rats and other vermin up to about 30-35 feet. I have used them as "squirrel removal" ammo and they are very effective in that capacity.

Good for very small vermin.


By Nico.W.A.Holland (Netherlands)September 8, 2017

I think it's the best ammo Sometime i hope for for 357 redfire round how cool is that schooting with a redfire 357 round I hope Some day you have it For now i am happy with the 22 ca rounds Thanks verry match airgundepot and Thanks verry match you schip with FedEx Greets from Nico Brouwers THE Netherlands

By TommyUSAJune 6, 2017

Very accurate very good penetration very good groups

Gamo needs to make these in a 500 count tin

By JayOctober 6, 2016

I have a Benjamin trail np2 it is really picky with pellets . I got some of these , and I get 1/4" groups at 25 yards . Now am ready for the rabbits under my deer feeder . Great pellets !

Cheap and packaged good

Gamo needs to make a 250 count or 500 count can .

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Will these fit the umarex gauntlet 1?

asked Cody from USA

Will these fit into my Mrod rifle rotary mag or are they too long? Thanks

asked David from USA

Hello, Has anyone tried these in the UMAREX OCTANE ELITE?

asked Mark from USA

will these fit in a rotary magazine?

asked bo

Is a rotary the magazine for Gamo Swarm Fusion or Magnum? Work Great in my rifles, Don't know if this helps??

Frank from USA


william from USA
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