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Gamo Air Rifle Maintenance Center .177 cal

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The GAMO maintenance kit contains everything you need to clean and maintain your air rifle (Break barrel or fixed barrel) or pistol. The portable gun stand is light and easy to assemble from the shop to the range, made of durable and easy to clean material. Built strong enough to hold any adult airgun. Includes:
  • Protective cover
  • Air rifle stand
  • GAMO airgun oil
  • 25 Felt cleaning wads
  • 25 Cleaning patches
  • 3 Extension rods
  • 1 Patch holder tip
  • 1 Nylon brush tip
  • Cleaning handle
  • Instructions

Easy to follow instructions included for complete cleaning and maintenance of your air rifle (Break barrel or fixed barrel) or air pistol.
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  • ManufacturerGamo
  • Condition New
  • Accessories Type Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Warranty 1-year limited warranty
  • Weight 4.00
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By PaulMarch 19, 2021

Nice to have everything in one complete kit

Would not buy this maintenance kit again. The extension rods are very cheaply made and broke on my first use. Not happy with the nylon cleaning brush.

By JasonUSAJuly 26, 2020

Very reasonably priced beginning cleaning kit. Does both .177 and 22 caliber

Has everything you need to maintain your air rifle. Even though you shouldn't clean it super often from what I've learned and it will start degrading the rifling in the barrel.

Upon receiving this kick the bottle of oil had leaked over two-thirds of it all over everything in the Box just a heads up. I'll be contacting Gamo about that.

By LarryUSANovember 19, 2018

Has all I need to maintain peak performance.

By JosephUSAJuly 18, 2015

Gamo gives you a lot for a little . The stand is flimsy for heaver guns but fairly stable. M gun is 9.5 lbs. Stays still when cleaning gun . Comes with everything you need to get started with rifle care . Cheep price

A lot for a little


By AustinUSAJanuary 6, 2015

this is a must have for cleaning and maintaining your air gun.

By AllanUSASeptember 10, 2014

I have not had a gun for many years and I needed to buy something that would have all the basics in one package. This is it! I love the ability to set the rifle up on the stand that is basicly the box. No more running around to find something that will help when clean the rifle. Now everything that is needed to take care of this new rifle is in one place and everything can be kept in one place. I'm not a neat freak but I also don't like to spend hours trying to find where things are.

Price, convience, and the extra of a cleaning stand.


By ArthurUSAJune 13, 2014

great little kit for the money, has everything you need to keep you air raffle well maintained. very affordable too!

gets the job done!

wish it was a little heaver, but it does the job.

By GabrielUSAMarch 19, 2013

This kit is awesome. From the pictures, I thought it seemed like the gun supports would hold up, but they're doing lovely. They may even seem a tad wobbly in person, but as long as you treat your objects with respect you won't have any problems. I've used my stand for display, cleaning, and even to hold my gun while I adjust the scope. It works like a charm. The cleaning rod is a bit flexible, but don't be too forceful with it. If you're having trouble pushing the rod through, try grabbing the rod as close to the barrel as you can to minimize flex and bending in the rod. It will all work fine so long as care and common sense are used. Also, the box setup is very convenient! Everything fits neatly into the box for cleanup, storage, or movement while also leaving some extra room if you want to store anything else (like some LockTite or some pellets).

Conveniently packaged design allows for ease of access, use, storage, and cleanup. Provides a more-than-useful stand for my gun so I can work on it while at the table, or simply just display it.

The plastic seems a tad bit like it'd be easy to break, or that you could snap the gun supports out of place easily. But none of this will happen so long as you set it up with care, set your gun on it with care, and don't give it any unnecessary beatings. It's not really a problem for me, but this might be helpful information to people with these concerns..... or people with hands made of stone.

By JackUSAMarch 18, 2013

This kit is not bad for the cost. I wouldn't call it a bargain, but I wouldn't call it a rip off. It does the job it is intended for.

Everything you need in a self contained kit.

Not the highest quailty.

By TimothyUSAMarch 15, 2013

Kit has what you need, but the rod is a little flimsy.

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can this kit be used with a gamo big cat 22.

asked luis from USA

Yes, you can easily use with your .22 Big cat or any other adult rifle either .177 or .22 and can also used with most of the air pistols as well.

Mohammad Waleed from India

Cleaning a weapon is the most important step towards reliability and accuracy. This kit can be used in numerous calibers to include the .22. I speak from the stand point of an aged MARINE that is a 10 year plus EXPERT MARKSMAN!! A clean weapon is an ACCURATE weapon in the hands of a true Marksman! Never forget that this air rifle is a true weapon in the right hands!!

Lonnie from USA

Is the oil that comes with this item the oil that is used to put on the rings or down the barrel? Or do I have to buy the silicone oil separately? I'm a beginner when it comes to break barrel rifles, so I truly don't know much about the cleaning kits or the oils and equipment necessary to clean and maintain a air rifle. Thank you very much.

asked Eric

I believe it can be used for both (mainly the barrel) and I would buy some silicone oil and grease for the o-rings just to make sure they don't break. Alot of people (Including PyramidAir) recommend getting Crosman's Pellgun oil and if you read the description on the oil tube itself it says it will help prevent rust and the seals from drying out. Hope I answered your question! =)

Dennis from USA

You can use this oil for all break barrel rifle requirements. Refer to the owners manual for your break barrel rifle maintenance instructions.

Rene from USA

I have bought an Gamo air rifle Hunter 1250 ft. and i have problem with the spring.After shooting about 800 pellets the spring broke in couple of parts.I had a spare spring with the gun but the spring broke like the last time.I dont know whats the problem,the quality of the spring or something else.I want to know can i order other spring hopping for better quality and where can i do that. Thank you

asked Dejan

Contact GAMO: By Mail: Gamo Outdoor USA 3911 SW 47th Ave. Suite 914 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314 By Phone: 954-581-5822 (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm EST)

James from USA

Have you contacted Gamo?

Robert from USA

This is a general maintance package, and its use may prolong the life of the spring. The product is nice for cleaning and has evertyhing you need. It also folds up nicely. The failure of the spring is most likely a quality issue with spring itself and should be taken care of with a new spring from the manufacter of the gun. Hope this helps.

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